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Bikes in Albany
By: Krystal Blake | Oct 1 2011
Bikes are categorized depending on function, number of riders, construction, gearing or by propulsion. The most common bikes known are utility bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid... read more
Find suitable motorcycle apparel for the safety of the biker
By: Jessica Blox | Sep 15 2011
Riding motorcycle is one of the most exciting tasks for the age group of people from 13 to 25 years. It does not mean that people, especially men,... read more
Azizulhasni Awang: Hero at Track World Cup 2011
By: John Stevens | Feb 26 2011
Azizulhasni Awang, who competed at the Track World Cup on Feb. 19, 2011, surprisingly took the third place behind Sir Chris (the winner) and Jason Niblett in... read more
2010 MLB trade deadline recap with important moves
By: John Stevens | Aug 2 2010
Major League Baseball (MLB), the highest level of professional baseball in the United States and Canada, is composed of 30 teams, twenty-nine in the United States and... read more
Tour de France scenery at its best
By: John Stevens | Jul 16 2010
The 2010 Tour de France, an annual bicycle race covering approximately 3, 600 kilometers (2, 200 mi) throughout France and bordering countries, started with an 8.9km prologue in... read more
Bicycle Flashlights: Adding Safety To Your Ride
By: Ben Anton | Apr 25 2008
LED flashlights are an economical and safety conscious choice for any bicycle rider. Many riders overlook this piece of safety equipment because it has been traditionally considered too bulky or... read more
International Pro Cycling Committed to a New Start
By: Claudia Beckford | Apr 19 2008
Within three weeks the first classic Pro Tour Cycling event will take place; it is the Giro d'Italia which will open with a 28.5 kilometres stage in Palermo ,... read more
Specifications One Can Use In Choosing Appropriate Bmx Bikes
By: Muna wa Wanjiru | Apr 17 2008
BMX is the acronym of Bicycle Motocross. BMX is the sort of cycle racing with specially designed bicycles. Generally the wheels of these bikes are 18 to 24 inches. BMX... read more
Cheap Bmx Bikes That Are Valuable For Your Money
By: Muna wa Wanjiru | Apr 17 2008
Cheap BMX bikes do not really mean that they are compromised in quality. An array of quality BMX bikes is available in online stores which you can select according to... read more
Some Of The Most Important Features Of K2 Mountain Bikes
By: Muna wa Wanjiru | Apr 17 2008
Mountain bike are designed particularly for mountain biking. It is usually ridden on dirt trails and many other unpaved surfaces. When compared to road bicycles they are better and rugged... read more
Integral People to the Development of Mountain Bikes
By: Joshua Wienersmith | Jan 29 2008
There are many people who have contributed to the development of the mountain bike, as well as helping to establish mountain biking as a sport in the United States... read more
Mountain Bike Tours And You
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jan 9 2008
It will also offer you a way to exercise, have adventure, and have a lot of fun. The Basics of a Mountain Bike Tour On a mountain bike tour,... read more
Customizing Your Road Biker
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jan 9 2008
but it will be well worth the money because it will ride better and be more comfortable. One of the first things that you need to decide upon is the top... read more
Shopping Cycling Shorts
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jan 9 2008
Different types of shorts are made for men and women; with latter's short being tight at the waist and tapering down the waist. Guidelines To Follow While Shopping For Cycling Shorts Number... read more
Maintain The Chain - A Necessary Bike Skill
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jan 9 2008
Proper chain maintenance will extend the life of your chain - although any chain should be replaced after you've put 1000 miles on it. Don't use a chain any longer... read more
How To Buy A Mountain Bike
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jan 9 2008
Acquiring a bicycle is not quite as expensive as that - but there are so many brands available, at so many different price ranges, that it behooves you... read more
Custom Made Mountain Bikes
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jan 9 2008
If you're thinking of getting a custom-made mountain bike, there are several factors you have to take into consideration. Frankly, the typical weekend biker doesn't really need a custom-made... read more
Lights For Mountain Bikes
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jan 9 2008
Unfortunately, bicycles are small in comparison to even motorcycles, and we all know how many motorcycle accidents there are. The most common comment from the motorist: "I didn't... read more
Mountain Bikes - Not Just For Mountains Anymore
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jan 9 2008
and the disciplines are growing every year as riders find new ways to challenge themselves. Below is just a brief list of some of the biking disciplines associated with mountain biking.... read more
5 Tips to Avoid Cycling Injuries
By: temp | Nov 18 2007
Conserving natural resources has become a global goal. People are making lifestyle changes to go "green, " and as such, are taking up cycling as a cleaner, healthier... read more
The Swift, Tall And The Sporty Atvs
By: olsonpowersports | Nov 7 2007
ATVs Dirt Bikes href="http://www.olsonpowersports.net"> (All terrain vehicles) bikes are the hottest and latest crush of the bikers. These small bikes with a four wheel alignment are the talk of the... read more
Cycling - Deutschland Tour sold?
By: Emeli Dean | Nov 3 2007
There have been some speculations for a few days now that the French firm Lagardère bought Hamburg's agency Upsolut Sports AG. The news magazine Spiegel reported Lagardère wants to pay... read more
Training Strategies for Serious Cyclists
By: Colin Johnson | Aug 18 2007
Training is not just about getting out there on the bike. It's about organisation and planning so that you receive the maximum reward for your efforts. You need well considered... read more
The Benefits of Cycling vs. Driving
By: Ben Anton | Aug 14 2007
There are many obvious benefits to cycling that many people choose to ignore. Sure, it seems like it would be faster to drive to the store during dinner time... read more
Buy a Bicycle
By: Sarah Russell | Jul 28 2007
Do you remember first learning to ride a bike as a kid? Do you remember the exhilarating sense of freedom and the feel of the wind on your face? It's... read more
Bicycle Clothing: Choosing Cycling Jackets and other apparel for your cycling style
By: Ben Anton | Jul 24 2007
Avid cyclists know there is a wide-range of cycling gear available to choose from. Determining what you will need means asking yourself some key questions. - What gear is required by... read more
Saris Car Bike Racks
By: Alastair Hamilton | Apr 29 2007
A Saris car bike rack can be a great addition to any biker's repertoire. By evaluating your needs and desires, you can find the right car bike rack for... read more
Mountain Bikes for Sale
By: | Apr 15 2007
I guess that, with the development of the Internet from a bunch of computers strung along a small network to a worldwide network of millions and millions of PCs... read more
Folding Bicycles , Store Them Wherever You Like
By: Robert Sheehan | Mar 9 2007
Folding bicycles or folders have been designed with multiple hinges and joints, which can be locked when required. The Folding bikes can be folded into a likeable size,... read more
The Intricacies Of Mountain Bike Gears
By: Alastair Hamilton | Feb 20 2007
When you choose mountain bike, it is a good idea to learn more about the gearing systems. This article will explain more about how those systems work. Mountain bike gears... read more
The Basics Of Mountain Biking
By: Alastair Hamilton | Feb 20 2007
Learning more about mountain biking will help you enjoy the sport more. Knowledge is key to having the right bike and equipment for your ride. If you want a good way... read more
The Importance Of Tire Pressure In Mountain Bikes
By: Alastair Hamilton | Feb 5 2007
Tire pressure is a very important facet of riding any kind of bike, including mountain bikes. By learning how to set the tire pressure, you can give yourself... read more
Beach Cruisers Hit the Campus
By: Henry Adams | Nov 15 2006
Especially at the larger more rural campuses, having some sort of bike transportation was pretty imperative. Going from dorm to class to different buildings can be a taxing ordeal.... read more
Choosing A Good Bike
By: James Brown | Nov 4 2006
Many people consider getting a bicycle. However, most people do not know how to choose the right bicycle, thus many end up getting the wrong kind. The following... read more
Shopping For A Mountain Bike
By: Nancy Jackson | Oct 5 2006
When you were a kid, the anticipation of showing off on your shiny new bike was almost too much to bear. Then, on shopping day, you were... read more
Mountain Biking Tips
By: Barbara Miller | Oct 2 2006
If you're looking for a truck or SUV to explore the countryside, you're thinking two wheels too many. To get really close to nature, have a blast and... read more
Use of Bike Racks
By: Stefan Rockhaus | Sep 14 2006
You can prevent your bike from getting stolen by using a bike rack. You can securely attach your bike to a bike rack. This rack in turn is fixed to... read more
Biking - The Ultimate Adventure
By: James Brown | Sep 5 2006
There is nothing like the freedom of the open road and the feel of the sheer power of your wheels. However before you rush out to try your new vehicle... read more
Bike: Finding The Right One
By: James Brown | Sep 4 2006
It is incredibly important that a person purchases a bike that meets all their wants and needs. First of all you want to decide if there is a specific reason... read more
Mountain Bikes
By: James Brown | Sep 4 2006
Mountain biking is so much more than a mere sport. It is an enriching experience in itself. Along with great exercise for you comes the added element of visual gratification... read more
Mountain Bikes - A Mainstream Riding Style
By: Alastair Hamilton | Jul 6 2006
Mountain bike riders must have shock system type of bikes that include full suspension and hard tail and even no suspension. The shock system is important as because it helps... read more
Go Carts - How to Survive by Being Safe!
By: Larry Johnson | Jan 4 2006
Go carts are certainly thrilling, but they can also be dangerous if not taken seriously. You have to remember that it's not just you out on the track. There... read more
Michelin to pull out of F1 after 2006
By: Ryan Breslin | Dec 18 2005
The move is almost certainly the result of the FIA's announcement last week that there would be only one tyre supplier in 2008. In a statement they said, "Michelin considers... read more
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