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I Don't Want the Gold Watch
By: Connie H. Deutsch | May 5 2011
I Don't Want the Gold Watch by Connie H. Deutsch   I've always said that I would die with my boots on. I don't want to be presented with a gold watch on... read more
Benefits of Working in Retirement
By: Jolie Crussel | Dec 30 2010
If you are tired with dealing with your boss or wish to sit back, retiring early seems to be a good decision. For many people, retirement comes first... read more
America's Cities Where Boomers to Retire
By: Jolie Crussel | Dec 29 2010
An online survey has been recently conducted by Ameriprise Financial and Harris Interactive, with the participation of 10, 028 adults ages from 40 to 75 in 30 metropolitan areas.... read more
Good Investment Options For Retirement: Dollar Cost Averaging
By: Philippe Valiquette | Nov 29 2010
You've probably heard of dollar cost averaging (DCA) in the past. If not, it's an investment strategy taking the form of investing equal monetary amounts regularly and periodically over... read more
5 Common Sense Tips on Saving and Investing Your Money
By: Jim Warr | Nov 26 2010
Americans are struggling when it comes to saving money for retirement. According to a study published in the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), Americans are facing a combined retirement... read more
Planning for Retirement - Making a Modest Start
By: Mike Donal | Nov 23 2010
Everyone worries about the kind of life they will be able to lead in their later years. No one wants to have to depend on their family and others when... read more
The Cheapest Places to Retire in the United States
By: David B Ward | Nov 21 2010
The cheapest places to retire in the United States are often hidden secrets that are little known. Since cost of living is a major factor in retirement planning finding the... read more
Know Your Benefits in Retirement
By: Judy Juricek | Nov 21 2010
Planning for retirement is definitely a busy, sometimes stressful, and exciting time. There are so many things to do and decisions to make and I'm telling you that... read more
The Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension
By: Ronald Morton | Nov 21 2010
The inevitable realities of aging require advance planning, and to gain true peace of mind you need to cover all of your bases and prepare for any eventuality. Senior... read more
Investing in Fixed Indexed Funds Can Restrict Your Capital Growth
By: Punit Gupta | Nov 16 2010
Annuity investing is grabbing the headlines a lot these days as it seems to be an uncomplicated, systematic and lucrative investment opportunity, but only until the facts disguised... read more
Compare Annuities To Come Up With The Best Retirement Funding Tool
By: Clint B | Nov 15 2010
Preparing for your financial future starts now. If you have not already started setting up your retirement fund, there is no better time than today to start. No matter... read more
Why Everyone Should Give a Retirement Gift
By: Jon Orri | Nov 12 2010
Whether you knew the future retiree in brief or know him/her over equally likely coffee conversations, it is every so often appropriate to give one a retirement gift. It... read more
Retirement - Why You Should Still Invest While in Retirement
By: Jennifer Quilter | Nov 10 2010
If you retire when you're sixty years old, you could very well still live another forty years. While you have hopefully saved for this time with that in mind,... read more
Assisted Living Marketing Staff vs Ownership/Management?
By: Steven Schmidt | Nov 10 2010
Lots Of Responsibility, Little Authority Some assisted living marketing directors and representatives get little support for their efforts - from management and/or staff. I really feel for them. Yes,... read more
Attaining Your Retirement Dream
By: Richard Massathony | Nov 7 2010
There are many of people who are ready to provide you advice on your retirement planning for helping you carry out the kind of retirement plan you often dreamt of.... read more
State Your Financial Goals In Order To Be Successful When Trading And Investing For The Long-Term
By: Ricardo Dosmeu | Nov 2 2010
One of the first things any aspiring trader and/or investor should do is to clearly state his financial goals. He will not be able to get there if he doesn't... read more
5 Things Not To Do Financially
By: Debbie S Walker | Oct 28 2010
Money is tight. Everyone knows that but nobody seems to know what to do about it. I was recently in the market for Georgia Financial Services, specifically North GA... read more
Self Directed Retirement Accounts
By: Kim Tucker | Oct 28 2010
The purpose of this article is to give the reader a few ideas of what they can do with a self-directed retirement account. Before we get into the idea's part... read more
What The Future of Social Security Means to You
By: Donovan Baldwin | Oct 24 2010
At the moment, social security is a popular program despite its many problems and fears many people have about it. It is so popular, in fact, that... read more
Retirement Planning Booby Traps
By: Michael James... | Oct 21 2010
Perhaps you haven't started investing regularly, or the amount you allocate is not enough to reach your retirement goals. Here are a few errors people make that can ruin... read more
What Will It Be Like When I Retire?
By: Lynn Banis | Oct 19 2010
I have been thinking about retirement and all of the implications and connotations about it. What will it be in my life? I don't know for sure but I do... read more
The Big Retirement Planning Secret
By: Kim Snider | Oct 16 2010
Let's suppose you've had enough of your job and want to retire - tomorrow! What would it take? How could you satisfy yourself that you have the financial wherewithal to... read more
Planning Your Retirement - Building a Retirement Nest Egg for Your Golden Years
By: Jeremy Kong | Oct 14 2010
What does retirement means to you? What is the retirement nest egg that you would require during your golden years? Is it surprising to you that many people have avoided... read more
American Funds Retirement Center - Is It the Best Plan for You?
By: Lam Bong | Oct 11 2010
Of all the plans that are available in the market today I think the most popular is the 401(k) plan. This is because of its popularity and its flexibility when... read more
Invest Now, Retire in Style Later
By: John Dempsey | Oct 9 2010
Many people today are concerned with living out an existence instead of planning to retire and enjoy life. Statistics from surveys show that most Americans are concerned with being able... read more
Early Retirement Planning Won't Happen With a Job
By: Lucien Bechard | Oct 3 2010
With the cost of living increasing, people living paycheck to paycheck, and the retirement age becoming a distant reality, it's become a sad truth that a lot... read more
Investing For The Beginner
By: JP Fischer | Oct 2 2010
The word "invest" is derived from the Latin investire, which literally means, "to clothe." That definition isn't far removed from our newfangled ideas about investing, as we are... read more
Cheapest Places to Retire
By: Kum Martin | Sep 30 2010
With the recent recession, it has become clear that seniors and retirees have to ensure that they maintain their financial safety. This means retiring to cities that are cheap... read more
Income Alternatives for Your Retirement Portfolio
By: Christopher Fitch | Sep 29 2010
Income. As an essential part of any portfolio, income is often the goal itself of any retiree's portfolio. But when interest rates fall, often income does as well.... read more
Trust Deed Investing - What Wall Street Does Not Want You To Know About
By: Kristi Sabo | Sep 24 2010
If you are planning to invest your hard earned money in something valuable, this is an overview on one possibility with real potential: trust deed investing. Today there are a... read more
The Pros of Early Retirement
By: Gary Pierce | Sep 21 2010
The pros of early retirement?...simple they all are related to age not money. The sooner you retire the longer you will be retired...why is that so hard to understand. Retirement should... read more
Retirement Solutions
By: Del Izarde | Sep 16 2010
Retirement Solutions defy governments around the world. Riots broke out in Greece when government tried to cut the spending budget. France is likely to increase retirement age from 60 to... read more
How to Raise Money Fast
By: Nick Malyon | Sep 16 2010
If you feel that you have exhausted all of the usual ways for raising money then there is a provision within U.K. pension law that could allow you to release... read more
Ideal Cities for Retirees
By: Jolie Crussel | Sep 12 2010
Retirement is the time for everyone to enjoy a well-deserved break, improve health, pursue their interest, take up a new hobby, or expand intellectual horizons in... read more
Retirement - How To Retire With Security
By: Rick Rule | Sep 9 2010
With today's environment of high unemployment, retirement accounts losing their value and rising healthcare costs, how can you feel secure about when to retire? Will economic conditions force... read more
Getting Started - Retirement Planning For Young Adults
By: William M Springer | Sep 3 2010
For many people fresh out of college, retirement planning is an incredibly boring subject. Who wants to save for something so far in the future, when there are... read more
Will the Bond Rally Last?
By: Christina Bong | Aug 26 2010
Looking at the chart above, it quite obvious that bonds have outperformed stocks in 2010. The S&P 500 (red line) is down 2 percent while TLT, the ETF... read more
How an Estate Attorney Can Help Manage Your Assets
By: Andrea Dilea | Aug 24 2010
If you own assets and real property, it is highly advisable that you engage the services of an attorney to manage your estate.  There are legal implications and taxes... read more
Retirement - Are You Financially Ready to Retire?
By: Paul Burrows | Aug 22 2010
On your death your kids will get nothing from the principal amount you saved and if you die early this could be a considerable sum. All the surplus goes to the... read more
5 Advantages to Using a Financial Planner
By: Bob Smithson III | Aug 21 2010
Many people do not use financial planners because they are not sure of the advantages, but financial planners have become more popular with many people looking to secure their... read more
How to Set Up Your Retirement Account Online
By: Jack T. Riley | Aug 16 2010
Retirement is something that every responsible individual should prepare for, not only for their own well being but also for that of their family. There are firms out there... read more
Using Online Investing For Your Retirement Plans
By: Jack T. Riley | Aug 15 2010
Investing for your retirement can be tricky at best as there are many different options to help you reach your goal. A person can choose to go the traditional route... read more
Retiring Abroad? Things To Consider
By: Tom Leclerc | Aug 14 2010
What do you need to think about when retiring abroad? Obviously, your pension is one of those things that you will need to look at. One of the most... read more
UK State Pension Crisis! Act Now Or Live in Poverty When You Retire!
By: Steven Dotsch | Aug 14 2010
Unbelievable, but many people believe the UK State Pension will be enough to fund their retirement, but this just isn't true. Don't kid yourself! Nowadays, nobody in... read more
Contributions and Limits For Your Superannuation Fund
By: Juliya Smith | Aug 10 2010
If you are renting, you may want to start saving money for a home, family and or some extra schooling. Once those savings have been started, then... read more
Retirement Planning - Avoid Being Swamped by Options and Information
By: Barry Milton | Aug 9 2010
You have decided to get serious about your retirement planning efforts. You've started reading up on the subject and now are quickly becoming confused. Why? There is simply far too... read more
Tips For Investing For Retirement
By: Jack T. Riley | Aug 9 2010
Investing for retirement is something that every person in the world thinks about but many simply do not know where to start. There are so many options available that the... read more
Best Places to Retire - Boulder City
By: Brian Gagnon | Aug 8 2010
Boulder City does not spark images of night life clubs, bands and flashy cars; but that is how residents here like it. Of course, that does not mean... read more
The Percentage of Income to Save For Retirement
By: Jennifer Quilter | Aug 7 2010
Everyone isn't going to save the same amount of money for their retirement. This is because everyone makes different amounts, and will want to live on different amounts when... read more
Are You Ready For Retirement?
By: Marjorie Salada | Aug 5 2010
It seems like as every year passes people have to work longer before they can afford to retire. It is no secret that most Americans are not financially prepared to... read more
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