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World's Most Powerful Women on Wall Street
By: Jolie Crussel | Jan 5 2012
Men are popularly known as the power players in the financial world. However, women also have made a huge impact on the Wall Street. They have overcome gender discrimination... read more
West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyer
By: Leonor Burgess | Nov 27 2011
If you or somebody you are close to has been involved in a West Palm Beach Truck Accident, you could be entitled to a large sum in compensation and... read more
West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyer
By: Leonor Burgess | Nov 27 2011
If you or somebody you are close to has been involved in a West Palm Beach Truck Accident, you could be entitled to a large sum in compensation and... read more
David Einhorn: 10 Things To Be Jealous
By: Jolie Crussel | Jul 5 2011
David Einhorn is President of Greenlight Capital, Inc., a private investment firm which he co-founded in January 1996, and is Chairman of the Board of Greenlight Capital... read more
Contact Website Design Dallas-Based Company To Design An Optimized Website
By: Stitch Rojas | May 6 2011
To meet any requirement of website design, Dallas has many reputable companies who have solutions for every business need. These companies offer world-class Search engine optimization Dallas services,... read more
Searching For Future Leaders In Your Organization?
By: Cecile Peterkin | Mar 9 2011
Are you searching for future leaders in your organization? Before advertising a new position, look within the office walls first. With attention to mentoring and leadership development, any... read more
Mentoring Is The Answer To Diversity Initiatives In Your Organization
By: Cecile Peterkin | Mar 9 2011
Never before in the history of mankind has the world been more mobile. People are constantly moving, in search of better opportunities. International relocations, for improved employment opportunities... read more
Go out there and Catch the Ball in 2011!
By: Clovia Hamilton | Jan 11 2011
I watched the movie "The Replacements" starring Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves over the holidays for the millionth time. Gene played a football coach and Keanu Reeves played the scab... read more
Assessing Trust Between Senior Management and Employees -- Employee Surveys Provide Striking Results
By: Howard Deutsch | Jan 11 2011
Achieving high levels of trust between senior management and employees is essential for the sustainable success of any organization. The best leaders earn the respect and trust of the people... read more
Inspirational Leaders Are People Of Action
By: Michael Hume | Jan 11 2011
Worried? Anxious? The Prescription Is Activity by Michael D. Hume, M.S. How is 2011 treating you so far? By now, most everyone who's serious about their New Year's resolutions has... read more
Inspirational Leaders Communicate With Confidence
By: Michael Hume | Jan 7 2011
  The ABCs Of Clear Assertion   by Michael D. Hume, M.S. There's an old expression the would-be inspirational leader would do well to observe: If you don't believe what you're saying,... read more
Joy to the (Working) World
By: Darcy Eikenberg | Jan 5 2011
With all the words we've used to describe the new world of work lately, "joy" isn't exactly one of them. After all, it means great delight, happiness,... read more
Strengthening Your Resolve to Achieve - Rediscovering the "Why"
By: David Byrd | Jan 5 2011
As the new year begins, our thoughts often turn to what changes we can make in the coming months to transform our lives into something better. Whether we resolve... read more
Don't let the house burn down!
By: blackswan | Jan 5 2011
Let's be honest. As leaders how do we stay sane in an insane job? Too busy to read. Too busy to learn. Too busy on the treadmill when the speed... read more
Are You Really Listening?
By: Michael Hume | Jan 4 2011
Now's A Good Time For An Inspirational Leader To Self-Check by Michael D. Hume, M.S. Most folks are just starting to dig in again after a relaxing holiday season; leaders are... read more
Qualities Of A Good Managers
By: virtualassistant | Jan 4 2011
All large organization has a hierarchy of management that keeps the entire operations running smoothly. It is not easy to find a qualified management personnel and that is one of... read more
The Science of Motivation
By: Ryan Scholz | Jan 4 2011
Most managers feel that a major part of their job is to motivate people who work for them. The problem that many have is distinguishing the difference between motivation and... read more
New Year's Resolutions
By: Ryan Scholz | Jan 4 2011
I do not make New Year's resolutions. I find that the process of deciding what I want to accomplish in the next year is much more intense than simply coming... read more
Financial Incentives Can Hurt Performance
By: Ryan Scholz | Jan 4 2011
Now do I have your attention? I've written on the subject of motivation and incentives in the past, but recently have come across some additional information and research that... read more
Steven Jobs: Surprising Public Situations 2010
By: Jolie Crussel | Jan 3 2011
Steven Paul Jobs is well known for being the co-founder and CEO of Apple. Besides, he previously worked as the chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios and an executive... read more
Most Amazing Statements of Tech CEOs in 2010
By: Jolie Crussel | Jan 3 2011
Apple CEO Steve Jobs has “satisfied” with his personal life. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be definitely ashamed if he can’t beat Android slates. These stories are two among many... read more
Be An Entrepreneur This Year
By: Michael Hume | Jan 2 2011
Times Are Tough, But Don't Be A Victim by Michael D. Hume, M.S. There are two types of people: The Entrepreneur, who takes initiative and controls her own destiny,... read more
Inspirational Leadership: Some Resolutions
By: Michael Hume | Dec 31 2010
Three Ideas To Maximize Your Team's Motivation by Michael D. Hume, M.S. Most of my clients are thinking about how to make 2011 a better year in terms of their own... read more
Article 304: Futurists Studies Explore Complex Alternatives and Sustainability Topics
By: hasan A. yahya | Dec 31 2010
Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.Ds, a writer from the Holy Land Several authors have become recognized as futurists. They research trends (particularly in technology) and write accounts of their observations,... read more
The ToolPost: The Sole UK Stockist of WivaMac Carving Clamps
By: April | Dec 30 2010
Securing a firm foundation for your workpiece is an essential operation underpinning most sculptural woodcarving (carving whole trees - and larger parts thereof - is a different matter!).  The availability... read more
Commonly Accepted Leadership Styles
By: Jeff Young | Dec 28 2010
Introduction  The key concept behind leadership is the ability to influence other people so that they are willing to strive towards a common achievement for the group.  The interesting thing about... read more
It Should Be Human Potential Leadership Not Human Resources Management
By: Wally Hauck | Dec 28 2010
We have all seen Einstein's quote about change.  He said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  This tells... read more
Financial Freedom
By: jerzy jagielski | Dec 27 2010
Financial Freedom. The general concept of freedom refers to the absence of coercion, a situation in which we can make choices from among all available options. With the financial freedom... read more
Inspire Everyone You Meet
By: Michael Hume | Dec 24 2010
Inspirational Leadership Doesn't End At Five by Michael D. Hume, M.S. I love a certain TV ad that runs occasionally here in the U.S. It depicts various people, going about... read more
Earning Your Leadership Certificate in Project Management
By: David Shoemaker I. | Dec 24 2010
When thinking of the tasks of a project manager, you probably think of Gantt charts, work-breakdown structures, handling budgets or running meetings. However, this is only... read more
Engagement and Synergy: A Marriage Made for Innovation
By: Wally Hauck | Dec 22 2010
 The driest place on earth is in South America. The Chilean dessert of Atacama is on the western cost of Chile and spans 600 miles. There are many reasons for... read more
On Washington, DC's Slow but Sure Rise as an East Coast Economic Hub
By: Blake Mitchell | Dec 22 2010
Washington, DC, the nation's capital, is fast becoming a major business hub in the East Coast. A distinction long held by the likes of New York City... read more
Leadership Skills Are Critical to Every Organization
By: Jeremy Winters | Dec 19 2010
The quality and solidity of any organization or entity depends largely on the quality of leadership that runs that organization. This goes from the family circle to vast organizations. This... read more
Using Employee Surveys and Leadership Surveys to Assess and Strengthen Leader Effectiveness
By: Howard Deutsch | Dec 15 2010
Leadership is one of the most important drivers of organizational and business performance. Leaders at the top of organizations have enormous leverage in determining the business, strategies and direction... read more
Leadership Coaching - 4 Conduct effective team meetings that Kill
By: Nauka Shah | Dec 12 2010
Meetings with your team achieve perfection, perfection is a myth and the main reason many people are involved when you are conducting a team meeting may have. Everyone has... read more
Essential Quality In A Leader
By: Nauka Shah | Dec 12 2010
Many leaders of the organization at large plan and a special program that will enhance the organization believes design. However, many of these plans did not succeed because the... read more
The 3 To 7 System - Leadership Training
By: Nauka Shah | Dec 12 2010
The various professional instructors emphasize different aspects of leadership training, best results are obtained when the presenter "3-7" to apply to the presentation uses the terms. While a casual... read more
Great Quotes From Great Leaders by Peggy Anderson
By: Ben Sanderson | Dec 12 2010
Peggy Anderson has compiled a great tabletop book of inspirational quotes that is sure to be enjoyed by anyone that gets the pleasure to read through it. Great Quotes from... read more
Why People Dislike Their Boss
By: Dinah Jackson | Dec 11 2010
If you are a manager or supervisor and feel that you are not liked on the job or that people talk behind your back, you are probably right. It's... read more
Reduce Your Pre-Christmas Stress
By: Liz Cassidy | Dec 9 2010
Christmas is an unusual time for business. We tend to put lots for extra pressure on ourselves with "false"  (but real to us) deadlines of what we have to finish... read more
Coaching From the Heart by Ken Blanchard and Don Shula
By: Ben Sanderson | Dec 8 2010
If you show your team the proper way to win, does everyone win no matter what the outcome? This question is posed in Coaching from the Heart by Ken... read more
Sales Leadership
By: Meridith Elliott... | Dec 8 2010
How do you know if an employee is a "keeper"? Great question! In these tough economic times we definitely want the best employees on our team, yet we all... read more
Appreciating and Bridging the Generation Gap
By: Lori Brewer Collins | Dec 1 2010
Execs and managers can take the initiative and find ways to effectively connect with younger staff, emerging leaders I recently worked with a group of young emerging leaders who reaffirmed... read more
The Tale of a Tail: 100 Tips in 100 Days to Communicate Your Competitive Edge
By: Leslie Ungar | Nov 30 2010
Mexico is the land of iguanas, geckos, and anything with multiple legs. In Mexico, it is considered charming when a gecko gets inside your villa and chirps... read more
Don't Break the Eggs
By: Rebel Brown | Nov 29 2010
If you're like me, you were taught Gravity rules like "Don't rock the boat, " or "Don't break the eggs."  As a girl, I was especially programmed by... read more
Effective Transformational Leadership Solution
By: Nauka Shah | Nov 25 2010
Effective Transformational Leadership with the help of very positive changes take place between the followers. Transformational leader, morale, and a perfect sense of identity as the organization's mission... read more
Lost in Space
By: Rebel Brown | Nov 24 2010
We get so hung up on being busy in today's Information Age.  For many, busy-ness in and of itself becomes success. As we do more and more, faster and... read more
The Five You Forgot To Thank
By: Darcy Eikenberg | Nov 24 2010
The US Thanksgiving holiday comes and goes so quickly, so let's just assume we've done a good job of expressing thanks for the biggies: our families, friends,... read more
Three Simple Steps to Become a Great Leader
By: Charles Bentson King | Nov 24 2010
Great leaders are made not born says the great Vince Lombardi and nothing could be more true. No one is born a great leader. It is through effort and study... read more
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