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Chinese herbs can treat advanced lung cancer effectively
By: mouzhe | Jul 27 2011
Chinese herbs is very effective in the treatment of advanced lung cancer, Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used alone for treating lung cancer. At the same time it can... read more
mango fruit nutrition can prevent breast cancer
By: mouzhe | Jul 27 2011
Breast carcinoma is one of the most common carcinoma in women and its mortality is quite high. Healthy eating habits can prevent breast cancer. One of the absolute best foods... read more
her2 Breast cancer self examination and The best treatment time
By: mouzhe | Jul 27 2011
HER2, belongs to the Epidermal Growth Factor receptor family, is one of The most vμlnerable oncogene in human tumor. HER2, a protein produced by a specific gene... read more
What To Eat To You Can Prevent Breast Cancer More?
By: mouzhe | Jul 27 2011
Breast cancer is the malignant tumor Female patients is the most common, it is a threat to women's health "the first killer". Modern medicine generally believed that breast cancer... read more
Sunbathing three hours every day can reduce the risk of breast cancer
By: mouzhe | Jul 27 2011
According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 28, a new study found that was published in the "American Journal of Epidemiology". Sunbathing three hours every day can... read more
Breast X-rays can reduce mortality of breast cancer significantly
By: mouzhe | Jul 27 2011
The researchers form Swedish studies have shown that Breast X-rays can reduce mortality of breast cancer significantly. Uppsala University in Sweden and other research institutions show The patients with breast... read more
Cancer Of The Breast Implant?
By: 4Women | Feb 24 2011
Ten years ago, I made a decision to follow up my mastectomies with silicone breast implants. I was making my decision back in the day when insurance companies would... read more
Different Types of Cancer and Their Treatments
By: Chaman Goyal | Feb 24 2011
Breast cancer is a type of cancer originating from breast tissue, most commonly from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules which supply the ducts with milk.... read more
Eight Kinds Of Vegetables Can Prevent 8 Kinds Of Cancer
By: zhaowei | Feb 23 2011
Cancer is a terrible foe and it requires the most powerful treatment that we have available. The incidence rate of cancer mainly stems from several factors, including inappropriate diets,... read more
Nipple Inversion May Be Symptoms And Signs Of Breast Cancer
By: zhaowei | Feb 21 2011
Sometimes, do you find your nipple retraction Or uneven? Many women has come across this kind of situations. You should be more careful of your health when When you... read more
Analysis: What Are The Early Breast Cancer Symptoms
By: zhaowei | Feb 18 2011
Symptoms of early breast cancer 1, Breast lumps, Most breast cancer patients found that breast lumps in the side of the breast. If you have such symptoms should... read more
Introduction To Breast Cancer Treatment By Stage
By: zhaowei | Feb 17 2011
How to Treat Breast Cancer? It is very painful that breast cancer cure rises for a long time? Must resect breast? At present, the global prevalence of breast cancer... read more
Symptoms And Signs Of Breast Cancer
By: Jemse Brown | Feb 9 2011
Breast Cancer Overview Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women with the exception of nonmelanoma skin cancers. It is the second leading cause of death by cancer... read more
Medical Treatment Uprising Highly
By: chaman goyal | Jan 20 2011
With the advance technology, growing research in medical world, medical treatment is uprising highly at the way of development. Across the world, medical is now... read more
Stakeholder Insight: Breast Cancer (hormone Receptor-negative) - Triple-negative Breast Cancer Offe
By: Aarkstore Enterprise | Dec 16 2010
Introduction While some triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients now have an additional treatment option in the form of Avastin, unmet need remains high. Similarly, despite the availability of Herceptin... read more
Breast Cancer - This Month of Awareness and Remembrance
By: Mary Bradley | Dec 12 2010
Somewhere in the world, every 69 seconds a woman dies of breast cancer. The first of October marked the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- a perfect time to... read more
New Study Finds That Multivitamins and Calcium Slash Breast Cancer Risk
By: Tony Isaacs | Dec 11 2010
A new study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research's annual meeting has found that women who take multivitamins and calcium drastically reduce their odds of getting breast cancer.... read more
Breast Cancer And The Root Canal: What Your Dentist May Not Know About The Root Canal
By: Werner Knoepp | Dec 11 2010
Recently, Dr Thomas Rau, director of the Paracelsus Klnik in Lustmuhle Switzerland, looked into the records of 150 of his breast cancer patients. What he found was... read more
Did You Make These Mistakes About Breast Cancer?
By: Lynn Schmutz | Dec 8 2010
The second leading cause of death that strikes women is a disease called Breast Cancer. This is the most common form of death sentence for women beginning in their 20's,... read more
Breast Cancer Prevention Strategies
By: Jeremie Pederson | Dec 1 2010
October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons decorate the workplace, classrooms, and even the uniforms of professional athletes. Almost every person in the United States will... read more
Talk and Awareness About Breast Cancer
By: Sofia Keramari | Nov 26 2010
This month is of special attention to cancer, specifically breast cancer, as it is awareness month. People from all over the world are expressing their love and care... read more
Decoding the Pink Virus
By: Kathleen Ruddy, M.D. | Nov 10 2010
The concept that breast cancer could be caused by a virus is not a new idea. Though not yet widely reported in the mainstream media, it is a field... read more
Breast Cancer Alerts
By: portertj | Nov 10 2010
Breast Cancer, also known as Malignant Breast Neoplasm, is caused from the inner lining of the breast tissues called milk ducts or lobules. Breast cancer which primarily originates... read more
Breast Cancer In Men - What Are Male Breast Cancer Symptoms?
By: medicalzones | Nov 4 2010
Many people have this belief that woman only get the breast cancer. You should not be amazed to know that breast cancer is also common in men, only they... read more
Reduce Breast Cancer By 45%
By: Chen Siong | Oct 25 2010
A US study of 13, 000 patients showed Tamoxifen reduced the rate of expected cancers from one in 130 to one in 236 - a cut of about 45%. The... read more
Let's Us Talk About Cancer
By: Sophia Keramari | Oct 23 2010
This is a great opportunity for cancer talk, as we all know it is breast cancer awareness month. People from all over the world show their support in various... read more
Pick Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness
By: Ally Keer | Oct 22 2010
October is internationally known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Pink Ribbon Day is always on the fourth Monday of October, which marks the culmination of breast cancer... read more
The Birth Control Pill And The Breast Cancer Connection
By: Chen Siong | Oct 22 2010
For more than 40 years, many people start to take the Pill for birth control. This is one of the most famous drug in the world. The birth control Pill... read more
Carcinogen: Environmental Exposures From Modern Life Styles And Medical Sources
By: Chukwuh Innocent | Oct 20 2010
"Though overall cancer incidence and mortality have continued to decline in recent years, the disease continues to devastate the lives of far too many Americans. In 2009 alone,... read more
How Does a Doctor Ever Know Anyone Has Ductal Breast Cancer?
By: Kenneth Travis | Oct 19 2010
Ductal carcinoma in situ or D.C.I.S. to those in the know, is a term you never want to hear mentioned in the same breath as your name. 50, 000... read more
Finding Out About Common Breast Cancer Causes
By: Carlos Shawn... | Oct 14 2010
It seems as though breast cancer causes are multiplying each year and specialists are finding more reasons that people could get the cancer. This is a guide designed for both... read more
Anyone Feeling Pinked Out
By: 4Women | Oct 14 2010
How 'bout those pink-shod NFL players? Ahhhhh, do try the pink lemonade compliments of Delta airlines, and since they do not throw in a pink dinner, be... read more
Carolyn Emmons Is Recovering After Surviving A Double Mastectomy
By: Sandra Bratschi | Oct 14 2010
Carolyn Emmons made the difficult decision to undergo a double mastectomy to decrease the possibility of her breast cancer recurring, but the choice was one she wrestled with. reports... read more
Benefits Of Alternative Cancer Treatment Vs. Conventional Cancer Therapy
By: Tiena A. | Oct 9 2010
How many of you are dealing with cancer or know someone that is or even knew someone who may have died from this terrifying illness? I bet, almost every... read more
Guidelines For Minimizing Breast Cancer Causes
By: Santiago Padilla | Sep 26 2010
Continued research in the medical field points out to a wide range of factors that play a very important role in minimizing the risks of developing breast cancer causes in... read more
Establish Breast Cancer Awareness Through Promotional Paper Bags and T-Shirts
By: Beth Loggins | Sep 1 2010
Two of the optimum promotional materials are paper bags and t-shirts. Both of them are highly employed in campaigns and awareness about certain issues that shake mankind. Indeed, these... read more
Chemotherapy - Which is Worse, the Disease Or the Cure?
By: Terri Tutten | Aug 21 2010
It's certainly understandable that someone's reaction, when being given the initial diagnosis of breast cancer, might be panic and fear. You would expect them to be afraid and... read more
Will Breast Cancer Come Back Or Not? - Get a Hint From the Pathology Report
By: Felicitas Ramos | Aug 10 2010
Breast cancer when diagnosed early has a great chance of being treated successfully. Whether it is coming back is a matter to reckon with. But if you were the patient,... read more
Cancer & Food - The Best Foods For Fighting Breast Cancer
By: C. J. Harrison | Aug 4 2010
What we eat has a direct effect on the state of our health. What we eat can also help us combat even the most dreaded of diseases. Breast cancer,... read more
Fear, Not Breast Cancer - Know the Different Treatments
By: Felicitas Ramos | Jul 11 2010
Breast tumors, even if biopsied malignant, are no longer causes for so much alarm and anxiety. Breakthroughs had resulted to put a stop on the malady's spread -... read more
Breast Cancer Awareness Pt 1 - Tips For Breast Cancer Prevention
By: Sean J Tucker | Jun 20 2010
Breast cancer is a terribly frightening illness, that is why taking cautious steps to breast cancer prevention is very important. Worldwide, 1 woman is diagnosed with breast cancer... read more
Breast Cancer and Exams
By: Preston Robinson | Jun 16 2010
For years it has been known that genetic damage is done by exposure to radiation. This genetic damage triggers mutation which causes normal cells to become malignant. How medical science... read more
Breast Cancer - Symptoms and Diagnosis
By: Victoria Sallador | Jun 3 2010
Cancer of the breast is a tumor that forms in the cells of breasts. Breast cancer may happen in both women and men, but it is more widespread in... read more
Important Things About Breast Cancer
By: Michael J. Price | Jun 1 2010
Breast cancer becomes a disease that triggers among women and the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide after lung cancer. It has been a long medical issue that occurs... read more
Alternative Approaches to Breast Cancer Treatment
By: Rita Chatterjee | May 25 2010
If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer you may be wondering if there are alternatives to traditional treatments of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. In fact there are... read more
Reconstructing the Nipple and Areola After Mastectomy
By: | May 25 2010
For women with breast cancer, mastectomy is often a necessary element of effective treatment. While surgical removal of a breast can prevent the spread of the disease and can... read more
A Breast Cancer Prevention Diet Should Include Lots of Herbs and Spices
By: | Apr 14 2010
Breast Cancer and Spices The incidence of breast cancer and the death rate from this disease are four to five times lower in countries where large quantities of spices are eaten. The... read more
The Types of Breast Cancer Bracelets
By: MC Ezzia | Apr 4 2010
One manner to show your dedication for the cause is to dress in a breast cancer bracelet. It demonstrates everybody that you concern and that you are a part in... read more
Breast Tomosynthesis
By: Fitri Ulina | Apr 4 2010
Digital mammography, where the detector uses digital technology, has been shown to be superior to conventional analog screen-film mammography, especially in the difficult-to-image denser breasts. However,... read more
Two Types of Advanced Breast Cancer
By: MC Ezzia | Apr 4 2010
Some of basic types of breast cancer are metastatic and locally advanced breast cancer. The former indicates that the disease has extended to other body sites, like the brain,... read more
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