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Why Choose Welding School?
By: William Hauselberg | Sep 23 2011
Most people may not know how diverse a welding career can be. Welding is a key component of manufacturing - both large and small projects, as well as infrastructure,... read more
Try to find a beautiful evening gowns
By: lilei | Jul 12 2011
Young ladies are well known to be very sensitive with the dresses they wear especially if they are attending special events or gatherings. Truly putting on a stylish evening dress... read more
Top Five Mythological Creatures In Legend & Myth
By: Eric Giguere | Jun 14 2011
Across the world in history, people came up with monsters and creatures which were capable of destroying the world and gods. These mysterious creatures were large in size and... read more
Disaster in the Soviet Union The Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown
By: Cameron Martel 1 | May 1 2008
In the Western region of the former Soviet Union, at that time the only Superpower in the world other than the United States, disaster struck the sleepy Ukraine... read more
The Free Energy World Of Tomorrow
By: Ozzie Freedom | Mar 15 2008
When you reflect upon the past Ages of man from prehistoric to today you have to ponder what truthfully is this Age that we live in today? The Space Age... read more
African Descendant Culture in Brazil - Equality and Freedom?
By: AD Monografia | Dec 12 2007
Brazilian Official History destined to African descendants a space that starts and finishes in the slavery and above the African civilization it spread a cloud of forgetfulness and exotism that... read more
Dying with the Stars:the DUI Phenomenon
By: Terrence Chase | Jul 15 2007
Preface: The reason for my making this article is to instill in all Americans the need to see that there is a serious problem that is planning to be re-exposed... read more
Talk about unrealistic expectations! - Barbie in the feministic discussion
By: Sebastyne | Mar 6 2006
Barbie's figure There is a very practical reason for Barbie's world famous figure. By definition, Barbie is a fashion doll, created for little girls who were immensely interested in... read more
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