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A Piece of You in Every Card
By: Michelle Anne... | Jan 5 2011
While there are over 3, 000 card making companies and manufacturers in the United States that can produce over 7 billion cards each year, crafting your own card for... read more
Get FREE Greeting Card/Christmas Card Verses To Use Inside Your Homemade Cards!
By: Father Time | Dec 14 2010
So, you enjoy making cards? Greetings cards... Christmas cards! Are you at a "loss for words" when it comes to writing something inside? We when it is Christmastime,... read more
Greeting Card Hobbyists Need To Know Where To Get Greeting Card Verses To Put Inside Their Handmade Greeting Cards!
By: Father Time | Dec 10 2010
Like the title says...Greeting Card Hobbyists Need To Know Where To Get Greeting Card Verses To Put Inside Their Handmade Greeting Cards! The hobby of making greeting cards is fun,... read more
Scrapbooking - Make This Holiday Season Special With Cricut Christmas Cartridges
By: Sam England | Dec 9 2010
There are a thousand things that make the holiday season such a headache. From decorations to gifts, from budgets to kids, from parties to parents, it's that... read more
Beginner Scrapbooking Vocabulary, Part One: A Through H
By: Lain Ehmann | Dec 5 2010
Scrapbooking is like any specialty hobby; it's got its own vocabulary! When you first start out, you can feel like everyone around you is speaking a foreign language. To... read more
Beginner Scrapbooking Vocabulary Part Two: I Through Q
By: Lain Ehmann | Dec 3 2010
Scrapbooking has its own vocabulary, and it can be a little baffling for new scrapbookers. This is the second in a series that defines common scrapbook terms you may... read more
Cricut Tips, How to Make Pop Out Icons for Christmas Cards
By: Grace Martial | Nov 28 2010
For craft and scrapbooking enthusiasts, we all know that Cricut is a way to create die cuts with the help of the Cricut cutting machine loaded with design cartridge.... read more
Using Scrapbook Mini Albums for Keepsakes
By: Michel Maling | Nov 23 2010
If you like to keep all your correspondence and old cards, then here is an ideal way for you to store them using a scrapbook mini album, that... read more
How to Scrapbook Your Photo Booth Experience
By: Robert Reno | Nov 23 2010
Scrapbooking is a common question asked by couples. Preserving memories though photographs has been growing in popularity since the invention of the camera. All homes have picture frames, and... read more
Scrapbooking Title Troubles: Solving Your Biggest Title Problems
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 22 2010
Are your scrapbook layout titles taking their toll on you? Not to worry! I'm here to help. Titles are important for several reasons: They set the tone for your layout They serve... read more
Make An Amazing Scrapbook With This Patterned Paper!
By: Jaroslaw A | Nov 16 2010
When it comes to decorating and accentuating a project, a patterned paper has never lost its name on the line. In fact, most of the people across the... read more
Homemade Christmas Cards: Five Tips for Keeping Sane
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 10 2010
As November gallops towards Christmas like a herd of reindeer, you may be thinking that it's time to get going on your holiday cards. Before you pull out all... read more
Why Do We Scrapbook?
By: Rosalee Howard | Nov 9 2010
So why do we scrapbook? We scrapbook to safeguard our memories. What's going to happen when we are gone? What will our children remember about us? How about your grandchildren... read more
The Positives and Negatives of Scrapbooking the Negatives
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 8 2010
Weddings. New babies. Birthdays. Holidays. These are the events we usually think of when we think of scrapbooking our family's memories. But what about the not-so-happy parts of our lives?... read more
Creative Mini-Album Scrapbooking Ideas for Thanksgiving
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 8 2010
With all the family members and fluster surrounding Thanksgiving, scrapbooking might be the last thing on your mind. But even if you don't have time to scrapbook, make... read more
Why Scrapbook? How Scrapbooking Enhances My Relationships
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 7 2010
If someone said that golfing every weekend made him a better husband and father, I guess I could see that. Everyone needs time away from everyday pressures to recharge... read more
Beginning Scrapbooking Vocabulary, Part III: R Through Z
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 6 2010
This is the third in a series on scrapbooking vocabulary for beginners. With this handy guide, you'll be ready to take the scrapbook world -- and the craft store... read more
Scrapbook Overwhelm: Where to Start When You're Flooded
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 5 2010
Whether you're flooded with ideas, flooded with possibilities, flooded with projects, or flooded with photos, the result is the same: Paralysis. When you can't sort through... read more
Scrapbooking Journaling: Going Beyond the Basic "Who"
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 2 2010
As a trained journalist, I'm used to thinking about my scrapbook journaling in terms of the "Five W's and the H" -- who, what, when, where,... read more
What's Your Scrapbooking Why? My Key to Happier Scrapping
By: Lain Ehmann | Nov 2 2010
When asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, British climber George Mallory responded, "Because it's there. Now that might be good enough reason to spend months preparing... read more
Scrapbooking for Cash: Can You Make Money Scrapbooking?
By: Lain Ehmann | Oct 26 2010
If you have images of sitting in a gorgeous scrapbooking room, surrounded by all the latest tools and supplies, creating gorgeous layouts for which you are paid scads... read more
Review of the New Kit I LEAF YOU by Ruby Lane Designs
By: Maria Snell | Oct 22 2010
I love the crisp autumn air! I love the smells, the colors and the light of fall! And I am absolutely in love with Ruby Lane's new fall kit... read more
Scrapbooking Supplies: What to Do With Your Leftovers
By: Lain Ehmann | Oct 19 2010
As any scrapbooker can tell you, we end up with way more supplies than we could ever use. The odds and ends of cardstock, patterned paper, ribbons,... read more
Tips for Laminating in Scrapbooking
By: David Y Moore | Oct 13 2010
Laminating can be used to keep the important documents and also signs so that they will no destroyed or even worn. It is the same idea with the scrapbooking. The... read more
Making A Scrapbooking Home Business Work
By: Vince Armstrong | Oct 10 2010
Scrapbooking is a fun hobby enjoyed by many. It entails exhibiting photographs in a distinctive and creative way. With scrapbooking supply stores, it's even easier to find unique embellishments... read more
8th Grade English Lessons Help Make a Better Scrapbook Story
By: Kimberly Bates | Oct 6 2010
I remember middle school (or junior high as it was called way back then) and all the classes, particularly English. Like Algebra, I swore that stuff wouldn't ever... read more
Understanding Publishable Versus Printable in Digital Scrapbooking
By: Kimberly Bates | Oct 5 2010
The digital world is a huge one on every front, and the options in what has come to be called "digital scrapbooking" are no exception. This article distinguishes between... read more
Digital Scrapbooking - The Great Possibilities to Explore
By: Johnny Fu | Oct 1 2010
Have you been asking yourself what great things you can make using digital scrapbooking? Well, it's a normal question, since we keep hearing lots of great things about... read more
Cheap Scrapbook Supplies - Where to Find Them
By: Lain Ehmann | Sep 30 2010
Let's face it, when you're paying $1 for a sheet of patterned paper, the price tag of a scrapbook page can add up fast! Ribbon, buttons,... read more
Fall Photos for Scrapbooking - Unique Takes on Old Favorites
By: Lain Ehmann | Sep 30 2010
Fall is full of great photo opportunities. With vivid colors, lots of exciting happenings like first days of school and even last-minute summer getaways, there are a million... read more
Scrapbook Journaling - Improving Your Handwriting
By: Lain Ehmann | Sep 26 2010
Do you hate your handwriting? Do your chicken scratches look like you should be writing on a prescription pad? Would you rather let your three-year-old doodle on your scrapbooking layouts... read more
How to Scrapbook a Lot of Pictures in Little Time
By: Lain Ehmann | Sep 25 2010
Scrapbooking may seem like a time-intensive process, but it really doesn't have to be. There are ways you can scrapbook a lot of pictures in little time, just... read more
Three Reasons Traditional Scrapbookers Should Try Digital
By: Kimberly Bates | Sep 25 2010
Are you a traditional crop-and-mount scrapbooker who is hopelessly behind? Or, do you have the impression that digital scrapbooking is all "cookie-cutter" templates with little to no creative control?... read more
Scrapbook Videos - A Great Way to Learn
By: Lain Ehmann | Sep 24 2010
With a visual medium like scrapbooking, it makes sense to turn to videos to learn more. Fortunately, scrapbook videos are readily available online, from bloggers and scrapbookers... read more
Scrapbooking Layout Ideas - Where and How You Can Get Them
By: Steven Jipanin | Sep 17 2010
Ideas are valuable, as well as scrapbooking layout ideas. Somehow, it seems that the community are continually underestimating the power of ideas. However, the world at present... read more
Preserve Those Great College Memories With A Sorority Scrapbooks Kit
By: Sveinung Skoglund | Sep 8 2010
Ah the college years...truly one of the most enjoyable and glorious periods in any person's life, particularly if you were a sorority member. It is something that many people... read more
Cricut Cutter - The Personal Die-Cutter
By: Michael Louis | Sep 3 2010
The Cricut Cutter by Provo Craft is a die-cutting machine used primarily for scrapbooking and card making.  Since the invention of the first camera, in the 1830's the growth... read more
How Do I Get Started With My New Sizzix Big Shot?
By: Rebecca Germain | Aug 28 2010
After you've purchased your Big Shot from a brick and mortar or online retailer, your first thought may be 'now what?' But there's no need to worry, it's... read more
Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas and Solutions
By: Michel Maling | Aug 19 2010
As an avid scrap booker, I am always looking for cheap scrapbooking ideas and ways to save money with my scrapbooking layouts. If I am not careful I can... read more
Die Cut Machines for Every Type of Scrapbooking
By: John Fragrant... | Aug 13 2010
Die Cut machines are a popular gadget in today's scrapbooking communities and they allow you to cleanly cut out shapes, letters and pictures out of paper for use in... read more
300DPI.com Review & Coupon Code
By: Art Vandelay | Aug 12 2010
300DPI.com coupon codes will help you save some money. They have a sweet deal right now where you can get buy one, get one free on digital kits. To... read more
Bring Your Scrapbooking Ideas to Life!
By: Victoria Mistral | Aug 8 2010
A scrapbook is not just an ordinary material of bounded pages. It is a reservoir of memories, of moments you can't forget. That is why; a lot of people... read more
A Beginner's Guide to Get Scrapbooking!
By: Maureen C. Morin | Aug 3 2010
You have never created a scrapbook before, but want to. You have been admiring your friends' scrapbooks for years, and finally decided that you are going to take... read more
HP0-D04 practice exam
By: Alice | Jul 31 2010
Our HP HP0-D04 Exam will provide you with exam questions with verified answers that reflect the actual exam. These questions and answers provide you with the experience of taking the... read more
Stamp Boxes - What You Must Know About Them
By: Ernie Lonardo | Jul 25 2010
Stamp boxes are traditional items that look grand in your tables. They bear testimony of people's age old fascination for decorative stamp boxes. Even today when we send the occasional... read more
Military Scrapbooking Supplies
By: Anne Bell | Jul 19 2010
Creating scrapbooks for military members can be difficult. Many times the only time any patriotic themes and accessories are available is during the month of July around Independence Day. Even... read more
Tips to Keep Pictures Safe on Vacation
By: Alton M Terrell | Jul 18 2010
In the increasing of digital technology, it is known that people are taking more and more picture everyday. It is because today you can take pictures in easy and... read more
5 Ideas For Great Summer Photos of Your Children
By: Michelle Massey... | Jul 17 2010
Here are five great photography ideas to help you take one of a kind photos of your children this summer. Round up the kids, break out your camera and... read more
Tombow Glue Makes Scrapbooking Easy
By: Grant Mills | Jun 23 2010
One of my biggest pet peeves is getting messy, sticky glue all over my hands when I'm trying to work with small items, or scrapbooking. Many crafters know that... read more
Make Great Scrapbooking Titles
By: Genie Balfour | Jun 21 2010
Your scrapbook layouts can be greatly enhanced by finding attention-getting titles. A good way to do this is to begin with a plentiful supply of scrapbooking alphabets. As many of... read more
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