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Are Parallel Dreams Just Another Universe?
By: Steve Kelly | Feb 2 2011
Are Parallel Dreams just Another Universe? There's been a lot of books written over the years on the subject of time travel. A lot of time spent on the subject. And... read more
Ahmad Khawaja - The Story Of A New York Painter
By: Shrsin Tuls | Feb 1 2011
Ahmad Khawaja is the fifth son of Mohammad Khawaja and Kristie Khawaja. When he was four and a half years, his family moved to New York City, with... read more
Best One-letter Book Titles
By: Eric Giguere | Jan 26 2011
Never judge the book by its cover, and never judge a book just by its title, too. As "O" — an anonymously novel about Obama's 2012 re-election campaign... read more
Nocturnal Mission of Ahmad Khawaja
By: Cullen Nedrich | Jan 9 2011
Crouched in a corner of the living room, Ahmad Khawaja is poised to attack. The adversary is close. Ahmad could actually feel his breathing. Too close perhaps. Is this... read more
Ahmad Khawaja - Comedian
By: Cullen Nedrich | Jan 9 2011
Ahmad Khawaja was born on August 15, 1953 in Cloverleaf, Texas, USA. An iconic American television personality turned standup comedian; an only child of Khalab Khawaja businessman... read more
The Mystery Writer Ahmad Khawaja
By: Cullen Nedrich | Jan 9 2011
Ahmad Khawaja, the known Agatha Awardee, first started writing at the age of 11 after reading his first suspense and mystery novel. The first novel he read was... read more
Ahmad Khawaja: The Third Eyed Killer Monster
By: cullrp7hne | Jan 7 2011
Ahmad Khawaja was the only child born in the history of the world with third eye. He has a third eye literally on his forehead. He could see through it... read more
Tree Trimmer Ahmad Khawaja
By: cullrp7hne | Jan 7 2011
Not everyone can tell their friends that their father is a tree trimmer. Not especially when the first thing that comes to mind is the hideous murderer Leather face in... read more
Ahmad Khawaja - Defeated Triumph
By: Erin Aletha | Jan 7 2011
Ahmad Khawaja was born 1938 in a small village called Al-Sarafand an Arab village near the Mediterranean shore south of Liwa. His mother Rebecca was a Canadian volunteer nurse met his... read more
Ahmad Khawaja: The Real Pseudo Prime Minister
By: Erin Aletha | Jan 6 2011
Ahmad Khawaja is a 40 year old comedian who lives in India. He was coined as the best Impersonator in their country. He was able to mimic a lot of... read more
How To Beautify Your Romantic Relationship Through Romance Novels?
By: GJ Bajaj | Jan 6 2011
How would a world be without love? You cannot simply imagine your life without love! All the relations and love around you is due to the relationship between man and... read more
John L. Betcher is the Author of The 19th Element and A Higher Court
By: William | Jan 2 2011
John L. Betcher's book on volleyball coaching philosophies entitled THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF VOLLEYBALL COACHING, Insights From the Trenches, has been selling nationwide and is currently available... read more
Pointers To Writing A Good Suspense Novel
By: Cheryl Ross | Dec 28 2010
Nobody can become a good suspense writer overnight. You need to go through a series of trial and error method, to achieve the master piece you desired from long.... read more
Believe it or not in Bible Vs Quran (3) the trees decided to elect a king (A)
By: Prof.dr. Ibrahim... | Dec 25 2010
Believe it or not in Bible Vs Quran (3) The trees decided to elect a king (A) The Olive Tree refused to be the King saying…   In the Bible, there are some... read more
Secrets of Creative Writing - Increase Sales by Making Characters Believable
By: Samantha Pearce | Dec 20 2010
When including children within your manuscript it is important that you write about them and for them in such a way that they appear believable. This includes considering such elements... read more
New Story for all Users
By: mobile adons | Dec 17 2010
On the first Sunday of every month, the grand city of Granara held a vast market in Orion Square, directly in the heart of the city. Travellers and... read more
The King Baby - The Kingdom Of Fairy Tales
By: John English | Dec 14 2010
There once was a kingdom that had a child as king, the king re-bambinoil child ruled with fairness and justice. The boy king was very fond of playing and took... read more
The Adventure Of Hugh The Snake
By: John English | Dec 14 2010
The story that we are going to tell about Hugh, a nice bright green snake. Hugh was born about three years ago in the African bush by a gentle mother... read more
Nook Downloads - How To Download Unlimited Ebooks For The Nook
By: Justin Richards | Dec 7 2010
If your looking for nook ebooks or a way to download unlimited ebooks then there are a few things to bear in mind. Some sites that provide ebooks are sources... read more
Mar Vaglia, The Despair Of A Bogina (Chapter Four)
By: Gianni Truvianni | Nov 28 2010
  Mar Vaglia, now had the one she had sought after for so long yet had hesitated till certainty took over that he might be the one who would adore... read more
Mar Vaglia, The Despair Of A Bogina (Chapter Two)
By: Gianni Truvianni | Nov 28 2010
  A sense of adventure had taken over Giantuvis, where on another occasion fear might have impeded his advance in what was clearly a world beyond his own or perhaps... read more
Mar Vaglia, The Despair Of A Bogina (Chapter Three)
By: Gianni Truvianni | Nov 28 2010
Giantuvis was captivated as any mortal of his gender would be by Mar Vaglia's appearance yet as he stood in front of her, she too gazed upon him,... read more
Mar Vaglia, The Despair Of A Bogina
By: Gianni Truvianni | Nov 27 2010
  It was a day of the sun, one on which it shone like an immense ball of fire. So close that it appeared not as if somewhere in the... read more
Novel Writing Made Easy System by Andrea Waggener Review
By: art dean | Nov 2 2010
It really is not hard to look for guidance about writing novels. It's easy to locate novel writing courses and novel writing training books. However it is overwhelming to find... read more
Lydia and the dude
By: lydia nuamah | Nov 1 2010
I met this guy at the gym centre while I was training. He's perfect look not only that he's so blessed, that thing in between his leg seems big.... read more
Rose's Dream
By: Talina Rose | Oct 26 2010
Everyone wishes to have a dream box, in which there is a magical world. In the world, they can use their imagination to fancy whatever they can think... read more
Guy Gets Girl Ebook Review
By: add_mario | Oct 16 2010
By writing her popular Guy Gets Girl guide, Tiffany Taylor has turned the tables on ladies and the facility they have in the dating game by revealing to men... read more
How To Write A Good Thesis
By: Sherry Robert | Oct 15 2010
A thesis is normally a presentation that gives information about something with its ideas. A good thesis should be contestable arguing points with which people could disagree reasonably. Normally theses... read more
Custom Essay Importance In Educational Life
By: Kelvin Brown | Oct 12 2010
Custom essay writing services have helped many students who are unable to write their academic essays. Students are assigned with many essay writing assignments which consumes most of their time.... read more
How to Write Research Papers
By: Kelvin Brown | Oct 12 2010
Writing research papers is a profession just like teaching or being a lawyer hence various skills are required for those who want to venture into the field. One of the... read more
Explanatory Custom Essay
By: Kelvin Brown | Oct 12 2010
All through school students are asked to write various short academic essays that are used in assessing their academic prowess and understanding as well as grade them in their academic... read more
Running away
By: huanying_322 | Sep 27 2010
Falling into darkness, the bride had been lonely for serval days. She was so weak that she barely had the strength to breathe. Seeing the shining bridal gown,... read more
A Short Love Story
By: Duncan Kelly | Sep 21 2010
Michaelmas Brait was not always a sad man. In his younger days he was a carefree spirit, enjoying the bracing breeze of life and looking forward to each day. But... read more
Window Love
By: huanying_322 | Sep 19 2010
Through the large window in my office, I could see the building on the other side of the road. On the fifth floor of the building, there was... read more
Edge of destroy
By: huanying_322 | Sep 16 2010
Lucia finally woke up. Exactly speaking, she woke up for her empty stomach. Calculating from the first day falling into the shadow, she had been alone for three... read more
Skyrocket Your Success as an Author - 9 Easy to Follow Steps to Improve Your Writing
By: Samantha Pearce | Sep 15 2010
Faced with a clean sheet of paper or a blank word document on a computer, writing can seem like a daunting task. However with little self cajoling and some... read more
Light of hopes
By: huanying_322 | Sep 13 2010
It had been several days since the priest saw Sophie. Sophie disappeared with the lost of the bride. Worried about some terrible things, the priest searched everywhere to find... read more
Pure heart
By: huanying_322 | Sep 12 2010
Anyway, white birds died because they approached Sophie so closely. Their lives were gone but their bodies stay unharmed. No screaming, no marks of fear, they are... read more
Cousin Woodie and the adventures of Trousersnake
By: Vladimir O'Leary | Sep 9 2010
Cousin Woodie and the adventures of Trousersnake   My cousin Woodie was an overweight dropout in his early 40's who lived on a trailer park in the USA. He never married and was... read more
rent increase
By: BretSykess | Sep 3 2010
An surprising hire improve can break the financial institution for somebody dwelling on a hard and fast income. But in today抯 financial system, a rent increase might be as... read more
Galvanize Your Creative Writing with Whole-Brained Thinking
By: Jim Green | Aug 17 2010
One morning in early August 2010 I awoke to irrefutable verification that I had entered the first day of my 80th year on this planet. Despite the relentless march of time... read more
Get More Money from your Writing - Easy to Follow Advice
By: Samantha Pearce | Aug 9 2010
'Show, don't tell' seems to be the standard advice given to budding fiction writers across the board. It has received something of a backlash in contemporary literary blogs as... read more
Fiction Critique: How To Get The Best One
By: Tracy Culleton | Jul 15 2010
Why would you get a fiction critique? There are several reasons. One is that it is very challenging to objectively evaluate your own writing. How can you be objective about its... read more
ROVING EYE - a Romance
By: Vikram Karve | Jul 12 2010
ROVING EYE ROMANCING MY EX Fiction Short Story - a romance By VIKRAM KARVE From my archives - One of my earliest fiction short stories written almost 20 years ago way back in the early... read more
SAPIENCE One of my earliest stories - Short Fiction - Love, Romance, Deceit, Adventure
By: Vikram Karve | Jun 16 2010
SAPIENCE Fiction Short Story By VIKRAM KARVE   From my Archives: One of my earliest stories -  Short Fiction - Love, Romance, Deceit, Adventure...   The moment I saw the e-mail I did two... read more
The Hope Of Prison
By: Gianni Truvianni | May 25 2010
Yang is in prison; like many not only around him but all over the world who are being made by society to pay for a crime; some of which in... read more
Numerology: Month Numbers And Vocations
By: My India | May 25 2010
The day of the month that you were born on could be significant as it determines what type of job you might best be suited to do. This is because... read more
Top 10 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
By: My India | May 25 2010
Dreams have always been a mystery to us. The Association for the Study of Dreams has revealed that the majority of us have dreams with similar themes, and it... read more
Santa's Clause
By: PRANEET ARORA | May 24 2010
Ten years have gone by but the excitement and joy we get by waiting for our dear old white beard handsome guy whos kicking it off even at god knows... read more
Come on My Love...!!!
By: PRANEET ARORA | May 24 2010
Very recently my possesiveness and insecurity got me into trouble yet again. I know what everyone who knows over the years is going to think that 'oh my god' I... read more
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