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Spring Festival in foreigners' eyes
By: Evangeline Selden | Feb 5 2012
My first May Celebration in south The far east was a bit of a impact. Where was the spring? There was snowfall on the earth and ice on the Summer... read more
Such renting for profit ,really gain?
By: Evangeline Selden | Jan 26 2012
These days I informed a real tale occurred in myself. This tale always hits at my previous imagined about how to doing issues deservingly and actually.Tthough this issue occurred before... read more
Funny Quotes And Sayings: 5 Ideas To Add Fun To Your Life
By: Aliceshown | Jan 17 2011
Laughter is a crucial and indispensable part of our life. Our ancestors say that a life void of fun and excitement is not worth living. One of the best ways... read more
Friends Quotes And Sayings: 5 Tips For Pleasing Your Friends
By: Aliceshown | Jan 17 2011
"Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." - Albert Camus (a French... read more
Friendship Quotes And Heartbreak Quotes For Your Sad Love Moments
By: quotes | Jan 13 2011
Friendship quotes are a great way to learn what is important in this life. However when you heart is broke there is nothing like heartbreak quotes to help you remember... read more
Life Quotes To Live By And About Moving On
By: quotes | Jan 13 2011
Life quotes to live by are exactly what you need to get on the road to success. Sometime life is not easy and this is the time when reading quotes... read more
Happy Birthday Quotes For Cute Little Moments
By: quotes | Jan 13 2011
Birthday quotes and especially the cute quotes are the best way to wish your friends all the best in life. May your day be filled with laughter on this your... read more
Celebrity Twitter Quotes
By: Madhumita Roy | Jan 10 2011
Celebrities. People you love. People you hate. People whom you cannot ignore. People who are here, there and everywhere. Not a day goes by when you do not see... read more
Love And Friendship Quotes From Famous People To Use Inside Your Own Homemade Greeting Cards! Make Someone's Whole Day!
By: Father Time | Jan 9 2011
"True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable." - Dave Tyson Gentry "Friendship requires great communication." - Saint Francis de Sales Here are some awesome love and friendship quotes from... read more
The Best Way to Write Thank-You Notes
By: Jamie | Jan 7 2011
There comes a time when a simple e-mail will not be enough to show your thanks. And a phone call won't cut it, either. So what should you do?... read more
Friendship Quotes to live by and share with your friends
By: birthday quotes | Jan 5 2011
It is only through Friendship Quotes you can really learn what the most important thing in life: the connection between people. Those Quotes To Live By will guide you to... read more
Sad Heartbreak Quotes About Moving On
By: quotes | Dec 31 2010
When you feel sad about your lost love the best thing that can make you smile a bit is quotes about moving on. Although the main topic of heartbreak quotes... read more
Start A Home Based Business! Some Quotes To Help Motivate You To Start Your Own Home Based Business!
By: Father Time | Dec 30 2010
Start A Home Based Business! Some Quotes To Help Motivate You To Start Your Own Home Based Business! The time has come! It's a New Year...2011...You really have to finally get... read more
Sad heartbreak quotes about moving on
By: birthday quotes | Dec 29 2010
When you feel sad about your lost love the best thing that can make you smile a bit is Quotes About Moving On. Although the main topic of Heartbreak Quotesmight considered... read more
Cute quotes to live by when you lost hope
By: birthday quotes | Dec 29 2010
Cute Quotes To Live By are just what you need when all hope is lost. The power of those Cute Quotes can really lift your spirit to the positive path... read more
Birthday quotes to celebrate friendship
By: birthday quotes | Dec 29 2010
If your friends having a birthday coming on use these Birthday Quotes to let them know how much they are important in your life, because friendship is rare as... read more
Great Quotes About Christmas, Love, And Friendship To Put Inside Homemade Greeting Cards!
By: Father Time | Dec 22 2010
If you make homemade greeting cards and homemade Christmas Cards, then YOU need some great quotes to put inside are some that you can use! "The only joy in... read more
Friendship quotes for your friend birthday
By: birthday quotes | Dec 18 2010
The best moment to express your true friendship to your friends is on birthday. Here is a beautiful collection of Birthday Quotesto share with your friends. read more
Heartbreak quotes to live by happily
By: birthday quotes | Dec 18 2010
Heartbreak Quotes To Live By can really help you to find a new meaning to your life. Within those lines you will find words of wisdom and inspiration for better... read more
Cute quotes about moving on happily
By: birthday quotes | Dec 18 2010
Cute Quotes About Moving On are just what you need when you feel sad and hopeless in that life. As you may very well know sometimes life is hard and... read more
Diamondline Jewellery
By: Railoa | Dec 1 2010
DiamondLine Jewellery Design: A diamond is composed of carbon and is the hardest natural substance in the world. A Diamond may be up to 3 billion years old and crystallization originates... read more
Funny Quotes to Live By
By: birthday quotes | Nov 11 2010
Sometimes life is not easy; however this Funny Quotes To Live By might help you to solve life's little riddles and also to make you smile. "This is so bad it's... read more
Quotes To Live By and Quotes About Moving On
By: birthday quotes | Oct 31 2010
read more
Best Weight Loss Diets - The Scoop On The Most In Style Diets
By: mind | Oct 18 2010
Probably the foremost used, advertised and effective diet plans of our time are the Atkins, Weight Watchers and South Beach diet plans. Several would argue that they're the... read more
Free Retirement Speeches
By: ric dalberri | Oct 13 2010
Good evening ladies and germs. Ha. Do you remember those silly speeches that began with that salutation? Free retirement speeches are really something of importance and should not be opened... read more
Four Essential Steps To Creating Restaurant Ad Slogans, Taglines And Catchphrases That Work.
By: thomasgalvin | Sep 27 2010
Its finally time. That new menu item youve been developing for months is finally about to debut. If only there was a magic word you could utter that would bring... read more
The Marketing Slogan Secret No Ad Agency Will Tell You.
By: thomasgalvin | Sep 27 2010
Its hard to believe that just a few words strung together a certain way can have a profound impact on a business. Yet it happens every day in the wild... read more
Sad love quotes for your sad light moments
By: Gothic Love | Jul 27 2010
This is happened to every one of us. In some points of our life we might feel sad and depressed and feel like the sun will never shine again and... read more
More Great Quotes To Brighten Your Day!
By: Robert Surowiec | Jun 15 2010
Here are some quotes from some famous, and not-so-famous people... "I must govern the clock, not be governed by it."  - Golda Meir "Nothing in business is so valuable as... read more
Purify With Practice
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Apr 5 2010
ABRAHAM LINCOLN -"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." ABRAHAM LINCOLN -"You may fool all the people some of the... read more
Give And Take
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Apr 3 2010
o A SHORT PRAYER -"Whate'er i do, things great or small Whate'er i speak or frame. Thy glory may i seek man, Do all in Jesus's name." o... read more
Love Over Country
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Apr 3 2010
ABHINAVA GUPTA -"Oneness is like the clear blue sky - everything arises, unfolds, and subsides within its allcompassionate love.... Everything is an aspect of Oneness. And our quest... read more
Dharma & Science
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Mar 31 2010
o ADIAI STEVENSON -" A politician is a statesman who approaches every question with an open mouth." o ALAN WATTS -"Faith is, above all, openness; an act of... read more
Fresh And New
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Mar 31 2010
ABRAHAM LINCOLN  -"If you want to test a man's character, give him power." ABRAHAM LINCOLN -"Am I not destroying my anemies when I make friends of them?" ABRAHAM LINCOLN -"The best... read more
Dark And Light
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Mar 31 2010
A SIBERIAN SAY ING -"If you don't know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don't know the stories you may be lost in... read more
Friends And Foes
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Mar 31 2010
ABRAHAM LINCOLN -"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to... read more
Essence Of Offering
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Mar 31 2010
o A PERSIAN SAYING -"It is good to know about the Truth and to talk about it, but it is better to know about the Truth and to talk... read more
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Feb 13 2010
HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY   Compiled, Composed & Edited By ASHOK KUMAR SHARMA The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875, is a worldwide body whose primary object is Universal Brotherhood based on the... read more
Another "New Year" Or Not?
By: tina123 | Jan 13 2010
It seems like we' ve experienced too many to get another new year. And now, here it comes again. Somebody knows what he's doing because, after all these years,... read more
Love Quotes
By: inderjeet | Jan 10 2010
Love is an emotion which brings with it some unknown happiness and some unwanted tears, it fills the heart with fantasized dreams which seem to be almost true. Being... read more
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Jan 10 2010
ALIEN -“Grow up as soon as you can. It he only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty.” ALIEN BOONE -“If you would learn the secret of right... read more
Thoughts for today dated 09.04.04
By: Dalip Singh Wasan | Jan 10 2010
Thoughts for today dated 09.04.2009.   1. We must be cautious about our health when we cross forty five years of our age because otherwise, we shall be shortening our life... read more
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Jan 10 2010
J KRISHNAMURTI - “And with love, do what you will, there is no risk; there is no conflict. Then love is the essence of virtue. And a mind... read more
Pithy Prose: The Wit & Wisdom of Simone Veil
By: Philip Yaffe | Jan 10 2010
by Philip Yaffe Part 16 of an occasional series I am a collector of quotations. I have been ever since I learned how to write, I mean professionally, not in... read more
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Jan 10 2010
JINNAH - “The Festival of Sacrifice If we show the same spirit of sacrifice as was shown by Ibrahim, God would rend the clouds and shower on us His... read more
In Bible versus Quran: God makes the leaders of the earth stagger like drunkards
By: Prof.dr. Ibrahim... | Jan 10 2010
Death in the Bible versus Quran: Job and the Shadow of death (1)   In the Quran, Death is mentioned 34 times, and the Shadow of death is not found... read more
In Quran: do not defame one another by a detested Nickname
By: Prof.dr. Ibrahim... | Jan 10 2010
This is the fourth article of the series: "The Foreigner woman in Bible versus Quran" Few quotes from the first article of this series are given here. In language, the foreign or... read more
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Jan 10 2010
SAI BABA - “Life is song, Sing it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a sacrifice, offer it.... read more
By: Mr. Ashok Sharma | Jan 10 2010
RAMAKRISHNA -“God can be realised through all paths. All religions are true.” RAMAKRISHNA -“Great sages have child-like natures. Before God they are always like children. They have no pride. Their strength... read more
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