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Cognitive Brain Training Has Never Been Easier
By: Tami Lewis | Jan 9 2012
As everyone knows, your brain controls every function of your body, whether conscious or not. Having strong cognitive skills are important for you to make the most of... read more
Maximize Your Brain's Potential With Simple Exercises
By: Tami Lewis | Jan 9 2012
It's common knowledge that your brain is what controls every function and movement in your body, from breathing to running. Just like your muscles, it is important to... read more
Have Fun And Learn With A Free Brain Training Website
By: Tami Lewis | Jan 9 2012
Have you ever walked into a room for something, but as soon as you got there, you forgot what it was you went in there for? Well,... read more
Keep Your Mind Healthy With Diet And Exercise
By: Tami Lewis | Jan 9 2012
Most people do not realize what your brain does for you each day. So much of what you do on a day-to-day basis is similar to your mind being on... read more
Train for a Welding Career in Kissimmee Florida
By: William Hauselberg | Nov 26 2011
Welding is a vital skill in almost all industries where construction or manufacturing take place. The best way to find a job as a welder is to attend welding school.... read more
Take Advantage Of GI Bill To Pursue College Education
By: Greta Callahan | Oct 29 2011
Many people consider getting a college education to be something that is done by those that are young. There are many older adults, however, who are also taking... read more
Best Images of Month: September 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Oct 4 2011
The National Geographic Magazine has just released the issues of best pictures in September 2011 with interesting comments of profound people. Here is the full list of most favorable pictures... read more
Best Wildlife Photos of the Year 2011
By: Louis Brown | Sep 28 2011
The winners in twelve categories of the 2011 British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPAs) have been announced. Aiming at honoring talented wildlife photographers, this year’s competition attracted thousands of photographers across... read more
Best Wildlife Photos of the Year 2011
By: Louis Brown | Sep 28 2011
The winners in twelve categories of the 2011 British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPAs) have been announced. Aiming at honoring talented wildlife photographers, this year’s competition attracted thousands of photographers across... read more
Endangered Rare Crocodile Was Found in Florida
By: Eric Giguere | Sep 23 2011
An endangered rare crocodile, one of the animal's reptilian cousins was found near the community pond in Florida woman’s backyard in St. Petersburg, Florida, shocking residents of... read more
Beautiful Spots in Danger of Disappearing
By: Eric Giguere | Sep 6 2011
It is so sorry to hear that very natural or human factors or a combination of both are the reasons why many world's beautiful spots are at risk of disappearing.... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: August 22, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 22 2011
The most impressive space photos last week focus mainly on the infrared picture of Messier 27, the dramatic changes in nighttime lights in Eastern Europe, Necklace nebula,... read more
Most Dangerous and Lethal Animals Worldwide
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 13 2011
While there are many catastrophic accidents by animals happening every year, it is necessary to look at this list of the most dangerous and lethal animals on Earth and... read more
Weekly Impressive Animals Photos: August 8, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 9 2011
The fantastic scene of ants sipping colored sugar water, the biggest albino catfish, a 150-pound new-born giraffe at the zoo in Norfolk, the picture of courageous frog... read more
Best Nature Images of Month: July 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 4 2011
Nature tells us a lot of stories about oddest existences and scenes around the planet. Such local sightseeings with astonishing features quickly become globally known. However, in daily life,... read more
Newly Discovered Sea Creatures Found in Philippines
By: Eric Giguer | Jul 18 2011
A joint US – Philippines research expedition carrying out a study at the island of Luzon in the Philippines has discovered more than 300 species of land animals, plants... read more
Machu Picchu: The 100th Rediscovery
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 11 2011
In the early 1900′s, traveler Hiram Bingham has come to Chile to attend the first Pan American Scientific Conference. On the way back home, he accidentally came across... read more
Best Nature Images of Month: June 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 6 2011
Nature tells us a lot of stories about oddest existences and scenes around the planet. Such local sightseeings with astonishing features quickly become globally known. However, in daily life,... read more
Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: June 19 - 25
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 27 2011
The images of a lion cub playing with its mother’s tail, an overweighed dog playing with a baby, a hippo mother swimming with her calf, an elephant... read more
Top 5 Endangered Species Around The World
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 27 2011
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has recently released the red list of species in danger of being dying out in 2011. Let's take a look at top... read more
Five Things Could Be Changed Due to Global Warming
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 22 2011
Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, caused mainly due to increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the Earth. These... read more
Total Lunar Eclipse June 15: Longest in a Decade
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 16 2011
The total lunar eclipse taking place on Wesnesday, June 15 (2011) is considered the most beautiful and the longest eclipses of the moon in the past 11 years that... read more
Solar Power Plants Safer than Nuclear Power Plants
By: Fida hossain | Jun 13 2011
Upon the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan on Thursday, March 14, 2011, nuclear power plants have proved to not be fully able to withstand extremely powerful... read more
Top Ten Beautiful But Deadly Flowers
By: Eric Giguere | May 4 2011
Despite the beauty and color, some flowers and plants are extremely poisonous than they are seemingly harmless appearances. The plants contain fatal chemicals that may cause death or serious... read more
Five Interesting Photography Books
By: Eric Giguere | Apr 29 2011
Nature is always endless and inspiring source for not only photographers but for environment enthusiasts as well. If you are interested in wildness, these amazing and diverse photography books... read more
Weekly Nature Images: April 4, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Apr 4 2011
Nature tells us a lot of weirdest things and oddest stories happening anywhere in the world. As such, numerous photographers capture unique moments of wildlife in order to never... read more
Most Useful Pollinators
By: Eric Giguere | Mar 21 2011
Pollination in plant is important to the creation of new seeds that grow into new plants. People sometimes share pollen from one flower to another in order to pollinate the... read more
Top Architecture University Designs
By: Eric Giguere | Mar 2 2011
If all schools and college campuses are the same, attendances will have little inspiration to come to learn each day. It is questioned that the inside inferior plays an... read more
Kakapo: Most Unique & Rarest Bird
By: Eric Giguere | Mar 1 2011
In the isolated islands of New Zealand we can witness a lot of ‘odd’ birdlife - and the most special one should come to kakapo - the only flightless parrot... read more
Renewable Energy is Picking up in France
By: Travis Olague | Feb 15 2011
In these challenging and turbulent times renewable energy is becoming very popular all over the world and there are several thorough reasons for this. As this energy is generated from... read more
Anaerobic Digestion: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?
By: Andy Butler | Jan 18 2011
Although Anaerobic Digestion is a growing industry it is not a new technology. In fact it has been around since the 1800's. Anaerobic Digestion is basically a process which uses plant... read more
4 Kinds of Sustainability
By: Tom R Wells | Dec 12 2010
The word 'sustainability' is flung about a lot these days - as in 'sustainable development' or 'sustainable economy'. But what does it really mean and is it really a good... read more
Effects That Air Pollution Has on the Environment and on Our Health
By: Adrian F Alexa | Dec 11 2010
Air pollution has not always been a problem, but during the last decade, air pollution facts show us the environment is more and more affected by the toxins... read more
Small Steps Towards Cleaner Water
By: Rich Ahlgren | Dec 11 2010
Water pollution is something that everyone contributes to in some way, but it is also something that everyone can help prevent. By taking small measures and making smart decisions... read more
Impressive Photos of Animal Migrations
By: Eric Giguere | Dec 10 2010
Summer is definitely the finest time of the year for the wildlife. However, winter is totally different because it can be a hard time for wildlife. In  winter,... read more
The Advantages of Solar Energy
By: John E Newman | Dec 10 2010
Solar energy has many advantages. It's free, its unlimited, and it's good for the environment. Producing electricity from the sun doesn't pollute the environment like drilling for oil and... read more
Creating Compost Manure
By: Robert Shorn | Dec 10 2010
Some people are very careful when it comes to purchasing fruits or even vegetables from the market due to the pesticides used. Due to many dangers posed by most pesticides... read more
The Path to a Low CO2 Emission World
By: Lior Cohen | Dec 8 2010
There is an interesting post made by Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, on Project Syndicate who suggests away to deal with the long adverse effects caused by burning crude oil... read more
One Nation Still Under God?
By: Mark Arens | Dec 7 2010
What a blessing and opportunity we all have for living in a country that was created under God. To have that freedom, the freedom of choosing your God and... read more
Endangered Species and Their Protection
By: Umer Nawaz | Dec 5 2010
This article is about the study of endangered species and their protection. There are several reasons for endangerment of species, some reasons are natural and some are unnatural. Unnatural... read more
Updating the Size of Your Carbon Footprint
By: Kevin LeCavalier | Dec 4 2010
Times are changing...are you changing your carbon footprint? Have you even considered the size of your personal footprint? Many people have heard the terminology and don't quite understand what it... read more
Find and Embrace Eco-Friendly Choices With 4G
By: Jason Tandle | Dec 4 2010
The environmental movement has reached the mainstream and people everywhere are starting to make more ecological lifestyle choices. Reducing waste not only helps save the environment; it also saves you... read more
Help Save Cypress Trees
By: Nina Green | Dec 1 2010
Before gardening became one of the fastest growing all American past times, store bought mulch came from the left over product of lumber yards. Now the demand for store bought... read more
Who is Trashing the Earth Now - Everyone - It's Time to Wake Up!
By: Lance Winslow | Nov 30 2010
We've all heard the environmentalist activists telling us for decades about the trash build-up, the Pacific Garbage Gyre, and other issues polluting our civilizations, oceans, and... read more
Air Purifier Ratings - 6 Answers to Questions About Rating Air Purifiers
By: Debbie Davis | Nov 28 2010
Determining which air purifier is best for your situation can be overwhelming with literally hundreds of different types available on the market. But deciding which features you need and comparing... read more
A Whole House Air Furnace Filter
By: Dave Jenssen | Nov 28 2010
Your HVAC system, also known as your heating and air conditioning system, probably uses a standard filter that's only 1 inch thick. One of the most common sizes... read more
Learn About Drinking Water Pollution And Its Effects
By: Gordon P Hall | Nov 27 2010
Drinking water pollution is a serious problem in many parts of the world. Things are always worse after natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis. If you follow world news, you... read more
Brazilians Tagging Manta Rays
By: Arnold Weisz | Nov 27 2010
We met with Dr. Andrea Marshall from Foundation for the Protection of Marine Megafauna / Manta Ray & Whale Shark Research Centre, Mozambique and the Instituto Laje Viva in... read more
Aftermath at the Nuclear Playground
By: Arnold Weisz | Nov 26 2010
Bikini July 24, 1946, an enormous water column beneath a mushroom cloud leaves 500, 000 tons of radioactive mud in the atoll's lagoon. As a result from the... read more
Water Borne Disease and the Importance of Home Water Filters
By: Chester Long | Nov 26 2010
First things first, a water borne disease is an illnesses caused by consuming water that has been contaminated with either animal or human feces which is composed of pathogenic... read more
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