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The pursuit of a dream
By: janny | Dec 29 2010
Everyone has their own childhood dreams, of course, they are different. Some want to grow up to be an engineer, and some want to a high marks... read more
Be An Honest Man
By: janny | Dec 21 2010
Honesty, by definition, mean that the words, inner thought and actions should keep same and consistent.   Here is a short story related to the word of "honesty" .... read more
Feng Shui in Real Estate - The Location and Lot
By: Escapeso Austin... | May 4 2008
What do you know about Feng Shui? If you're like most people, you probably are not even sure if I spelled it right just now. Maybe you picture an... read more
Pursuit of Happiness
By: Cynthia Perez | May 4 2008
Veritable happiness is when you are enjoying existing in the moment and loving the life. It also includes doing what you really like to do and what you are enjoying... read more
You Can Concentrate But Will You?
By: Sean Cash | May 4 2008
You have the ability to concentrate, but will you? You can, but whether you will or not depends on you. It is one thing to be able to... read more
The Idea of God is not Henceforth Relevant
By: Ravil Kalmykov | May 4 2008
Well educated, intellectual people, especially scientists at all times demonstrate considerably smaller adherence to religiosity than others. However, there are still believers of the idea of the... read more
When do We Remember God
By: Andrew Schwartz | May 4 2008
For me, there was a time when I took God as well as my life for granted. It was the period in my life when all seemed to be... read more
Valid and Invalid Inductions
By: Andrew Schwartz | May 4 2008
There are accidental and law-like inductions which should be distinguished when defining the validity of induction or the validity of knowledge. Valid can be only law-like inductions. There is still... read more
The Ancient Chinese Philosophy of Feng Shui
By: Aazdak Alisimo.. | May 4 2008
We seek happiness in our lives in the West by acquiring more and more things, yet we don't find it. Feng Shui represents an Eastern approach to the issue... read more
Improve Yourself - What Is Really Important To You
By: Aazdak Alisimo.. | May 4 2008
Your life is about harmony whether you believe it or not. You will be unhappy if you don't find your true calling and pursuit. Don't be afraid to. These notably... read more
Understanding Comparative Philosophy
By: Tom Takihi | May 4 2008
As a branch or subfield of philosophy, comparative philosophy is quite young and is still in its early stage of development. Its aim is to work on problems and... read more
N. Goodman and B. Stroud Sharing their Views on the Phenomenon of Induction
By: Andrew Schwartz | May 4 2008
The New Riddle of Induction made Nelson Coodman well-known. This work contains his views connected with such phenomenon as induction. He claims that not all habits are established by regularities,... read more
George Berkeley - Why some schools may have taken his name
By: Rob Parker | May 4 2008
You have probably heard of The University of California, Berkeley (usually referred to as just Berkley) and the city that surrounds it, and perhaps you know of a... read more
George Berkeley - Why some schools may have taken his name
By: Rob Parker | Feb 29 2008
You have probably heard of The University of California, Berkeley (usually referred to as just Berkley) and the city that surrounds it, and perhaps you know of a... read more
Atheism Symbol - Is it really atheist?
By: The rational God | Nov 25 2007
As a rule I claim to be a pantheist so discussions in regard to atheism and theism I chiefly consider of some fascination. The current debate amongst atheists about a... read more
Great Recommendation Letters Win Big Scholarship Bucks
By: Dale Clifton, The... | Jul 27 2007
Your scholarship application is due in ten days. It must have three recommendation letters attached, and, so far, you have not gotten any back from your teachers. A note... read more
Philosophy term paper
By: Sharon White | Jun 25 2007
To write a Philosophy tem paper is both easy and difficult. One interesting point about the subject is that you can write with a free mind on any subject,... read more
Compassion Sustains The World
By: Shen Gerald | Aug 4 2006
The following is my opinion about this thing call Compassion. It is not a definitive article though. Compassion, in my view, is a very crucial element for sustainability. This... read more
Assumption--A Level of Consciousness
By: Roy Klienwachter | Jun 4 2006
At a recent sales meeting my boss decided to talk to us about assuming. To talk about assuming is just chasing your tail-it doesn't go anywhere, except in circles. First... read more
The first thing you always do is take care of your horse
By: Gene Ladnier | May 29 2006
The first thing you always do is take care of your horse I was half way through my paper route last Wednesday when one of life's little lessons walloped me hard... read more
We Are All Spiritual For Better Or Worse
By: Roy Klienwachter | May 28 2006
We are all spiritual, because spirit is who we are naturally. Spirit is part of the mechanics that make up humanity. We are mind, body, and spirit.... read more
The Definition of Life
By: Asim Ishaq | May 24 2006
The Definition of Life What is the definition of life? Many scientists and biologists define life as living organisms. They assume or believe that life can only exist in living organisms.... read more
By: Roy Klienwachter | May 22 2006
It is natural and desirable to have sexual release-sex is our strongest motivator for the survival of the species. If it was left up to humanity to regulate the species by... read more
Ten Commandmets That Don't Work
By: Roy Klienwachter | May 15 2006
In the process of arming myself with information about the Ten Commandments for my new book, I came across the Ten Punishments. If only we could get away from the... read more
A Gathering Of Souls
By: Roy Klienwachter | May 9 2006
We are not victims of circumstance, and we create all the circumstances of our lives. We bring into our life's experience all the other souls that we will need... read more
My Life Is Brilliant
By: Roy Klienwachter | May 8 2006
This is the first line from a number one hit on the radio that is circulating the air waves lately. It is part of a beautiful love song about a women... read more
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