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Announcing a holiday gift to bring joy to the world
By: Andrzej Anonimus | Jun 14 2011
An Amazing Writer Enriches World History There's a new book coming out just in time for Christmas, titled "Back From Oblivion." It's a fascinating first-person account of... read more
My grandfather lived through hell, twice, and wrote an e-book about it. He is 83
By: Andrzej Anonimus | Jun 14 2011
Meet our Grandpa, he’s 83 years old. We call him ‘Mis’ /Meesh/, which means ‘bear’ in Polish, he gave himself a pen name of ‘Andrzej... read more
Online Book Rentals - Best Option of Getting University Textbooks
By: Ben david | May 23 2011
Tired of buying high-priced college textbooks? Try renting them from online book rental stores. Rent college textbooks online is simple as well as convenient for students. There are some reputed... read more
EBooks Vs Books - Which Should You Write?
By: Glen Ford | Dec 5 2010
There is a lot of advice going around right now that says you and your business need to write eBooks. That books and eBooks are one of the best ways... read more
Should You Ever Publish An E-Book Whose Topic Is Extremely Controversial
By: Ethan Evans | Nov 13 2010
Recently, I was asked whether or not it is advisable to publish an e-book whose topic is extremely controversial. The answer to this really depends on a couple of... read more
7 Steps for Writing Your First E-Book
By: Melanie Coffman | Nov 12 2010
Writing your first e-book does not have to be difficult. Actually I think it's kind of fun once you get the hang of it. Here are my seven steps that... read more
How To Use A PDF EPub Converter
By: Wolfgang Schmuck | Nov 12 2010
Those in possession of an ebook reader will want to know about a PDF ePub converter. This application will enable them to convert PDF files to the correct format as... read more
How To Make A Minimum Of $200 Weekly With Private Label Right (PLR) Products
By: Solomon Okechukwu | Nov 5 2010
There is no sweeter way to benefit from other peoples sweat than using the private Label Right materials to your advantage. Private Label Right allows you to take the source... read more
Publishing an Ebook Online
By: John Halasz | Oct 21 2010
Publishing an ebook online is a great idea if you have useful information to share. This can help build credibility for your business and even make you a little extra... read more
Time To Read an Ebook
By: Edith Ozera | Sep 30 2010
The popularity of ebooks has been growing day after day among the internet users. You can see that in forums and social networking websites people write about ebooks they love,... read more
Turning Blog Content Into an Ebook - Tips and Tricks
By: Latoya Hackett | Sep 29 2010
It wasn't until lately that I noticed that most Internet entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers are not getting the most out of their online content. Instead they burn themselves out trying... read more
The Challenges And Rewards Of The Ebook Selling Business
By: Adrian Hargray | Sep 26 2010
Selling ebooks are great. There's instant delivery, low overhead cost, no employees, money when you wake up in the morning, and a low hassle business. All... read more
Ebook Selling Strategies For Beginners And Novices
By: Adrian Hargray | Sep 26 2010
Are you looking to sell ebooks as a way to supplement your current income? If so, then you should know that it's a great business to be in. You... read more
A Guide to Creating E-Books
By: Rosetta Grieco | Sep 11 2010
The Internet gives everyone an opportunity to develop and market skills they have learned by turning them into products. There are many products that people create that can be sold... read more
Article on How to Sell Kindle Books - Instructions
By: BJ Min | Sep 9 2010
If you have ever wondered about how to sell Kindle books, then this just might be the article for you to read! So, in this article, we are... read more
Don't Over Price Or Under Price Your Product Out of the Market
By: Casey Zeman | Sep 7 2010
Pricing Strategies-Don't make the mistake that causes many budding Entrepreneurs to Fail. There are things I wanted to discuss with you related to pricing. Before you head off to create a... read more
Can You Really Make $500 Extra Dollars Per Week Publishing EBooks
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Sep 5 2010
If you are planning to join the many who are now into an eBook publishing business, then you are on the right track. An eBook publishing business assures you... read more
Can You Make Money With EBooks Even When the Economy Is Bad?
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Sep 5 2010
Nowadays, with the recession creating tremendous blows on the economy and many people out of a job and losing their homes, most of those who are interested in... read more
Does It Ever Make Sense to Create EBooks About Controversial Topics?
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Sep 5 2010
It is important to consider your topic when writing an ebook. Perhaps you are attracted to controversial topics, but are concerned about whether or not this is really a... read more
How to Use Free eBooks to Market Your Network Marketing Home Business Opportunity
By: Arleigh R Cortez | Aug 30 2010
There are various marketing techniques in the internet. You have paid advertising, writing articles, forum marketing, and the today's most popular method, social marketing. One marketing... read more
How Can You Select a Profitable EBook Topic?
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Aug 27 2010
When writing an eBook, you should be able to choose a topic that will allow you to get the most profit from it. How can you choose a profitable... read more
2 Proven Ways to Focus on Your EBook Business and Tune-Out Silly Distractions
By: Ethan Evans | Aug 27 2010
When you work for yourself, it can be easy to get off task and distracted. The only deadlines you have are the ones in your head and no one... read more
Internet Marketing EBooks and Guides
By: Andre Klein | Aug 23 2010
As eBooks and the information on Internet marketing is changing so quickly, I can't really recommend you a "Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing" or an "How to start an... read more
Should You Consider Creating EBooks About Controversial Topics?
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Aug 22 2010
There are a lot of topics that you can choose from when making eBook topics. When it comes to controversial or questionable topics, you might be unsure if you... read more
Will EBooks Replace the Paper Originals?
By: Tomy Barrowdale | Aug 21 2010
Just yesterday, on July 20, Amazon announced that the sale of ebooks had even surpassed the sale of hardcover books. For every 100 hardcover books sold, Amazon... read more
Think E Books If You Dream of Becoming a Published Author
By: Mary Reed | Aug 19 2010
Not long ago, if you wanted to write a book and get it published, you had to work with a traditional publisher. But in recent years, finding... read more
How to Pick a Winning eBook Topic Every Time
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Aug 10 2010
Before creating your first eBook, you should make certain that you are choosing a topic that would be profitable or make your book sell. The best way to be able... read more
eBooks - Should You Release New Editions of Successful eBooks?
By: Glen Ford | Jul 24 2010
After you've been in business one question seems to come up that most people don't think of when they are first starting up. A question that has a specific effect... read more
Marketing Your Book - Think Outside the Box
By: Jorge Bell | Jul 19 2010
If you have had anything to do with the publishing world you will no doubt understand that the writing of the book is the easy part. Some may go so... read more
How Much Time Does it Take to Realistically Create an EBook?
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Jul 14 2010
How much time will it take to realistically create and finish an eBook? Those who are new at the eBook business often ask this question. No need to worry,... read more
Should You Charge Higher Prices For Your eBooks?
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Jul 10 2010
Pricing your eBooks can sometimes leave you unsure, particularly if you are a novice at the eBook publishing business. You might find it hard to decide on the price... read more
Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy - The Steps on Using This For Site Traffic
By: Wes Towers | Jun 20 2010
An ebook internet marketing strategy is one of the best ways to generate website traffic. This can be done through making ebooks and then distributing these to free online directories... read more
How to Use Ebooks For Marketing on the Net
By: Philip Tosini | Jun 17 2010
Books have been through a rapid transition to placing an order through a catalog to online ordering. Now the book is an instant download to your computer to read on... read more
Writing an eBook - Set Your Goals
By: Glen Ford | Jun 16 2010
There are two big reasons that people fail. The first is that they fail to identify what a success is. The second is that they fail to plan to achieve... read more
Writing E-Books - Choosing Your Focus and Topic
By: Kristine Wirth | Jun 15 2010
So you've decided to write an eBook? Congratulations! You've taken the first step in what could be a very lucrative online career. Before you dive in and just start writing you'll... read more
Project Scope Management
By: Madhumita Panda | Jun 14 2010
Project success is completely depends on balancing one of the major component of project that is "Scope". Scope refers the quality and quantity of what requires to be delivered in... read more
How to Write a Money Making E-book
By: James Wayne Carter | Jun 12 2010
E-books are very powerful. All top affiliates are using them because they know the potential of a successful e-book. A good e-book could be the difference between you making average... read more
eBooks - Part of History Or a Great Future?
By: Glen Ford | Jun 5 2010
If you listen to some gurus eBooks are passé. They're historical remnants. Broken pots that just won't go away. No one wants to write them and no one wants to... read more
EBook Business Owner Motivation Strategies - Imagine Yourself Being Successful
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Jun 3 2010
These days, the cyber world has gained massive popularity. You can easily switch on your computer screen if you want to find information, get the latest update on... read more
EBook Creation Strategies - Dictate Your EBook and Have it Transcribed
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Jun 3 2010
Although you may be very enthusiastic and inspired to writing and creating an eBook, the thought of typing might turn you off, especially if you are not a... read more
EBook Business Owner Motivation Strategies - Avoid Getting Stuck With Indecision
By: Sophia Loscalzo | Jun 3 2010
As an Ebook business owner, make it a point to avoid being stuck with indecision when dealing with your book. Try to create a plan of the things you... read more
Handheld Ebook Readers - Which Ebook Reader Will Make You Jump For Joy?
By: Jamie Jefferson | May 31 2010
The only thing I love more than a new techno gadget is a new book, so I happily started researching my new handheld ebook reader - something I was... read more
Three Ways to Get Started With a Business Selling EBooks For Profit
By: Glen Ford | May 29 2010
So you've decided to sell eBooks on the internet and make your fortune. Good for you. You've done your due diligence. You've selected your niche. Made sure it has a... read more
Can You Operate an EBook Publishing Business From a Laptop Computer?
By: Sophia Loscalzo | May 28 2010
The high technology has created many wonderful gadgets and accessories that have provided a more comfortable lifestyle to people such as cellphones, digital cameras, computers and even robots.... read more
The Future of the Written Word - 6 Changes That Will Affect How You Write and Sell eBooks
By: Glen Ford | May 26 2010
There's a ground swell of change coming. If you're not careful it will sweep you away. It will change everything you thought you knew about writing eBooks. It will change... read more
Ebook Readers in India
By: Nicolas Gremion | May 26 2010
While the ebook business explodes in North America - where the Kindle has kindled a huge technological competition and given rise to other readers like the Nook and iPad -... read more
Niche Down Your Articles For Big Profits
By: | May 25 2010
Finding the right niche market can make the difference if you are profitable or not. It could be the life blood of your online business if done properly. It makes... read more
Digital Textbooks and the Future of Ebook Readers
By: Karen Shepherd | May 24 2010
Shortly after I first got my hands on an ebook reader I thought Wow! Imagine how much straighter my back would be today if I could have carried all those... read more
E-Book Publishing Standards
By: | May 24 2010
The business of eBooks is booming and it is important to know how this affects the paper book industry and how commonly used publishing practices can be applied to electronic... read more
Ebook Publishing - Steps to Getting Your Work Out There
By: Travis Van Slooten | May 24 2010
Querying an agent is a daunting task, and can cause frustration and discouragement. The good thing is, ereader technology has opened up a whole new chapter in publishing... read more
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