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Types of governing document required for charitable registration
By: Bryan Hog | Jul 19 2012
One of the important documents required for charitable registration is a governing document. The governing document states the manner in which the income of the charitable organization will be spent,... read more
Out of State Charitable Solicitation Requirement
By: Scott Paul | Apr 5 2012
For out of state charitable solicitation requirement a charitable organization has to fill IRS form 990. A charitable organization can solicit funds from out of state donors by various means... read more
Categories of Charitable Purposes and Public Benefit for charitable registration
By: Scott Paul | Mar 26 2012
For charitable registration under the Charities Registration Act 2005 one has to specify a charitable purpose which is laid under the act. There are main four charitable purposes laid under... read more
Get Cell Phone Numbers within Seconds
By: Bernice Burgess | Nov 19 2011
Getting cell phone number requires the use of the Internet. While it may first seem like a complicated procedure, it really is not as difficult as it appears. Even... read more
Home Interiors Blog That Tells You All
By: Peter Banks | Apr 30 2011
Home interiors blog are a wonderful resource when you want to get creative tips, ideas, and resources for decorating your home or choosing specifics such as curtains,... read more
Donor Newsletters - Four Things Donors Demand from Non-Profit and Fundraising Organizations
By: Writers Room | Jan 5 2011
Back in the 1990s, I worked for a non-profit organization that mailed a multi-page, full-colour newsletter to around fourteen, 000 individuals each month, at a price of... read more
SEO for the Non-Profit Organization
By: Writers Room | Jan 5 2011
If you are a non-profit organization, you may have a terribly low marketing budget and be highly obsessed on your net site to achieve your audience. This is often... read more
Execs and Cons of Targeting Federal Government For Funding of Technology Grants Non Profit
By: Writers Room | Jan 5 2011
When searching for technology grants one ought to examine the pros and cons of targeting federal government for funding of technology grants for non-profit business. When seeking funding for programs... read more
Microsoft Great Plains: Government & Non-Profit Organization - Workflow Implementation
By: Writers Room | Jan 5 2011
Sometimes workflow & messaging is realized in CRM and then transactions are simply logged into Accounting/ERP/MRP. Within the case of Microsoft Business Solutions product: Microsoft Nice Plains, Navision,... read more
How to Print Remittance Envelopes for Non-Profits, Fundraisers, Foundations or Churches
By: Writers Room | Jan 5 2011
Remittance envelopes are a specialised envelope designed for returning donations through the mail. All donation envelopes come with a large back flap, and are on the market in two... read more
Non Profit Credit Counseling Can Help You Get Your Life Back
By: Writers Room | Jan 5 2011
Over the past year, there are all sorts of bail outs for various companies like the auto firms in Detroit, and banks all over America. For the typical... read more
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance - A Should For Non-Profit Organizations
By: Writers Room | Jan 5 2011
Directors and officers of non-profit organizations who generously donate their time to advance the cause of a corporation created to serve the public shouldn't need to be involved about a... read more
Celebrate Hope at the 2011 Moneylogic Swing For a Child Golf Tournament
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 30 2010
Communities are built around the people that inhabit them, though many communities suffer because their people do not have access to adequate resources. Be it shelter, food,... read more
Swing For a Child, Benefitting Petya I. Edwards Foundation
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 30 2010
Petya I. Edwards Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. The mission of Petya I. Edwards Foundation is to give struggling families, individuals,... read more
Sponsor Swing For a Child and Help Those in Need
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 30 2010
The 2011 Moneylogic Swing For a Child Golf Tournament will benefit Petya I. Edwards Foundation, which provides hope, support, and encouragement to members of the Dallas/Ft. Worth... read more
Petya I. Edwards Foundation in 2011
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 30 2010
The promise of the new year is exciting, and the staff at Petya I. Edwards Foundation is eager to start 2011 off right. With this new year comes higher... read more
New Year at Petya I. Edwards Foundation
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 30 2010
The new year is upon us and Petya I. Edwards Foundation is striving to make 2011 the most productive year yet! With a new year comes endless possibilities and with... read more
Client Counseling Credit - Non Profit Making
By: Freelance Writers | Dec 28 2010
Why Choose Non Profit Client Credit Counseling? There are various ways that to tackle debt. Tons of individuals opt for the thus known as 'simple' option of disposing of a loan... read more
The Non-Profit ByLaw Legal Type
By: Freelance Writers | Dec 28 2010
Thus, you have a non-profit organization and you would like a bylaw legal form and do not know where to turn. Well relax, you're not the primary one... read more
Successful Delegation Prevents Turnover at Non-Profits
By: Freelance Writers | Dec 28 2010
What is delegation? Jana S. Ferris of the Washington State University Extension says that "delegation is getting others to try and do your work, so you'll be able to... read more
What Non-Profits Ought to Apprehend About Google AdWords
By: Freelance Writers | Dec 28 2010
Most online business owners need to get the most edges if they are into Google AdWords program, since they recognize that an advertisement campaign with Google can provide them... read more
Internet Fax Edges For Your Non Profit Organization
By: Freelance Writers | Dec 28 2010
Net fax, or generally called virtual fax, handles multiple documents on a daily basis. From inventory sheets to correspondence, shoppers will simply send and receive faxes. While... read more
Managing HR in Non-Profit Organizations
By: Freelance Writers | Dec 28 2010
Selections concerning the folks who can be operating at the non profit organization will be tough because of the actual fact that this is often considered to be one in... read more
When is it too late to have a Will and Last Testament Prepared?
By: Michael Dar | Dec 22 2010
The question always comes up as to when is it too late to have a Will and last testament prepared. The answer to this question is that it is never... read more
Emergency Lighting System Is a Necessity in Buildings and Offices
By: Sandra Mitchell | Dec 22 2010
Emergency lighting system is necessary in huge any residential and commercial places. Most importantly these lightings are installed in pathways of buildings and offices so that people can see incase... read more
Jean Marie Joly ECPAT Urging Companies to Become Partners in Acting for Life
By: Alberto Stellpflug | Dec 18 2010
Paris, France - Jean Marie Joly ECPAT France and Acting for Life funding director is urging the public to get and involved and donate to Acting For Life. Acting... read more
Paul Chehade - Christmas Message - Solidary Foundation
By: Alberto Stellpflug | Dec 13 2010
We send greetings to those celebrating Christmas. During Christmas, we gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As God's only Son,... read more
Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation - Top 10 Areas to Address
By: Sharon Mikrut | Dec 12 2010
In the nonprofit field, the development of a new program generally begins with receiving some type of grant award. Of course, nonprofits can develop programs without being awarded... read more
Participation in Political and Legislative Activities by 501(C)(3) Organizations
By: Jessica Shofler | Dec 11 2010
There is often confusion amongst those involved with 501(c)(3) organizations, as well as the general public, concerning the extent to which such organizations can participate in political and/or... read more
Nine Habits of Healthy Boards
By: Alyson Ball | Dec 10 2010
A successful nonprofit organization is most often lead by a well-run board. Without the strong leadership, governance, and organizational support offered by a purposeful board, nonprofit organizations... read more
Spotlight on Updated Website for the Petya I. Edwards Foundation
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 1 2010
A well-organized and user-friendly website is an essential tool for any non-profit organization trying to raise awareness and gain support. A successful website should educate visitors about the cause and... read more
Petya I. Edwards Foundation Utilizes Social Media to Raise Awareness
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 1 2010
When it comes to getting information to as many people as possible very quickly, social media has proven to be the best medium of communication. No longer only for... read more
Petya I. Edwards Foundation Featured as a Great Nonprofit
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 1 2010 is a wonderful internet resource for anyone trying to gain information about non-profit organizations. This website outlines the mission statements and programs of hundreds of non-profit organizations while allowing... read more
Petya I. Edwards Foundation Online Magazine Fundraising Store
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 1 2010
Non-profit organizations are always looking for ways to raise funds and, in keeping with the spirit of helping others, often try to find fundraising methods that benefit both... read more
Petya I. Edwards Foundation Hosts Holiday Sparkle Party
By: Grammar Chic, Inc. | Dec 1 2010
The holidays are a time cheerfulness, joy, and giving in most homes. Decorations light up streets and windows and gift-giving traditions that have been maintained throughout the ages... read more
Nathan Jurczyk Urges Everyone to Volunteer This Holiday Season
By: Alberto Stellpflug | Nov 30 2010
Irvine, CA - Nathan Jurczyk of Irvine, California is reaching out in an effort to remind everyone to consider involvement with charitable organizations this holiday season. Nathan Jurczyk... read more
Action Plans Only Work When You Work Those Plans
By: Richard Brody | Nov 11 2010
There have been numerous articles written about action plans, and how important it is to create and use one if you wish to get any program or idea up... read more
NGO Formation and Registration - Part of Public Welfare
By: Chaman Goyal | Nov 11 2010
In this corporate world there are many types of companies performing their activities in order to achieve their common goal and aim. Among these types, the Non - profit... read more
Guidelines for Developing a Budget for a Non-Profit Organization
By: Will Barnes | Nov 7 2010
Budgeting needs to be placed second in a two-part approach with planning. When budgeting is teamed with planning, the figures cease to be just hazy projections snatched out of... read more
Charity Is Essential for the Society
By: Nandini Ghosh | Nov 6 2010
In this materialistic world, charity is less prioritized. In fact, there are many people who think philanthropy is nothing but wastage of time and energy. But this is... read more
Board Decision Making
By: Don Currie | Nov 5 2010
The primary function of a board is to make decisions. They should be making decisions that answer questions like: What is the plan? What policies do we need to support the plan? How... read more
Write Effective Grant Proposals
By: sumit | Nov 4 2010
Write Effective Grant Proposals Getting a first home owners set is a massive help to allotment first-time buyers who are in Australia and who wish to buy their first home. Everyone... read more
Apply Personal Free Government Grants For All
By: sumit | Oct 30 2010
Personal Free Government Grants For All - Personal And Business' Government Grants There are domination agencies that offer fixed besides business grants that do not need to produce repaid. Getting undifferentiated government... read more
Non-Profit Organization Should Apply for Government Grants
By: sumit | Oct 30 2010
Non-Profit Organization Should Apply for Government Grants - Minority Startup Federal Business Grant Most of the kinsfolk are getting very much familiar with the term Government Grants but this topic includes discrete... read more
Obama Grant Money From Non Profit Organization
By: sumit | Oct 30 2010
Obama Grant Money From Non Profit Organization - Obama Offers A Solution To Your Personal And Unsecured Debt - Free Federal Grant Money! If you take a signification to sit back and... read more
Value-Added Education
By: Don Currie | Oct 28 2010
It is easy to criticize the public schools. There are hundreds of people analyzing their every move and reporting it. It is easy to have the impression that the public... read more
The Need For Clear Cut Board of Director's Responsibilities
By: Richard Brody | Oct 27 2010
Many people become Board members of an organization because they wish to, and feel that they can make a valuable contribution to that organization. Unfortunately, in many cases,... read more
Shanghai's First Stem Cell Transplantation For Treatment Of Diabetes Mellitus Announced The
By: hotxueboy | Oct 27 2010
Diabetes Patients should not only bear the medical expenses are not small, but each day also have to take medicine or insulin injections on time ... ... Today is... read more
Sisley Cosmetics Series Grand Listing Of Plant Care (figure)
By: witch | Oct 27 2010
Sisley Sisley --- the world renowned French Cosmetic Brand, this represents a distinguished, elegant beauty of the name, has been dedicated to creating and leading the trend... read more
Outline Of The Tenth Anniversary Of The National Fitness Industry For Sports To Get Rich
By: weihua | Oct 27 2010
Promulgation of the National Fitness Program Outline for ten years. This is a new development of sports in the history of the book deserve a big event. Looking back ten... read more
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