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How to Choose The Right Coin Collecting Supplies
By: poconos4rent | Jan 9 2011
Have you got a bunch of open change lying around? Then you can start a coin collection. You don't have to buy a lot of overpriced tools and coin supplies... read more
Tips For Collecting Classic Toy Trains
By: George Sandler | Jan 9 2011
It has been stated that collecting classic toy trains in the very best hobby in the world. Numerous collectors today have received their first toy train sets after they had... read more
Gold Coins Collection Basic
By: Patterns | Jan 6 2011
In this article, we introduce you to U.S. gold coins — those beautiful, yellow chunks of precious metal that are recognized throughout the world for their consistent quality,... read more
The history of gold coins in the United States
By: woodwind | Jan 6 2011
The first U.S. gold coins were made in 1795 and those first gold coins are all quite rare. Many were exported to other countries or melted down when their metal... read more
How to Collect US Silver dollars ?
By: Patterns | Jan 6 2011
Silver dollars are the largest silver coin produced by the U.S. Mint for general circulation, and they're beautiful and impressive. Is it any wonder that U.S. silver dollars are... read more
What Are Teddy Bears Made Of?
By: Gino Bear | Jan 5 2011
What are Teddy Bears made of?  Sugar, spice and all things nice?  Today, when you look around at the Teddy Bear market you will discover Teddy Bears made from... read more
Major types of US half dollars
By: woodwind | Jan 2 2011
Half dollars appear in eight major types, which we discuss in this article. Flowing Hair (1794-1795) The half dollars of 1794 and 1795 follow the design of the half dimes and... read more
Major types of US dollars Coins
By: Patterns | Jan 2 2011
Dollars appear in nine major types, which we discuss in this article. Flowing Hair (1794-1795) The first U.S. silver dollars bore Robert Scot's Flowing Hair design. Because the U.S. Mint relied... read more
How to Collect US half dollars ?
By: woodchuck | Jan 2 2011
Compared to other series, half dollars are a relative bargain. For example, you won't find any great rarities in the run from 1892 to present, making it... read more
A Passion for Black & White Teddy Bears
By: Gino Bear | Dec 31 2010
Since the Teddy Bear's birth way back in 1902, we have witnessed Teddy Bears being made by most manufacturers in almost every colour of the spectrum, infact there... read more
Worth Of Antique Plates
By: nlwest21 | Dec 30 2010
There are a selection of people who will get hold of an antique plate or teapot from family members. You'll find other people who might come upon what they imagine... read more
How to Collect US quarter dollars ?
By: Patterns | Dec 27 2010
From the lovely Standing Liberty design to the popular Washington-head type to the challenging Seated Liberty series, U.S. quarters present collectors with lots of choices and lots of fun.... read more
Major types of US quarter dollars
By: woodchuck | Dec 27 2010
Quarter dollars came in six major design types during their long tenure from 1796 through today. Draped Bust (1796-1807) The Draped Bust quarter first appeared in 1796, then promptly dropped off... read more
US 20 Cent Pieces Collection
By: woodwind | Dec 27 2010
In one of the greatest numismatic debacles of all time, the U.S. government issued a 20-cent piece from 1875 to 1878. The 20-cent piece was only slightly smaller than... read more
How to Collect US half dimes ?
By: Patterns | Dec 21 2010
Collecting U.S. half dimes is fun and challenging. Many rarities exist in the series, and a lot of coins are extremely scarce in high grade. You could spend literally... read more
How to Collect US dimes ?
By: woodwind | Dec 21 2010
They're small and unassuming, but dimes have been an important part of the U.S. money system since 1796. The Mercury-head and Roosevelt dimes are extremely popular with new collectors,... read more
Major types of US dimes
By: woodchuck | Dec 21 2010
Dimes appear in five major types, which we discuss in this article. Draped Bust (1796-1807) The very first dimes bore the Draped Bust design that became the standard on all silver... read more
The Coolest Toys on Earth for Less with Raidentech Coupon Codes
By: David Stack | Dec 20 2010
It's always difficult for me whenever I try to figure out what kind of birthday gift to give a young boy. Children, after all, are prone to preposterous... read more
Major types of US half dimes
By: woodwind | Dec 19 2010
Half dimes appear in four major types, which we discuss in this article. Flowing Hair (1794-1795) Like the first large cents of 1793, the first half dimes were mocked because... read more
Coin collection - Collect US three-cent silvers
By: woodchuck | Dec 19 2010
A collection of three-cent silvers is a real conversation piece, considering that most Americans have never seen even a single example. Many of the dates in the 1860s and... read more
How to collect US five-cent pieces ?
By: Patterns | Dec 19 2010
Nickels were made in four major types beginning in 1866. Collectors gravitate to this series because there are so many affordable dates and because of the draw of the purely... read more
Why Choose a Wicker Laundry Basket
By: Steven Spielberg | Dec 19 2010
Laundry baskets are the ideal way to finish the disorder within the closet when they could be personalized to satisfy the demands of anybody. They're well suited for any residence... read more
Keep, Watch and Learn From Bees
By: Matthew Lee | Dec 15 2010
Beekeeping is one of the most exciting and interesting hobby that many are opting for. If you want to take this as a profession, can do the same as the... read more
Teddy Bears By Bing
By: Gino Bear | Dec 14 2010
When German Teddy Bears are mentioned, undoubtedly people always think of the makers Steiff.  However, there have been other pretty remarkable Teddy Bear makers since the Teddy's birth... read more
Major types of US five-cent pieces
By: Patterns | Dec 13 2010
Nickels appear in four major types, discussed in this article. Shield nickel (1866-1883) The shield nickel first appeared in 1866, following the end of the Civil War. The front of... read more
Coin collection - How to round up the Three-Cent Nickel ?
By: woodchuck | Dec 13 2010
In 1865, a new three-cent piece made of copper and nickel (75 percent and 25 percent, respectively, but they're called three-cent nickels because they look more like... read more
How to collect two-cent pieces ?
By: woodwind | Dec 13 2010
The law that changed the weight and metal composition of the small cent in 1864 also created a two-cent piece, an odd denomination that really never caught on and... read more
Wentletrap And Hermit Crab - A Match Made In Heaven!
By: Tod Schaffer | Dec 11 2010
Now you may not know this but wentletrap and hermit crab association comes about due to the fact that hermie babies are born without shells and as soon as they... read more
Steiff Teddy Bears
By: Gino Bear | Dec 8 2010
Writing an article on Steiff Teddy Bears is probably one of the hardest articles to write on Teddy Bears, the reason?  There is just so much to cover.  The... read more
Teddy Bear Memories
By: Gino Bear | Dec 7 2010
Try to cast your mind back to when you were a child.  Do you remember Christmas morning when you picked up that present from under the Christmas Tree, the... read more
How to Collect US small cents ?
By: Patterns | Dec 6 2010
Most new collectors get their first introduction to numismatics by building a collection of small cents, particularly those of the Lincoln type made beginning in 1909. Most small cents... read more
Coin collection - Major types of US small cents
By: woodchuck | Dec 6 2010
Small cents appear in four major types, discussed in this article. Flying Eagle (1856-1858) The first small cent appeared in 1856 with a design completely unlike that of any of the... read more
Coin Collection - Seeking Out Small Cents
By: woodwind | Dec 6 2010
A strange thing happened in 1857. After over 60 years of making the clunky large cents, U.S. Mint officials discovered that the general public was perfectly willing to accept... read more
Tips on Preserving Your Butterfly Collection
By: Criss White | Dec 5 2010
Butterflies have always been associated with beauty, freedom, and life's miracles in being able to change from something insignificant to something majestic. People's fascination with butterflies can be... read more
Precious Mementos in The "Ike" Eisenhower Dollars
By: DeborahSmith | Dec 4 2010
President Dwight D. Eisenhower was an American leader in different ways: being a five-star general while in the Army, in the position of Supreme Commander in the German and... read more
An Interesting History regarding the American Silver Eagles
By: DeborahSmith | Dec 4 2010
From time immemorial, the great civilizations based their economies around the "Gold Standard, " or the value of gold. Later on, European countries came to prefer silver,... read more
The Historical Significance of the Saint Gaudens Double Eagles
By: DeborahSmith | Dec 4 2010
No other coins produced through the U.S. Mint produce the same quantity of notoriety than the Saint Gaudens Double Eagles. Although these beautiful coins are much admired as artistic endeavors,... read more
How to Collect US large cents ?
By: woodchuck | Dec 3 2010
Large cent collecting has been an important part of U.S. numismatics for over 150 years, and it remains so today. A tremendous amount of information has been published about... read more
StarWarsShop.com Coupon Codes for Genuine Star Wars Collectibles
By: David Stack | Dec 3 2010
I have a lot of making up to do for a friend of mine who I think is already getting mad at me because I kept missing all his invitations... read more
The Cigar Manufacturing Process
By: Carla | Dec 3 2010
According to historic records, the world's first cigars were rolled by native Cubans. Christopher Columbus first encountered Cubans smoking crude cigars during his expeditions to the New World and... read more
How to Collect US half cents ?
By: woodwind | Dec 1 2010
Collecting U.S. half cents can present quite an enjoyable challenge, especially if you try to find them in high grades. For the most part, mintages (the number made... read more
Is Coin Collecting Profitable?
By: Tom Warner | Dec 1 2010
Not everyone collects coins for the same reason. There are two primary goals in mind for those who purchase coins. For the person who loves collecting and purchases based on... read more
Collecting The French Rooster Gold Coin
By: Tom Warner | Dec 1 2010
A favorite collectible in all parts of the world, the French Rooster 20 franc gold coin is quite easy to find. It is low priced enough for most collectors... read more
Selling Rare Coins
By: Tom Warner | Dec 1 2010
Coin collecting is a fascinating endeavor as long as you know what you're doing. Coin dealers spend many years gaining knowledge and developing expertise about rare and unusual coins. You... read more
Coin Collection - Major types of US half cents
By: woodchuck | Dec 1 2010
Half cents appear in five major types, which we discuss in this article. Liberty cap, head facing left (1793 only) When Congress first considered designs for its new coins,... read more
Determine the Worth of Your Coin Collection
By: Tom Warner | Dec 1 2010
It can be difficult even for a professional to tell exactly what a coin collection is worth. You might look through a coin guide and believe that you will receive... read more
Coin Collection Grading Standards Guide
By: woodwind | Nov 26 2010
U.S. numismatists work with a highly developed grading system that classifies minute differences between grades. Although attempts have been made to impose U.S. standards on the rest of the world,... read more
Top ways to build a meaningful coin collection
By: Patterns | Nov 26 2010
You can build a meaningful collection of world coins in many ways. This article shares a few of the more popular methods of collecting them. Collecting by country There's a whole world... read more
The most desirable characteristics of a coin
By: woodwind | Nov 25 2010
Realtors tell you that three most desirable characteristics of a piece of real estate are location, location, and location. If you're buying a coin with the hopes of... read more
Why US Coins Are So Popular ?
By: woodchuck | Nov 25 2010
Coins from the United States are so popular for a number of reasons: Wonderful designs: In over 200 years of making coins, the United States has produced a plethora of... read more
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