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Teaching and Learning Effective Learning Strategies
By: Francis David | Nov 5 2010
Education is beset by fads. New theories about teaching and learning spring up like mushrooms after rain. Here we examine some of the myths that relate to learning strategies. Washington Post... read more
Steps on Improving Your English skills
By: Kenneth Beare | Jan 29 2010
As there are lots of extraordinary issues in English, it is complex for people who want to master it or serve for your job. Therefore, if someone really... read more
How to mind map English essays
By: Gabrielle | Dec 28 2009
It is a difficult task to write an essay because you feel confused about how to begin writing. Thus, you must have a clear and definite structure before writing... read more
What was school like for you?
By: Lisa M. Laird Laird | Dec 10 2006
When my oldest daughter started school, I believed what “everyone” said. Every student could be a straight “A” student if they only worked hard enough. My daughter started kindergarten... read more
Experiential Learning and Knowledge Management
By: andrew sandon | Nov 24 2006
Experiential Learning and Knowledge Management The purpose of experimental learning is to get through experience. One of the first and most basic steps to raising the effect of experiential learning is... read more
Good Homework Habits
By: Vanessa Brown | May 18 2006
Getting your child to do their homework can often be an exercise in futility, but while your child may never enjoy doing their homework, there are some things... read more
What you MUST Do to Get a MCSE Certification
By: Mark Kessler | May 10 2006
Being an MCSE, or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, can bring in some good money and give you a greater range of jobs to be obtained.  To obtain an... read more
Homework Blues
By: Vanessa Brown | May 4 2006
While many schools today are of the belief that your child doesn't need to do homework every night, they still expect a certain amount; be it projects they have... read more
Writing a LEAD to Open Your Writing
By: Frank Holes | Apr 21 2006
The lead may even be an excerpt or scene from a story, book, movie, or TV show. These are good because your reader may have read or... read more
Evolution, God And The Classroom
By: Josh Greenberger | Jan 18 2006
Evolution, God And The Classroom from Is evolution incompatible with faith in god? Does it pose a problem in the classroom? Evolution is not necessarily incompatible with the verse "In the... read more
Randomizing Class Choices: Breaking Up the Monotony
By: Frank Holes | Jan 17 2006
Randomizing Class Choices: Breaking Up the Monotony By Frank Holes, Jr. Much has been said and written lately about providing students with choices. I'm all about any methods which will improve... read more
Emergency Lesson Plans, Real Lifesaving Tools
By: Frank Holes | Dec 28 2005
Emergency Lesson Plans, Real Lifesaving Tools By Frank Holes, Jr. Everyone gets those situations in life where an emergency has come up, and you don't have the time (or... read more
Get It Out Of Your Head And Into a Mind Map
By: Gina J Hiatt Ph.D. | Oct 20 2005
Get It Out Of Your Head And Into a Mind Map Do you ever feel like you have some great ideas, but when you sit down to write them,... read more
Brain Power
By: bob lasseter | Aug 25 2005
PreSchool Spanish - A Good Idea! Do you have a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old? Then please read this. If you introduce your child to a 2nd... read more
Bodies With Lots to Say.
By: John Sheridan | Aug 22 2005
I once read somewhere that at least 90% of language is non-verbal. How do we communicate then if only 10% of a language is actually spoken? The simple answer is... read more
Maximizing Your Study Time
By: Roger Seip | Aug 11 2005
The daily schedule for many young students today could rival that of several top-level executives. With soccer practice, dance, scouts and clarinet lessons taking up much of the... read more
Test Taking Tips
By: Roger Seip | Aug 11 2005
Many students claim to be just bad test takers. No matter how much they study or how well they understand the information, when it comes to taking the test,... read more
Studying Your Study Environment
By: Roger Seip | Aug 11 2005
How familiar is this scene, “Sweetie, have you done your homework? Yeeeees Mom, I am finishing it right now!” You peek around the corner only to find... read more
Active Learning Leads to Technology Use in Class
By: Frank Holes | Aug 4 2005
Active learning involves having students become a part of the learning process. No longer is the teacher always the center of the learning process. It is a multi-directional learning experience... read more
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