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How To Publish Satire Online And Make Money
By: Dean Walsh | Dec 1 2010
There are many websites out there which offer self publishing services and / or advice for self publishing of books, so that is not really what I want to... read more
Coffin v. Casket
By: Dan Heinkel | Aug 12 2010
They should issue you a badge when you graduate with an English degree.  A badge that dubs you, as Maya Angelou would say, a member of the "word... read more
Facts about satire female author
By: Ashish | Jul 30 2010
Not only does it criticize just an individual but it is a wit weapon for criticizing a society that is not liked. A satire female writer writes against something which... read more
Birth...Relationships...Death...Or is is something MORE ??
By: PRANEET ARORA | May 25 2010
We usually think of parents, relatives, friends or lovers when the word "relationship" is taken, but… what do these relationships mean to us?? We also say -... read more
The Spoilt Child
By: Gianni Truvianni | May 25 2010
Once upon a time there was a child who had enormous powers beyond even his own comprehension though where he obtained them was never made clear to any of those... read more
I pleased everybody
By: PRANEET ARORA | May 24 2010
Of course I'd always been with people - I wasn't starved for their attention. Well, not really. I was this "best-pal-guy". Oh come on, you know the kind - the... read more
An Adobe Photoshop Cs2 Top Features Tutorial
By: Ed Philips | Mar 3 2010
Adobe Photoshop CS2 is a very much popular program among photographers and other creative professionals. The unique features, easy to handle tools and the image qualities make the tool... read more
Top 3 Minneapolis/St. Paul Bars Your Most Likely to Find a Serial Killer
By: Kasan Groupe | Jan 20 2010
The obvious, dirtball creeper serial killer: Mortimer's Bar Mortimer's is infamous being being a “regulars” bar, meaning that if you aren't a familiar face aka an alcoholic, you're... read more
Silly Ideas to Stay Warm in the Winter
By: Kasan Groupe | Jan 10 2010
In the heart of winter with windchills reaching unheard of levels and negative temps threatening frost bite and limb amputation it is key to keep your body and extremities warm.... read more
SAKANI Hadeel BRESHNA Afzal Khan / Thylane Lourby . from Sete France
By: afzal shauq | Nov 19 2009
SAKANI Hadeel BRESHNA Afzal Khan A Pashtoon Father's LOVE (A pachtoune Père Afzal Shauq pour sa fille Sweet) Traduit en français par: - Thylane Lourby Poète et romancier Afzal Shauq a montré son... read more
The Mahayana
By: Sushovan Chaudhuri | Jul 22 2009
Dear Friends (and Foes),   Since my childhood, the two epics: the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have fascinated (and flabbergasted) me and my wit (if any) to a large extent.   Why... read more
Dark Matter and bureaucracy
By: George Fripley | Mar 25 2009
I have spent many years researching bureaucracy and recently came across some interesting research. It provides significant insights into this administrative phenomenon and may go a long way to explaining... read more
By: Beezard | Jan 20 2009
By nationalizing and subsidizing every aspect of the market place they can get their hands on, our government is, in effect, trying to become the new Big... read more
Last of the Weckquaesgeeks Has Last Laugh
By: Beezard | Jan 20 2009
Many have heard the story of the Weckuaesgeek Indians, who sold the entire island of Manhattan to Dutch traders for $24 worth of beads.  But few know the ultimate... read more
Comfortably Numb
By: Raghuveer Singh | Jan 18 2009
Something strucked my mind...An image flashed and then its was persistent in my eyes. Its because of it, I am forced to Penn down, may be then I... read more
Top Secrets to List Building!
By: amarjit kaur | Dec 17 2008
I am involved with affiliate marketing and the great thing is that you do not need a product to begin making money. There are thousands of viable products available that... read more
The Economy May Face Up to Five Years in Prison
By: Arian Nevin | Dec 12 2008
WASHINGTON - The Economic Recovery Act passed today in the House by a vote of 349 to 62. The ERA makes it illegal for the economy to “do poorly.” Speaker... read more
I Listen to Him!
By: S A J Shirazi | Nov 16 2008
Ashiq has been working at our home for two years. My friendship with him developed when brought me laddoos on the birth of his son. It was a very pleasant... read more
By: AMINA MUSHTAQ | Nov 4 2008
Superstition Whether we believe in superstitions or not, the fact is that most of us are superstitious. Many of these superstitions may be absurd; but the sense of mystery and... read more
:-) Al-gebra and Illuminati Links Discovered
By: Wacek Kijewski | Oct 31 2008
We are living in a world which is exposed to constant terror. A few days ago an individual was arrested at JFK Airport. The flight he disembarked from was AL-LIE... read more
Nakata in Bengal
By: Sushovan Chaudhuri | Oct 14 2008
Sursuri Nakata is an ever smiling Japanese industrialist. He is a latex baron in Britain. His wife is a Bengali lady. They have no issue. Because his company-made condoms work... read more
Almodovar's Patty Diphusa Translated by Gianni Truvianni for Ewa Kaspzyk
By: Gianni Truvianni | Oct 14 2008
Introduction Ladies and gentleman; Good evening and it so wonderful to see you all. I must say that some time ago I met the director of this very theatre in... read more
The Curse of the Cluttered Counter
By: Tahtimbo | Jul 25 2008
Once upon a time, I cleaned the kitchen counter. I looked upon my accomplishment and was amazed at the size and usability of this essential household item. I had... read more
Lawyers and Pirates
By: Edward Chupack | Jul 21 2008
I have been surprised since writing my novel, "SILVER -- My Own Tale As Told By Me With A Goodly Amount Of Murder", by a particular question that... read more
John Mccain Unveils Immigration Policy
By: Gunner Sykes | May 29 2008
Moving to shore up his conservative political base today, John McCain proposed a revolutionary new plan to stem the tide of illegal immigrants across the US-Mexico border. "I get the... read more
Unraveling the Ron Paul Conspiracy
By: Gunner Sykes | May 29 2008
The refusal of Ron Paul supporters to quietly shrivel up and die has many concerned citizens sensing a vast conspiracy of unparalleled proportions. "It's really scary, " said Emily Wonkette. "I'm... read more
Why you Shouldn't Valet Park your Car
By: Michael Porfirio... | Jan 29 2007
This week we are going to address an email that was sent to The G Manifesto: “I wanted to let you know that I love the G Manifesto and all your... read more
Queen is Affronted
By: Robert William Locke | Jan 16 2007
The Queen looked out of the window. It was raining and the view from the castle was unusually depressing. The trees were now bare and the rain spattered on the... read more
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