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Win An MMA Fight - 3 Steps To Total Domination
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 19 2010
If your debut fight is coming up and you are confident that you are going to win, why not do it in style? Fighting to a victory via decision... read more
Win Your MMA Fight - The 3 Must Knows
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 18 2010
MMA is now currently the planet's fastest rising sport. With its popularity, more fighters are trying to see how they would do at it. There really are some key... read more
The Bitter Truth of Street Fighting
By: Tony Clement | Sep 18 2010
A look at the newspapers every morning springs up some headline or the other that is concerned with crime and street violence. Nor are the news headlines on television any... read more
Combat Wrist Locks - Advanced Control Secrets From The Ninja's Self Defense Art of Ninpo-Taijutsu
By: Jeffrey Miller | Sep 18 2010
Wrist locks are a fairly common self defense technique, especially within the grappling or "soft" arts like jujitsu and aikido. In the Ninja's self defense art, known as... read more
How To Win In MMA - Become Dangerous in 3 Steps
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 18 2010
How would it feel to step into the cage and be indestructible? If we can get you to the point where you feel this way, you are much more... read more
Martial Artists With The Most Punches Are The Worst Fighters
By: Keith Pascal | Sep 18 2010
How many punches do you know? Do you have lots of ways to strike in your arsenal? Generally, practitioners who know the most punches become the worst fighters. If... read more
Street Fights Vs Sport Fighting - Key Differences
By: Alex Lorenzo | Sep 18 2010
The difference between street fighting and match fighting are really quite different. Street fighting involves no rules, where match fighting usually has a number of rules of what a... read more
Should You Punch On The Street Or Use Open Hands?
By: Adam Union | Sep 17 2010
If you punch someone on the street there is a high chance that you will break a bone or bones in your hand. Just look at the early UFCs for... read more
Learn Ninjutsu - Wisdom From The Realms of the Dragon and Tiger
By: Jeffrey Miller | Sep 17 2010
In the art of Ninjutsu - the art and life philosophy of the ancient Ninja families - and the Japanese tradition in which I hold a high-level black belt,... read more
Training For MMA
By: Troy Truman | Sep 17 2010
No holds barred fighting has been around since the beginning of time. However, modern day cage fighting, or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as it's also known, has... read more
Karate London
By: Gareth Hoyle | Sep 17 2010
To some, the benefits of taking part in martial arts London seem obvious. There's the fact that you get to learn practical self-defence skills so you're better prepared to... read more
Awareness in Self Defense and Martial Arts - Krav Maga
By: Louis Charron | Sep 17 2010
Awareness is a group of little things that make a large difference in your personal safety. When we step back and think about the components of awareness, it is... read more
How To Win An MMA Fight - 3 Steps to Deliver a Beatdown
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 15 2010
If becoming an MMA fighter is something you're becoming, it would be nice to know how to win. We have a few steps to get you started on the... read more
Martial Arts & Self Defense - Defending Yourself Against a Wall Pin Attack
By: Jeffrey Miller | Sep 15 2010
Most martial arts and self defense students are taught how to defend against things like punches, grabs, kicks, and even weapon attacks. But, what about attacks,... read more
Martial-Arts Shin-Kick Surprise
By: Keith Pascal | Sep 15 2010
Do you have any strategies that get you in close to your attacker? Once you are in this close range, do you remember to use your low kicks? This... read more
Ed Parker And Bruce Lee Were Traitors To The Martial Arts!
By: Al Case | Sep 15 2010
I always take delight in pointing out that people like Ed Parker and Bruce Lee were bad people in the martial arts. People always get upset with me and even... read more
Learn to Defend Yourself - Critical Suggestions for Escaping From Body Grabs and Bear Hugs
By: Jeffrey Miller | Sep 15 2010
How important is it to you to learn how to defend yourself against real-world attackers? Contrary to popular belief, a real world attack, thrown at you by a... read more
One-Minute Martial Arts
By: Keith Pascal | Sep 15 2010
One minute of martial-arts practice doesn't seem like it would do any good, but you might be surprised. The following article outlines real benefits of a sixty-second regimen. Punching OR... read more
A Martial Arts School
By: Mark Smith | Sep 15 2010
Joining a martial art school is a daunting task. It is similar to buying a car, lots of thinking involved to get the best in the end. In this... read more
Street Self Defence Techniques - Do Martial Arts Work?
By: Jon Mainwaring | Sep 15 2010
As a martial arts student of 20 years I often get asked the question do martial arts work. In the last 4 years I have studied street self defence moves... read more
Shaolin Monks and Martial Arts in a Chinese Restaurant
By: Keith Pascal | Sep 14 2010
A few years ago, we were celebrating my daughter's birthday with a party at a restaurant. After her dance recital, we went to a fantastic Chinese buffet. There... read more
Karate-Style Punching Or Street Attack - Can You Really Defend Yourself Against a Real Attacker?
By: Jeffrey Miller | Sep 14 2010
One of the most common statements that I hear from both Ninjutsu students, as-well-as those training in other 'traditional' forms of martial arts is, "I'm not looking for... read more
Three Steps To Making Deadly Martial Arts Techniques
By: Al Case | Sep 14 2010
Everybody buys into the concept of Deadly Martial Arts Techniques, but most schools don't deliver. Teaching Little Johnny, training for tournaments, these concepts take from the fighting... read more
Black Belt Spiritual Training Exercises
By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman | Sep 12 2010
  The Shidoshi, or Founder of our dojo, seemed to be preparing everyone, young and older for the moment in life he had already reached, the time... read more
How To Fight In MMA - The Top 3 Styles To Train
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 11 2010
Question is always brought up as to which of the martial arts is the best to fight with for MMA. Here we've put together the ultimate combination of 3 martial... read more
Why Basic Martial Arts Moves Should Be Part of Your Self Defence Program
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 11 2010
It is hard to find someone who can utilize martial arts moves effectively in a street fight or so the story goes. In actual fact, it is a myth... read more
Self Defense Techniques Not Pacifism Are Needed for Survival
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 11 2010
Living your life in fear seems preferable to settling the issue by force for some people. While it is understandable that you don't wish to contribute to the already devastatingly... read more
The Dangers of a False Prophet Self Defense DVD
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 11 2010
There are a number of things you could call people who sell a self defense DVD with no actual merit. They are criminals, charlatans, con artists but worst... read more
Why a Self Defense Video Is Superior to Training Classes
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 11 2010
If you have been smart enough to realize that there is no escaping the necessity for self defense, you will be faced with something of a dilemma. You may... read more
Three Ways to Improve Your Physique With Self Defense Training
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 11 2010
What if someone told you that you could learn how to defend yourself from street attacks while also improving your strength, flexibility and stamina? Well this is possible through... read more
Why Awareness Should Be a Vital Part of Any Self Defense DVD
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 11 2010
So what should a good self defense DVD contain? There should certainly be a section that covers all of the basic strikes and kicks. Keeping your attacker at distance is... read more
The difference between old karate and New Karate
By: lexoremman | Sep 11 2010
Ryukyu Kempo (also known as Chinese Kempo) has been the way of martial arts in Okinawa hundreds of years.  This is what martial arts was before the transition into what... read more
Replace Fear With Knowledge of Martial Arts Styles
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 11 2010
A combination of fear and ignorance is what keeps people away from checking out martial arts styles. This is a strange choice seeing as they are picking a different kind... read more
How badly taught Military Self Defense can cause you Problems
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
When you hear the term 'military self defense' you automatically think of Green Berets dismantling an attacker with precision moves that an ordinary person could never learn. To be honest,... read more
Why Physical Confrontation is needed when you learn Martial Arts
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
While it would be refreshing and wonderful to live in a society where we don't have to feel fear every time we walk home in the dark there is a... read more
Rationalizing and Your Martial Improvement
By: Keith Pascal | Sep 10 2010
Are you honest when assessing your personal martial-arts abilities? Are you avoiding being completely honest with yourself. Making a "change in your reality" could really help you improve in your... read more
How Martial Arts Self Defense training is about being smart as well as being tough
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
With martial arts self defense videos you always have a fair idea what to expect. You will usually have an instructor who claims to be some expert who teaches you... read more
Dangerous Martial Arts Techniques to Avoid
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
With an influx of thugs seemingly deciding to make random attacks a regular occurrence there are a rash of martial arts classes being taught. Some offer great instruction at reasonable... read more
How to Defend yourself even Without Martial Arts Moves
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
There is bad news and good news when it comes to street crime. The bad news is that it's increasing. There is no getting away from that fact. Even though... read more
Buy a Self Defense DVD and Punch above your Weight
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
If you have already been the victim of a violent assault then you know the sense of fear and helplessness you had when you underwent that attack. It is not... read more
How To Be An MMA Fighter - 3 Steps To Kick Like A Mule
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 10 2010
Adding some massive kicks to your stand up is another area that can really make your opponent off track with their game plan. This may open many areas that you... read more
Why you should have no excuses not to learn self defense
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
Suggestions that it is unnecessary to learn self defense are wide of the mark and frankly, dangerous. Even if you live in what seems like a safe area,... read more
How To Win An MMA Fight - 3 Steps To Dominate
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 10 2010
Your first fight is around the corner and you're confident that you're going to win, and you should be. We want you to dominate. You'll have to do things... read more
Try Doing These Feats of Strength Before You Call Yourself Bruce Lee Tough!
By: Al Case | Sep 10 2010
Martial Artists like to think of themselves as tough cookies. They break a few bricks and swagger around and grunt. But once you read the following list of feats,... read more
Don't get too aggressive with combat self defense
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
The idea behind combat self defense is to defend yourself adequately against a street attack. It is not a form of attack and it should never be used in an... read more
Why self defense tactics don't just involve fighting
By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010
You could go to self defense classes every week and feel pretty confident about being able to take care of yourself but unless you have a set of effective self... read more
Skills Needed for MMA
By: Nick Samuel | Sep 10 2010
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is quickly growing as a sport. However, since it's quite new, it is easy for a person to be confused about the sport. It... read more
The Golden age of British Budo
By: Henry Ellis | Sep 9 2010
The Golden age of British Budo The early sensei's ~ K Abbe ~ M Otani ~ M Nakazono ~ H Michigami ~ T Abe ~ M Noro ~M Harada ~... read more
How To Win Your First MMA Fight - 3 Steps
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 8 2010
There are very important aspects that will set you and your opponent apart when you are set to fight in the cage. Here are some tips that if your practice... read more
How to Be An MMA Fighter - Spar Like a Destroyer
By: MartialArt Gurus | Sep 8 2010
If you're training for Mixed-martial arts, and you're not sparring with fighters that have more skill than you do, than you should be. Learning how to spar with... read more
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