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Should You Pick-Up Some "Dirty" Street Fighting Techniques?
By: Wisey Lim | Jan 13 2011
Ask yourself this question, "Should you pick-up some street fighting techniques? How much money would you pay to answer the cries of someone you love, who has been... read more
Woman Self-Defence - The Movie Versus The Real Life Situation
By: Wisey Lim | Jan 13 2011
Why do you need to take-up woman self-defence lesson? You have seen it in the movie. A girl is heading to her car in a dark and isolated parking bay. Suddenly... read more
Choosing a Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) M-16
By: PoorFish | Jan 8 2011
The M-16 knife by CRKT is the most popular line of CRKT knives designed by knife maker and former professional soldier Kit Carson. All of the M-16 knives are great... read more
Zombie Survival Weapons that Don't Need Bullets
By: PoorFish | Jan 7 2011
Zombies might not exist right now but Mom has always said be prepared for every situation. In order to prepare you for a zombie invasion the items below make great... read more
Here's The Truth About Real Kung Fu Power
By: Al Case | Jan 5 2011
A fascinating karate book is the martial arts biography by C W Nicol, which is titled 'Moving Zen.' Amongst the cutting tales in that book is one of my... read more
Old Muscle Building Method Makes For A Hard Punch In Days!
By: Al Case | Dec 31 2010
I mean that literally, you can have a hard punch in days. The old body building method is called Dynamic Tension, and it was used by the old... read more
The Problem With How Martial Arts Systems Are Put Together
By: Al Case | Dec 19 2010
The odd thing is, when we create martial arts styles and systems, we are repeating, and even compounding the errors of those who went before us. This... read more
Fat Burning Food Recipes - 21 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart
By: Claire Adams | Dec 18 2010
One of the most effective methods in trying to lose weight is to consistently eat healthy foods. Eating substantial amounts of healthy foods while losing weight is not a problem... read more
Bushcraft equipments
By: business 1st | Nov 23 2010
Bushcraft is all about surviving in the natural habitat without the luxury of modern amenities and luxuries. It is indeed a craft of living and learning in the lap of... read more
she loves Muay Thai and often would go to Muay Thai Pavilion
By: chan kaka | Nov 22 2010
Brought Bruce Lee, most only tells Wing Chun and nunchuck, a little bit more, you can say "Chinese not you agree sick man of Asia, " the classic... read more
Kids Wetsuit Buyers Guide - Tips on how to choose the right wetsuit for your kids
By: Kris Mifsud | Oct 28 2010
Due to the fact that wetsuits are constructed from neoprene which contains thousands of foam bubbles, it makes the wetsuit extremely buoyant whilst in water and will float a... read more
Self Defense Combat- Is This The Proven Method To Properly Defend Yourself In A Violent Encounter?
By: Torri Andrews | Oct 22 2010
Have you ever been in a position were you needed to defend yourself? There could be a time were you might get mugged and the person that is mugging you... read more
Basic Principles of self defense training
By: Imran ali | Oct 18 2010
It has been seen that when it comes to monitor several self-defense training classes we come to know the fact that most of them do not pay full attention towards... read more
Get the best price gun safe - free shipping!
By: chad siemer | Oct 12 2010
Are you in the market for a gun safe? Looking to find the best price gun safe free shipping? There are many gun safes on the market, but which... read more
Self-Defense Weapons - Knives And Handguns
By: Aisha Ahmed | Oct 7 2010
There are lots of weapons that are used for one's self-defense. Knives - The Rarely Used Self-Defense Weapon Pepper spray, stun guns and kubotans are the weapons that are most commonly... read more
Self-Defense Weapons - Stun Guns And Kubotans
By: Aisha Ahmed | Oct 7 2010
Today many people are conscious about their self-defense and they want to make their self-defense strong. For this purpose they take the help of several things. Some of the people... read more
Clash Of Opinion Among Different People About Self-Defense Training
By: Imran ali | Oct 7 2010
People may be simply categorized into two main categories. The first category belongs to those who are against acquiring any kind of self-defense training. And the second category refers to... read more
Seeing The Current Scenario Of The World Self-defense Training Becomes Inevitable
By: Imran ali | Oct 7 2010
Today, the world is facing a very terrible period where we can find assaults, bloodshed, state terrorism and many other violence incidents. Similarly it is also observed... read more
Self Defence Items That Will Save Your Life
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 29 2010
You are more at risk from being attacked than ever before and for this reason alone there has never been a time to learn of ways to protect yourself,... read more
The Best Self Defence tips for Women
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 29 2010
Statistics show that one in six womenwill be sexually abused in their lifetime. Now statistics might not mean anything to you, that is until your family or a loved... read more
Street fighting tips
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 29 2010
I've trained in many different martial arts for many years and have found out that most moves taught in dojos or gyms are suitable for dojos or gyms, these... read more
Best Beretta - Beretta 92 and the 9mm Round
By: Taylor Hendricksen | Sep 26 2010
Beretta Handguns are some of the most popular handguns in the world, and for good reason. They are the oldest handgun manufacturer in the world (Started all the way... read more
Best Glock - Glock 22 Standard Size 40 Cal Pistol
By: Taylor Hendricksen | Sep 26 2010
Glock handguns are without a doubt some of the best handguns on the market today. Some people really don't them, but many more absolutely love them. These Austrian-made handguns... read more
Three Street Fighting Martial Arts Moves That I Don't Really Recommend!
By: Al Case | Sep 21 2010
I've taught for over forty years, and I've seen martial arts techniques that work, and martial arts moves that don't work. Of course, I haven't seen everything... read more
Killer Self Defense moves revealed
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 20 2010
It frustrates me the amount of self defence moves that I see online and taught in Dojos that don't actually work.  Some trainers teach complicated moves that work in a... read more
Learn Self Defence the right way
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 20 2010
You would be better off staying at home eating a pack of potato chips than doing some of the self defence techniques that I have seen in the past. I have... read more
Non-Lethal Self-Defense Pepper Sprays At Wholesale Can Make YOU Money!
By: Father Time | Sep 18 2010
You would like to make some extra money, wouldn't you? You don't want to have to labor for it, right?  Then you will definitely have to "sell something." BUT...selling... read more
The Silly Approach Of Many People Towards Their Self-Defense
By: Imran ali | Aug 31 2010
Today, when it is said to many people that now the world is facing a severe era in terms of bloodshed, mortality and violence and it has become... read more
Self-Defence - Your Safety is in Your Hands
By: Imran ali | Aug 31 2010
Self defence has become a serious issue with today's horrible world scenario. When we take a look at the past decades we come to know that at that time the... read more
Finding a self defense instructor
By: Imran ali | Jun 20 2010
A good instructor is the one who uses a paddled suit to tech their students. Instructors not only teach fighting but also educate their students about the dos and don'ts... read more
Expensive Self defense weapons
By: Imran ali | Jun 20 2010
Carrying a self defense weapon has become a style these days. The self defense weapons are made stylishly and as small as possible for easy carriage. Depending on your capability,... read more
Self defense weapons to overcome attacks
By: Imran ali | Jun 20 2010
The use of self defense weapons must not be adopted unless you have reached a certain age. If you are a teenager then self defense is very much applicable for... read more
The reason why self defense is important
By: Imran ali | Jun 20 2010
Education has no end whether it is academic studies, cooking, co curricular activities, or learning a sport. There is no age for education but most people still... read more
Best products of self defense
By: Imran ali | Jun 20 2010
Self-defense is a natural process. An animal even wants to rescue if the other attacks it. Therefore as Human beings we should also pay attention towards our self-defense. We need... read more
Learning self defense online
By: Imran ali | Jun 20 2010
Learning self defense is becoming so much important these days. As the crime rate is increasing all over the world therefore knowing about your self-defense is necessity for you. All... read more
But, really, I don't mind it so much
By: Michael | Jun 15 2010
The African noisemaker has, well, created a lot of noise -- especially from some of the top players. Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo said the incessant buzzing made it impossible... read more
Struggling to locate African experience
By: Michael | Jun 15 2010
In partnering with various multi-nationals to provide food, drink and no doubt a hefty wedge of endorsement cash, FIFA can be held responsible for the fact that the... read more
History of British Boxing
By: Paul hussey | Jun 12 2010
Imbued in English culture is a love and creator of Sports of all kinds. I have a website where I have listed and linked to the 100+ various sports and games... read more
Reasons to Take Up Self Defense Training
By: John Newcomb | Jun 8 2010
Self-defense training might feel like an exercise in futility but consider the benefits: your body gets in shape, and you are much better prepared to protect yourself or your... read more
Watch shogun vs machida 2 fight video Online Free live Steaming Now For Free!
By: Jessica Michaels | May 26 2010
Well the internet is a awesome place and the internet means only one thing to many people free stuff. So do you want to watch Shogun vs machida 2 fight... read more
Watch paul daley cheap shot video Online Free live Steaming Now For Free!
By: Jessica Michaels | May 26 2010
Well the internet is a awesome place and the internet means only one thing to many people free stuff. So do you want to watch Paul daley cheap shot video... read more
Laptop hard disk storage maintenance for the re
By: wxg battery, Jr. | May 26 2010
Laptop hard disk storage maintenance for the re- Computer hard drive as the main way of working mechanical movement of components, and the most easily damaged parts. Its protection should... read more
Jeff Anderson Street Fighting Uncaged - How To Do Self Defense Review
By: Andrei Felix | May 25 2010
Do you often find yourself harassed by a group of people in the streets on your way home? Are you tired of being robbed by some felon every time you... read more
Self defense - when living alone
By: Imran ali | May 24 2010
We are social beings. We love to live with our families and loved ones. But sometimes situations make us so helpless that we have to live alone. Especially when we... read more
Self defense - remember some points
By: Imran ali | May 24 2010
These days self defense is something unavoidable. It is a skill everyone should know. Self defense training is very important. If you are so busy in your daily routine and... read more
Programs of self defense for women
By: Imran ali | May 24 2010
There is recession all over the world. Crime rate is increasing day by day. Insecurity is mounting and fear and uncertainty are in high ratio in most of the people.... read more
Five Key Points For Your Self Defense
By: Imran ali | May 24 2010
Self defence is very important so here we give you a few tips for your self-defense. 1 You have to take the special self-defense classes at any good intitute to know... read more
Benefits of The Flashlight For Self Defense
By: Imran ali | May 24 2010
When we talk about self-defense weapons, especially in dark streets, I think flashlight could be an ideal option for you. These flashlights are generally incorporated on stun guns.... read more
Your Brave Attitude Means A Lot In Your Proper Self Defense
By: Imran ali | May 24 2010
Self-defense means your act to defend yourself against the predator so that you can get away with a certain physical harm. Self-defense in fact justifies the defender in a way... read more
Acquiring Self-Defense Training Can Lessen The Chances To Become A Victim Of Any Offense
By: Imran ali | May 24 2010
We all know that not every person becomes a victim of offense. You must be aware of the fact that the person who unfortunately becomes a prey of the predator... read more
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