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Electric & Gas Powered Scissor Lifts
By: Axelas Brian | Jun 1 2013
One of the higher achieve equipment distributed around the public, Scissor Lifts are acknowledged as some of the pioneering and the majority trusted equipment which could offer aerial extensions... read more
Five Safety Tips about Scissor Lifts
By: Axelas Brian | Jun 1 2013
In managing heavy machineries it is crucial for that providers of those equipment to pay attention to the protection processes and guidelines to prevent mishaps and accidents. Basic safety needs... read more
Ideas of Wording Winter Wedding Invitations
By: emily | Jan 26 2012
Winter is usually connected with dark, dreary and solemnity. If you are going to hold a wedding in winter, it is really a creative way to break up... read more
Important and tips of choosing wedding invitations
By: cindy | Oct 28 2011
Many brides-to-be may consider choosing the cheap wedding invitations as an easy and simple part when planning a wedding, while the truth is that it might be the most... read more
How earn his wealth?
By: Evangeline Selden | Oct 5 2011
This is a man only 35 years old this year. He lives and works in Beijing, there is now. He married a local girl in Beijing, who works... read more
Are Bumper Stickers a Sign of Individual Personality or Possessive Territoriality?
By: Marcus Trumper | Dec 9 2010
Bumper stickers have long been a source of fun or a way to make a political or social statement, however what you are sticking to your car may be... read more
Behold, The Shoe Design And History
By: Dana Bradley | Nov 25 2006
Aform of footgear covering the foot right up to the ankle, the shoe is intended to protect the foot from dampness, cold and rough terrain. Other forms of... read more
Cigar Etiquette
By: Richard Brown | Nov 22 2006
The courteous smoker knows that even though smoking cigars may be a great source of pleasure in their life, not everyone enjoys the taste or smell of a quality... read more
Lip Gloss Â- A Necessity In Every WomenÂ's Purse
By: NamSing Then | Nov 22 2006
Lip gloss is a cosmetic product which is generally oily and reflecting light, primarily by teenage girls and women to give lips shine and subtle color, but often... read more
Golf Is Like Having Good Table Manners
By: Jena Luthovski | Nov 21 2006
Golf Etiquette is primarily about safety and keeping the game moving. Aside from the usual set of rules for play, there are some expectations of golfers that, when... read more
Wallets Are For Cool Guys
By: Milton Felton | Nov 15 2006
To loosely quote Al Pacino, "A wise guy doesn't carry his money in a wallet. He carries it in a roll..." I can't remember the line exactly, but it... read more
Musical Composition
By: Taisha Grant | Nov 11 2006
Musical composition can happen in advance with an aim towards repeat performance or it can happen on the spot when musicians improvise or jam. Composition describes the formal construction of... read more
Improving Your Email Communications, Email Etiquette
By: Ken Snodin | Nov 4 2006
In this day and age where email usage is so prevalent, sometimes people get lazy and forget to construct the best message they can. Email can be used in... read more
Cellphone Etiquettes
By: Randy Harold | Sep 25 2006
We all have been either annoyed, disturbed or irritated with them. You know? Those crazy cellphone users who trounce around talking into their cellphone thinking that the world is... read more
Silk Ties Basics
By: Celia Namart | Aug 20 2006
There are thousands of different silk ties available on the market, and sometimes the many choices available can be overwhelming for some people. Below are some helpful tips to... read more
Restaurant Etiquette - Both Sides Of The Table
By: Sharon Stajda | Aug 9 2006
Patrons of a restaurant and employees of a restaurant both need to follow some simple rules of etiquette in order to make each dining experience more enjoyable for everyone. When dining... read more
Sympathy Flowers - Advice To Ease Your Stress
By: John E. Williams | Jul 19 2006
Flowers have been displayed at the time of one's passing in nearly every culture throughout time, and their importance continues today. At funerals, wakes, memorials, and... read more
The Art Of Gift Giving
By: Sue Jan | Jul 1 2006
Appearing empty-handed at a party or special occasion can be an impolite and awkward thing to do, so be sure to prepare an appropriate gift. Gift giving can be... read more
Tea Party Etiquette - Birthday Fun For Your Child
By: Mike Dougherty | Jun 19 2006
These tips and guidelines will help your child and all her guests enjoy their party and learn proper manners. How much you follow accepted etiquette really depends on the age of... read more
The Great Importance Of Doing Business With Ethics
By: Victorino Q. Abrugar | Jun 19 2006
For most people, money makes the world go round and business bears that money. Businessmen will perhaps do anything just to achieve the ultimate goal of having a business,... read more
Give Your Congratulations Creatively
By: Martin Stoleman | May 22 2006
There are endless reasons in life to offer congratulations to yourself and to others. However, isn't it true that most of the time we offer congratulations to everyone in... read more
Hospital Visits: What Do You Talk About?
By: Lisa Copen | May 20 2006
As pastoral staff, most of us have had the opportunity to go and visit someone in the hospital. It can be a pleasant experience as they welcome you with... read more
Conference Call Etiquette
By: Abe Cherian | May 17 2006
One of the most powerful way to generate tons of leads for your business is by web or audio conference calls. Most savvy marketers are using this method of lead... read more
Body Language: WhatÂ's In A Handshake?
By: Codi Morieta | Apr 6 2006
All over the globe, people greet each other in different ways. This is brought about by different cultures. Even the primitives of yesterdays down to the present tribal groups... read more
Birth Announcement Etiquette 101
By: Alison Hodges | Mar 31 2006
When you are going to give birth to a child, it is a truly special event. All of your friends and family will be eager to hear the news.... read more
Whats Valuable About Having Values?
By: Paul Lemberg | Mar 28 2006
Let's talk about values... Yours. What kind? Family values, personal values, corporate values. So what are values - and why are they important to creating breakthroughs? Values are things we strive to gain... read more
Saying "I Do" To Wedding Etiquette
By: Pepper Montero | Mar 20 2006
As a wedding consultant, I am asked questions about etiquette more than any other topic. Brides generally fit into two categories when it comes to etiquette: those who want... read more
Cell Phone Etiquette: Are You A Cell Phone Sinner? Mobile Mistakes Could Wreck Your Career
By: Kate Zabriskie | Mar 3 2006
In spite of their convenience and necessity, cell phones are now another means whereby we can irritate our fellow man. Theaters, restaurants, trains–even public restrooms–are no longer... read more
Practical Interview Etiquette
By: Lonnie Pacelli | Jan 3 2006
OK, very few of us like the interviewing process. Unfortunately, you've got to face the music once in a while. Keep these few nuggets in mind when you're... read more
Tips For Proper Kissing Etiquette!
By: Marie Clare | Dec 8 2005
Many cultures have customary kissing etiquettes. The French for instance kiss twice when they greet someone. Once on each cheek. The Dutch kiss three times and in sunny California they... read more
Quick Guidelines For Holiday Etiquette Tipping
By: Donna Monday | Dec 8 2005
Many of us want to show our appreciation to those special service people in our life at holiday time via etiquette tipping. However, trying to figure out what we... read more
Finnish Sauna Etiquette And Customs
By: Julie-Ann Amos | Nov 25 2005
Finland is the sauna capital of the world, both because it was invented there and because it thrives as an integrated part of the Finnish lifestyle. Finns think of... read more
E-mail Protocol Â- 12 Simple Rules To Stay Connected
By: Joy Fisher-Sykes | Nov 23 2005
Electronic mail is a quick, easy, and convenient way to instantly link up with people around the globe. To ensure our messages don't confuse or alienate others,... read more
What Brought About The Invention Of Response Cards?
By: Jinky Mesias | Oct 28 2005
There are actually so many reasons that brought about the creation of response cards. One of them is spoiling of catered food during occasions since most of the invited guests... read more
How To Make Sure Holiday Card Writing Is Not A Chore
By: Patty Gale | Sep 15 2005
Sending holiday cards does not have to be a tedious chore. I remember when I was little, my mom would tape all the pretty cards around a special doorframe... read more
Using Your EQ On Your Tour Abroad
By: Susan Dunn | Sep 11 2005
Icoach internationally, so I hear the stereotypes about “Americans” up-close and personal. In one tele-session, with coaches on the call from Bermuda, China, and Canada as... read more
How To Give Criticism Without Bruising Egos
By: Tristan Loo | Aug 12 2005
As responsible employers, parents, and friends, we have an obligation to correct the mistakes of other people in order to enhance their personal success. The task before... read more
Character = Integrity.
By: Joel Suarez | Aug 11 2005
Without character, the puzzle of achieving success falls apart. It is most important of all pieces to life's puzzle. Without character, you can make money. But it will... read more
For The Couple That Has Everything...
By: Bob Bassett | Jun 14 2005
Are you torn between the toaster oven and the coffee maker? Can't find the happy couple on a registry anywhere? A wedding gift basket is a perfect choice for newlyweds.... read more
Gracious Gratitude
By: Bob Bassett | Jun 14 2005
When someone does something really special for you, what better way to show your appreciation than with a thank you gift basket? People do nice things every day without... read more
Sympathetic Expressions
By: Bob Bassett | Jun 14 2005
Sometimes it is hard to know what to say to someone who has experienced an accident, illness, or loss. A sympathy gift basket can let them know that... read more
Employee Appreciation At It's Best
By: Bob Bassett | Jun 14 2005
For that special client or that special secretary, a corporate gift basket is a great way to make someone feel important. From making a good first impression, to... read more
Practical Ways to Praising God
By: William Ramos | Feb 21 2005
I've been asked by many 21st century kids, who have been used to the age of technology if the Bible is as archaic as the “parting of the Red... read more
The Measure of a Man
By: William Ramos | Feb 21 2005
The measure of a man is the very OPPOSITE of what we see many do. He does not smoke, drink, collect girls, become maloko and burara to... read more
Greeting Card Tango: How To Impress, Not Stress, During The Holidays
By: Lydia Ramsey | Dec 21 2004
When it comes to holiday greeting cards, to send or not to send is often the question. Once you have decided in the affirmative, you then have to... read more
Nine Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Head To The Office Party
By: Lydia Ramsey | Dec 21 2004
One thing you can count on during the holiday season is the obligatory office party. No matter what the size of the organization, there is always an effort to... read more
The Top Twelve E-Mail Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Career
By: Lydia Ramsey | Dec 21 2004
You return to your office from an afternoon meeting and decide to check e-mail. You wonder where your day went after spending hours downloading messages, reading some, deleting... read more
How To Seal The Deal In Seven Seconds
By: Lydia Ramsey | Dec 21 2004
Can you close a sale in just seven seconds? You can do it even faster if you make a great first impression. Seven seconds is the average length of time... read more
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