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Highest-paid actors in Hollywood
By: John Stevens | Sep 14 2010
Most people have not pegged the Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp to become the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. The first Pirates brought in $654 million at the global box... read more
Carey Mulligan: Vogue US, October 2010
By: John Stevens | Sep 13 2010
Carey Mulligan has graced on the cover of Vogue US for the October 2010 issue. The classic beauty Vogue photo shoot is captured by Peter Lindbergh in rainy London weather.... read more
Parking Tickets for Hollywood Stars
By: John Stevens | Sep 13 2010
Wrong parking affects the transportation and surrounding landscape. Following the transportation laws is the duty and obligation of everyone. Those who do not comply with such rules and laws will... read more
Lindsay Lohan's unforgettable movies
By: John Stevens | Sep 11 2010
On August 24th, Lindsay Lohan was released after 23-day-imprisonment. Lohan is compulsory to remain in Los Angeles until November 1st. Commonly known as the queen of scandal in... read more
Influential movies in film history
By: John Stevens | Sep 10 2010
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Blake Lively: Marie Claire UK October 2010
By: John Stevens | Sep 9 2010
Blake Lively, the Gossip Girl star has graced on the cover of Marie Claire UK October 2010. Such an amazing editorial shot was captured by well-known photographer Guy Aroch.... read more
Hollywood's actors worth their pay
By: John Stevens | Sep 9 2010
Shia LaBoeuf took the top in the list of actors offering studios the most return on investment. Some studio executives have been looking for “big” stars to appear in a... read more
Jesinta Campbell: 2nd Runner-up, Miss Universe 2010
By: John Stevens | Sep 9 2010
Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell became the 2nd runner-up at the Miss Universe 2010 finale. Miss Universe 2010, the 59th edition of beauty contest, took place at the Mandalay... read more
Modern princesses in Europe
By: John Stevens | Sep 7 2010
Beside worldwide celebrities, beautiful and famous princesses of Europe are always paid attention by the press. In the previous articles, we have chances to discover the little princesses,... read more
Ekaterina Zakharchenko Won Miss Ukraine 2010
By: John Stevens | Sep 7 2010
Ekaterina Zakharchenko won the title of Miss Ukraine 2010 held on September 4, 2010 at the Ukraina National Palace of Arts in Kiev. Ekaterina Zakharchenko, now 21 years... read more
Barack Obama's Newly Redecorated Oval Office
By: John Stevens | Sep 6 2010
The Oval Office has just comprehensively got refurbished while President Barack Obama and his family was on holiday at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts from August 19 to 29. The Oval... read more
Unsuccessful Marriages of Hollywood Celebrities
By: John Stevens | Sep 4 2010
Not only are Hollywood celebrities famous for beauty and career success but for their personal life as well. Breaking up or getting divorced among celebrities seems to be normal; however,... read more
Beauties on red carpet of 67th Venice Film Festival
By: John Stevens | Sep 3 2010
The Venice Film Festival, one of the most prestigious as well as oldest film festivals, is held annually in late August or early September on the island of... read more
Hollywood Stars: Debuts as Fashion Models
By: John Stevens | Aug 30 2010
To become celebrity, it is certain that Hollywood star had to undergo lots of difficulties and capture any good opportunity. We have ever heard that the couple Angelina Jolie-... read more
Greatest blonde beauties of all time
By: John Stevens | Aug 30 2010
It can be seen that Hollywood stars’ style has a great influence on fans nowadays. Especially, the youth tend to mimic their idols as the time being. What they... read more
Queen Elizabeth II's Life via Photos
By: John Stevens | Aug 30 2010
Elizabeth II, the 84-year-old Britain Queen of an old-fashioned monarchy, has become one of the longest-reigning monarchs in English history. The Queen is seen to be a "living",... read more
Hollywood's 10 Top-Earning Actors
By: John Stevens | Aug 27 2010
Acting has been considered as one of the high-paid professions. Many actors earn millions of dollar for their roles in high-grossing movies, being placed among the highest ranks in... read more
Celebrities to Fight and Survive Cancer
By: John Stevens | Aug 27 2010
Cancer, commonly including Bladder Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, and so on was, has, and is killing a number of people... read more
Miss Venezuela: Childhood Photos unveiled
By: John Stevens | Aug 25 2010
Venezuela is considered as land of beauty queens where accumulates the most beautiful women of the world. This South America tropical country is home to many major beauty title holders... read more
Most followed Twitter celebrities
By: John Stevens | Aug 25 2010
Twitter, a social networking, enables Internet users to send and read other users' messages called tweets. On these days, people around the world are paying attention to... read more
Well-known lefthanders worldwide
By: John Stevens | Aug 25 2010
The International Lefthander’s Day is held annually by Lefthanders International. It was reported that a U.S. group initiated the International Lefthander’s Day in 1976, which was marked by a... read more
Famous Gay and Lesbian Parents
By: John Stevens | Aug 24 2010
Although gay and lesbian parents still exist, they are not formally recognized in communities of their natural and traditional sexual orientation. For a typical family, it consists of... read more
Ronaldinho and hot supermodel Sanja Brnovic in Montenegro
By: John Stevens | Aug 23 2010
Ronaldinho is widely regarded as one of the most gifted footballers specializing in free-kicks. While his fellows in AC Milan are training hard for the upcoming season, Ronaldinho is... read more
Betrayed English WAGs
By: John Stevens | Aug 21 2010
As the most charming women, celebrities have also troubles in love and family. It can be seen that most of them chose to tie the knot with famous football... read more
Halle Berry: Vogue US September 2010
By: John Stevens | Aug 20 2010
Halle Berry has gracefully appeared on the cover of Vogue US Magazine for September 2010. The stunning photo shoot is captured by the famous photographer Mario Testino. On the cover... read more
Lady Gaga named most-searched celebrity
By: John Stevens | Aug 19 2010
It is hard to deny the heat of 25 year-old singer Lady Gaga as well as her songs and bizarre style. This singer has been creating a new phenomenon. Understandably,... read more
Discover Photos of Little Supermodel, Devon Aoki
By: John Stevens | Aug 19 2010
Devon Edwenna Aoki born on August 10, 1982 is an American model and actress. Although she is only 1.65m tall, she is now a well-known model in... read more
Celebrities and their beloved children
By: John Stevens | Aug 19 2010
Hollywood stars are always the focus of media and fans’ attention worldwide. Their latest shows, private plans, daily activities, or scandals are updated all the time on... read more
Jennifer Hudson - extraordinary effort of losing weight
By: Matt C. | Aug 19 2010
  Jennifer Hudson- a brilliant American actress- singer has made big effort to fight against overweight after her first birth giving. Admiringly, she has won! At recent Grammy Awards Ceremony,... read more
Britney Spears' Sons Hit Disneyland
By: John Stevens | Aug 18 2010
Two beloved son of Britney Spears- Sean Preston and Jayden James spent a happy Mother’s Day without their mom in Disneyland, Anaheim, California on Thursday, August 5,... read more
Hollywood Celebrity Desirable Homes
By: John Stevens | Aug 17 2010
The golden addresses such as Beverly Hills, Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, Brentwood, Hollywood Hills, and so on are ever luxurious real estate for sale or for... read more
Shortest-lived Hollywood Marriages
By: John Stevens | Aug 16 2010
A Hollywood marriage, often understood to be a glamorous high-class society marriage between Hollywood celebrities. It is rumored that Hollywood stars are those who rush in and out of... read more
Cover-stars on Magazines September 2010
By: John Stevens | Aug 13 2010
Familiar faces of the entertainment world such as Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Simpson have become the cover-girls of magazines for September 2010 issues. Each... read more
Must-know facts about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
By: John Stevens | Aug 13 2010
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, born on April 18th 1987, used to be unknown name in the entertainment world one year ago although sometimes she covered several magazines and appeared in... read more
Angelina Jolie: Ageless Beauty
By: John Stevens | Aug 11 2010
Angelina Jolie, with flawless skin and lustrous locks, is considered to be among the most desirable women in the world. In other words, Angelina Jolie has the... read more
Mary-Kate Olsen: Marie Claire September 2010
By: John Stevens | Aug 10 2010
Mary-Kate Olsen has appeared as the cover star of Marie Claire Magazine for September 2010 issue with the breathtaking photo shoot captured by Tesh in the Hamptons. On the cover... read more
Spectacular Changes of Celebrities - Part 2
By: John Stevens | Aug 10 2010
We often wonder if our celebrities looks as perfect as we see. In fact, there are people completely changing from an "ugly duck" to turn a "beautiful swan",... read more
Julia Roberts Covers 'Elle' September 2010
By: John Stevens | Aug 10 2010
Julia Roberts, the first actress to appear on the cover of Vogue, looks lovely on the covers of Elle magazine’s September 2010 issue. Wearing luxurious designer clothes like... read more
Spectacular changes of celebrities (Part 1)
By: John Stevens | Aug 10 2010
It’s certain that the way to become celebrities is not covered with full of roses. What stars experienced are difficulties and changes in life which contribute to their brilliant career.... read more
Kamilla Salgado crowned Miss Mundo Brasil 2010
By: John Stevens | Aug 9 2010
Kamilla Salgado was crowned Miss Mundo 2010 in the pageant contest on August 7. She will represent Brazil in Miss World 2010 in Sanya, People’s Republic of China on... read more
Tom Cruise: How Tall is He?
By: John Stevens | Aug 9 2010
With the limited height of 5' 7'' (1.70m), Tom Cruise is called a midget of the showbiz world. Even there is a rumor that Tom Cruise is only 5'4"... read more
Celebrities have the longest list of high-profile exes
By: John Stevens | Aug 7 2010
Hollywood celebrities have high-profile achievements in career as well as exes. Their dating circle seems to be so small. People may not be surprised; celebrity couples get divorce as soon... read more
Hollywood celebrities: Like father like son
By: John Stevens | Aug 7 2010
Most celebrities were born and brought up in a family that their parent is a famous name in entertainment world. Let’s have a look at the following stories of well-known... read more
Drew Barrymore: Marie Claire UK September 2010
By: John Stevens | Aug 6 2010
Drew Barrymore, the former child star has graced the cover of Marie Claire UK for September 2010 Issue. The refined photo gallery captured Kty flatters the classy and classic... read more
Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Glamour magazine
By: John Stevens | Aug 6 2010
Glamour is a famous magazine for young women who are keen on fashion, beauty and a contemporary lifestyle. Like other successful magazines, Glamour chooses celebrities to appear on... read more
Kate Moss: Vogue UK September 2010
By: John Stevens | Aug 5 2010
Kate Moss has gorgeously been on the cover of Vogue UK for September 2010 issue- the biggest fashion issue of the year. With fashion-sensitivity, Kate Moss seems to be... read more
Sentimental Moments of U.S. Presidents and First Daughters
By: John Stevens | Aug 5 2010
To parents, children are valuable gifts that God gives them in life and this is true to presidents as well. Before being elected as a president, U.S. Presidents... read more
Gisele Bundchen: Harper's Bazaar UK September 2010
By: John Stevens | Aug 5 2010
Styled by Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou in smart and sexy ensembles, Gisele Bundchen shines in garments of black lace to cover Harper's Bazaar UK for the Fashion issues September 2010. In... read more
Little princes and princesses around the world
By: John Stevens | Aug 4 2010
Beside Hollywood celebrities, the story of little princes and princesses around the world are considered as the centre of attention. It can be said that most of them have... read more
Most Powerful Celebrity Siblings
By: John Stevens | Aug 4 2010
We have heard much of sibling pairs or trios of the entertainment world; however, it may be the first time the face-off among those celebrity sibling pairs and trios... read more
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