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How to Market Quality Content
By: Kevin Fernandez | Dec 23 2013
Creating and marketing quality content has no set formula. There are a few basic tips which can be followed, to market good content wisely. Firstly, your content must... read more
Video Game Blogging
By: Kevin Fernandez | Nov 6 2013
Gaming is a fast- growing pastime amongst many people today. People enjoy gaming, and are also very good at playing them. This can be put to great use,... read more
Using the Mail as a Marketing Tool Requires Knowledge and Experience
By: Abite Smith | May 11 2013
Twenty, thirty, or forty years ago you can send out just about anything that you wanted in the mail and the money would just come rolling in. Sorry... read more
How to Get Your Website to Rank for Search Words and Become Successful
By: Jenkins Jones | Apr 22 2013
Many people think that it is an easy process to get their website to rank for Search Words and become successful, by getting search engine rankings on websites like... read more
From Blogs to Books - How to Publish eBooks?
By: Ella Jader | Oct 26 2012
Publishing our own books may be a great dream for some persons, especially the unknown writers or editors. Yet it is not easy to make it if no presses... read more
The Need for Text Marketing in Promoting Business
By: Kevin Smith | Mar 26 2012
In the contemporary era where people have become so much dependent on technology, much is left to be achieved; invariably every firm has the sole motto of being the... read more
Attract crowds in the January Sales with Bluetooth marketing
By: Greg Nagell | Feb 15 2012
It might seem like business is booming in January, since every store on the high street seems to be heaving with shoppers eager to find a bargain in the... read more
Benefits of Cosmetic Treatments
By: David Taylor | Feb 5 2012
Cosmetic treatments are non-invasive procedures that correct imperfections and redefine the body. In particular, aesthetic treatments focus on procedures that enhance the face. Benefits of cosmetic treatments abound and... read more
Marketing is important at Christmas time
By: Greg Nagell | Jan 27 2012
The Christmas period is one of the most important times in the retail sector as consumer spending increases around Christmas time every year. This is confirmed by the increase in... read more
Accountant Websites: 10 Methods for Drumming Up New Clients for Your CPA Business
By: Ken Marshall | Jan 9 2012
Accountants come in all sizes and stripes - with some homing in on tax preparation, others on business leadership such as CFO services, and others still on smaller-segment... read more
Mobile marketing via texting!
By: Ricky Williams | Jan 9 2012
Text messaging advertising is no more a new concept. Rather it is known to the world how effectively one can advertise using a mobile text messaging service. The explosion of... read more
Getting ready for the January sales
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 24 2011
In recent years a large number of consumers have been waiting for the January sales before spending a large percentage of disposable income and this has always caused a growth... read more
Increasing your sales during this Christmas period
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 24 2011
Christmas is a time for family and sharing with others during the festive period. A big part of this is buying presents for loved ones and family members to show... read more
Want to download free Xmas songs?
By: lisa | Dec 23 2011
The delicious dinner is in the oven, the house is clean and you are almost ready to receive your guests. Do you have enough holiday music to keep the... read more
Your Firm's CPA Website Can Make an Important Tie with Prospects
By: Brian OConnell | Dec 21 2011
You invested in a high-quality CPA website, and now you're waiting to see if it attracts new leads. If you're going to get back the money you spent getting... read more
Bluetooth Marketing Will Be Big in 2012
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
Obviously more traditional marketing methods; such as newspaper and magazine adverts, and those on TV and radio; are not going to go anywhere soon. However, there are new... read more
How Proximity Marketing Can Help Smaller Stores in the Town Centre
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE... read more
How You Can Use Proximity Marketing to Attract Business from Students
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
Since every year nearly half a million students start new courses at UK universities, armed with new student loans and unheard of amounts of spare time, it makes... read more
How Proximity Marketing Can Help Your Business Over Christmas
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
We are fast approaching what is traditionally the most active period of the year for shopping. Q1 of the year following the Christmas shopping period invariably displays positive growth when... read more
Large Voucher Sites Are Offering Local Discounts
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
The past few years have seen the rise of discount sites to the extent that it is becoming just another part of our culture to search for a bargain. You can... read more
Online Discount Sites Can Save You Money Before Christmas
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE... read more
Proximity Marketing Is Environmentally Friendly
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
Traditional marketing methods, whilst effective, have the potential to be extremely wasteful. By designing and printing advertisements for mass distribution, there are large amount of trees for... read more
Why Bluetooth Is Good for Promoting Your Business
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
People are under the impression that Bluetooth is on its way out as a medium for data transferral, but they are wrong. In fact, more Bluetooth devices than... read more
The Uses of Proximity Marketing in Shopping Malls
By: Greg Nagell | Dec 2 2011
With Christmas just around the corner, people beginning to shop in large numbers, and this is usually the time of year that both large and small retailers cash... read more
Take Advantage of Compelling Videos on Successful Websites for Accountants
By: Ken Marshall | Nov 11 2011
Consider Working with a Professional Videographer Using a skilled video crew makes certain you'll get a good quality website video. It also guarantees that your message is accurate and to the... read more
Why Proximity Marketing Is Good for Your Business
By: Greg Nagell | Nov 4 2011
In today's economic climate it is becoming more and more difficult for high street stores to attract business. With so many retail giants shutting up shop in recent years,... read more
Some of the Advantages of Mobile Marketing
By: Greg Nagell | Oct 26 2011
Since the inception of the advertising industry, agencies have been at pains to reach customers in their own homes via television, magazines and newspapers, and more recently... read more
Get Advice From an SEO Company To Improve Site tTraffic
By: JK TEE | Oct 21 2011
SEO: this is the principle of optimising your site to improve it's authority with search engine spiders which crawl webpages . What an SEO company looks to do with a... read more
The Right Methods for Promoting Accountant Websites- Link Swapping
By: Ken Marshall | Oct 21 2011
If you hear about Backlinks (the incoming links to a website) these days, it is likely in regards to their relevance to SEO. These links can be extremely useful... read more
5 Helpful Tricks for Managing Your Accounting Site
By: Ken Marshall | Oct 10 2011
If you're trying to grow your accounting firm these days, you need to get online. Business is now wide open, and you could be bringing in leads from... read more
5 Cool Accounting Website Design Secrets to Exploit when Creating a Lead Capture Page
By: Brian OConnell | Oct 6 2011
One of the keys to creating a prosperous on-line business such as an accounting practice with a superior CPA website design is drawing in possible leads. The most convincing technique... read more
Why denounce the wealth gap?
By: Evangeline Selden | Sep 28 2011
The Americans may have to disturb two reports reminding them of a widening gap between rich and poor. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute,... read more
"ABC" and "banana"
By: Evangeline Selden | Sep 28 2011
A professor of mine once told a story about when she traveled to America to study.A native of Eritrea, she received a scholarship to pursue a degree at an... read more
Websites for Accountants- Inbound and Outbound Marketing
By: Ken Marshall | Sep 24 2011
In today's internet businessplace, concerns like CPA & accounting firms oftentimes use more than one means of promoting their companies, especially if they have a website. Nearly all... read more
Promoting Websites for Accountants- Is Inbound Marketing Genuinely Superior to Outbound?
By: Ken Marshall | Sep 24 2011
From placing ads on radio to attending conventions and sending out electronic newsletters, many businesses these days including accounting firms promote their services using one or two kinds of... read more
Having trouble understanding the Internet marketing?
By: Edna Barradas | Sep 21 2011
Internet Marketing can be confusing and intimidating when you know nothing about it. There is much to learn when you are a beginner. The problem is where do you start? Everything... read more
if you Want to make money with internet marketing Business?
By: Edna Barradas | Sep 21 2011
Want to make money online? If so, there are plenty of opportunities for you. You will succeed if all that can be pointed in the right direction and is... read more
Adding a Personal Touch On Your Accounting Website will Give You an Advantage Over Your Competitors
By: Brian OConnell | Sep 21 2011
A promotional campaign is critical to the livelihood of every business. Good websites for accountants give you measureless advertising opportunities. You'll notice pricey and time consuming choices, as well... read more
Meet Bulk SMS, The Social Life Guru
By: Walker Wild | Sep 12 2011
It seems that very often, bulk SMS or online text messaging services, if you prefer, are being associated negatively with businesses as a tool for marketing campaigns... read more
CPA Websites- Successfully Promoting Companies By Taking Advantage of Press Releases
By: Ken Marshall | Aug 24 2011
Exactly like any other type of business one of many forces that drives the progress of CPA companies is publicity. The judicious use of press releases is a valuable tool... read more
Using rollups for your exhibitions
By: Simon W | Jul 27 2011
Many business and organizations have been using roll-ups for different purposes such as marketing and branding.  They have also been used for different types of exhibitions and trade shows in... read more
Have you ever want to get Facebook Fans?
By: Sukanta Sarangi | Jun 17 2011
You might have were being inquisitive about is there a simplest way the substantial markers own many Facebook fans? Or ever that you experienced bump in to a Facebook site... read more
Mipro Battery Powered And Wireless PA Systems And Microphones For Weddings And Outdoor Events
By: Wordsworth White | Jun 14 2011
There are a range of Mipro portable public address systems available on the market and many options within those ranges, this article is a simplified overview of the range... read more
How To Find A Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider
By: Wordsworth White | Jun 13 2011
Gone are the days when companies used to depend only on pamphlets and billboards and used to wander from place to place for advertising their latest launches and promotional offers.... read more
What can you get in promotional clothes
By: Simon W | Jun 6 2011
When talk about promotion clothes, many items come into play. They are shirts, which includes T Shirts, Polo shirts; hoddies, caps, socks, jackets,... read more
Why incorporate Promotional Clothes
By: Simon W | Jun 6 2011
 Branding is an essential component in the marketing campaign of the companies. Specific budget has been kept aside for this purpose. However in this world of rapid changing brand recall... read more
The Rise of Mobile Marketing
By: Marvin Yakos | May 24 2011
Gartner Research Group estimates that the total spent on mobile advertising in 2011 will reach $3.3 billion, growing to over $20.6 billion by 2015. Mobile marketing is... read more
Printed Flags for Advertisement, important tool in your advertising strategy
By: Simon W | May 24 2011
 In the real world there are no absolute answers to anything, whether it is a philosophical discussion, a business debate. Similarly there is no single answer to the... read more
Digital Printed Stickers; attract your customers with exclusive advertisement method
By: Simon W | May 24 2011
 Stickers are used widely in the world and their usage may vary from situation to situation. They are collected by kids for fun and for recreation, but professionally they... read more
Beachflag - Best for the Promotion of Your Products and Services
By: Simon W | May 16 2011
It is true that most of the businesses are using different types of marketing and advertising strategies. Many companies or any business organization are moving towards the promotion of their... read more
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