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Poster is Perfect for Disseminating Information
By: Print Shop | May 4 2013
For a variety of applications, posters play a vital role in disseminating information. For advertising or promoting products and services, and for announcing events such as birthdays and... read more
Learn the Tips to Paint the Windows to the Soul - The Eyes
By: Terry Metcalfe | Jan 9 2012
The eyes are the window to the soul. In a painting of a human being, the look in the eyes can make a great impact to the message in... read more
Quality Is Key When Buying Art Supplies and Materials
By: Terry Metcalfe | Sep 21 2011
Purchasing art supplies can be difficult at the best of times and if you are an aspiring or budding artist the choice can simply become overwhelming. There are many art retailers... read more
Wall Art for Your Style
By: Brent Tan | Aug 3 2011
You want your home to reflect your own personal tastes and styles. You will pick out the perfect furniture that will be comfortable but also reflect your taste. You will... read more
The Beauty and Elegance of Wall Art
By: Brent Tan | Jul 20 2011
The walls of any building or home are not just supports to hold up the ceiling. They are a place to display wall art that is tasteful, elegant,... read more
Fast Day Printing and Next Day Printing At A Glance
By: Jessica Thomson | May 6 2011
In today's world most people requires brochures, leaflets, flexes printed for and hence they need professional help for the work. If you also fall in the same category... read more
Business Print Services: Need Of Modern Business Houses
By: Jessica Thomson | May 2 2011
There has been a new surge of the concept of managed print services among companies of the 21st century. With the advent and popularity of top of the line equipments... read more
Tips To Find Good London Printers
By: Jessica Thomson | Apr 7 2011
If you are looking for a London printer to produce your company's letterheads, business cards, stationery or brochure, then most obvious way is to search for... read more
Incredible Living Paintings of Alexa Meade
By: John Stevens | Feb 11 2011
Born in 1986, the young American artist Alexa Meade is known as an installation artist based in the Washington, DC. Meade graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political... read more
The importance of modern canvas art in interior design
By: Jen And | Jan 20 2011
Decorating, wallpaper and paint costs can amount to a fortune. Labour costs add quite considerably along with wall preparation and the many hidden costs that can occur when decorating,... read more
Bizarre works of Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter
By: John Stevens | Jan 3 2011
Walter Potter was an English taxidermist noted for his anthropomorphic dioramas featuring stuffed animals mimicking human life. He started his collection at the age of 19. In 1918 when... read more
271 New Picasso Works Found in France
By: John Stevens | Dec 2 2010
A huge cache of canvas painted by Pablo Picasso nearly 100 years ago were unveiled for the first time at the home of a retired electrician in France. The collection... read more
Metal Chain Link Fence Painting
By: Jakob Barry | Dec 2 2010
Every morning on the way out the door there it is: the rusted chain link fence. Surrounding your home it looks like the horror of the neighborhood, right? No... read more
Amazing 3-D Chalk Paintings by Chalk God
By: John Stevens | Nov 29 2010
Amazingly eye-catching pavements look as if they were painted in 3-D style. Such picturesque masterpieces have been created by Mr. Hou from China, nicknamed Chalk God. It is so... read more
How to Hire a Professional Painter
By: Andrew Stratton | Nov 28 2010
Step 1 - Decide which areas of the home you are interested in having painted. Are you looking at a smaller job, you a renovation project to hire a... read more
Decorate Your Home With Exterior Paint Colors
By: Dylan Riegler | Nov 24 2010
The first look of the house anyone has is its exterior part. If the outside part of the house has a dull look with the faded colors, people will... read more
Liu Bolin's Excellent Camouflage Art
By: John Stevens | Nov 23 2010
Chinese artist Liu Bolin is well-known as the invisible man for good reason. He has become famous for his camouflage art which makes people become invisible to others. With the... read more
All You Need to Know About Lead in Paint
By: Lena M Butler | Nov 22 2010
Recent studies have shown that lead in paint is the most common way for both children and adults to be afflicted with lead poisoning. While lead-based paint is no longer... read more
Most Famous Blind Painters Ever
By: John Stevens | Nov 16 2010
Painting is ever recognized as among the highest-appreciated arts requiring great talents from artists. There are lots of paintings in the world considered as state-of-the-arts created by famous professional artists.... read more
Going Green - The Advantages of Choosing Low VOC Paints
By: Chris M. Williams | Nov 3 2010
Expectant mothers and asthma patients can find it hard to bare the smell of recently painted walls or surfaces. One of the main components of paint that leads to this... read more
What You Need To Know When Hiring a Painter
By: Greg Losson | Nov 1 2010
When you need to redecorate or have just moved into a new property the first thing you think of doing is getting to your nearest DIY hardware store select a... read more
Tips for an Exterior or Interior Painting Home Improvement Project
By: Alexander Fishback | Oct 29 2010
Giving your Tallahassee home a fresh look can be as easy as giving it a new coat of paint. One of the most commonly overlooked home improvement projects is merely... read more
Beneficial Painting Suggestions
By: Dean Hood | Oct 25 2010
The difference between a professional painter and you might be the amount of time that it takes to accomplish this project plus the clean up. You can do an excellent... read more
Create Your Own Abstract Painting
By: Michelle Marks | Oct 24 2010
Creating your own abstract painting is a great way to dabble in the artists world. If you are not sure how to get started, here is everything you need... read more
Defining Meanings from Abstract Paintings
By: Michelle Marks | Oct 24 2010
Defining and realizing the meanings of abstract paintings are tasks best left for the observer. Like listening to music, each person gets their own experience.   Defining Abstract Paintings Abstract paintings... read more
Painter Contractor Job Description
By: Andrew Stratton | Oct 24 2010
A painter contractor is a professional who specializes in painting jobs. This profession does not only focus on painting as their name implies but their work encompasses the application of... read more
Color Feelings - Painting Inspiration Happens When You Leave the Fear of White Walls Behind
By: Glenda Millette | Oct 14 2010
Do you know an all white paint hold out, someone who will not budge when it comes to putting colorful paint on their walls? We are going to talk... read more
Paint Like a Pro - Painting an Interior Room
By: Paul Heffer | Oct 13 2010
Here is a checklist of the 10 Top Tips to make the job straightforward and hassle free. 1. Paint Interior walls should be painted with either matte or satin finishes. Save the... read more
Sandpainting: Hot-trend Spiritual Art
By: John Stevens | Oct 12 2010
Sandpainting has recently become a hot-trend art appealing the attention from many people at any age. As to be known that sandpainting is the art of pouring colored sands with... read more
Essential Painting Preparation Tips
By: Christopher Holt | Oct 10 2010
Selecting the correct paint colour may be the most enjoyable aspect associated with your painting undertaking, however this is certainly far from the most essential stage. Preparing the actual... read more
5 Advantages of Using Acrylic Paint
By: Michelle Marks | Oct 8 2010
When I used to think of paint and paintings, I would think of either water colors or oil paints, I never thought of acrylic paint. I had heard... read more
Ceiling Paint Idea - Painting Walls and Ceilings With a Contrasting Color Adds Interest to Your Room
By: Glenda Millette | Oct 2 2010
Don't forget to look up. Are your ceilings all they could be? Or are they boring and drab and uninspiring? Ceilings can be the unsung heroes in your design scheme.... read more
Painter Service - 3 Benefits of Choosing a Professional
By: Andrew Stratton | Oct 2 2010
Whether you just want a fresh coat of "builder's beige" or would rather add a bold splash of color, painting your home is a big deal. Even though you... read more
Simple Wall Paint Designs
By: Dwi Sri Handayani | Oct 1 2010
Residence may be the spot which gives you feeling of warmth and comfort after an extended tiring day. The wall paint shades can make your residence glance elegant or funky... read more
Sponge Painting Techniques - Interior Design Advice Helping You Create New Options for Paint
By: Glenda Millette | Sep 30 2010
Many people love to do faux painting, that is great if you know what you and doing and use correct supplies to do the job. One of the biggest... read more
Exterior Painting - When Is It Time to Paint?
By: Scott Madara | Sep 30 2010
Time can take its toll on any exterior painting, including homes and commercial properties. Heat, cold, and rain all work together to strip a building of its... read more
Paint Brushes and Rollers - Interior Design Help You Keep Your Supplies Clean and Easy to Use
By: Glenda Millette | Sep 29 2010
How frustrating is it to need a paint color and you have to open and test the paint in multiple buckets just to find the correct paint color to touch... read more
Planting for a Patio
By: Dayante Rossdale | Sep 28 2010
Tough, drought tolerant trees and shrubs make superb container plants, and they can be used to create a focal point or to provide shelter and shade on the... read more
Accent Wall Paint Ideas - Interior Wall Paint Colors Create a New and Fun Environment
By: Glenda Millette | Sep 27 2010
The eye goes to color, and when color is placed around a room your eye moves from one area to another taking in the entire space. Using color as... read more
Painting a House To Rent Or Sell
By: Amy Leigh Parker | Sep 24 2010
Introduction. When developing a property to rent or sell, the chances are it will need a complete makeover at the end of the development - the fundamentals of alteration will... read more
Pekingese terrier Ziggy: Talented dog painter
By: John Stevens | Sep 22 2010
Ziggy, a fluffy Pekingese terrier, owns an incredible talent in abstract works of art. He gained fame worldwide after his owner Elizabeth Moncelli introduced Ziggy’s masterpieces to an... read more
Use Painters Tape for Straight Edges Every Time
By: Sam Greenfield | Sep 22 2010
Painters tape, usable on multiple surfaces, is perfect to provide straight paint lines, lifts off cleanly, and does not leave a sticky residue behind. Using a thin-strip... read more
Signs That a House Needs Painting
By: Jeremy P Stanfords | Sep 18 2010
If a Georgia property owner knows when to have a fresh coat of paint put on the outside of a house, it can save a lot of money and... read more
Interior Paint Colors - Why Paint Your Walls
By: Boris Smith | Sep 15 2010
Most people would say it's time to paint our walls when they don't appear to be shiny white anymore. But we would recommend you to paint your walls now! Interior... read more
Three Professional Painting Tips
By: Cleo Gib | Sep 11 2010
Whether you are painting your new house or an old room, adding a couple of coats of paint can definitely freshen up the space. Painters should have at least... read more
Spray Painting Pointers
By: Vic Nagy | Sep 10 2010
If you consider spray painting anything around your home, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind to ensure that you didn't waste your time and... read more
A Quick Guide to Outdoor Paint
By: Ramsey Boyd | Sep 9 2010
Outdoor paint has to be tough in order to take the beating that the weather will give it. A coat of paint is a great way to reinvigorate your house,... read more
Painting Estimates - Three Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Painter
By: Mike R Wilson | Sep 7 2010
Getting a painting estimate for your project might seem like a pretty straight forward task; call a couple of painting contractors, have them all come out and give you... read more
Vinyl Siding Or Paint - Which Is for You?
By: Sonia C Llesol | Sep 7 2010
When you are planning to improve your home exterior to increase its value, there are many options and materials to choose from. When choosing material for your home,... read more
Painting Services
By: Patrick Sherrin | Aug 26 2010
Have you ever felt bad about the dilapidated look of your home? Several methods can be deployed for making your home attractive & repainting your home is the most basic... read more
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