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Typical Humanitarian Celebrities Worldwide
By: John Stevens | Dec 21 2010
Many celebrities are now trying to bring beautiful life for the poor and unlucky people all over the world by their fame and donation such as Brad Pitt, Katie... read more
Miley Cyrus: Most Shocking Scandals in 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 21 2010
Miley Cyrus, the princess of Disney World, rose her fame dramatically from the film series Hannah Montana since she was an adorable 12-year-old girl. She quickly set herself... read more
Stars' Bad Behavior in 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 20 2010
Most stars become famous due to their talent; however, there are also a lot of people that rise to their fame because of their wealth or controversial lifestyle. The... read more
Time's Outstanding Persons of the Year
By: John Stevens | Dec 20 2010
Person of the Year, formerly called Man of the Year is best-known as an annual issue of the United States news magazine Time highlighting and profiling the most influential... read more
David Beckham Gets Lifetime Achievement Award
By: John Stevens | Dec 20 2010
British soccer legend David Beckham has recently been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by BBC at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards ceremony in Birmingham, England... read more
Teaching Children How To Play Softball Effectively
By: clientarticles.se... | Dec 20 2010
Children at a very young age are very adventurous, playful and full of vitality and energy. They have the stamina that adults cannot level up. Because of this,... read more
Most Badly-behaved Male Celebrities of 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 19 2010
Male celebrities often impress female fans by their talent, handsomeness or both. However, it is disappointing that some of them are considered as “wolves in sensitive-boy clothing” because... read more
Top Extraordinary Pilots Worldwide
By: John Stevens | Dec 18 2010
For a long time, pilots have played an important role in the world's aviation industry, and especially in global military. As to be known that a pilot,... read more
Hollywood Celebrity: Best of 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 18 2010
The year 2010 is coming to an end. As a result, a wide range of voted list of “Most Beautiful Face on Earth”, “Best Dressed Celebrity”, “Hottest... read more
Gwyneth Paltrow Honored on Hollywood Walk of Fame
By: John Stevens | Dec 18 2010
The Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow was honored for her dedication to the world's entertainment industry on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, December 13, 2010, less... read more
Stars Go Shopping for Xmas
By: John Stevens | Dec 18 2010
Christmas and New Year are coming soon. People around the world have recently rushed into supermarkets as well as shopping centres to buy items preparing for these important events. Like... read more
Sweet Moments of Hollywood Kid Siblings
By: John Stevens | Dec 17 2010
In the previous articles, we mentioned on the list of top cute celebrity kids in the word's showbiz including Suri Cruise, kids of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt,... read more
Lady Gaga Tops "Most Provocative Stars of 2010"
By: John Stevens | Dec 17 2010
According to some criteria of selecting most provocative celebrities of the year 2010 including 1. Does the mention of the celebrity spark a visceral reaction? 2. Who provoked the most... read more
Most Naughty or Nice Celebrities of 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 17 2010
The year 2010 has witnessed full of celebrity successes, scandals and redemptions. The following article will only focus on good and bad behaviors of some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities... read more
Most-wanted WAGs of La Liga
By: John Stevens | Dec 17 2010
La Liga, commonly known as the First Division of Professional Football League in English, is among the most popular professional sports leagues in the world. La Liga has... read more
Most Beautiful Celebrity Hairstyles of 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 17 2010
The year of 2010 is passing out stirring up beauty polls among the world's top superstars for the entertainment industry. The polls from "Best Dressed Celebrities", "Highest-paid Celebrities",... read more
Celebrity's Fashion Styles for Holidays
By: John Stevens | Dec 17 2010
Being talented and famous seem not the key words honoring for Hollywood stars. Celebrities all over the world, especially in the movie capital of the world Hollywood, often... read more
The Working Class Men Are Benefitted By Ira In A Greater Way
By: Arul | Dec 16 2010
It is always not easy to get satisfied with whatever we have, but whoever does it will lead a prosperous, peaceful and happy life. He is the one... read more
David Beckham Takes Romeo and Cruz to “Color Me Mine”
By: John Stevens | Dec 16 2010
Without the eldest son Brooklyn and Victoria, Beckham and his two sons Romeo and Cruz spent the afternoon at “Color Me Mine” shop on Friday November 12 in Beverly... read more
Diamonds decorations the Christmas tree
By: link111 | Dec 16 2010
Find this colorful and original charm specially designed by Links of London & Co. for those who want to celebrate Christmas Eve with style. This original Links of London charms... read more
Do not wait
By: wangpengqo | Dec 16 2010
Young man always believes he shall ever die. There is a feeling of eternity in youth, which makes us amend cartier watches for everything. That is to say,... read more
Latest Images of Miley Cyrus after Bong-smoking Scandal
By: John Stevens | Dec 15 2010
After getting involved in the bong-smoking scandal, teen star Miley Cyrus has refreshed herself and continued to devote for the world's entertainment industry. The bong-smoking video was launched on... read more
Five Best Lesbian Supermodels Worldwide
By: John Stevens | Dec 15 2010
The world of supermodels often becomes central of attention from  the media to the public because almost all sexiest and most gorgeous ladies make their appearance here. However, some... read more
Amazing Likenesses between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston
By: John Stevens | Dec 15 2010
Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are the two big names best-known not only for their successful career and admirable beauty, but also for their affairs with Brad Pitt,... read more
Worst Dressed Celebrities in 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 15 2010
Famous stars often wear beautiful outfits because outfits play important roles in creating perfect images for them. Celebrities are even considered as fashion icons for fans to follow. Therefore,... read more
Princess Diana: Perfect Mother of Two Sons
By: John Stevens | Dec 15 2010
Clarence House announced on November 16 that Prince William and Kate Middleton were to marry on April 29, 2011 in Westminster Abbey, London. Prince William has recently used... read more
Luxurious Islands Of Celebrities
By: John Stevens | Dec 14 2010
Celebrities become famous not only because of their appearance, their talent, and their performance but also their fortune. Of course, they just become rich when they have... read more
Halle Berry and Daughter on Malibu Beach
By: John Stevens | Dec 14 2010
On the sunny day of December 12, Halle Berry and her beloved daughter Nahla went on vacation on the Malibu beach, California, regardless of paparazzi's lens. Celebrity... read more
Notable Curses of Best Oscar Actresses
By: John Stevens | Dec 14 2010
Whether or not Oscar curses exist or they would come true; however, it can not be denied that beautiful actresses have got several problems in their marital life or... read more
Most Typical International Newsmakers of the Year 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 14 2010
Do you know the names of international personalities who often make headlines across the world? They may be politicians, website founders, billionaires or even normal people. In common,... read more
The True Man Wear jerseys
By: Lidia Brown | Dec 14 2010
It is absolutely true that no woman like sissy man. What kind of man is the true man? In most ladies' mind, the true man should not only achieve... read more
Photos of Young John Lennon
By: John Stevens | Dec 14 2010
The well-known English musician and singer John Lennon said in his final interview three days before his murder in 1980 that he didn’t want to be a dead hero. Lennon’s... read more
Even celebrities hit by husbands
By: John Stevens | Dec 14 2010
One out of three women around the world is beaten during her lifetime. One in five girl high school students is said to be abused by their dating partners. Over... read more
In nine years
By: shiyanmei | Dec 13 2010
Francis when playing in the rockets had three successive years in western all-stars, year he was the grizzlies Air Jordan 3 cutting and have since leaving NBA stadium. In nine... read more
excellent young players
By: shiyanmei | Dec 13 2010
Although this how many appear a little like KuaHaiKou, but has the marbury, AoDeJie, an Asian foreign aid and zheng accurate, LiangWenBo etc excellent young players... read more
Cher's Shocking Outfit at the Madrid Premiere of "Burlesque"
By: John Stevens | Dec 13 2010
Thousands of people and fans attending the Madrid premiere of “Burlesque” felt very shocked when they saw the 64-year-old star in a mini-skirt, thigh-high stockings, velvet jacket,... read more
Most Charming Winners of Beauty Contests 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 11 2010
Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth are the most famous beauty contests on the planet. Each year, countries around the world have their... read more
Highest-Paid Celebrities in Hollywood 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 11 2010
Hollywood may be considered the tough town for young actors, actresses and the rest of the world. However, the list of top high-paid actors and actresses below can... read more
Stylish Families in Hollywood
By: John Stevens | Dec 11 2010
Being talented and famous seem not enough for Hollywood stars. These celebrity broods also share outstanding styles. Well-known families like the Kardashians, Smiths, Olshens and Hiltons have more... read more
Celebrities Passed Away in 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 10 2010
It can be denied that the way to become celebrity is not always covered with full of roses. In order to get the peak of fame, lots of celebrities... read more
Latest Vibram Five Fingers Reviews 10/11/09
By: zhaohongzhong7 | Dec 10 2010
* Long-term use, and “Tribute” to Classic FiveFingers here at BirthdayShoes [Classics]: Given thatAlexander Mcqueen Grommett Bootie most of our time is spent doing mundane, everyday things, the... read more
Celebrity Tips - Protecting Yourself From Threats
By: seoarbiterarticles | Dec 10 2010
Celebrities worldwide require special protection due to their raised profile making them keen targets bad men. They belong not only to the glamour and fashion world but also from the... read more
Most Powerful Teenagers Worldwide
By: John Stevens | Dec 10 2010
People often think it is very difficult for teenagers to live by their own without assistances from parents and make achievements in the early life. However, this idea may... read more
Most Attractive Stories of Showbiz 2010
By: John Stevens | Dec 10 2010
There are only 22 days to go the New Year 2011. People in different countries are eager to prepare everything well for their upcoming holidays and may not have enough... read more
World's Hottest Male Supermodels
By: John Stevens | Dec 10 2010
Model is a special job occupation where body shape and appearance are extremely important. Each year, hundreds of model book for this job but only a few of them... read more
Most Stylist Pregnant Celebrities
By: John Stevens | Dec 10 2010
Hollywood features a huge machine which produces stars with genius talent, popular public images and different selves like innocent young virgins or lovable families. Such Hollywood modern stars including... read more
Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks at Work with Alan
By: zhaohongzhong7 | Dec 10 2010
Alan (“shapeshifter” on the forums) posted some initial thoughts on wearing his new black KSO Trek fivefingers to work. As the KSO Treks are still so new, I askedChristian... read more
Hollywood Stars and Fake Names
By: John Stevens | Dec 10 2010
When people become famous they will become the center of attention. Therefore, whenever celebrities want to go out and don’t want to be identified, in spite of using... read more
Natural moments of Hollywood stars
By: John Stevens | Dec 9 2010
Appearing on red carpets or big events, celebrities are often seen with attractive appearance but unnatural trademark smiles. This is due to the fact that all stars want to... read more
Snipes has paid his taxes
By: jeans66 | Dec 8 2010
Los Angeles (CNN) — Actor Wesley Snipes said he was nervous about going to jail on Thursday, but was hopeful that his prayers would be answered. “We still have prayers... read more
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