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Neill Ryan Boxing Footwork - Footwork Workout For Boxing Review
By: Andrei Felix | Aug 16 2010
Having problems searching the internet for the best footwork workout for boxing? There is no need for you to go any farther, Boxing Footwork is here and is certainly... read more
Boxing Training Programs - Boxing Footwork
By: Andrei Felix | Aug 16 2010
A well established nutritional program is one of the most important aspects of any workout plan there is. In boxing, most boxing training programs will often require you to... read more
Martial Arts Sparring Gears
By: Mark Stylan | Aug 16 2010
Martial Arts refer to traditional methods and ways of combat. These particular methods and ways strengthen an individual from inside enabling him or her to face unpleasant situations and take... read more
Get Martial Arts Equipment Online
By: Mark Stylan | Aug 16 2010
People who want to get trained in self defense need to consider so many factors to get most satisfactory results easily. Getting perfection in martial art form, you need... read more
Martial Arts Noblesville To Boost Your Self Defense Skills
By: Edmund Brunetti | Aug 16 2010
If you are looking to improve your flexibility and strength, joining martial arts noblesville classes is a very good option. There are lots of situations you might have to... read more
Cold Steel Tai Pan - The Ultimate Combat Knife
By: Carlton Straeker | Aug 13 2010
Cold Steel knives are known for their sharpness, durability, reliability, workmanship, and performance. This is the only company that I know of that regularly and rigorously... read more
MMA Street Fighting Assumptions That Will Get You Killed
By: Matthew K Bryers | Aug 13 2010
Last weekend we had one of your brown belts in Kobukai Ju-jitsu test for his black belt. The black belt test is long, brutal test that lasts about 2... read more
How to Tie a Jiu Jitsu Belt
By: Shakib M. Nassiri | Aug 12 2010
Tying a Jiu Jitsu belt is not hard to do, but may take some practice before you can get it down without concentrating on what you are doing. However,... read more
Street Combatives - Self Defense Tips Review
By: Tracy Young | Aug 12 2010
Self defense is a necessity in our world today. Due to the rising crime rates, murders, rapes and many other alarming incidences, one should be able to... read more
Street Combatives - Self Defense Training Course
By: Tracy Young | Aug 12 2010
There are a lot of reasons to take a self defense training course. It is not only for the reason of protecting oneself but also to protect your loved as... read more
Street Combatives - Self Defense For Children
By: Tracy Young | Aug 12 2010
In our world today we can no longer say that we are safe. The need to protect ourselves from the impending danger around is high priority.  Children are usually the... read more
Being Tall Combat Sports
By: Myles Long | Aug 10 2010
Being exceptionally tall has many advantages, but what about when it comes to sporting endeavour, in particular when it comes to combat sports. So just what are the... read more
Street Combatives Review
By: Sandy Hoffman | Aug 9 2010
Self defense is not just about being able to know the right moves for different situations. It is also very much about psychological game and the readiness to be able... read more
How To Protect Yourself From Violence - Street Combatives
By: Sandy Hoffman | Aug 9 2010
Violence is very unpredictable and spontaneous so better expect the unexpected. When you're in a street fight or any situation similar to that, no rules apply and you have... read more
Toyota Fog Light | Toyota Car Parts,Auto Toyota Parts
By: amit | Aug 9 2010
Lighting devices in automotives play a very vital role. They cause illumination thus making a ride safe. What possible good can human eyes do without light? Light is something that... read more
Street Combatives - Self Defense Moves For Women
By: Tracy Young | Aug 9 2010
Learning different self defense moves for women is very vital for you to be able to defend yourself in cases of real attack. And since street fighting has no rules... read more
Street Combatives - Learn Self Defense Moves
By: Tracy Young | Aug 9 2010
In a street fight or any other violent situations, self defense is very important. These types of fight are very spontaneous and unpredictable. This is why you should learn... read more
Neill Ryan Boxing Footwork Review
By: Andrei Felix | Aug 9 2010
Imagine what more you can do in the ring if you can have better boxing footwork. It is not always that you will find some good pieces of advice on... read more
Boxing Foot Work - Boxing Footwork
By: Andrei Felix | Aug 9 2010
Becoming the next boxing champ is no joke. But what really makes a boxer become the best? Obviously it is not only with the kind of diet or even with... read more
Toyota Cargo Liners | Toyota Car Parts,Auto Toyota Parts
By: amit | Aug 9 2010
The Romanian representative of the International Transporters' Federation, Adrian Mihalcioiu, confirmed the sea-jacking of German-owned MV VICTORIA happened in the strip secured by vessels operating under a NATO... read more
Training For Boxers - Boxing Footwork
By: Andrei Felix | Aug 9 2010
Boxing is quite an interesting sport. What makes it even more interesting is when the fighters could outlast each other using their best out of their unique training for boxers.... read more
Toyota Alternator | Toyota Car Parts,Auto Toyota Parts
By: amit | Aug 9 2010
The charging system totally depends on the car's alternator. It's not only a crucial part of the car's electrical system which includes the radio, lights, and fan; but... read more
Ninjutsu Self-Defense - Don't Let This Thing Be the Most Overlooked Part of Your Ninja Training!
By: Jeffrey Miller | Aug 7 2010
There are many aspects to even the most conventional martial arts training, but trying to learn Ninjutsu self defense training literally involves learning more skills than almost any other... read more
Simple Qigong Exercises For Back Pain Relief With Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming
By: Alain Burrese | Aug 7 2010
"Simple Qigong Exercises for Back Pain Relief" with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is one of the many Qigong DVDs Dr. Yang has released, with this one having the focus,... read more
Toyota fortuner review | Toyota Innova Review
By: amit | Aug 7 2010
The Fortuner, Toyota's cheapest SUV, has received a minor facelift, giving it a new face and other minor detail updates. The Fortuner is the product of Toyota's... read more
Learn Ninjutsu - How Well Do You Really Understand the Kihon Happo of Ninpo and Budo Taijutsu?
By: Jeffrey Miller | Aug 7 2010
Since around the mid 1980's there has been, and continues to be a serious impediment to students trying to learn ninjutsu. It's bad enough when our own beliefs and... read more
Sport Cars Pictures | Racing Sports Cars | Sports cars
By: amit | Aug 6 2010
A simple definition of a sports car is "a small low car with a high-powered engine, and generally seats two people". This is more or less a "textbook" definition... read more
Learn Fast and Powerful Kicking Techniques
By: Johnny PE Kennedy | Aug 5 2010
Learning how to kick can be one of the most rewarding and difficult tasks when beginning your martial arts training. There are several things you need to do to execute... read more
Martial Arts Weapons
By: Randy Margeson | Aug 5 2010
Weapons in martial arts can be misleading as a term, on the one hand it refers to an actual weapon one possess and then again maybe not.. In martial... read more
Learn Ninjutsu - 4 "Perfect Moments" in a Self Defense Attack Where You Can Do the Most Damage!
By: Jeffrey Miller | Aug 5 2010
Regardless of whether or not you are trying to learn ninjutsu - the martial art of Japan's ancient Ninja families - there are many powerful lessons that you can learn... read more
Watch UFC 117 Live Streaming Online on your PC on August 7,2010
By: fifatv | Aug 5 2010
Watch UFC 117 Live Streaming Online on your PC on August 7, 2010 Click here to watch live This Saturday, UFC fans will be given a world championship fight between... read more
11 Ways to Heat Up Your Martial Arts Business Black Belt Club Or Leadership Program
By: Mike Dolpies | Aug 5 2010
1. Remember, upgrade programs are NOT about selling and arm-twisting for long-term contracts. They're about commitment. Which leads to... 2.The student first makes the commitment to themselves, then their... read more
Learn Ninjutsu - Why Are There So Many Kamae in the Ninja's Self Defense Arts?
By: Jeffrey Miller | Aug 4 2010
One of the most common questions that new students trying to learn ninjutsu - the art of Japan's ancient Ninja warriors - is related to why there are so many... read more
UFC 117 Focus - Main Events a Little Lackluster - Dos Anjos Versus Guida
By: Michael Allan | Aug 4 2010
The UFC 117 lineup is not one of the many impressive UFC Main Event fights cards that we have seen so far in 2010. Actually, this year has been the... read more
Chuck Iceman Liddell Opens Own Store
By: Jason MacOwen | Aug 4 2010
Not long ago, Chuck Iceman Liddell opened up his own MMA shop to his west coast fans. It's no coincidence that Ultimate Iceman is located in San Luis Obispo,... read more
An Alternative to 50 Dollar UFC Pay Per Views
By: Ed Menize | Aug 1 2010
Recently the UFC has been in the headlines pursuing piracy on the Internet. They're currently pressuring Justin TV and Ustream websites for the names and IP numbers of those members who've... read more
The Real Enemy in Kempo is Oneself
By: Damir Butkovic | Jul 31 2010
White Lotus Kempo is martial art that is composed of self defense (physical and mental), dynamic Kempo yoga, meditation in movement (jap. Kata) and sitting meditation (jap. Meiso/Mocuso),... read more
Consider Martial Arts to Help Your Children in Many Ways
By: Jesus Smith | Jul 29 2010
Children either enjoy being active and are naturally athletic or they enjoy doing other things. For those children that are involved in sports and have a sense of being on... read more
Beware of Free Martial Arts Classes - You've Been Warned!
By: Paul Gaskell | Jul 28 2010
You thought that nice man in the funny pajamas was your friend when he offered you free martial arts classes at the mall. You thought he had you and your... read more
How to Develop Tai Chi Sensitivity
By: Richard Clear | Jul 28 2010
Tai Chi sensitivity or Ting Jing is a very important tool for the martial artist. This article will discuss some ways of developing sensitivity. You might want to read the... read more
Learning Self-Defense Through Internet
By: Imran ali | Jul 27 2010
Knowing about self-defense has become inevitability in lots of urban areas across the globe, but it has been noticed that people don't consider it their requirement. Today with lots... read more
Three Main Types Of Self-Defense
By: Imran ali | Jul 27 2010
When it comes to self-defense for women it may be categorized into three main types. First one is unarmed self-defense, second is armed and the third type is personal... read more
Self Defense Weapons And Self-Defense Training
By: Imran ali | Jul 27 2010
If you have decided to buy a gun, or any other weapon that may help you to do your self-defense then it clearly shows that you are much concerned... read more
Why Self Defense? Why Now?
By: Bruce Strong | Jul 26 2010
You would have to be living under a very large rock in order to not notice what has been going on in our world lately. Violent crime is on the... read more
Defend Yourself - The Problem With Blocking in a Real-World Self Defense Attack!
By: Jeffrey Miller | Jul 25 2010
Are you looking for proven self defense techniques and skills? The question, more to the point is, do you want to think and feel like you can defend... read more
Three Tips to Build Explosive Punching Power
By: Raymond Murray | Jul 25 2010
There's a big difference between an untrained novice and an experienced puncher or striker. It's not strength or power, and it's not size or reach. The difference is technique. Experienced... read more
Real Self Defense Training - 5 Insane Self Defense Techniques That Even My Dog Won't Try!
By: Jeffrey Miller | Jul 25 2010
Every day, well meaning individuals just like you and I enroll in self defense and martial arts classes in order to learn real self defense training. The idea is... read more
Make Use of Tae Kwon Do Self Defense Techniques For Your Personal Safety
By: Runi Calman | Jul 24 2010
As most of you would know Taekwondo is one among the ancient forms of Martial arts from Korea and it is the South Korean national sport. Some years back it... read more
Punch Out the Competition - Ultimate Strength Training For Fighters!
By: Brandon Richey | Jul 24 2010
Being a strength and conditioning specialist and personal fitness trainer in the Atlanta area now for over 10 years I have had a lot of experience with training all types... read more
Stuart Hall vs Martin Power British Title Fight Preview
By: jhoney | Jul 23 2010
Stuart Hall vs Martin Power British Title Fight Preview Stuart Hall vs Martin Power Live Boxing Betting Tips: Stuart Hall will meet Martin Power in the British bantamweight title at Houghton-le-spring,... read more
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