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Facts about the causes of frozen shoulder.
By: Balfour Morris | May 14 2013
In these days, most of the people have been seen complaining about frozen shoulder. This type of disorder which is also referred to as adhesive capsulitis or sometimes shoulder... read more
Designer Reading Glasses - Should You Buy Them Ready- Or Custom-Made?
By: Sam Smith | Feb 8 2013
You'll need a good pair of reading glasses in case you are unable to read a page being held at the normal distance. If you buy designer reading glasses you'll... read more
Reasons to choose an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi
By: Nathan Jone | Apr 17 2012
Are you suffering from terrible hip pain? Those days are gone when you would have to live with that pain for your whole life. Now with the evolution of advanced... read more
Total knee replacement surgery in India - What are the benefits?
By: Nathan Jone | Apr 17 2012
The most common thing people do to bring down the high prices of medical procedures is by choosing surgeries like total knee replacement surgery in India or Mexico. The typical... read more
Get yourself free of the knee pain with orthopedic knee replacement in Delhi
By: Nathan Jone | Apr 17 2012
A large number of old-age people suffer from pain in joints and knee and more often they consider it as a part of their growing age and nothing can be... read more
Orthopedic problems are not age specific
By: Nathan jone | Apr 17 2012
The most common misconception in this country is that orthopedic problems are age specific. Pain in the hips, joints, knees, shoulders etc. strike a person who is... read more
Delhi, the new hub for orthopedic surgeries in India
By: Nathan jone | Apr 3 2012
Delhi, the national capital of the country is known for its cultural connections, its traditional approach to things, archeological advantage, its pace and the pulse with... read more
Why consider India for hip replacement surgery?
By: nathan jone | Apr 3 2012
India and its association with traditional and modern medicinal technology have been acclaimed worldwide. Perhaps this is one of the prime reasons behind India shining as an ultimate destination for... read more
Lightweight wheelchairs - well liked options for home wheelchairs
By: Jag Jenny | Apr 3 2012
Among the home wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs would be the well liked choice since they are simple to operate, simple to transport and are obtainable in a large choice... read more
Orthopedic procedure for a pain free festive season
By: Nathan jone | Feb 7 2012
Who does not love dancing and especially during this time of the year when every second day is a party. The best way to party is by putting on the... read more
Mobility Aids for Seniors
By: Pat Cooper | Jan 19 2012
Mobility aids for seniors have been around for hundreds of years if we take into account low tech solutions like staffs and walking sticks, it seems pretty natural to... read more
Hip Replacement Surgery a Major Decision of your Life
By: nathan.jone | Jan 17 2012
Hip Replacement India is gaining prominence by the day and when it comes to the number of procedures it is being performed even that ratio has increased by the day.... read more
Few bare essentials to age gracefully
By: nathan jone | Dec 7 2011
Wear and tear is a part of life. Be it a machine or human beings, there is no running away from wear and tear that comes into picture with... read more
Therapies to Deal with Sensitive Development Issues of Children
By: sandy | Sep 21 2011
Kids often face problems in speech, motor planning and in understanding simple things that are easy tasks otherwise. Such kind of pediatric population needs special attention so that they... read more
Cardiological Procedures And Non Surgical Angioplasty
By: Dainem Paul | Sep 15 2011
Inexplicable pain in chest, around your trachea and esophagus should not be ignored. Pain in neck, jaw, left shoulder and left arm are symptoms that need to... read more
Surgical Cures for Hip Joints and Knee Problem
By: JohnSteffen | Sep 15 2011
Excessive pain in knees, shoulders, hips or other joints due to osteoarthritis can cause difficulty in your daily movement. Even sustained injuries result in pains in these areas... read more
Need and use of Hearing test online
By: Rishabh Bhalla | Sep 15 2011
As we all know that a hearing test online is a hearing frequency test for a particular person in which we conclude the sharpness of that person's hearing, but... read more
Find Out, What is Angioplasty Stent?
By: Suresh | Aug 17 2011
In movies, we keep listening kind of dialogues where the actor says, ‘You are my heart’ or ‘Don’t break my heart’ or ‘I love you from the core... read more
Pediatric Cardiology - Cardiac Care for Children
By: Suresh | Aug 15 2011
It's just not possible to feel the pain of a person who is suffering from a cardiac disease. Only the sufferer knows the pain.It's just not possible to feel the... read more
Kidney Transplantation for Patients with ESRD
By: Suresh | Aug 15 2011
Kidney Transplantation in India is a surgical process wherein a healthy kidney is placed into a patient with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). The transplantation is an ideal solution when there... read more
Lightweight Wheelchairs: Suitable For both Patient and Attendant
By: Jag Jenny | Aug 1 2011
Wheelchair is one of the most important equipment for bedridden patient. Choosing wrong wheelchair can risk the life of the patient. Thus, before we buy wheelchair for any bed... read more
The rising scope of interventional cardiology in India
By: suresh | Jul 20 2011
Interventional cardiology in India includes large numbers of non-surgical procedures in order to handle cardiovascular disease. An interventional cardiologist in India make the use of catheters which are thin,... read more
Why choose India for hip and joint placement surgery?
By: suresh | Jul 20 2011
Over the past several years, Indian has attained an unprecedented growth rate in terms of economy and opened new career avenues for individuals looking to get something valuable out... read more
Cut Short Your Worries with Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchairs
By: Jag Jenny | Jul 11 2011
One never knows when he or she might need a support to walk ahead in life. Urgencies never make entry by knocking at the doors. One of the most common... read more
Lingual braces in India
By: Suresh | Jun 29 2011
Are you planning to go for a huge risk brain or spine operation in near future? The medical services available in India may induce you to having your neurological disease... read more
Why it is necessary to consult a reputed cardiologist in Delhi?
By: Suresh | Jun 28 2011
Many times people search for a cardiologist in Delhi without knowing how to make a good search. There are several reasons why you need to consult a reputed cardiologist. As... read more
Medanta - The Medicity: a leading multi specialty hospital in India
By: Suresh | Jun 28 2011
Last week I made a visit to Medanta multi specialty hospital, located in Gurgaon. I was surprised to see such kind of facilities in a hospital as it seems... read more
Get reliable hip replacement in India at affordable prices
By: Dr. Shekhar Agarwal | Jun 22 2011
Are you planning to get your hip replacement done in US or UK? Think before you make your final decision as I have very attractive options for you. I would... read more
Medanta Institute of Neurosciences Dedicated to provide Superb Patient Care
By: suresh | Jun 14 2011
A large number of people choose Indian as their favorite medical destination because of affordable patient care services. In the past few years, India has gained big name in... read more
Mobility Aids for Disabled Patients
By: Jag Jenny | Mar 1 2011
Mobility is a big issue for patients who cannot walk and are immobile. Patients with ambulatory problems have been able to overcome this challenge with the help of mobility aids.... read more
Tegaderm - A Wound Care Specialist
By: Greg Ferguson | Feb 25 2011
he tegaderm dressing has been around for some time now and is not a recent invention in wound management. However, it is one of the more effective dressings available... read more
What Is Autism And Autism Treatment?
By: Ramit Soni | Feb 24 2011
the ability of a child or a person to communicate, understand and interact with other people. This can be noticed around the developmental stage of a child at a... read more
Chair For Stairs
By: Karen MacLean | Feb 24 2011
A Chair for Stairs can provide freedom of mobility to anyone who has difficulty climbing stairs. You or a loved one will no longer have to worry about falling down... read more
What To Look For When Buying A Bathlift
By: debracf9 | Feb 23 2011
Many disabled or injured people are because of their injuries and limitations unable to take a bath without assistance. Although an alternative would be to take a shower instead,... read more
Regain Your Independence With Mobility Scooters
By: Kirk Matthews | Feb 23 2011
When you lose your mobility, everyday activities often become a burden. A simple task such as making lunch or answering the door can turn into a frustrating and exhausting... read more
Mobility Scooters Vs. Power Wheelchairs: Which Is Right For You
By: Kirk Matthews | Feb 23 2011
If youve never purchased mobility products before, its easy to become overwhelmed. There are lots of options available and quite a few brands on the market. However, with a... read more
Tips For Dealing With Urinary Incontinence
By: Greg Ferguson | Feb 22 2011
The following are the most common types of urinary incontinence: (i)Stress incontinence: At the base of your abdomen you have a sheet of muscles called the pelvic-floor muscles. These muscles support... read more
Create A Diet For Ulcerative Colitis
By: rjeatlantic | Feb 22 2011
Creating a Diet for Ulcerative Colitis If you are reading this chances are you have Ulcerative Colitis or you know somebody who does. The first thing I want to tell you... read more
These Are What You Call Casts
By: Greg Ferguson | Feb 21 2011
In olden times, splints were used to heal broken bones or fractures. Splints were hard strip fixed alongside the length of a bone. History shows that splints were made... read more
Riding Fine: The Benefits Of Mobility Scooters
By: Ethen Hunt | Feb 21 2011
The Pride mobility scooters are far different than that of electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. It has better mobility and it helps you to navigate through tougher areas such as... read more
Know About The Scoliosis Of The Spine
By: Nancy | Feb 21 2011
Scoliosis is described as the side curve with the spine. In many of situations, scoliosis is actually idiopathic i.e. there is not really specific factor behind this curve of... read more
What Should You Know About Bandages And Their Usage?
By: Greg Ferguson | Feb 20 2011
A bandage is used to firmly wrap over the dressing of a wound or injury to stop any blood loss and to prevent any infection from developing in the area... read more
Care For Your Cast
By: Greg Ferguson | Feb 20 2011
As you might know, there are various types of casts that one can be made to wear for different medicinal purposes. Whichever part of your body is encased in... read more
Bariatric Mobility Aids for the Desired Ambulation of Obese Patients
By: Jag Jenny | Feb 19 2011
Mobility aids are of great help for physically disabled patients. Most of us who are blessed with good health and intact limbs, cannot understand the pain and agony of... read more
Electric Mobility Scooters - Advantages Revealed
By: Greg Ferguson | Feb 19 2011
Scientific developments and technological advancements in all avenues of life have become so prolific that each day witnesses a multitude of inventions and innovations/novelties for the benefit of mankind. Such... read more
Pride Scooters
By: Karen MacLean | Feb 16 2011
Pride Scooters, also known as electric mobility vehicles, offer the handicapped and the elderly the freedom of movement. It grants them their independence and can enrich their life... read more
Bandages And Their Usage
By: Greg Ferguson | Feb 16 2011
By definition a bandage is a strip or roll of gauze or other material for wrapping or binding a body part. Simply put a bandage is a piece of cloth... read more
The Benefits Of Mobility Scooters
By: freedommobilitysc... | Feb 16 2011
Whether you tire easy from walking or can only walk a short way, you can definitely benefit from Mobility Scooters. There are many brands for you to choose from... read more
Buying A Mobility Scooter Online
By: Absr Alleg | Feb 16 2011
Hope is something we all have in this world. It is something that allows us to move forward. Without hope, the life would seem colorless. So, what would... read more
What Website Is Perfect For Buying Foley Catheters?
By: Absr Alleg | Feb 16 2011
The World Wide Web has made it easy for us all to buy products without going anywhere. It is amazing that we turn on the computer, get connected to... read more
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