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Pros & Cons of Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Business Sector in India
By: Amit | Jan 17 2012
FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) gives facility to made investments to obtain long-term profits in projects working outer surface of the financial system of the sponsor. The investment is made directly... read more
Implementing Retail Supply Chain Solutions For Your Business
By: gofrugaltech | Nov 27 2011
There is no doubt that if you wish to really streamline your business then you should spend some time carefully considering retail supply chain solutions for your business. By doing... read more
Cedar Rapids Real Estate: Everything You Need to Know
By: William Odell | Oct 22 2011
If you are looking for your next dream house or marketing a house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you definitely have to know plenty about Cedar Rapids real estate... read more
Retail Inventory Management Software Features
By: author | Sep 21 2011
There are countless inventory management software programs available today, choosing the right application for your business can have a profound impact on efficiency and productivity. Understanding the different types... read more
Professional Name Badges: The Source of Reorganization
By: Jag Jenny | Aug 9 2011
Looking for that extra edge over other companies, want to make the company like those big corporate and want the professionalism like those big corporate, then professional name... read more
Rent spikes are coming- Will Office buildings in Hawaii see them?
By: Mark Bratton | Jul 9 2011
I was recently at an investors conference on the west coast. There was discussion of great increase in tenants in the market looking for substantial amounts of space. The focus... read more
Digital CCTV Recorder Is The Best Device For Recording Your CCTV Footage
By: Jerremy Lyons | Jul 6 2011
If you are not familiar with modern CCTV systems you may not know that at the very heart of a surveillance system is the digital video recorder or DVR as... read more
Magnetic Name Badges : The Best Material For Name Badge
By: Jag Jenny | Jun 20 2011
Names badges are nothing but the presenter of your name in the work place. If you pin up the name badge on your uniform of the office, then it... read more
Starbucks 2Q Profit Climbs 20% on Customer Traffic
By: Jolie Crussel | Apr 29 2011
Starbucks Corp. (NASDAQ: SBUX) posted its 2nd-quarter profit which met analysts’ expectations. The second-quarter net income up 20 percent is driven by a growing base of customers.   The coffee giant earned... read more
Gap Inc. Reports 8% Drop in March Sales
By: Jolie Crussel | Apr 12 2011
Gap Inc. (NYSE:GPS) reported net sales for five-week period ended April 2, 2011 fell 8 percent against from last year.   Net sales were $1.33 billion, down against from $1.45... read more
Kohl's Reported 6.5% Drop in March Sales
By: Jolie Crussel | Apr 10 2011
Kohl’s Corp. (NYSE: KSS) reported its March sales at stores open at least one year dropped 6.5%. The drop was still lower than analysts’ same-store sales expectation of 7.9%.   Total March... read more
Top Retailers Pay Sales Associates Most
By: Jolie Crussel | Apr 9 2011
Many retailers have had to slash prices and cut costs during the difficult time. However, some still pay relatively intact wages to their employees along with brining back performance-related... read more
Public School Uniforms: Necessary or Not?
By: Jessica Blox | Apr 2 2011
In recent years, a lot of discussions and debates have been in news regarding the school uniforms. This is a serious issue for some of the students and there... read more
Fulfil Your Desires Online
By: Mohd Zaheerul Hasan | Mar 26 2011
We have many needs and wants in our life and there is no end to it. Elders say that the change is the law of nature. Making this saying true,... read more
Talbots Reports Narrower Loss in 4Q
By: Jolie Crussel | Mar 26 2011
Talbots Inc., the clothing retailer, posted small loss in the fourth quarter as it struggled to keep pace with its clientele's fashion preferences. In spite of offering more... read more
Urban Outfitters 4Q Profit Fell 3% on Rising Expenses
By: Jolie Crussel | Mar 9 2011
Urban Outfitters Inc. (NASDAQ: URBN), a leading lifestyle specialty retail company, posted its fiscal fourth quarter profit on Monday, which missed market estimates for the first time... read more
Popular Links of london And Accessories For female
By: roy | Jan 25 2011
Whatrrrs your opinion of silver links of london charms Jewellery? Do the silver Links of london Jewellery play a crucial role that you saw? To be a matter of fact,... read more
Things Become Cheaper with Cash
By: Jolie Crussel | Jan 18 2011
Although cash’s role is being replaced by electronic payment systems, it is still a small part of the money supply and makes payments promptly and conveniently. Many retailers offer... read more
Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) Bought Zellers Stores for $1.85 billion
By: Jolie Crussel | Jan 16 2011
On January 13, 2011, Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT), the second largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, announced its expansion purchasing store leases... read more
Walgreen December Key Sales Measurement Disappoints
By: Jolie Crussel | Jan 6 2011
Walgreen Co. reported Wednesday that its sales rose 2.8 in December but key sales measurement missed Wall Street’s expectations.   The company said that pharmacy revenue increased 2.2 percent while non-pharmacy revenue... read more
Outstanding Retail Stories in 2010
By: Jolie Crussel | Jan 4 2011
2010 has wrapped up with successful holiday sales season and outstanding as well as notorious events in the retail market. Let’s take a look back at the stories that grabbed... read more
Are Brick and Mortar Stores Poised for a Comeback?
By: Eli Kahn | Dec 12 2010
The convenience of online shopping has transformed the retail industry. With more and more consumers opting to do their shopping from their home computer, smartphones and WiFi devices,... read more
Introducing David's Formula Great Sounding Super Comfortable Music Flagship Headsets
By: Joseph Serrano | Dec 9 2010
David's Formula flagship design of an all exclusive comfortable wearing ear clips, ear buds and headsets are now available. The ear clips The research and design team of David's Formula has... read more
Argos Retail - Born Out of the Green Shield Stamp Empire
By: James Stephen... | Dec 3 2010
Argos is the largest general high street retailer in the United Kingdom with 750 stores. Argos is unique in the fact that customers pay for the goods then collect them from... read more
8 Tips to Create the Best Catalogue
By: Chris Howell | Nov 30 2010
If you operate a retail business, you may consider selling products through a catalogue. Producing and distributing a catalogue can be a significant investment, so make sure that... read more
How to Attack Discrepancy in Your Inventory
By: Jaime Marulanda | Nov 30 2010
Almost every business that maintains inventory has invested in software and information systems to help keep track of stock levels and manage inventory properly. Regardless of the type of business,... read more
A Change in Philosophy for Retailers Is Necessary
By: Richard L Gordon | Nov 26 2010
The following six (6) philosophies and attitudes probably have more power and problem solving answers than anything else you may read. Read them and give some serious thought to changing... read more
Glass Window TV
By: William Krause | Nov 25 2010
Maybe you have heard about Storefront Window TV's but you are wondering what exactly does that mean? A Window TV is reinventing a piece or all of your storefront and... read more
The Forty Dollar Snack Box Left Me Debt Free In Ten Years
By: Dennis Slack | Nov 22 2010
Snack Box Getting Started This is one of the unknown forms of vending but the honor snack box business is alive and doing well. When starting out in the snack box business... read more
Simple Ideas On How To Decorate Your Store For Christmas
By: Beth Delos Santos | Nov 16 2010
The Christmas decorating period starts as early as September. Homes are starting to light up at night, the streets are filled with Christmas lanterns, and some people are... read more
Before You Buy Wholesale Plus-Size Clothing for Your Retail Business
By: Will Tejada | Nov 13 2010
If you are into retailing clothing to earn income, you must be aware that not all your customers have ideal body statistics. It is just logical that obesity is... read more
Rock Shops - Ideas for Selling Mineral Specimens at Your Retail Store
By: Jeff Pranchak | Nov 12 2010
If you are new to the world of rock and mineral specimens, then selecting the right inventory for your retail store can be a bit confusing. With so many... read more
Effectual Retail Signage
By: William... | Nov 10 2010
This article aims to lessen the little effort taken by many owners in order to produce high-quality retail signage for their stores. In today's era of advanced printing technology, Signage... read more
Retail Merchant Account Options Are Important to Cell Phone Retailers
By: Carl Edward | Nov 4 2010
All retailers in the cell phone industry are certainly compelled to offer as many retail merchant account options as they can. The credit card industry is experiencing constant growth,... read more
Retailers Lose a Whooping 107.3 Bn to Shrinkage
By: Romeo Richards | Nov 3 2010
A few years ago, I worked as a store detective for one of UK's leading retailers. On my first day on duty at a store in Camberley whilst still... read more
The Male Mannequin - Should It Be Headless?
By: John Ronzel | Oct 30 2010
The male mannequin has been made in a heap of different styles for displaying male garments. But... Should they have arms and legs? What pose should they be displayed in? Should they have... read more
Tips for Holiday Displays
By: Ron D. Maier | Oct 30 2010
The holidays can be a magical time for many people and for many retail stores. Not only do many stores make more profit during this time, but their displays... read more
Inventory Management Through the Holidays
By: John P. Garvey | Oct 26 2010
Managing your inventory can be a difficult task, especially during the holiday season. People want "instant gratification" when doing their holiday shopping, so it's important to have all... read more
How Displays Affect Pricing
By: John P. Garvey | Oct 26 2010
The displays in your store are an important piece of the retail puzzle. Customers' opinions are affected by everything that they see. You want to control what the customer thinks... read more
Asda Business Review, the History of a Past British Empire
By: James Stephen... | Oct 26 2010
Asda is a British success story, a giant supermarket chain which retails food, clothing, toys and general merchandise, famous for its slogan (Asda Price, Pocket... read more
Tapping Into The Reality TV Phenomenon to Promote Your Retail Store
By: Mark T Fletcher | Oct 25 2010
There is no doubting the success of the reality TV genre. We see it on just about every channel appealing to a broad variety of age groups and interests. Whether it... read more
How To Avoid Paying Credit Card Processing Fees By Using ACH Transactions
By: Virgil Stanphill | Oct 23 2010
There used to be a time when processing a customer's payments electronically meant accepting credit cards. Along with that came a "slew" of fees merchants had to pay to banks,... read more
POS Hardware - What Is Important When Buying Point Of Sale Hardware Systems
By: Jason Stark | Oct 23 2010
When you are buying POS hardware for your new retail store, there is really just a few things you need to bear in mind: Proper components and Reliability. Regardless... read more
How to Deal With Retail Manager Burn Out
By: Mark T Fletcher | Oct 20 2010
Managing a retail business is a challenge in almost any situation. The opportunity for burn out of managers and owners is real every day regardless of business size. Often,... read more
Why Basket Building Is Vital to Retail Management Success
By: Mark T Fletcher | Oct 19 2010
How big is the shopping basket in your retail business? Not shopping baskets you may have for customers but the virtual basket containing what each customer purchases in a single... read more
Streamline Your Data to Improve Your Profits
By: Shirly N Sareyka | Oct 14 2010
Are you looking for a point of sale system that will increase your retail or restaurant profits? Just by streamlining your data flow, you will increase efficiency, reduce... read more
3 Easy Ways to Impress Your Manager at Work
By: Richard J. Hawkins | Oct 14 2010
Regardless of your profession, if you find yourself working beneath a manager or supervisor of any kind, the following 3 easy ways to impress your manager at work... read more
Clothing Stores - How to Use Mannequins
By: Pamella Neely | Oct 9 2010
All good marketers know that images of people out-pull images of anything else 90% of the time. Mannequins may not be real people, but they are the next best... read more
Essential Business Advice For Any New Retail Business Owner
By: Mark T Fletcher | Oct 3 2010
If you are new to owning or running a retail business it is likely that you have been too busy opening the business and settling in to have time to... read more
A Great Way To Increase Footfall In A Retail Shop or Store
By: David B Black | Oct 3 2010
I've been puzzling over this conundrum for a number of years: "How do I get more people to actually come into my shop instead of just glancing in the window... read more
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