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How Do I Choose the Best Plus Size Prom Dress?
By: Tony | May 4 2011
Choosing a plus size prom dress is very similar to choosing any size prom dress. You want a dress that is going to flatter your curves, hide your flaws,... read more
How to Properly Address Envelopes for Invitations
By: Tom | May 4 2011
In today's world of email and text messaging, you may forget the proper way to address a formal invitation. Addressing an invitation properly creates a great impression with family... read more
How To Save Money on Calligraphy for Your Wedding Invitations
By: Tom | May 2 2011
Organizing and planning a wedding can be a very stressful activity for both the mind and the wallet. Yes, a wedding, in all its detail, can really... read more
Wedding Invitation Saying Ideas
By: jack | Apr 27 2011
Weddings are much more than a union between two people. They are one of the few times in your life that you can shout to your friends and family how... read more
Don't Go For A Free Copywriting Swipe File
By: Ron aka Nice Guy | Feb 4 2011
You are a student...! You are out of cash...! You don't want to spend money on a petty copywriting swipe file...! You don't want a swipe file (well, that's a reason even)...! You... read more
Does A Copywriting Beginner Need A Swipe File?
By: Ron aka Nice Guy | Feb 3 2011
Okay, so do you really need a copywriting swipe file? You already guessed it. The answer is YES! Of course, you do. Ask your copywriting mentor or guru,... read more
Get A Gary Halbert Swipe File First!
By: Ron aka Nice Guy | Feb 3 2011
Why did I ask you to go for Gary Halbert first? Copywriting has always been and will predominantly be a direct sales art. And that is where you need Gary... read more
What Is A Copywriting Swipe File?
By: Ron aka Nice Guy | Feb 3 2011
If you are a copywriting beginner, you may not be so sure about what a copywriting swipe is, but to a well-established, experienced sales copywriter, one... read more
Copyright Law In India
By: Biswajit Sarkar | Jan 30 2011
Copyright is the exclusive right to publish and circulate any artistic, literary, musical works etc. granted to an author of a work for a limited duration. Copyright law... read more
Website Content India: Present Exciting Job Opportunities
By: swadesh | Jan 26 2011
In order to get the best options for online jobs, Website Content India is the apt destination for you. Website copywriting services have emerged as one of the most promising... read more
What Is Copywriting?
By: Ron aka Nice Guy | Jan 25 2011
Phew! I cant count anymore. There are almost as many copywriting definitions as there are copywriters in the whole world. Copywriting is basically writing ad and sales copies such as headlines,... read more
Visualizetraffic Lets You Know The Place You Stand Amongst Other Net Web Sites
By: Lyle Peterson | Jan 14 2011
VisualizeTraffic can be a website which provides webmaster stats about their websites. This sort of stats consist of how quite a few readers they've, average site views, and... read more
What Are Top iPhone & iPad Apps in the Year?
By: david123174 | Jan 10 2011
With more than 300, 000 applications for iOS devices, Apple's iTunes App Store is a marketplace of enormous proportion. Apple has released its annual iTunes Rewind feature and named... read more
IPhone 4 Cell Phone Spy Software - Should Be Used or Not?
By: david123174 | Jan 10 2011
Have you ever been curious as to what your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is chatting about on their cell phone? So do you want that there is... read more
What Dan Kennedy Says About Small Business Advertisement and Marketing
By: Ron C. | Jan 9 2011
You must have heard 'bout Dan Kennedy, the famous guru of small business marketing and advertisement. Go ask your neighbor Tom, an established online home-based small business entrepreneur,... read more
Earn Money In your house Writing Articles or blog posts - Opportunites for Work At home Moms
By: R Matthews | Jan 8 2011
If you have decided that working from your home would be the way to go , there are jobs available as a freelance content writer. The number of sites... read more
About Press Release Sites
By: charles nocis | Jan 7 2011
A press release is a very important event, in terms of public relations and human affairs. So, therefore, press release sites are equally important in value. In... read more
Content is Still King - Which Makes It an Expensive Part of Website Development
By: Troy Mellema | Jan 6 2011
Content is king…that's what they were saying ten years ago and lo and behold, the same is true today.  There's no denying that streaming technology has done wonders for... read more
Translation is conversion of one language to another language
By: rajendra | Jan 5 2011
. Without translation, it would have been impossible to understand the fact that Indian civilization has tiny pieces of several others such as Egypt, China and Greece. With... read more
Report writing
By: Usman Wardag | Jan 5 2011
Report writing is, nowadays, considered very important to earn a name or for getting a product or service. Whatever its purpose is, it should be effective,... read more
Fundamentals Of Obtaining A San Diego Mortgage By Using An Over the internet Supply
By: RichardSchwartz | Jan 5 2011
Getting a mortgage is a complicated process however at the similar time it is easy and easy to understand if it is explained in small parts. This can be higher... read more
Article 342: Publishing Copyrights and Plagiarism in Modern Day America
By: hasan A. yahya | Jan 3 2011
 Hasan Yahya,  an Arab American writer from Michigan, USA  Readers may hear about the concept copy rights, with the sign @, before a publisher's name or an author,... read more
Types of copywriting and techniques to enhance search results
By: rajendra | Jan 3 2011
Copywriting have much originality and skill of putting ideas on paper in huge forceful ways. SEO copywriting compilation of text are displayed in a Web page that skilled management of... read more
Internet Article Writing: Writing with a (Re)Purpose
By: Celeste Stewart | Jan 2 2011
Whether you're looking to save time or potentially earn more money with your writing, writing with a purpose (of repurposing the content) can help you. That's not to say... read more
Doing the Right Thing for Your Clients
By: David Bowman | Jan 2 2011
I'm in a business where I can do what I love: help clients communicate well through writing. If I do this well, and if I provide a service or... read more
Generating Sales Leads Through Sales Letter Writing Services
By: Jack Davison | Dec 31 2010
Marketing your products or services through sales letter writing service is still one of the intelligent business decisions you can make. In the present scenario where new methods of marketing... read more
Keep It Personable: Exploiting Your Accounting Website To Attract New Prospective Clients
By: Brian O'Connell | Dec 31 2010
Your accounting website is an outstanding means to impress customers and prospects, but do you really understand how to make use of it? Let me share some fundamental marketing... read more
Real Writing Jobs Download Bonus
By: James Morgan | Dec 29 2010
Are you struggling to get your freelance writing career off the ground, and find the jobs you need to make your dreams of working at home a reality? Many... read more
Freelance copywriter vs. Copywriting services
By: Ron C. | Dec 25 2010
Well, when you decide that you do need a copywriter, after giving it much thought, your search for copywriters start. But there are two sorts of copywriting... read more
The history of EuroMillions started in 1994
By: FrankTPeters | Dec 25 2010
The Euromillions Lottery is MASSIVE! EuroMillions is the big one, the huge European lottery that takes place once per week, on Friday evening. EuroMillions is also Europe's BIGGEST-ever,... read more
You Need A Copywriter!
By: Ron aka Nice Guy | Dec 25 2010
Who said you dont need a copywriter? I gravely doubt if he is one of the keyboard jockeys, because if you are into online business, the importance of... read more
Importance Of Copywriting To Grow Your Business
By: Ron aka Nice Guy | Dec 25 2010
How is copywriting so important to grow your sales and income? Well, have you ever thought why, even though you offer a great product or service, people dont... read more
GCCF Locations for Trouble-free Submitting of Claims and Indemnity
By: HeatherSimpson | Dec 23 2010
Individuals and companies affected by the Deepwater Horizon Incident that occurred on April 20, 2010 should consult the nearest GCCF locations to file a declare for damages. It ought... read more
How To Prepare For A Press Release
By: charles nocis | Dec 23 2010
Everything is news today. From the petty household problems to the lives of the celebrities- everything makes it to the pages of the daily. So the reporters do not have... read more
Hyphens and Compound Adjectives
By: David Bowman | Dec 22 2010
Take a noun, any noun, and stick two adjectives in front of it. Do you need to connect them with a hyphen? Or can you simply leave them... read more
Junior Copywriter Jobs - 5 Hidden Benefits You Need to Know!
By: Chris Howard | Dec 22 2010
One might think that being a copywriter is just your run-of-the-mill profession, but think again. As a copywriter you may not have the extra letters attached to your name... read more
How I Became A Writer - Law Of Attraction or Destiny?
By: Chris Howard | Dec 22 2010
Truth be told, becoming a writer was never a part of my childhood dream. Having experienced pressure when I was still writing for the school paper, which only happened... read more
Content Writing Is An Art
By: Kevin Fernandez | Dec 16 2010
It requires great skill and passion to venture into the field of content writing, and a professional content writer can present his thoughts and feelings quite lucidly in his... read more
Some reasons you Need an Injury Attorney Atlanta To Receive Nice Results
By: HeatherSimpson | Dec 15 2010
Should you happen to suffer from an damage - regardless of how small or vital - due to the neglect and fault of others then, it will be finest... read more
About A Press Release Example
By: charles nocis | Dec 11 2010
In the world of today, there is something or the other, which is happening all around the world. News is never far, and it is being made... read more
Copywriting Makeover: Subtle Changes Make A Big Difference, Part 2 of 2
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
The Rewrite I really felt for the users of these chairs. They had back problems and medical issues, trying desperately to find relief. I can only imagine how it must... read more
9 Tips for Better Copywriting
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
Avoid the wimpy verbs--is and be. These "do-little" verbs only occupy space and state that something exists. So don't write "There is one simple omission that can transform a sentence from... read more
Copywriting For An Online Audience
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
No matter what medium you are using, all copywriting should have one prime objective - create an effective message that appeals to the audience it is intended to influence.... read more
10 Things You Should Expect From Your Website Copywriter
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
But in such a relatively new field, customers are still coming to grips with what they can expect of their website copywriter. The question a lot of people are... read more
10 Things You Should Expect From Your IT Copywriter
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
So how do you know when you've found an IT copywriter? And - more importantly - how do you know what to expect from them? The following 10 tips will... read more
8 Strategies To Catapult Your Copywriting Skills To The Next Level
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
So without further ado, here they are! Number one: Always write your sales letter with the individual in mind. Whenever you're writing a sales letter or an E-mail, you want... read more
Copy Makeovers Made Easy
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
Chances are you're sitting on some solid (yet hidden) sales material. Often simple copy makeovers can work wonders in terms of response. So, before you crumple it up and... read more
7 Essential Tips for Reviewing Copy
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
By having a smart and consistent review process that preserves the selling power of your marketing communications. Following are 7 essential tips for reviewing and approving copy. 1. Review the copy... read more
Choosing a Great Copywriter
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
The truth is, copywriters range from the great to the not-so-great. Just like any other profession, there are high flyers, under-achievers, rogue traders and young pretenders.... read more
Business To Business Copywriting Secrets
By: Vasile Stoica | Dec 10 2010
This is vital because copywriting is your "salesperson in cyberspace, in print and in the mail" ... and great salesmanship produces great sales ... average salesmanship gets only average... read more
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