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How to Find the Perfect Microscopes
By: Jeremy Linder | May 9 2013
When it comes to finding the perfect microscopes for your lab, you could get easily confused as there are so many types of models available. Whether you need the... read more
Useful tips on selecting the right lab equipment supplier in New York
By: Jeremy Linder | Apr 23 2013
You can come across a lot of lab equipment dealers in New York.So a right equipment purchase can be made only after making a thorough study on the available dealers... read more
Where to Buy Reliable and Economical Dry Bath Incubators
By: Jeremy Linder | Apr 16 2013
Dry bath incubators come with advanced thermoelectric features that provide regulated dry heat for a variety of lab applications such as coagulation studies, enzyme reactions, inactivation of serum, denaturing... read more
Medical Equipment for Small Laboratories
By: Jeremy Linder | Dec 20 2012
Medical laboratories are equipped with devices to collect, test and analyze tissues, cells or fluids for the diagnosis or treatment of diseases. This article looks at some of... read more
Selling Your Used Lab Equipment to the Right Supplier
By: Jeremy Linder | Dec 8 2012
Ways to Find a Reliable Dealer to Sell Your Used Lab Equipment Educational institutions and medical facilities may find it necessary to sell their used lab equipment either when they move... read more
Abaxis Piccolo Xpress - A Convenient and Compact Clinical Chemistry System
By: Jeremy Linder | May 28 2012
A portable, convenient and compact clinical chemistry system, the delivers accurate results in a few minutes. This point-of-care analyzer allows health care providers to make better-informed decisions to... read more
Chemistry Lab Equipment and Supplies for Educational Institutions
By: Jeremy Linder | Apr 19 2012
Preparation of a Chemistry Lab – Essential Equipment and Supplies A chemistry lab at all times is a fascinating area set up with a wide range of lab equipment and supplies... read more
Things to Consider When Buying Recertified Medical Equipment
By: Jeremy Linder | Mar 29 2012
Validate Consistency and Durability of Recertified Medical Equipment Brand new medical equipment with innovative technology and the latest specifications can be very expensive. If you wish to buy lab equipment within... read more
Abbott i-STAT 1 Blood Gas Analyzer - Get Reliable Test Results
By: Jeremy Linder | Feb 19 2012
Taking a Closer Look at the Blood Gas Analysis Technique Blood gas analysis is a vital diagnostic procedure, performed to test the oxygenation status and level of acidity... read more
Commonly Used Chemistry Lab Equipment and Its Uses
By: Jeremy Linder | Feb 5 2012
The professionals who work in chemistry labs and other facilities require efficient chemistry lab equipment to perform their jobs. While some labs require specialized equipment to address specific research and... read more
Aliens A Big Concern
By: Alex Jones | Jan 10 2012
People usually believe in a whole variety of things because it delivers them some kind of feeling of personality or comfort and ease. For example, you might believe in... read more
Best Nature Photos of 2011
By: John Stevens | Dec 26 2011
The winners of Photo Contest 2011 have been announced. The contest was organized by National Geographic with the participation of more than 20, 000 artworks from both professional and amateur... read more
Best Nature Photos of 2011
By: John Stevens | Dec 26 2011
The winners of Photo Contest 2011 have been announced. The contest was organized by National Geographic with the participation of more than 20, 000 artworks from both professional and amateur... read more
Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 Seen Clearly in North America, Australia, Canada and More (Pictures)
By: Eric Giguere | Dec 10 2011
The last total lunar eclipse of 2011, Lunar Eclipse December 2011 is said to appear in the western sky Saturday morning just before dawn in the west coast of... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Pictures: 12 September 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Sep 15 2011
The discovery of young star cluster NGC 2100, green clouds, the rings of Saturn, border zone between India and Pakistan and dust devil are among weekly impressive... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Pictures: September 10, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Sep 11 2011
City lights illuminating through the clouds in southern California and Mexico’s Baja California, the rising sun shining Earth’s atmospheric layers in a high-resolution, and young stars lighting up... read more
Six Inventors Killed by Their Own Creations
By: Mary Rose | Sep 3 2011
Have you ever heard about the inventors who were killed by their own creations? This sounds very strange but true. William Nelson, a 24-year-old General Electric employee from Schenectady, New... read more
Products Created by Accident
By: Eric Giguere | Sep 2 2011
Accidents can be a good thing. Chocolate chip cookies, popsicles, rogaine, microwave ovens, firework, viagra and potato chips named on the list below are all... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Pictures: 28 August 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 29 2011
A series of space photos this week feature Martian "skylight", bent galaxy NGC 2146, craters on the face of the large asteroid Vesta and large rock nicknamed Ridout... read more
Stunning Perseid Meteor Shower 2011 in Pictures
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 20 2011
Sky-watchers around the worlds were urging to watch the most well-known and reliable meteor showers - the Perseid meteor shower - which reaches its peak overnight between Aug. 12 and 13.... read more
Astronomy For Kids Training Tips
By: John Beam | Aug 15 2011
Nearly every child is interested in exploring the stars. Being in the position to learn astronomy online is a great gift which a mere decade in the past was not... read more
Most Stunning Space Pictures 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 15 2011
The third annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition has received more than 700 spectacular pictures that were taken from different areas by amateur and professional photographers. The winners in... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: August 14, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 14 2011
A series of space photos this week focuses on multicolored auroras, natural light displays in the sky caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: August 8
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 9 2011
The last week saw a lot of impressive space photos, including the photos of jets swaying like seaweed in the sun's atmosphere, a river of stars flowing over... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: July 24 - 31, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 2 2011
During the last seven days, a series of new impressive space photos were released including a cosmic superbubble formed by Nebula LHA 120–N 44 surrounding star cluster NGC 1929,... read more
Most Well-known Space Missions In Photos
By: Eric Giguere | Aug 2 2011
The final space shuttle Atlantis landing on 21 July marked the sunset of NASA's 30-year space shuttle program. From the first victory of space science on April 12, 1961... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: July 24
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 29 2011
The first close-up photo of the huge asteroid Vesta, the photo of NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis returning the Earth from the last flight of its era, the photo... read more
Notable Devices to Measure Time in History
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 23 2011
The idea of measuring time probably appeared 5000 to 6000 years ago. And many devices have been used to measure and keep track of time for thousands of years. Merkhet,... read more
Famous Uneducated People Changed the World
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 21 2011
In the society that most people rush to college and higher education because every employers want a degree or certificate. We take a moment to celebrate uneducated people whose amazing... read more
Types of renewable energy system for homes
By: Rishabh Bhalla | Jul 20 2011
As we all know that the renewable energy system is in high demand with the rising in the electricity regarding the energy crisis and the energy consumption in the domestic... read more
Alaska Sea Monster Caught on Tape
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 20 2011
The Loch Ness Monster has become famous worldwide as a creature which represents a line of long-surviving plesiosaurs. The legendary monster called Nessie has been drawing the world's attention since... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: July 18
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 18 2011
The images of the space shuttle Atlantis lifting off over the Florida coast and a huge storm wrapping around Saturn are two of many impressive space photos in the previous... read more
In Pictures: 30-Year History of NASA's Shuttle Program
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 13 2011
On July 8, Atlantis spacecraft lifted of on the final mission, closing the 30-year space shuttle program of NASA. The program has left a tremendous success but also... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: July 4 - 10, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 11 2011
As usual, a series of new impressive space photos that people around the world may not be clear enough are provided at the beginning of the week. This week,... read more
In Photos: Most Astonishing Facts About Jupiter
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 8 2011
There are many mysterious things in the huge universe with plenty of galaxies, planets and stars. In the solar system, Jupiter is known as the largest planet with... read more
Top 10 Wondrous Inventions 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 7 2011
Pizza Scissors/Spatula, Special Carpet, Futuristic toaster, Egg Cutters, Teapot Frame and Baby keeper are some among top 10 bizarre inventions in 2011. However, some people... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: July 3
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 4 2011
The photos of sunrise shadows on the moon's Tycho crater, a black hole spewing jets of radiation and the eruption of Nabro volcano are some of the previous week impressive... read more
Most Amazing Planet Facts
By: Eric Giguere | Jul 1 2011
Have you ever known that dust storms of Mars are the largest in the solar system with their capacity of lasting for months and blanketing the entire red planet,... read more
New-Found Species in New Guinea
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 30 2011
New Guinea Island is home to the highest diversity of tree-dwelling marsupials in the world with 38 unusual species. Moreover, this island is notable for one of the world's... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Pictures: June 20 - 26, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 27 2011
The impressive space pictures we expect to introduce you this week include the totally eclipsed moon shining amid the dense stars of the Milky Way and the twin jets of... read more
Top Ten Brightest Stars In The Sky
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 22 2011
There are probably 400 billion stars in the Milky Way and many of which are not visible from both hemispheres of the Earth. Stars appear bright because they are close... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Pictures: June 13 - 19, 2011
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 20 2011
Each week, we provide you with a series of new impressive space pictures that partly disclose interesting things human beings may not have known. This week, let's take a... read more
Naked Russian Diver Plays with White Whales in Arctic
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 18 2011
Despite sub-zero temperatures and no protection, a female diver from Russia decided to swim with white whales in a strange experiment to control shy creatures. The 36-year-old woman named Natalia... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: June 13
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 15 2011
The image of a massive eruption on the sun on June 7, June 1 partial solar eclipse in Nauy, the image of shining nascent nebula, the... read more
Amazing Items Carried into Space
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 13 2011
A scarf, a corned beef sandwich, a harmonica, miniature sleigh bells, the bacteria named cyanobacteria and flutes are some of the most amazing items that were... read more
Childhood of Greatest Geniuses
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 5 2011
Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Einstein, and Napoleon are well-known worldwide as four of greatest geniuses in the world. There were many interesting stories happened during their childhood... read more
Five Famous Facts That Aren't True
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 5 2011
Whether everything we have learnt in school or picked up from friends and media communications is always true? Actually, some of them are misconceptions. Below are five typically famous... read more
Impressive Photos of Nasa's Mars Rover Spirit
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 1 2011
NASA has recently decided to give up on recovering one of its two Mars rovers. The Spirit became stuck in 2009 and hasn’t been heard since March 22, 2010.... read more
Notable New Species Discovered in 2010
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 1 2011
Scientists have documented some two million species, but about ten million others may still be unknown. Each year, there are a lot of species are found around the... read more
Most Bizarre Facts of Nature
By: Eric Giguere | May 31 2011
Nature is always full of wonders and mystery and there are always plenty of things that we don’t know. For examples, do you know that a mouse can enter... read more
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