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UK Horse Racing Betting Tips, Sports Bets and Lay Bets
By: Mark Richards | Jan 13 2011
Most of us at some time or other will have been given a horse racing tip. If it is the real thing it would have made its way to us having... read more
Horse Racing Betting Strategy to Win
By: gabi urse | Jan 12 2011
The horse racing betting is one of the easiest ways to make profits. In order to do so you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home... read more
Find a good time to ride in this modern living
By: Marina Janakievska | Jan 11 2011
In this fast way of living people hardly find enough time for them selves.  Everyone runs everyday, struggling with his endless working hours, in a mission to earn... read more
Using Clocker Reports for Horse Racing Handicapping - Part Two
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 11 2011
In this second look at horse racing handicapping factors and the filters we use to narrow them down, we'll look at workouts and how we can determine a good... read more
Using Clocker Reports for Horse Racing Handicapping is All About Time - Part One
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 11 2011
Horse racing handicapping factors usually have two determining filters that have a direct effect upon their relevancy and strength.  The first is time.  I don't mean time, as in... read more
A New Year of Horse Racing Handicapping With Lots of Good Betting Angles
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 11 2011
The new year is here and we've already burned through the first week of it.  We've seen the season start at Santa Anita and have started to learn lessons about... read more
Handicapping Strategies for Picking Longshots Based on Recent Changes
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 9 2011
There is nothing quite like the thrill of betting on a horse at long odds and seeing it win the race.  Of course, the reason the runner was at... read more
Horse Racing Handicapping Maiden Races and First Time Starters
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 9 2011
Many people who handicap horse races and bet on them don't like to play maiden races.  They feel that the runners are unknown quantities and therefore too difficult to evaluate. ... read more
What Are Gaited Horse Saddles?
By: RobertBruce | Jan 5 2011
Have you ever wondered precisely what constitutes a gaited horse saddle? As you can imagine, they are saddles individuals make use of to be able to ride or present... read more
Recommendations On How To Decide On A Western Saddle For Your Child
By: Edd Stokest | Jan 5 2011
When finding the right western saddle for a child there are many choices to make. Countless children acquire a fascination and love for horses at an early age. Who knows... read more
Simple Horse Racing Systems That Produce Easy Winners
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 4 2011
If you are like a lot of people who handicap horse races and like to bet on horses, then you probably don't want to spend your whole day reading... read more
Why Are Some Jockeys Better Than Others at Certain Tracks
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 4 2011
Have you ever wondered why certain jockeys have a higher win rate at one track then seem to struggle at another track?  Just as there are horses for courses,... read more
Horse Racing Handicapping Hidden Moves Angles That Result in Big Winners
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 4 2011
Picking horse racing winners by spotting big speed figures is not hard to do, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay well enough to make your bets profitable.  Just sticking... read more
Horse Racing Handicapping Class and Pace Figures That Pick Winners
By: Bill Peterson | Jan 4 2011
There are lots of ways to combine handicapping factors to find horse racing winners.  Two of the most important horse racing factors are class and pace.  Knowing how to combine... read more
The Secrets to Becoming a Skillful Horse Rider
By: tedstinson55 | Dec 22 2010
Horse riding is more than an ordinary sport. In my opinion it is an art. In order to comfortably and confidently ride a horse, you'll need training and the... read more
Horses: How they started off?
By: sarahwright | Dec 22 2010
Approximately 5 million years ago a species Equus evolved. This Equus was relatively shorter in height with the present horse. It was of a height that is comparable with a... read more
Is Your Horse Ready for a Group Trail Ride?
By: wesocial | Dec 22 2010
Group Options and Resources The first logical requirement for group trail rides is having a reliable horse. If you haven't invested in a dependable trail horse yet you may want to... read more
Profitable Horse Racing Betting Systems
By: Ethan Poltrack | Dec 21 2010
Have you ever met someone who has won a bet? Notice how enthuse they always sound? Having a profitable hose racing betting systems you can get this feeling all the... read more
Horse classifieds: the most sensible place to look for thoroughbred horses
By: sarahwright | Dec 20 2010
Thoroughbred horses are well known for their performance in race tracks. Thoroughbred horses are basically from the hot blooded group of horses. These horses are excellent jumpers and are intelligent... read more
The Pros and Cons of a Ten Cent Pick Six at Gulfstream Park
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 19 2010
Gulfstream Park recently announced its new wagering menu for 2011 and the changes have certainly got some tongues wagging.  Horse racing industry insiders will be watching to see if the... read more
Horse Racing Handicapping Angle Horses That Fade Now Going Longer
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 19 2010
One of my favorite horse racing angles seems to defy logic.  In the world of betting on horse races and finding value in your wagers, however, you'll find... read more
Never be too overwhelmed to see a horse
By: sarahwright | Dec 17 2010
The only avenues you had in the yesteryears were: Local barns Tack shop Newspaper classifieds However, with the advancement of technology we now have a perfect tool to buy or sell horses is... read more
Horse Racing Handicapping on Location Reveals More Winners
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 12 2010
Since the advent of legalized off track wagering, advanced deposit wagering, and race books, race track attendance has decreased dramatically.  Many people thought that offering the opportunity... read more
Problems With Betting on the Odds From the Toteboard at the Horse Races
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 12 2010
There have been some excellent books written about betting on horses using the odds on the toteboard to find horses who are under bet and therefore a good wager.  Like... read more
Money Management is the Key to Horse Racing Profits
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 12 2010
If you're like a lot of us horse players, you don't like the term money management.  No matter how serious we may be about making a profit and surviving... read more
Why is Horse Racing Handicapping So Difficult
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 10 2010
If you've ever seriously tried to make a profit betting on horses, you've probably discovered that handicapping horse races is hard to do if you really want to make... read more
Handicapping Horse Races Effectively Using Par Times
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 10 2010
Par times are a useful tool when used properly, but like many horse racing handicapping factors, they should be used cautiously and with knowledge of when they are... read more
Following Trends in Horse Racing Handicapping or Knowing When to Zig or Zag
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 10 2010
Perhaps you've had this experience when handicapping horse races.  You start out with a plan to pick winners in a certain way and develop your own little method.  It starts... read more
Variable Velocity Handicapping for Determining Speed Figures
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 10 2010
Velocity can be used to handicap horse races.  It is considered the rate of change in science, so when we talk about velocity in relation to a horse's trip... read more
Why Are the Fields So Small IN California Thorobred Races
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 10 2010
The short fields, often only five horses, and that's before scratches take their toll, in races in California has been a mystery for many years.  If purses... read more
What is the Best Way to Handicap Horse Races, Cumulative Ratings or Single Factors
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 10 2010
One thing that you will learn as you handicap horse races is that you need some kind of systematic method to succeed.  Just reading past performances and trying to pick... read more
Horse Racing Handicapping Using Online Stable Reports
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 10 2010
Many handicappers now use Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) services online.  They offer the convenience of wagering from home along with other attractive perks like free programs and even some bonuses... read more
Betting on Horse Races When the Track is Rated as Muddy, Sloppy, Good
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 10 2010
Now that winter is upon us in the northern hemispheres we're going to have more inclement weather and that means off tracks.  Whether they are rated as sloppy, muddy,... read more
Aqueduct Race Track Switches to Inner Track - What it Means
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 9 2010
There are two surfaces that Aqueduct races are run on other than the turf course.  They are known as the Main Track and the Inner Track.  The main track is... read more
Why The Races Make For Great Fun Days Out
By: Rob Berry-Smith | Dec 9 2010
If you've never experienced the thrill of the chase, then you've clearly never been to the races. Meets held throughout the country offer exciting and fun days out that... read more
Horse Racing Secrets of Workouts and the Ten Percent Rule
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 9 2010
If you ask the average horse player how well he or she understands workouts, he or she would probably say, "Very well."  While almost everyone who handicaps horse... read more
The Best Horse Racing Handicapping Angles for Winning Bets
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 9 2010
There are a lot of ways to win a bet on a horse race.  There are plenty of exotics that we play in the United States and in other parts... read more
Three Winning Horse Racing Handicapping Tips
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 9 2010
'Tis the season to get jolly and offer a few tips to people who handicap horse races and try to make some money for the holidays.  If you are one... read more
Your Love For Horses
By: seoarbiterarticles | Dec 8 2010
By nature, human beings are animal lovers. We are emotional beings and we easily get emotionally attached to our pets more than our human friends. Animals do not have... read more
Joey Three Pockets and Other Great Horse Racing Handicappers
By: Bill Peterson | Dec 6 2010
The first thing you gotta' know about Joey Three Pockets (JTP) was that his momma was a heck of a seamstress. I don't mean that she ever sewed anything that... read more
Horse racing system advice - 13 key elements
By: bagnallc | Dec 6 2010
1 - Knowledge is king Before anyone does anything successfully in life (excluding lottery winners etc) they must learn about their subject - this takes time but is absolutely vital. I... read more
Horse Racing and Betting, First Part
By: Ioannis Kamaras | Dec 2 2010
In this series of articles I will try to describe the factors affecting the outcome of a race and the ways we can evaluate them. The first part will briefly outline... read more
Is a racing BMX the right bike for you
By: Tom | Dec 1 2010
So you're looking at those gleaming BMX in the shop window and thinking about saving up to buy one, but have you stopped to consider which is the right... read more
Betting Strategies - The A-Z to Make Punting Pay! Financing the Project
By: Peter Sackville | Nov 28 2010
There are many betting strategies that are bought by hundreds of thousands of gamblers all over the world, year in and year out. My aim to is to create... read more
Betting Strategies - The A-Z to Make Punting Pay - Paper Trading
By: Peter Sackville | Nov 27 2010
In this series of betting strategies we are looking at ways and means of taking our betting prowess to the next level. Again this block of work is as crucial... read more
FAQs about Arabian horse
By: sarahwright | Nov 25 2010
Although Arabian horses are very popular horses but there are still people that need more information about these horses. This horse is known for its endurance, tenacity, nice... read more
Winter care for you horse
By: Marina Janakievska | Nov 25 2010
Taking care for your horse is a job for the whole year, but in winter you should pay attention to some specific things that are very important if you... read more
Kazakhstan Aathlete Fell off The Horse and The Horse was directly killed
By: Cathy Chen | Nov 24 2010
 On November 23th, in Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, one accident took place in the Modern Pentathlon Equestrian. The Kazakhstan Aathlete Fell off The Horse Galina • Dole and... read more
Professional Horse Racing Tips Service
By: Mark Boyle | Nov 22 2010
If you're looking for more information on a professional horse racing tips then, pull up a chair & buckle down, because this is the article that you've been... read more
Basic tips for becoming great horse rider
By: Marina Janakievska | Nov 22 2010
Horses are one of the loveliest animals.  They are very mighty and energetic, but also graceful.  At first it might seem that riding horse doesn't ask much, but... read more
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