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What Is The Complete 21st Century Martial Art?
By: Larry Sanders | Oct 5 2010
Only a small percentage of people do martial arts on a regular basis, but a huge percentage of people are looking for a total wellness program that will give... read more
MMA: Profile of Josh Barnett
By: James Jackson | Oct 5 2010
Josh Barnett is a man that was born to fight. He was born more than 30 years ago, in 1977, and has spent a large portion of his... read more
What Is the Best Type of Sword?
By: Tony James Mills | Oct 5 2010
Martial artists and warriors have argued this debate for decades - 'what is the best type of sword?'. Throughout history many types and styles of swords have been developed and... read more
Bjj Kimonos And Their Gi Pants
By: Shakib Nassiri | Oct 5 2010
Bjj Kimonos generally come with a Gi top and a pair of Gi pants. The Gi top also known as the Gi jacket is the main part of the overall... read more
Win In MMA
By: MartialArt Gurus | Oct 5 2010
If you were to get in the cage and feel unbreakable, wouldn't you like that? If you want to rip through your opponent, then we have to get... read more
Choosing The Best Martial Arts Style
By: Alex Smith | Oct 5 2010
For anyone who wants to learn a martial art, there is a lot to know in regards to the many different styles. Of course there is the question of... read more
The 5 Animals Of Kung Fu
By: Alex Smith | Oct 5 2010
Also known as the Kung Fu fist forms, the 5 animals of Kung Fu are known all across the world, and are some of the deadliest martial arts... read more
4 Pieces Of Jiu Jitsu Gear You Must Have
By: Shakib Nassiri | Oct 5 2010
If you are barely starting to train or simply thinking of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you must be sure to have the right Jiu Jitsu Gear. Having the right... read more
Learning The Martial Arts Are Backwards Is The Right Way To Go
By: Al Case | Oct 5 2010
The martial arts being backwards is a strange idea, but when looks the physics behind them, there is an undeniable truth. The number one rule of a fight is... read more
Learn To Strike in MMA - 3 Styles To Focus On
By: MartialArt Gurus | Oct 4 2010
When you step into the cage or ring, initially 9 times out of 10 you will be trading strikes. Striking should be emphasized more than any other part of... read more
Basic Judo Principles
By: seoarbiterarticles | Oct 4 2010
Judo can be practiced by both men and women, boys and girls. The guidance of an instructor is very important. The relative intensity of practice can be regulated to... read more
5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Black Belt Karate Test
By: Jon Law | Oct 4 2010
In Karate, TKD or Kung Fu for that matter, the most important day is your black belt test. Everything up to that point is aimed at getting through... read more
Become a Dangerous MMA Fighter - 3 Steps to Starting Right
By: MartialArt Gurus | Oct 4 2010
Do you want to be an MMA fighter? Well so do hundreds of thousands around the world. What is going to set you apart? There are things that are often... read more
Larry Winget's Warrior Words of Wisdom
By: Alain Burrese | Oct 3 2010
As far as I know, Larry Winget was never in the Military. (However, one of his sons served with the 82nd Airborne Division) I also don't believe Larry... read more
How to Win an MMA Fight - Destroy Your Opponent With These 3 Styles
By: MartialArt Gurus | Oct 3 2010
The fastest growing sport in the world, MMA, can easily help us find out what is the most practical form of fighting. The dynamic of the sport changes... read more
Studying The Martial Arts Forms Country By Country
By: Al Case | Oct 2 2010
When we speak of the best martial arts forms we are speaking of those martial arts kata that result in a gradual and excessive benefit to the student. To be... read more
What to Look For While Buying MMA Gloves
By: Albert Couture | Oct 2 2010
The growing magnetism of mixed martial arts has resulted in a vast increase in the supplies of MMA gear, such as MMA shorts and MMA clothing. All the contestants... read more
Learning The Martial Arts Forms Art By Art
By: Al Case | Oct 2 2010
When we consider the best martial arts forms we are speaking of those martial arts kata that result in a the most benefit to the student. To be honest,... read more
Fight and Win - 3 Steps to Master the Mental Side of MMA
By: MartialArt Gurus | Oct 1 2010
The most powerful mixed-martial arts fighters in the world are at the top for a reason. They are there because the confidence and faith they have in themselves. The mental... read more
Work On Your Balance for Martial Arts Performance and Life
By: Alain Burrese | Oct 1 2010
As we age, our ability to balance decreases. Those of us getting older probably realize this from time to time. I mean, come on, I never started... read more
Cultural Martial Arts - India, Japan, Korea
By: Greg Pierce | Oct 1 2010
Martial arts are a codified practice base on culture and religion. It is a regulation for self discipline and as well as a self-defense or protection. There are a lot... read more
How to Fight and Win in MMA
By: MartialArt Gurus | Oct 1 2010
The most dynamic sport in the world is growing at a rapid rate, and to keep up with these athletes, you must be ready to train harder than... read more
Muay Thai Training a Standard Style In Mixed Martial Arts
By: Sharon Dawkins | Sep 30 2010
Muay Thai is also known as Thai boxing and is ancient martial art of self-defense which was developed and employed within battles by ancient Thailand warriors. Because of its intense... read more
Ground Fighting For MMA
By: tallenfillis | Sep 30 2010
Figures disclose that a great deal of MMA fights go down to the ground at a certain point during a match. It is essential for the professionals to be extremely... read more
Street Fighting Uncaged Review
By: Thomas K | Sep 30 2010
Whether you know it or not you'll find things that you can do to be able to protect oneself no matter where you might be. It doesn't matter if you... read more
Who Is Chuck Liddell?
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 29 2010
Charles David "Chuck" Liddell is a former UFC champion who is widely credited with bringing the UFC and mixed martial arts to the mainstream television. Chuck Liddell was born on... read more
Self Defence Explained
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 29 2010
Self-defense or self defence depending on where you come from is spelled a little differently, however both words mean the same thing. Self defence is a counter measure that... read more
How Krav Maga Will Save Your Life
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 29 2010
Krav Maga is one of the most brutal combat systems known in the world. Krav is a system developed in Israel and is taught to Special Forces worldwide. Krav is... read more
Women Who Want to Avoid a Mugging - martial arts tips
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 29 2010
A mugging/street fight by far is the worst type of fight to be in and if you don't think so it's time to think again.  There's no ref, no... read more
Making the Gym "Work Out"
By: James Brage | Sep 29 2010
One of the biggest mistakes that people training for MMA make is that they don't understand how to train in the weight room. Most people are accustomed to lifting hard... read more
Get A Taekwondo Black Belt in Less than Two Years
By: Al Case | Sep 29 2010
Chuck Norris got his Taekwondo Black Belt in less than two years. It was known as Tang Soo Do back then, and he wasn't touted as an unusual talent,... read more
Use a Head Butt in Self Defence
By: Ricky Davies | Sep 29 2010
Using your head as a weapon is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from an attacker. The reason for this is that people don't expect a head... read more
How Long Does It Take To Earn A Kenpo Black Belt
By: Al Case | Sep 28 2010
In Karate, Kenpo or Taekwondo there is a certain length of time that it should take to earn a black belt. These things are pretty much set in stone,... read more
How To Combine Mixed Martial Arts And Bodybuilding
By: Dane Fletcher | Sep 28 2010
Mixed martial arts (MMA) is very popular these days among men trying to get in shape while learning to defend themselves. Many bodybuilders are discovering the sport and like the... read more
How to Win Your MMA Fight - 3 Steps to a Knockout Win
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 28 2010
Earning KO of the night is a great way to debut or even if you're a seasoned fighter. It is an incredible way to send the message out there that... read more
How To Become A Dangerous MMA Fighter - 3 Simple Steps
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 27 2010
You have watched the UFC and MMA world explode in the past couple of years, and think that you're now ready to be a modern day combatant. There are... read more
An Introduction To Aikido
By: Alex Smith | Sep 27 2010
Theres no mistaken the fact that Aikido is one of the best and most popular martial art in the United States today. The art of Aikido is best associated with... read more
An Introduction To Capoeira
By: Alex Smith | Sep 27 2010
The martial art of Capoeira was originally created over 400 years ago in Brazil by the African slaves. This martial art is unlike any of the other martial arts there... read more
Combat Sport - On the Rise
By: netsticaar | Sep 27 2010
Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an all out combat sport enthusiast? Learning the moves and managing the stances could bring you into a new world of... read more
An Introduction To Muay Thai
By: Alex Smith | Sep 27 2010
All across the world, people have heard about it and possibly even witnessed it first hand or on television - the furious punches, bone crushing elbows, lethal... read more
Chinese Martial Arts
By: Alex Smith | Sep 27 2010
Throughout the world, Chinese martial arts are well known and well respected. China is a pioneer to martial arts, founding several excellent styles. Although Kung Fu is the... read more
Using Flux Theory To Understand Levels And Types Of Fah Jing In The Martial Arts
By: Al Case | Sep 26 2010
In the martial arts Fah Jing is explosive power. Most people experience this in such arts as Karate or taekwon do or kenpo, but on a very limited basis. The... read more
Mixed Martial Arts - What Does It Take To Take On The Best in MMA?
By: Paul Rone-Clarke | Sep 26 2010
Imagine the scenario. You are stood in a ring, facing a super fit opponent, ripped and trained to peak performance by months of gruelling preparation. He's ready to... read more
The Secret of Explosive Power (Fa Jing) in the Martial Arts
By: Al Case | Sep 25 2010
When it come to martial arts explosive power one has to consider the concept of Fa Jing. This is the simple gut oomph that makes such arts as Karate,... read more
How To Win An MMA Fight - Meditate Your Way To Victory
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 23 2010
The calmness exhibited by the best fighters in the world is not without reason. They have an inner calmness that can only be from practice. Meditation is one way to... read more
True Data Concerning Black Belt Rankings In The Various Martial Arts
By: Al Case | Sep 22 2010
Black Belt rankings were begun by Judo Master Jigoro Kano. Master Kano is supposed to have based his system on rankings used by swimming clubs. Karate clubs in Japanese Universities... read more
Win Your MMA Fight - 3 Steps To A Dominating Mindset
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 21 2010
Would you like the feeling of having no doubt possible that you will win your fight and nothing can change that? If you have a few weeks till the big... read more
A Brief Explanation About Kung Fu Origins
By: Adriana N | Sep 21 2010
Kung Fu origins date back to over four thousand years ago. This is the oldest of all the martial arts and it was first practiced by Chinese soldiers in combat.... read more
A Martial Arts School
By: Mark Stylan | Sep 21 2010
Joining a martial art school is a daunting task. It is similar to buying a car, lots of thinking involved to get the best in the end. In this... read more
Ninjutsu Training - Understanding the Strategic Value of The Ninja's Heel-Stamp Kick
By: Jeffrey Miller | Sep 21 2010
One of the most powerful kicks in the Ninja's arsenal of techniques is the sokuyaku-ken geri, 'heel-stamp kick.' But more than another kick to learn for self defense,... read more
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