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Metaphysics of Life and Death
By: Matthew Reinschmidt | Dec 7 2010
It is a profoundly sad experience to witness the death of a loved one or young person due to illness or injury or age. Such experiences commonly cause hiccups or... read more
Honouring the Dead Around the World: Day of the Dead
By: Thom Sanders | Dec 1 2010
The Day of the Dead is not just a horror film by George A. Romero but is also a day of celebration in Mexico. The holiday is revolves around families... read more
My Liberian Story From Monrovia Liberia
By: Tuatoe Daynuah | Nov 27 2010
My story is a mixture of here and there. Before one can understand an individual's story, it is important to have a history of events that contributed to the... read more
Decisions for Your Final Days: Should You Be Cremated?
By: Kathryn Lively | Nov 26 2010
While our final arrangements aren't something we wish to think of often, preparing for your funeral and care of your estate helps relieve such a burden for your loved... read more
Funeral Service Planning
By: Carole Galassi | Nov 25 2010
When there is a death in the family, the surviving family members are often left disoriented and confused. It's as if they don't have any idea where and how... read more
Funeral Music
By: Carole Galassi | Nov 24 2010
You can find numerous excellent funeral songs to pick from whenever preparing a funeral for a cherished one or friend. Songs can array from different styles and they don't essentially... read more
African American Funeral Programs
By: Carole Galassi | Nov 24 2010
Funeral services are conducted or prepared depending on the religion or belief of the deceased. Actually, religion is just one of the many factors which determine how a funeral... read more
Order of Service for Funerals
By: Carole Galassi | Nov 24 2010
The lack of any kind of funeral or memorial service can bring out a unsatisfied feeling and a feeling of wanting to do more. The deceased should be given the... read more
Baby Funeral Services
By: Carole Galassi | Nov 23 2010
Almost everyone who experiences loss because of death frequently turn some beautifully constructed wording as an emotional outlet. There's something about how poems can give you some relaxing thoughts and... read more
Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas
By: Karen Grisham | Nov 13 2010
Great sympathy gift basket ideas can be transformed into cleverly created comfort gifts for the grieving. You can even put together your own with our ideas and just a few... read more
Goodbye Letters to Loved Ones - Consider Writing a Goodbye Letter to Love One Just in Case
By: Meghan R. | Nov 3 2010
Are you thinking about writing a goodbye letter to loved ones in case you pass away? It is emotional topic to cover but I hope I can help you think... read more
Obituary Keepsake
By: Carole Galassi | Nov 2 2010
What are some things that can be considered an obituary keepsake? The obituary programs, obituary or memorial bookmarks, prayer cards, memorial candles, memorial jewelry and plantable... read more
Overcoming the Fear of Death: Is There Any Hope?
By: John Thomas Didymus | Nov 2 2010
One might begin by stating, without equivocation, that a belief in some form of afterlife is essential to overcoming the fear of death. So strong is the drive... read more
Dying Stands Logic on Its Head
By: Stan Goldberg | Oct 28 2010
We often harshly judge behaviors we don't understand. They can involve someone's ingratitude, anger, or actions we label as foolish. I recently was guilty of the same thing... read more
The Hard Work of Dying
By: Stan Goldberg | Oct 28 2010
Imagine that you're preparing for a thirty-day trip to a foreign country and you're limited to taking only what can be carried in a backpack. Your decisions on what to... read more
Choosing How to Die. Does it Make a Difference?
By: Stan Goldberg | Oct 28 2010
If you could choose the way you will die, what would it be?” Many people cavalierly answer “old age” or “in my sleep, ” as if either of these... read more
Your Life, Alive and Dead - More Differences
By: Suzy Morgan | Oct 25 2010
Nobody dies, your body just drops off you one day. The "you" living within your body continues on its way. Once you realize the inevitable is happening, you... read more
Buying the Right Funeral Program
By: Carole Galassi | Oct 24 2010
One of the most depressing occasions in a person's life is losing someone very dear and near to their heart. Nonetheless, that's something we can not truly steer clear... read more
Eulogy Examples: Where to Find Eulogy Samples and Inspirations
By: Jason W Keith | Oct 24 2010
Writing a eulogy is an honor and a privilege, but it is not something that someone is usually called upon to do on a regular basis. In fact,... read more
What Is a Deceased Search Online?
By: Brij Shah | Oct 23 2010
Search of a deceased person using online information is called deceased search online. Online data of the deceased is mainly available in the form of death certificates, obituaries and... read more
What Makes You Think You'll Live Forever?
By: Stan Goldberg | Oct 23 2010
The opening line of the pamphlet was straightforward: Join us in a workshop where you will experience your own death. Six months prior, I would have thought it an... read more
The History of Embalming
By: Buddy Phaneuf | Oct 19 2010
The modern definition of the word 'embalming' is defined as temporarily preserving human remains to delay decomposition and maintain the appearance of the body so it can be publicly displayed... read more
Your Life, Alive and Dead - The Differences
By: Suzy Morgan | Oct 19 2010
What follows are a few of the interesting differences between your alive physical life as you live today, and your dead spirit life, as you might live tomorrow. 1.... read more
Catholic Funeral Wake
By: Carole Galassi | Oct 13 2010
Are you curious on what happens at a Catholic funeral wake? Generally, in a Catholic funeral, there is a wake or visitation the day before the actual funeral... read more
Choosing Our Own Urns for Ashes Can Be the Right Thing to Do
By: Sunil Punjabi | Oct 12 2010
More of us are considering planning our own funerals these days. In some ways it makes sense to plan and pay ahead for such a time. There are companies that... read more
Ways In Which To Cope With A Sibling's Suicide
By: Angela Linton | Oct 3 2010
Suicide is a crime that affects not only the person who takes their life, but it also affects their families, friends and society at large. Indeed, it... read more
John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole For Sixth Time
By: Ryan D. Hogan | Sep 29 2010
Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon, was denied parole for a sixth time on Sept. 7, 2010. A New York State Division of Parole board... read more
Pet Memorial
By: Carole Galassi | Sep 27 2010
Pets can be a very special part of someone's life. When a pet passes away, it is the same as losing a human loved one. Having a pet memorial... read more
Plantable Heart Cards for a Memorial
By: Carole Galassi | Sep 22 2010
Plantable heart cards are a special way to keep your loved one's memories alive! These special cards have tiny flower seed within the paper itself and cut into heart shapes... read more
Losing My Father, Age 94
By: Jane Hatley | Sep 16 2010
My father died three weeks ago. He was 94 years old, and he had lived a good life. He was a good man. I'd like to write something funny... read more
The Basics of Unattended Death Cleanup
By: Jerry D. Turner | Sep 16 2010
An unattended death cleaning is much more than just removal of a body. Unattended death cleaning companies generally also do murder scene cleanings, crime scene cleanings, homicide scene... read more
Tips on How To Write Funeral Thank You Notes
By: Jitske Memoli | Sep 6 2010
Writing funeral thank you notes might be difficult for many people, especially during this time when they are still grieving for the loss of their loved ones. Their situation... read more
Funeral Thank You Cards
By: Jitske Memoli | Sep 6 2010
As we all stumble upon circumstances that would entail a death of someone close to you or anybody you just know, emotions will run high, causing physical,... read more
Funeral Memorial Cards
By: Jitske Memoli | Sep 6 2010
Writing is a great outlet for people who find it hard to speak out and discuss their true feelings and emotions. Giving written letters, messages and notes for almost... read more
Show How Much You Care With A Memorial Card
By: Jitske Memoli | Sep 6 2010
Coping with the death of somebody close to our hearts is never easy. We are often left grieving and suffering for weeks, months, and even years. There is... read more
How To Make a Condolence Card
By: Jitske Memoli | Aug 31 2010
When a close friend or a relative dies, a good way of expressing your thoughts can be done with a condolence card for the family. Writing your message can... read more
Self Directed Home Funerals
By: F. Dracon | Aug 29 2010
My whole perspective of death comes from growing up in a very ethnic oriented home. I grew up with death being a natural and unavoidable part of life, everyone's... read more
Choosing the Right Memorial and Funeral Gifts
By: Kim Gibson | Aug 24 2010
While going through the loss of a loved one, finding ways to keep their memory alive can help immensely in the healing process. Choosing the right memorial and funeral... read more
Funeral Wreath For a Memorial Service
By: Carole Galassi | Aug 23 2010
People have been sending flowers out for funerals for a very long time. Hundreds or years ago, flowers were used to mask the smell of the deceased. Now of... read more
Gravestone Marker
By: Carole Galassi | Aug 18 2010
People have pretty much always buried their dead in one way or another. They have also used some kind of marker to identify the gravesite. Sometimes just a simple cross... read more
Creating Memorial Websites
By: Kim Gibson | Aug 13 2010
One of the first impulses you may have upon the death of a loved one is to create an on-going memorial. It's natural to want the memories of your loved... read more
Bible Verses and Poems For Funerals
By: Carole Galassi | Aug 12 2010
Whether the funeral is a religious affair or secular one, it is still appropriate to read bible verses and poems. There is so much comfort to be found in... read more
Having an Affordable Funeral
By: W Tsang | Aug 5 2010
Death of a loved one is always a sad and depressing occurrence. Naturally it is never a merry idea when somebody dear to you passes away. Additionally, what probably... read more
Cremation and Funeral Urns
By: Carole Galassi | Aug 4 2010
When a family member dies and they are supposed to be cremated you also have to decide what kind of urn to have. Will you be scattering the ashes or... read more
Planning a Funeral Service For a Child
By: Jason Gibson Parsons | Aug 4 2010
A child's death has to be one of the most difficult challenges a parent has ever had to face. What has to be more troubling is trying to plan your... read more
Should You Pre-Arrange Your Funeral?
By: Jason Gibson Parsons | Aug 4 2010
When you are in your twenties and thirties, you may not think about making your own funeral arrangement. This is actually the best time to start. Contact the funeral... read more
Must a Loved One's Remains Be Embalmed?
By: John Roetker | Jul 27 2010
Is It Required That A Body Be Embalmed? Embalming, except in certain circumstances to be discussed in this article, it is not specifically required. Sometimes the family requests that the... read more
Grief, Sadness, Death and the Passing of My Father
By: Matthew Beck | Jul 24 2010
Arthur was an older man. His temperament had mellowed with time. Fear dominated his thought pattern.The powerful impulse to protect from objects-both real and imagined had frustrated his son-now living... read more
Funeral Plans
By: Carole Galassi | Jul 24 2010
Planning a funeral is never an easy task, that is why most families employ the help of a funeral home. It is especially helpful since after a loss you... read more
What Do I Do When Encountering a Funeral Procession?
By: John Roetker | Jul 24 2010
Am I Required To Pull Over When Meeting A Funeral Procession? This question is asked occasionally, and the answer is no. You are not required by law to pull over.... read more
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