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To drink healthy
By: Evangeline Selden | Sep 21 2011
Daily, moderate having may almost cut in half risking potential building Alzheimer's disorder or perhaps other styles with dementia, in line with new exploration. A locating adds to a... read more
Simple Tips to Backache Pain and Remedies
By: Dr. Mital John | Mar 13 2011
However, this is also one of the top most common problems faced by people due to strain, fatigue and improper posture. Backaches too can also be caused by... read more
Seven Ways To Prevent Asthma
By: Ramir Sarmiento | Dec 9 2010
Many believe that if you have asthma, exercise won't be viable for you, as aerobic activities can trigger your condition leading to difficulties in breathing. However, in... read more
Natural Asthma Treatment - Home Remedies For Asthma
By: Cullen Adams | Dec 8 2010
There are many things asthma sufferers can ingest or do to minimize asthmatic symptoms which can eliminate the need for asthma drugs or medications. Here is a look at a... read more
The Hold Asthma Has On You
By: Lee M Duncan | Dec 4 2010
You know asthma has a hold on you when you become dependent on the controlling of your asthma symptoms with prescription drugs, inhalers and in some more severe cases... read more
Does Asthma Cause You Stress?
By: Lee M Duncan | Dec 4 2010
If you suffer from asthma then you know that having this chronic disease can leave you feeling helpless. In a lot of cases with asthma, it can become a... read more
What Are the Best Medications for Children With Asthma, An Inhaler, Or a Nebulizer?
By: Meki Mek | Nov 30 2010
Asthma does require a special handling, especially when asthma attack is coming. But which should be chosen to cope with asthma in children, an inhaler or nebulizer? Studies show... read more
Is Asthma Causing You to Mentally Break Down?
By: Lee M Duncan | Nov 22 2010
Asthma can take a big toll on those who suffer from it. It is not an easy disease to deal with month after month and year after year. Your mind... read more
How Turmeric Can Help Asthma Symptoms
By: Cullen Adams | Nov 14 2010
Modern medical research is only just discovering the powerful healing and health promoting properties of turmeric. Turmeric is a yellow spice of the ginger family. It is native to Tropical... read more
How Does Your Body Overcome Asthma?
By: Lee M Duncan | Nov 12 2010
The first step to learning how your body can overcome asthma and many other diseases is to first understand how your body works and how asthma may be caused. There... read more
Allergy Induced Asthma - Can I Prevent It?
By: Dawn Tan | Nov 11 2010
Allergy induced asthma is getting more common these days with the rise of pollution inside and outside our homes, offices, environment and surroundings. We may be breathing in... read more
Your Choice of Foods Could Be Responsible For Causing Asthma
By: Dr. Anita Brown | Nov 10 2010
The choice of your food can decide whether you will be allergic or not. A research conducted by the researchers from Germany, Spain and London claimed so. As the... read more
How To Avoid Asthma Triggers
By: Li Thomas | Nov 9 2010
You must be aware of asthma triggers in order to help avoid them. If you or anyone you know or love struggles with asthma, you know how critical it... read more
What You Must Know About Asthma Symptoms
By: Li Thomas | Nov 9 2010
Asthma symptoms can be quite frightening. The exact cause of most asthma isn't known by doctors. Most researchers believe that it is a combination of factors such as family genes and... read more
Asthma Is Becoming a Serious Problem
By: Lee M Duncan | Nov 9 2010
In the past several years asthma is becoming more common among people and it is especially becoming a serious problem for our children. Since 1978 it has skyrocketed so much... read more
Occupational Asthma Due to Stress in the Office
By: Dawn Tan | Nov 6 2010
Asthma can be triggered by acute prolonged stress. Many people unknowingly have asthma that is triggered by severe stress due to causes such as persistent work pressures in the office,... read more
Testing for Asthma To Find The Best Asthma Treatments
By: Mitch Martin | Nov 5 2010
To obtain a proper diagnosis and prognosis of an asthma condition, an appointment should be scheduled with a qualified doctor. The physician will perform an examination and any tests... read more
Is Allergy and Asthma Related? What Is the Best Way to Get Asthma Relief?
By: Wilson Mah | Oct 14 2010
Have you ever wondered what common factor asthma and allergies share apart from the fact that each make you suffer? If you're someone who's trying to obtain asthma relief,... read more
Why Asthma Is On The Rise
By: Tyler D Duncan | Oct 11 2010
There is no mistaking the rise in numbers for people getting asthma. More and more children and adults are having asthmatic issues due to environmental exposures. You and your children... read more
Glutathione Precursors May Improve Breathing in Asthmatics
By: Wayne Holloway | Oct 4 2010
Having been asthmatic for more than thirty-years, I consider myself somewhat of an expert. I feel I know what many asthmatics want: To breathe more fully and without being... read more
Getting Great Hunter Air Cleaners
By: Yao T Feng | Sep 30 2010
Hunter air cleaners are known to be long lasting, quality air cleaners. With a large variety that is available to choose from, you'll have a lot of decisions... read more
Vitamins - A Perfect Catalyst In Curing Asthma
By: Prashant Saxena | Sep 27 2010
In today's world there are lots of diseases that are incurable and one of them is Asthma. A person suffering from this disease depends totally on regular medicines and inhaler.... read more
Introduce Yourself With the Most Powerful and Effective Vitamins for Asthma
By: Prashant Saxena | Sep 27 2010
Asthma is a chronic respiratory ailment which can be characterized by occurrence of chest tightness and sometime breathlessness. People suffering from Asthma usually face inflammation and problems in lungs. During... read more
More on Asthma and Vitamin D
By: Soram Khalsa | Sep 13 2010
Another article looking at the importance of vitamin D in patients with asthma has just been published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and  Immunology. The authors, MS Sandhu... read more
Ways to Stop Asthma Attacks
By: Mitch Martin | Sep 10 2010
There are effective ways to stop asthma attacks. These are extremely useful techniques to prevent your asthma attack before it happens at the same time during the attack. Asthma is considered... read more
Natural Or Conventional Treatments For Asthma?
By: Joy Idries | Aug 24 2010
Asthma is a medical condition which affects the respiratory system, gradually causing general problems in breathing which can be both very distressing and sometimes dangerous. Inflammation in the bronchial tubes... read more
The Buteyko Breathing Method For Asthma
By: Suzanne Zacharia | Jul 21 2010
Asthma is a physical tightening of the airways. These can tighten so much that the sufferer can literally suffocate to death. It follows that no matter what else is involved,... read more
Asthma Mist Review - #1 Asthma Treatment
By: Richard C. Griffin | Jul 11 2010
Asthma is a fatal lung disease that inflames and narrows airways. It causes shortness of breath, chest tightness and inveterate periods of wheezing. Coughing is another symptom of Asthma... read more
Symptoms of Childhood Asthma
By: Emma Reynolds | Jun 25 2010
Asthma symptoms can be quite hard to detect because they are quite similar to allergy and cold symptoms. This is also the reason why asthma in children is usually misdiagnosed.... read more
3 Most Common Signs of an Asthma Attack and How to Recognize Them
By: Dennis Messick | Jun 17 2010
When suffering from a disease like asthma it is highly important to understand the symptoms and the way they function. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease with terrible manifestations from... read more
Asthma - Effective Yet Affordable Treatment - 8 Ways to Save Money
By: Cynthia Koelker | Jun 14 2010
Asthma treatment often costs thousands of dollars a year - more than many patients can afford. With brand-name controller drugs costing $200 per month, what's a person to do? Here... read more
Life With Asthma
By: Liam Edmenson | Jun 7 2010
Living Well With Asthma All chronic diseases require some lifestyle modifications and a clear action plan to minimize their damage, and asthma is no different. It is important to realize... read more
Are You Struggling to Breathe As You Suffer the Choking Agony of Asthma?
By: Mark Chadwick | May 28 2010
If so, you must learn the centuries old secret of the Maori Fisherman of New Zealand that could be used to relieve or even completely remove your symptoms of... read more
UV Air Purifiers and Asthmatics - They Can Make a Difference
By: | May 25 2010
Did you know that recent studies have revealed that the air inside of our homes is dirtier that the air that is located outside of our house? This is especially... read more
Need Help With Asthma?
By: Aaron Prinkey | May 24 2010
More and more people seem to be suffering from asthma and other breathing problems. In addition to air pollution and sedentary lifestyle both have bearing on the statistics. Studies show... read more
Extrinsic Reasons of Asthma
By: | May 24 2010
There are many people in the world today that are suffering from asthma extrinsic. It does not matter where you come from or what your lifestyle is. Anyone can become... read more
Monitoring Asthma While on the Go With a Portable Pulse Oximeter
By: Robert Darwin | May 24 2010
Asthma is truly one of the most difficult conditions to live with. An asthma attack can strike while on vacation, sleeping, or during regular exercise. Living with asthma... read more
Causes of Asthma
By: | May 24 2010
Asthma is a chronic disease that makes the breathing very difficult. It is caused by inflammation of the airway passages that blocks the oxygen from entering the lungs. The most... read more
Asthma - Symptoms and Triggers
By: Christopher JA Wang | May 24 2010
Asthma is a common respiratory disease that affects a person's airways. Around 7 percent of the US population has asthma, ranging from mild to chronic types. During an asthma... read more
Asthma Treatment and Precautions
By: | Apr 14 2010
Asthma is related to the problems in respiratory system or in lungs. It sometimes results in choked breathing. There may be a number of causes of asthma but major one... read more
How Manage Your Asthma
By: Mike Crimmins | Apr 4 2010
Often I hear people asking how do you manage asthma? There isn't a cure for asthma, but there are ways to bring it under control. If you are your loved... read more
Beware of Asthma Drugs
By: Charlie X Smith | Apr 3 2010
Although some of the frequently prescribed asthma drugs can be life-saving in an emergency, overuse or long-term use of most asthma medications can produce severe side effects. Oral corticosteroids,... read more
How to Prevent Asthma Attacks - Get Rid of Dust Mites
By: Jim Rees | Apr 3 2010
Asthma attacks can be triggered by a range of items such as pollen, mold spores, pet dander, second hand smoke and the simple advice here is to... read more
4 Steps to Reduce Asthma
By: Mohamad Ali | Apr 3 2010
Asthma is a lung disorder whereby the bronchial airways are inflamed and constricted. There is also excess mucus production and this is due to injury to the airway surfaces. The... read more
5 Asthma Coping Strategies
By: Debbie Davis | Apr 3 2010
Regardless of its severity, there are numerous strategies for coping with asthma on a number of different levels. There are strategies for medications, monitoring, early warning signals,... read more
Aromatherapy And Asthma
By: Marge Clark | Apr 3 2010
SAFETY FIRST Be aware that there is NO WAY to predict what oils can or will trigger an attack in an individual. Quite obviously, if you know you are allergic... read more
How to Cope With Asthma - Five Strategies For Five Stages
By: Debbie Davis | Apr 3 2010
If you have just been diagnosed with asthma you may be wondering what happens next, and how people who have been diagnosed with asthma manage to get on with... read more
How to Protect Your Child With Asthma During Sports Activities
By: Michael Derad | Apr 2 2010
We all want to protect our children, to keep them out of harm's way but the truth of the matter is once your child's asthma is under control then... read more
Do Children Grow Out of Asthma?
By: Miriam Dawson | Apr 2 2010
Parents are usually the ones who are greatly affected, when they see their child having an asthma attack. It bothers them so much especially when they can do nothing... read more
Salt Therapy - Natural, Non Invasive and Efficient!
By: Livia Tiba | Apr 2 2010
Speleotherapy or underground salt mine therapy is an alternative and complementary therapy method for asthma and other respiratory diseases, used in Eastern and Central Europe for many years.  Based on... read more
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