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Arizona Elk Hunting
By: Gregory D Black | Dec 11 2010
Just like various game species throughout North America, the sport of Arizona elk hunting has endured numerous fluctuations. In 1893 the territorial legislature imposed a closed season, but... read more
Custom Hunting Knives - The Mark Of A Hunter
By: Jamie Greene | Dec 9 2010
If you are an experienced hunter you will be aware for the need to always be prepared. Before you set out on a hunting expedition you must ensure that you... read more
Beginners Guide to Successful Turkey Hunting
By: Joanna Joyner | Dec 9 2010
Most men are interested in turkey hunting. However, many of them do not have proper and enough information on hunting such animals. This article will talk about the dos... read more
How To Choose The Best Rifles From Leupold
By: Tony T Mitchell | Dec 9 2010
Hunting and shooting are 2 activities that large numbers of guys enjoy. However, several times it happens that weather conditions aren't favorable or it is dark. In such conditions,... read more
History Of Leupold Rifle Scopes
By: Tony T Mitchell | Dec 9 2010
One of the best inventions in the history of the world. The invention of rifle scope was done as it became necessary at one point of time. In today's time,... read more
How to Skin a Thanksgiving Turkey
By: Tom C Huntington | Dec 6 2010
Properly dressing and skinning a turkey is an important part of the hunting process. Poor field dressing and skinning can result in wasted meat, bacterial diseases, or attracting... read more
Blank Firing 8mm Guns for Movie Stage Prop and Non Firing Gun Collectors
By: Sarah Porter | Dec 5 2010
Picking the 8mm Blank Firing Pistols is something many customers do because these are a popular caliber of weapon for both bullet-shooting and Blank Guns shooting weapons. The truth is... read more
Top Three Binoculars For Your Next Trophy Deer Hunting Adventure
By: Keith Cantelmo | Nov 28 2010
As you prepare for your next trophy deer hunting adventure, consider some of the equipment necessary to get the job done. One of the most important pieces of equipment... read more
Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Scouting Camera During Pre-Rut
By: Molly Jewett | Nov 27 2010
As I'm sure you know by now, either through research, word of mouth, or personal experience, the pre-rut for whitetail deer is a time of intense... read more
Squirrel Hunting Basics
By: Ben Froland | Nov 26 2010
Squirrel can be a challenging quarry even for the experienced hunter. Lightning fast and clever, a squirrel will leap from tree to tree and sit on the opposite side... read more
Not All Rifle Scopes Are Created Equal
By: Dale Coover | Nov 26 2010
The reticle is also called the crosshairs in a rifle scope. There are two main types of reticles a wire reticle and etched reticle. A rifle scope is commonly called... read more
Illinois Goose Hunting Clubs - Tips For Finding A Goose Hunting Club In Illinois
By: Adam Santi | Nov 23 2010
Illinois goose hunting clubs start putting together guided hunts mid September to January. This ninety day hunting season doesn't give local sportsmen a lot of time, so many look... read more
How to Select a Grunt Call
By: Ben Froland | Nov 22 2010
While selecting the proper location for hunting whitetail deer is important, you can increase your odds of success by using a grunt call bring your quarry in closer. But... read more
Top 5 Whitetail Deer Calibers
By: Ben Froland | Nov 22 2010
One of the most popular (and controversial) discussions around the fire at deer camp is "What is the best deer rifle caliber?" These discussions are much like "Ford versus Chevy"... read more
How to Pick the Proper Survival Knives
By: Dennis W Taylor Jr | Nov 21 2010
The survival knife may just be your future best friend. Having the best survival knives at your side can draw the line between surviving, and actually being able to... read more
The 5 Top Rated Rifle Scopes
By: Keith Cantelmo | Nov 18 2010
You are a serious hunter. You live for opening day of deer season; everything you do, every vacation you plan, revolves around opening day. You take the time... read more
Gerber Gator 154 CM Review and Gerber Knives
By: R Highland | Nov 17 2010
Overview The Gerber Gator 154 CM comes from a long line of very powerful Gerber knives. Gerber originally released the Gerber Gator I and then followed with the Gerber Gator II.... read more
Gerber Octane Review and Gerber Knives
By: R Highland | Nov 17 2010
Overview The Gerber Octane Multi-Tool is an excellent performing multi tool that would be a great addition to any workman's belt. It features 9 tools that are packaged into a small,... read more
Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend and Gerber Knives
By: R Highland | Nov 16 2010
Overview The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend is one of the most convenient and advanced multi-tools that you can find on the market. Gerber invested heavily into the advanced technologies into this... read more
Gerber Basic Review and Gerber Knives
By: R Highland | Nov 16 2010
Overview The Gerber Basic is a rock solid fixed blade fine edge knife that feels and looks simple, but it is quite complex with all of the included features. The... read more
Hunting Gear For The High Country
By: Dale Coover | Nov 12 2010
Hunting season to some is more than just going out for the trophy, it is also being in the company of like minded friends. A check list - binoculars,... read more
How to Pattern Your Turkey Shotgun
By: Ben Froland | Nov 12 2010
Turkey are large, tough birds and special care must be taken to ensure you kill them cleanly and quickly. Selecting a good quality turkey choke is the first step... read more
The Longest Season of All - The Offseason
By: Bob D. Russell | Nov 11 2010
You have just finished up that successful spring bear hunt. The spring turkeys have been cleaned and put away in the freezer for Thanksgiving. Mule deer and elk seasons seem... read more
The First Deer of the 2010 Season
By: Molly Jewett | Nov 9 2010
During the pre-rut, deer make noticeable changes, both physically and behaviorally. Bucks become very active searching for food and making scrapes and rubs to establish their territory. Due... read more
Infrared Binoculars, Here Is What You Need To Know
By: Terry Marchio | Nov 9 2010
Are you interested in the subject of infrared binoculars? If so, then this article was written for you. These marvelous examples of ingenuity can be valuable for a wide... read more
Infrared Night Vision Goggles: Read This Before You Buy
By: Terry Marchio | Nov 8 2010
If you would like to learn more about infrared night vision goggles, than you've come to the right place. This informative article was created as a guide for those individuals... read more
Nikon Laser Scopes, Read This Before You Buy
By: Terry Marchio | Nov 8 2010
Are you curious about the topic of Nikon laser scopes? If that's the case, than you've come to the right place. This article was written as a reference for... read more
Getting the Perfect Scope for Your Gun
By: Bruce Keyes | Nov 6 2010
How do you know if you are getting the best scope for your gun? There are several factors to consider in making that decision. The first of which would be,... read more
Tips for Coyote Hunting
By: Justin Richardson | Nov 5 2010
To be successful at coyote hunting you will need to stay a step ahead. Coyote are very clever and fast creatures. You'll have to be smarter and quicker or they... read more
Know More About VX 3 Leupold Rifle Scopes
By: Tony T Mitchell | Nov 5 2010
Rifle scope market is dominated by Leupold greatly and you could always find them producing new models. It has been seen that throughout the whole journey, Leupold and Stevens... read more
AR-15 Scopes: Determining the Best Fit for Your Shooting Needs
By: Nathaniel Aye | Nov 4 2010
How to choose from the myriad variety of AR-15 scopes. Scopes and other optics are great tools to enhance the capabilities of your AR-15. Whether it is fast target acquisition,... read more
Use Caution To Prevent Fear Of Gun Fire In Your Hunting Dog
By: Kate Johansson | Oct 31 2010
Many people accidentally create fear of gun fire in their hunting dogs by rushing their dog into exposure before they are ready. I have heard many horror stories of people... read more
Wood Gun Cabinets to Keep Your Collection Safe
By: Gabriel Carly | Oct 30 2010
People collect guns for many reasons, be it because they love how they look, or because they love to hunt. Whatever the reasons may be, and whatever... read more
Scopes 101 - Basics for Beginners
By: Mel Heckman | Oct 30 2010
I remember my wife's first experience with a rifle and scope. Being a seasoned hunter and shooter, I was teaching her how to shoot, which involved sighting in... read more
Great Gun Scopes
By: Nuurrayla Jessie... | Oct 26 2010
Are you trying to find the correct sniper scopes for aggressive shooting or searching scopes for online game looking? It is rarely straightforward to uncover the correct sniper or seeker... read more
Mountain View Acres, Windber PA
By: Marc Wood | Oct 25 2010
Mountain View Acres (MVA) is a great place to hunt. The whole outfit is extremely professional and provides hunts that are unmatched. The enjoyment had while hunting this property is... read more
Please Take Action to Stop the Spread of Wolves
By: Jim Wall | Oct 20 2010
To all Sportsmen, As you know there's been a lot of talk and controversy surrounding the wolf issue lately. Wolves are a very serious threat to the future of our... read more
Where to Get Discount Climbing Tree Stands for Sale
By: Jacob Dennis | Oct 14 2010
Looking to get a good discount on climbing tree stands for sale? You are not alone. With hunting season upon us, a good stand is something that will not... read more
Utah's World Record Elk
By: Rod Besler | Oct 12 2010
Well, it became official in 2009. A Utah elk now holds the title of world record elk - non-typical - for carrying the largest antler elk ever recorded. The Boone... read more
Types Of Federal Firearms Licenses - What Are They?
By: Brady Harrison | Oct 10 2010
There are typically nine types of Federal Firearms Licenses that you would consider. These include types 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9,... read more
Pelican Tactical Flashlight Guide
By: Don Peters | Oct 10 2010
The 8060 LED Pelican tactical flashlight beams a powerful shot of light by using 190 lumens and it is a rechargeable model that uses 4 C-sized batteries or a NiMH... read more
Carl Zeiss Conquest Binoculars
By: Matt Everest | Oct 9 2010
If you're a hunter, or a sportsman who requires the ability to see clearly at a long distance, then you've no doubt come across the top of the... read more
Custom Survival Knives: The Ideal Tools for the Outdoors Enthusiast
By: J Zande | Oct 9 2010
If you are a hunter, camper, scout, law enforcement officer, in the military or just the average "Joe" you most likely need high quality, functional... read more
Why It's Great To See The New York Times Support Hunting
By: Jim Wall | Oct 7 2010
A few days ago the New York Times posted an article in their newspaper talking about why it's important to preserve our heritage. Not only was I shocked to see... read more
Hunting Season Is Back
By: Stephen Mazur | Oct 4 2010
Fall has arrived and that means it is time to get our hunting gear ready for that big day. We know what the feeling and the anticipation of waiting for... read more
Quality Hunting Knives
By: Nicole Roberts | Oct 3 2010
If you enjoy hunting or spending any sort of time outside then you will need to purchase a top quality hunting knife. You should always ensure that you are using... read more
Why Fred Bear Is An Icon For Hunting
By: James Fackrell | Oct 2 2010
Fred Bear was born on March 5th, 1902 and passed away on April 27th, 1988. That was a sad day when the "father of bow hunting" passed away... read more
How to Choose the Right Hunting Broadheads for Your Bow
By: Lisa S Santora | Sep 30 2010
When you're out bow hunting, your broadheads are arguably the most important items in your kit. It's therefore essential that you pick a model that suits both your bow... read more
Best Handgun Safe - V-Line Pistol Safes
By: Taylor Hendricksen | Sep 29 2010
It is very important to keep your handgun safe and locked up at all times. There is a news story each year about a child who found a gun in... read more
243 Rifle - Most Widely Used Hunting Caliber
By: Vincent Moh | Sep 28 2010
The first prototype of 243 rifle cartridge was developed by Warren Page and introduced to the public in 1955 by Winchester with Model 70 bolt-action and Model 88 lever-action sporting... read more
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