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Celebrities Look Better With Age
By: John Stevens | Mar 3 2011
Fame, talent, good-looking appearance and a huge number of fans are best description to male celebrities. Whether it comes to actors, singers, songwriters or models,... read more
Best and Worst "Breast Dressed" at Oscar 83
By: John Stevens | Mar 3 2011
The Academy Awards this year brought great success in cinema advance and confirmed the maturity of a great deal of young casting. Besides Best Actor & Actress prizes, it... read more
Happy Couples at Oscar 2011
By: John Stevens | Mar 3 2011
Oscar is one of the unique occasions for celebrities not only to show off their beauty and wonderful outfits, but also to cool bad rumors around their private life.... read more
Sweet Moments of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
By: John Stevens | Mar 3 2011
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez often make headline on newspapers and magazines whenever the young celebrity couple are caught to be together. Some days ago, many people saw this... read more
Son-Mother Duos on Red Carpet
By: John Stevens | Mar 2 2011
As for almost all mothers, their children are always treated as if they were just three or five years old and need to be taken care of. Some people... read more
Anne Hathaway: Eight Best Dresses at Oscars
By: John Stevens | Mar 1 2011
Anne Hathaway, who successfully co-hosted the 2011 Oscars with James Franco on Sunday (February 27) at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, made people keep her stunning looks... read more
Top 10 Immortal Adventurers (Part 2)
By: John Stevens | Feb 27 2011
Conquering new lands and nature secrets is always the desire of human no matter what challenge they encounter. Thousands of adventurers lost their life after the effort of discovering the... read more
Top 10 Most Shocking Records
By: John Stevens | Feb 26 2011
The Guinness Book of Records, a reference book published yearly, features a range of world records set all over the world. Besides, the book contains extremes of... read more
Most Memorable Lindsay Lohan's Outfits
By: John Stevens | Feb 26 2011
As a famous actress, pop singer and model, Lindsay Lohan captures the heart of many people around the world. Lindsay began her career as a child fashion model... read more
Lindsay Lohan: Daring Court Date Outfits
By: John Stevens | Feb 26 2011
Lindsay Lohan never fails in attracting attention of the media and fans whenever she makes appearance at any court. Hundreds of people including reporters gathering at the Airport Courthouse in... read more
Hollywood Couples: How They First Met
By: John Stevens | Feb 25 2011
Love stories of celebrity are always hot headlines at any magazines and newspapers. Among Hollywood golden couples, most of them had romantic moments of love. Let's check out the... read more
Celine Dion: New Daily Life With Twins
By: John Stevens | Feb 25 2011
The biggest-selling artist and Canadian superstar Celine Dion has given gave birth to lovely twins. That not only sends her endless happiness but also cheers all her fans and the... read more
Global Beauty Pageants: Hot News of 2011
By: John Stevens | Feb 24 2011
Chile coming back to Miss Universe 2011, former Miss World Azra Akin winning “Dancing with The Stars” in Turkey, the reigning Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarettefrom Mexico becoming... read more
Hollywood's Top Earners Under Age 35
By: John Stevens | Feb 24 2011
Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift are just some best-paid stars. Their names and recognizable faces help them find more ways to cash in besides their first professions.... read more
Top 10 Immortal Adventurers (Part 1)
By: John Stevens | Feb 24 2011
Plenty of successful adventurers after great contribution have returned in comfort. Possibly, however, some pioneers were killed, died of diseases or from social events while they had... read more
Unequal Celebrity Couples
By: John Stevens | Feb 24 2011
While 2010 is the year of big break-ups and divorce, 2011 witnesses the blossom of romantic relationships among love birds in Hollywood. It comes as no surprise when a... read more
Celebrities And Their Interesting Demands
By: John Stevens | Feb 23 2011
Have you ever raised the question that what celebrities often need before they are on tours, hit big events or even perform on stages? Perhaps, you will think... read more
Paris Hilton: Most Memorable Wardrobe Choices in Pictures
By: John Stevens | Feb 22 2011
Some days ago, Paris Hilton turned to 30 years old and marked this event by celebrating a Moulin Rouge-themed birthday party with her family, boyfriend Cy Waits and... read more
Fashion Models Turned Movie Stars
By: John Stevens | Feb 21 2011
Not only being very successful on the catwalk, some world supermodels also conquer the movie industry by their best performances like Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Gemma Ward,... read more
Jennifer Aniston Over Years
By: John Stevens | Feb 20 2011
Jennifer Aniston, at the moment, has globally known as a talent actress, the biggest tresses trendsetters in Hollywood and stylish icon of the world. However, the... read more
Most Desirable Women in 2011
By: John Stevens | Feb 20 2011
The website AskMen.com has recently revealed its lists of “Top 99 Most Desirable Women”. The women in this list are not only beautiful but successful as well. Many of them... read more
Hottest Celebrity Moms-to-be on Red Carpet 2011
By: John Stevens | Feb 20 2011
Being a star always means your personal affairs are publicized and widely followed by a massive of fans and all kinds of newspapers. That properly explains that why dating,... read more
Kiernan Shipka: Rising Fashion Icon
By: John Stevens | Feb 18 2011
Whenever talking about young fashion icons of Hollywood, one may immediately think of Suri Cruise – the lovely daughter of Tom Cruise and Kate or Lourdes Leon. However,... read more
Worst Dressed Celebrities at 2011 Orange British Academy Film Awards
By: John Stevens | Feb 18 2011
A forest of leading celebrities like Jessica Alba, JK Rowling, Gemma Arterton, Jennifer Lawrence, Tracey Emin, Talulah Riley, Emma Watson, and etc attended... read more
Shocking On-stage Kisses of Celebrities
By: John Stevens | Feb 18 2011
It is always said that celebrities like to shock people by scandals as well as their crazy actions. Many famous stars have surprised people by wet kisses that they planted... read more
Expected Arrival of Celine Dion to Caesars Palace
By: John Stevens | Feb 18 2011
Despite windy weather that delayed her schedule by a few hours, hundreds of people welcomed the arrival of Celine Dion and three-month-old twin, Nelson Angelil and Eddy Angelil... read more
Britney Spears' New Luxury Villa
By: John Stevens | Feb 18 2011
Britney Spears is considered as an international pop culture icon, one of the best-selling female artists of the first decade of the 21st century and the third most mentioned... read more
Top Beautiful Celebrities at Any Age
By: John Stevens | Feb 17 2011
Many female celebrities in the entertainment and beauty industries have reached the age of over ̀̀50, but they still look undeniably young and glamorous. They are always the idols... read more
Paris Hilton: 30th Moulin Rouge-themed Birthday Party
By: John Stevens | Feb 17 2011
Paris Hilton celebrated her 30th birthday party at the Hollywood Hills on Feb. 15, 2011 based on Moulin Rouge style, which wouldn’t be complete without a giant red... read more
Hottest Model & Celebrity Couples
By: John Stevens | Feb 17 2011
Hollywood stars are famous, talent and rich. However, it is twice as rich and famous as it comes to celebrity couples. Personal life and secret love stories of... read more
Stars Shows Off Attractive Body at 2011 Brit Awards
By: John Stevens | Feb 17 2011
The 2011 Brit Awards was held on Tuesday, 15 February 2011 at The O2 Arena in London for the first time in its history. Simply called the Brits,... read more
Angelina Jolie Over The Years
By: John Stevens | Feb 17 2011
Angelina Jolie, who was born in June 4, 1975, is known for the reigning queen of Hollywood. As Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency, she... read more
Stars Pose at Elle Style Awards 2011
By: John Stevens | Feb 16 2011
Elle magazine has recently held its annual Style Awards ceremony at the Grand Connaugh Rooms in London, England with the attendance of various fashion designers, handbag designers as... read more
Hollywood Stars: Before and After Plastic Surgeries
By: John Stevens | Feb 15 2011
It is not easy to find a totally natural face and body on the red carpet nowadays because cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular. It is not only... read more
Miley Cyrus: The Haters
By: John Stevens | Feb 15 2011
Although Miley Cyrus is beloved by millions of fans all over the world, there is a forest of people who hate her so much. Some typical examples can be... read more
Celebrity Couples at Grammy Awards 2011
By: John Stevens | Feb 15 2011
Perhaps Grammy Awards 2011 took place some hours earlier than Valentine’s Day, so some celebrity couples chose this music event to illustrate their love and happiness. Katy Perry locking... read more
Justin Bieber's $1.7 Million Luxurious House
By: John Stevens | Feb 15 2011
Every girl now knows well about Justin Bieber, the popular teenage singer in Canada. Appearing in a local singing contest named Stratford Idol at the age of just 12... read more
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz: Happy Family Life
By: John Stevens | Feb 14 2011
The younger sister of pop singer Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, has recently announced her divorce from rocker husband Pete Wentz after nearly three-year marriage. Simpson, 26,... read more
Celebrity Couples Celebrate 1st Valentine's Day Together
By: John Stevens | Feb 14 2011
Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for every couple, especially for those celebrating the first anniversary of love. After stormy marriages, some celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Amanda... read more
Michelle Obama: American Modern Fashion Icon
By: John Stevens | Feb 11 2011
Michelle Obama, the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama has become a part of popular culture. She used to be listed... read more
World's Most Attractive Women Over 50
By: John Stevens | Feb 11 2011
If you think that only young and beautiful women have chances to earn a position in the entertainment and beauty industries, it may be not true. Actually, there... read more
Dailylife Moments of Celebrities
By: John Stevens | Feb 8 2011
People sometimes consider whether what celebrities look like in real life without gorgeous outfits and luxury accessories as the way they appear on red carpet? Actually, these famous people... read more
American Idol Judges: Amazing Transformations
By: John Stevens | Feb 7 2011
American Idol is a worth trying competition for those who want to prove their solo singing talents. First released in 2002, American Idol quickly reserves the title of the... read more
Hollywood Stars Without Makeup
By: John Stevens | Feb 5 2011
In the past, women highly appreciated the natural beauty and thought that women who wear makeup are not natural beauties. However makeup, colored hair, plastic surgeries are... read more
Hollywood Stars in School Uniforms
By: John Stevens | Feb 5 2011
We often see Hollywood stars in glamorous long dresses and gowns because they seem to make our idols look more beautiful and stylish. However, many famous stars have also... read more
Hottest Celebrity Moms
By: John Stevens | Feb 4 2011
Love and marriage of Hollywood celebrities always are top headlines on any newspapers and magazines. After glamorous wedding of such famous people, the new fever immediately moves to their... read more
Most Welcomed Kids in Hollywood
By: John Stevens | Feb 4 2011
Talking about Hollywood, we often think about the cradle of the greatest artists on Earth. Hollywood is the place where both actors and actresses show their talent as well... read more
Most Desired Body Parts of Celebrities
By: John Stevens | Feb 1 2011
Recently, two Beverly Hills plastic surgeons have announced the results of a survey related to celebrity body parts that people want most. The beautiful singer Taylor Swift and talented... read more
Most Amazing Celebrity Transformations
By: John Stevens | Feb 1 2011
Celebrities often change their appearance for different kinds of characters in movies but they sometimes complete the duties better than it is needed and expected. You may hardly recognize real... read more
Stars and Intimate Scenes in Public
By: John Stevens | Jan 31 2011
In the Movies Capital of the World, love and marriage of Hollywood stars seem to be the hot topics for headlines in newspapers and magazines. Brad Pitt and Angelina... read more
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