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Learning Chinese online is very easy with Rocket Chinese
By: Miller Enderson | Oct 21 2011
Learning a language is very important and it unfolds many new arenas upon us to prosper in life. Learning a new language also helps us to search for new businesses.... read more
Creative wedding invitation ideas help you to have great wedding
By: Jillian | Jul 29 2011
Wedding is an event which has great demand towards perfection. Much importance has been attached to make a wedding charming and attractive. While many young couples today choose to have... read more
Wedding invitations - questions and answers
By: gary | Jul 27 2011
Wedding invitations - questions and answersSometimes what seems like to be the one of the simpler tasks of organizing a wedding can turn into a real chore. For example,... read more
The Pinnance Of True Business Achievements With Us!
By: denise hall | Jan 13 2011
Rhonda Stuart is Vermont Mechanical Human Resources Manager. As Human Resource Manager Rhonda Stuart and team pride themselves on a two hour response time to their service contracted customers.Their service... read more
Why Are Public Speaking Skills Important?
By: peaktrainings | Jan 12 2011
Every person should know about the public speaking skills as they are considered must for the overall development of the person as well as for the organizations for which the... read more
Long Time Results Of Punishment
By: Candy | Jan 7 2011
I generally get this type of a kick out in the way Jane Nelson puts this: Get rid in the outrageous notion that to be capable to make youngsters do... read more
Inspirational Keynote Speakers And Their Tactics
By: Rhonda Victoor | Jan 7 2011
Speakers are public speaking professionals who get expertise in different fields such as inspirational management, project management, accounting, finance, women leadership and many more. Inspirational keynote... read more
One of the Little Known Secrets of Dynamic Public Speaking
By: Nancy Daniels | Jan 5 2011
Have you ever sat in an auditorium, hall, church, or theater and listened to the coughing, sniffling, shuffling of papers and overall restlessness of those... read more
A Pill for Nervousness in Public Speaking?
By: Nancy Daniels | Jan 4 2011
Recently, I read about a pill you can take to eliminate your nervousness in public speaking. I was floored! Why would you take a pill to get rid of... read more
Speaking In The Lights Of Business Glory!
By: kathleen foland | Jan 3 2011
Kirk Buttermore is Waterline Technologies President - Waterline Technologies International.In 1957, Waterline Technologies was established to provide wholesale products for swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features to builders,... read more
Security Is Not A Problem With Executive Protection
By: Aaden Bell | Dec 30 2010
For issues related to executive production and others such as security detail and corporate security a certain amount of intelligence for such factors. In such difficult times of down spiraling... read more
What Causes Your Voice to Quiver?
By: Nancy Daniels | Dec 29 2010
While a quiver in the voice can affect men, it is more common among women. When the voice is shaking, the vocal folds (cords) are experiencing a lot... read more
Your Speaking Voice & 'What Lies Beneath'
By: Nancy Daniels | Dec 29 2010
You have a much more dynamic voice inside of you. You have a voice that is probably deeper in pitch than your habitual voice. You have a voice that is... read more
Do You Know the Similarities Between Conversation and Public Speaking?
By: Nancy Daniels | Dec 29 2010
A lot of acting teachers believe that public speaking and acting are very similar and I would beg to differ. What I find more credible are the similarities between public... read more
The Power To Bring Total Revolution!
By: Zack Jones | Dec 29 2010
Steven Benner is Oncomed Pharmaceuticals SVP/Chief Medical Officer.Dr. Benner joins OncoMed from PDL BioPharma (formerly known as Protein Design Labs) where he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical... read more
Hiring Motivational Speakers Is The Best Choice
By: Sabrina Jose | Dec 27 2010
Have you ever wondered why employees of open company are always in active mood while employees of other company appear dull and lost mood? If you are willing to know... read more
The Prudent Invocation Calling For Revolution In Business
By: jeff white | Dec 25 2010
Nejib Ben-Khedher is COO.Travelocity North America's Chief Operating Officer, Nejib Ben-Khedher, considers himself a Citizen of the World: Tunisian born, French and U.S. educated, Ben-Khedher has... read more
The Prospects Of Being Business Achievers!
By: nancygarvy | Dec 25 2010
Rachele Benn is Elkhart Products Sales Service Administrator.In August 2004, Elkhart Products Corporation became part of Aalberts Industries N.V., a Dutch-owned group that specializes in industrial services and... read more
Back To Their Business With New Achievements
By: Denise Bunker | Dec 19 2010
Jacobi Smith is Olympus Dive Center Dive Operations Specialist.At Olympus Dive Center, Jacobi Smith and team are committed to providing their students with the safest and highest quality scuba... read more
Manage Your Business Fundamentals With Achievers!
By: kathy finck | Dec 19 2010
Ivy Smith is Tilton Bernstein Management Property Manager.Tilton Bernstein Management is a rapidly growing real estate management company located on 14th Street in downtown Washington, D.C. They manage primarily... read more
How to Address an All-Female Audience
By: Nancy Daniels | Dec 15 2010
My first piece of advice is to relax and enjoy it. With a doubt, an all-female audience is much easier to address than an all-male audience. Women are quicker... read more
How to Overcome Your Nervousness
By: Cary Win | Dec 11 2010
Do you feel nervous when leading meetings or speaking in public? Many people do. Fear of public speaking is, according to research, the single greatest fear of people... read more
Replica Watches Are The Best Accessories For The Women
By: chaudhary fahim | Dec 10 2010
Indeed replica watches are the most enchanting accessories for the fashion women these days. Women are very fanatical lovers about the fashion. Whenever a new fashion arrives at the market... read more
Take the Color Test and See What Your Voice Is -- Or Isn't -- Saying
By: Nancy Daniels | Dec 8 2010
Comedian and actor Ben Stein has a wonderful shtick in which he speaks in a monotonous, sing-song style. His droll manner makes him a lot of money for the... read more
The ten key words in happiness
By: LED WATCH | Dec 6 2010
The ten key words in happiness 1. Fortune: Money can buy a degree of happiness, social status can also be bought. Once the problems of food, the clothing,... read more
TALK: 4 Simple Steps to Effective Public Speaking
By: Scott Marcus | Dec 4 2010
Speaking in public isn't as difficult as one might think, providing you go at it with a plan. To make it easier, simply remember that you want to... read more
Good Voice Training Is a Preventative for Vocal Abuse
By: Nancy Daniels | Dec 4 2010
What many people may not understand about vocal abuse is that changing only one aspect of your vocal delivery will stop vocal abuse in its tracks. Done. Over. Finished. It... read more
Increase Your Articulation in Speech
By: Temiloluwa... | Dec 4 2010
One of the challenges that a good number of foreign speakers of the English language will usually face is the ability to excel when it comes to good pronunciation of... read more
If You Absolutely, Positively Cannot Face an Audience, Try This Exercise
By: Nancy Daniels | Dec 4 2010
Without a doubt, most people experience some type of nervousness in delivering a speech or presentation. It is normal; it is natural; and, in truth, it is... read more
What Is Your Face Expressing in Public Speaking -- Dismay or Delight?
By: Nancy Daniels | Dec 4 2010
Think about the last time you addressed an audience. It may have been a requirement for your job, for your presentation skills class, for Toastmasters, or for... read more
Three Keys to Audience Engagement: 1, 2 and a Twist
By: Susan Crossman | Dec 3 2010
Businesses today need to tease maximum value out of every dollar spent but the issue is especially acute when it comes to promotion: every word people read about your business... read more
Giving Presentations
By: Becky99 | Dec 2 2010
The key to giving good presentations is by being confident. You may feel nervous about talking in front of a lot of people but you must strive to eliminate this... read more
Presenting an Opposing View - 5 Tips to Succeed
By: Jonelle Riner | Dec 1 2010
The time might come when you have to present a proposal or presentation in which you are offering an opposing view. That can be a very uncomfortable situation. No one... read more
Return of the Class of 1970
By: Marion Algier | Nov 26 2010
Every weekend the high school time machines find themselves in new places bridging the memories of yesteryear... This is the weekend for the Winter and Summer Classes of 1970 from... read more
Self-inflicted Achievers Rising Business Heights!
By: justin fava | Nov 25 2010
Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on others unless you have some on you and justifying the above quote are Diane Fava, Daniel Fava and Heather Fava. Diane... read more
Bring Back your motivation with the help of motivational speaker
By: Sabrina Jose | Nov 25 2010
A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a person who has the capability of lifting up the motivation of their audiences. This job of delivering the speech is not done... read more
What You Are Really Afraid of When It Comes to Your Fear of Public Speaking
By: Brandon J Jones | Nov 24 2010
There's a deeper fear involved. When it comes to speaking in public, you may be surprised to learn it's not the fear of "speaking" that you're afraid of at all. What... read more
If Your Voice Is the Vehicle for Your Words, Are You Driving a Cadillac or a Jalopy?
By: Nancy Daniels | Nov 22 2010
No matter how great your message or how powerful your delivery, have you ever considered the vehicle or instrument that is transporting your words? What does the sound of... read more
Why the Pause Is Both a Luxury and a Necessity in Public Speaking
By: Nancy Daniels | Nov 22 2010
Too often, novice speakers do not appreciate or make use of the pause because they are too intent on getting their speech or presentation over with as quickly as... read more
Kill your stutter review does it work? by Ari Kreitberg
By: carycetmca | Nov 22 2010
In order to succeed in life nowadays, you need to be an eloquent, confident, and fluent speaker, and that aura of intelligence and confident can be... read more
How to Be True to Yourself?
By: tracy | Nov 20 2010
My grandparents believed that you were either honest or you weren't. There was no in between. There is a simple motto hanging on their living-room wall: "Life is like a... read more
How to Give an Inspiring Speech
By: Tara Mae Flannigan | Nov 14 2010
There are some occasions in life that have a need for speeches. Wedding receptions, retirement parties, big birthdays, and award shows are a few. Usually these speeches... read more
The Mark of a Good After Dinner Speaker
By: jess | Nov 12 2010
If you've ever listened to an after dinner speaker then the chances are that you were able to tell relatively quickly whether they were any good at it. You either... read more
Public Speaking - 5 Powerful Tips for Persuasive and Captivating Presentations
By: Steve H Chang | Nov 11 2010
Let's face it. Most of us are not comfortable speaking in front of groups, especially when giving formal speeches or presentations. Standing on stage under bright lights, with... read more
Concluding Your Speech - 3 Keys to Closing Your Speech With Impact
By: Laurence Bacchus | Nov 11 2010
Have you ever seen a presentation where the speaker said, "Well, that's about it" or flicks through some notes and says, "Yup, I think that's everything."... read more
The Instructional Speech - 7 Tips for Speaking to Adults
By: Jonelle Riner | Nov 9 2010
It is quite common to be asked to give a presentation or a speech that is informative in nature. This can be in a business setting or community or civic... read more
Towards Global Business Revolution With Achievers!
By: Renee Braund | Nov 7 2010
Love, truth and the courage to do what is right should be our own guideposts on this lifelong journey Justifying the above quote is John Ellenberger. John Ellenberger is Land... read more
The Innocence Of Pure Revolution With Achievers!
By: Renee Braund | Nov 7 2010
Dan Ellens is Jervis B Webb VP/Managing Dir. A worldwide leader in providing material handling solutions. The company was founded in 1919 by Jervis Bennett Webb, an engineer who... read more
The Purpose Of A Motivational Speaker
By: Andrew Stratton | Nov 5 2010
A motivational speaker is a person who speaks on a professional basis to large groups of people. Here we look at what a motivational speaker is and what you need... read more
How to Converse With a Deep Voice - A Deep Voice Is Attractive and Females Like it
By: Daniel Roe | Nov 3 2010
There's a few people who are gifted with a perfectly great voice tone. Most of them use it and work in industries related with communication and they are the ones... read more
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