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Ball in the World Cup match -After 1994
By: Chanel taschen | Sep 21 2011
From the 20th century, 20's, the founder of Adidas Adi Dassler committed to the development and production began the best football products. This tradition remains the same: During... read more
What are Paintballs?
By: Samuel Morhaim | Jun 18 2007
What are paintballs? Well, they are small gelatin capsules filled with a water-soluble marking dye. The dye in the capsule in not toxic, which means that it won't... read more
Where Can You Skydive In Ohio?
By: Phil Caxton | Apr 25 2007
If you want to skydive, Ohio is a great place to go for it and they boast some great skydiving schools for people of all levels, from beginners... read more
Controversy Still Follows Professional Wrestling
By: Burt Dymond | Feb 13 2007
Popularity of Professional wrestling is to a large extent not viewed too favorably by parents. While children love this phenomenon, parents find certain wrestling styles to be offensive and... read more
Skiing Destinations in British Columbia
By: Ralph Hatchins | Jan 4 2007
British Columbia is a skier's paradise, and if this is your sport, you should take your next holiday there. It has world class resorts, and gorgeous scenery,... read more
The Challenging Game of Hockey
By: Urther Queen | Jan 2 2007
Considering the country's love affair with the game most people would be surprised to learn that hockey is not the national sport of Canada. Many people in Canada eat,... read more
An Introduction to American Baseball
By: Jethro Jordans | Dec 11 2006
Baseball and America are almost synonymous today. Americans are very loyal and cheerful supporters of their teams and throng in millions to view Major League Baseball and The World Series... read more
Basketball: How it all got started
By: Carlos Lintons | Nov 30 2006
Dr. James Naismith. Probably the name means nothing to you. Perhaps it would have meant even less had this Canadian not found himself a home in the Unites States. For... read more
The Fun Sport of Windsurfing
By: Craig Dannerd | Nov 27 2006
Windsurfing is a fun sport that's not too hard to learn. Once you've mastered it, you can do it just about anywhere. You'll need water, wind and your... read more
What?, You've Never Heard Of The Game Of Cricket.!
By: Jeremy Rearden | Nov 16 2006
If you have been countries to outside of North America you may have noticed a major sport in places such as England and Wales, Australia, New Zealand,... read more
Using the Right Lacrosse Equipment Prevents Injuries
By: Nikki Josephs | Oct 24 2006
The sport of Lacrosse is an exciting game that is more popular in Europe than in the United States. It is important to be aware that this fun game can... read more
Underwater on Australia's Great Barrier Reef
By: Kristina Jeffreys | Sep 5 2006
Whether you're an amateur diver, or an experienced one looking for a new challenge, you'll want to visit Australia so that you can dive along the Great Barrier... read more
The World's Best Scuba Diving
By: Arran Rabel | Aug 21 2006
One of the most popular and exotic water sports in the world is scuba diving. Exploring the depths of the oceans appeals to many adventurous people. If you enjoy this... read more
Scuba Diving
By: Arran Rabel | Aug 21 2006
Among the world's most popular water sports is scuba diving. Many are drawn to the idea of exploring the underwater and its mysteries. Such things as exploring shipwrecks, swimming... read more
Tips To Choose a Method Of Skydiving For You
By: Dalvin Rumsey | Mar 13 2006
If you are a skydiving beginner you'll need to read this article to learn which novice skydiving method to choose. There are three ways you can experience the thrill of... read more
Skydiving Training With Accelerated Free Fall
By: Dalvin Rumsey | Mar 13 2006
You can learn how to skydive in other ways but the most thrilling is to do it with the AAF (Accelerated Free Fall). Accelerated Free Fall has first been used as... read more
Top 5 Skydiving Safety Myths
By: Dalvin Rumsey | Mar 13 2006
People are afraid of skydiving mainly because there are a lot of myths related to it in the popular culture. These several inaccuracies that have been propagated are the biggest... read more
Recreational Skydiving!
By: Bart Samuri | Jan 12 2006
Skydiving takes place all over the world but it can be difficult finding a base near you. Not only this, but then choosing a base can be a decision... read more
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