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Kidney Stones and Kidney Support Remedies
By: Dr. Mital John | Feb 5 2011
Approximately 225, 000 people in Europe, 300, 000 people in the United States and one million people worldwide are affected by chronic renal failure in the last stage (CKD... read more
Discover That Troubled Eating Disorder and Its Treatment
By: Dr. Mital John | Feb 4 2011
The fact that eating disorders occur most commonly during adolescence, it is random. For a young person's peak at this time and effort to obtain sebaprijatie independence. The period... read more
Against Gastric Problems and Stomach Problems
By: Dr. Mital John | Jan 20 2011
Many people, especially in the most active years of life, suffer from problems associated with the stomach. These are manifested as pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen... read more
How You Treat the Constipation?
By: Dr. Mital John | Dec 27 2010
Constipation is defined as having a bowel movement fewer than three times per week. When you suffer from constipation becomes even feces usually hard and dry. Feces are also small... read more
Stop Cravings and Stop Binge Eating
By: Richard M Dixon | Nov 30 2010
Buffets are the bane of diets. You go up to a bar full of food and you have to try a little bit of everything you like. This and that,... read more
How to Keep a Healthy Digestive System
By: Dr. Mital John | Nov 27 2010
At least 60% of the human body is water, 70% of the brain and 90% of the lungs is water. 83% of blood is water. With these statistics,... read more
Overcoming Binge Eating - Tips to Put An End to Compulsive Overeating
By: Carolyn Anderson | Nov 23 2010
Overcoming binge eating may be a little difficult to achieve as this eating disorder, like any other eating disorders, can be deep-rooted in the mind and may be... read more
Digging Into The 3 Most Probable Reasons For Eating Disorders
By: Jay P Jackson | Nov 18 2010
Eating disorder is very common nowadays and increasingly more people are suffering from it nowadays. While those people generally show specific symptoms which are somewhat similar, there are actually... read more
Breaking Free From Emotional Eating and Binge Eating
By: Kathy P. Allen | Nov 11 2010
Have you ever eaten so much that you felt sick afterward? Or eaten all the treats you had at home and possibly even went to look for more? Have you... read more
Developing a Healthy Body Image - Why Do We Sacrifice What's Healthy for What Looks Good?
By: Scott Marcus | Oct 27 2010
The Chamber of Deputies, France's lower house of parliament, not too long ago adopted a bill making it illegal for anyone to "incite extreme thinness;" the latest and... read more
What You Need to Know About Eating Disorders
By: Kristine Asuncion | Oct 17 2010
Women are known to have such high standards when it comes to perceiving what is beautiful and perfect. In fact, the silhouette of the slim thinking is found everywhere... read more
The Effect Of Bulimia And Anorexia
By: Greg Pierce | Oct 4 2010
When Jesus went to the mountains for forty days and nights, he was on fasting because of the holy journey he has. Other religions also speak of fasting as... read more
Eating Disorders - Helping Your Anorexic Daughter Eat One More Bite
By: Lynn A Moore | Sep 30 2010
Here is the scenario; you are sitting at the table with your daughter and she refuses to eat anymore. What is your goal? The goal is for her to take... read more
Dual-Diagnosis - Eating Disorder, Substance Abuse and PTSD With Depression and Anxiety
By: Jeanne Rust, Phd | Sep 29 2010
The numbers of dual-diagnosis patients, meaning that they have more than one serious diagnosis, are increasing dramatically. Can these patients really be called dual-diagnosis when they have more... read more
Bulimia Nervosa In A Nutshell
By: K. C. Brownstone | Sep 26 2010
A person with bulimia nervosa exhibits a preoccupation with food and often binges in secret. A binge is an amount of food that is definitely larger than most people would... read more
Binge Eating Disorder - What Is It?
By: Amy Marie Chan | Sep 18 2010
When people feel distraught, some resort to "comfort food" - food that, according to them, makes them feel calm and at peace with the world. However,... read more
Hardcore Facts About the Problems of Food Addiction and Recovery
By: John Mayback | Aug 28 2010
Yes you may not even have heard of this problem before, but there is such a thing as food addiction and it is a problem that is getting worse... read more
Getting Rid of Food Addiction With Subliminal Messages
By: Nelson Berry | Aug 25 2010
True, three of the leading health problems-and causes of death-are diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. However, what many don't realize is they do share one common... read more
Understanding the Types of Eating Disorders
By: Ma Elvira D | Aug 24 2010
The influence of mass media on what is beautiful leads to the development of several eating disorders in people. Because women are more conscious when it comes to their physical... read more
Reasons For Eating Disorders - 5 Likely Causes You Really Need to Know
By: Hubert H Lacey | Aug 21 2010
Bulimia and anorexia can be very complicated disorders, plus there are lots of different reasons for eating disorders. This is while that lots of those individuals think and act... read more
How Does Anorexia Help You Lose Weight?
By: Peter Gitundu | Aug 20 2010
Anorexia is a disease that affects people who have poor self and body image. It is an eating disorder which leads one starve so that they do not gain weight.... read more
What is Anorexia Or Bulimia About?
By: David W Jackson | Aug 18 2010
You may be diagnosed with either anorexia or bulimia if you are excessively conscious about your weight and your food intake. They are both eating disorders that are accompanied by... read more
Something You Should Know About Treatment for Anorexia
By: Natasha Struthers | Aug 10 2010
Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by an irrational fear of gaining weight coupled with a relentless pursuit of becoming thin. Anorexia is usually seen in adolescents and young... read more
The Real Statistics About Eating Disorders
By: Scott Mogul | Aug 4 2010
The statistics about eating disorders and who suffers from eating disorders might surprise or shock you. Eating/food disorders, including anorexia and bulimia, are more prevalent than you might... read more
Anorexia Home Treatment Strategies
By: Anne Ahira | Aug 2 2010
Anorexia is a challenging and serious psychological and physiological medical condition that should be treated by both a medical doctor and a doctor that specializes in mental health conditions and/or... read more
Preventing the Development of Anorexia
By: Anne Ahira | Aug 2 2010
Anorexia is an eating disorder that is marked by an obsession with restrictive dieting, and a distorted mental image of how the body looks. Unfortunately, there are no... read more
General Exams and Tests For Anorexia
By: Anne Ahira | Aug 2 2010
While there is no specific test for diagnosing the eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa, when a physician suspects there may be an eating disorder he or she will... read more
The Numerous Complications Which Can Occur With Anorexia
By: Anne Ahira | Aug 2 2010
The eating disorder of anorexia can cause multiple complications including death due to the lack of proper nutrition and excessive weight loss. In some cases even after receiving treatment for... read more
Overeating - Identify the Reasons For Your Overeating and Take Back Control of Your Life! Part 1
By: Maria Parkinson | Jul 24 2010
There are various reasons why we are overeating. Some of us are doing so out of boredom or to quell the unconscious stress or frustration we are feeling. Other women are... read more
Disordered Eating Or Eating Disorder?
By: Alexandra Burlacu | Jul 24 2010
In this day and age, the number of normal eaters is constantly and significantly decreasing, while more and more people develop eating disorders. Nowadays food is far more... read more
Eating Disorder Recovery Techniques For Women
By: Neelima P | Jul 20 2010
The stage wherein a person is in their eating disorder recovery proves to be the most crucial and sensitive part during the treatment process. Along with professional help, it... read more
How to Get Rid of an Eating Disorder
By: David W.... | Jul 18 2010
Since the food taken is the source of all nutrients for the body, a disorder can very well affect the health directly. Therefore, you must make a way... read more
How Can Anorexia Clinics Help Anorexics?
By: Lucas Mattioneli | Jul 12 2010
Anorexia is an eating disorder signified by an unhealthy and dangerous concept of how a a body image should be. Anorexics obsess about their weight, how much fat and... read more
Understand the Anorexia Symptoms
By: Lucas Mattioneli | Jul 12 2010
People are often conscious of their body image especially in this era when wellness and a healthy lifestyle is a concern. Fitness centers, spas, dance clubs and diets... read more
Goodbye Eating Disorder!
By: Shanice Teo | Jun 25 2010
There are many factors which lead to one having eating disorder. Being anorexic, bulimic or eating compulsively, a good way to resolve all these eating disorder problems that... read more
How to Stop a Compulsive Overeating Disorder
By: John Davenport | Jun 24 2010
Compulsive overeating is a major problem that affects multiple areas of your life. Not only does this make you gain weight and harm your physical health, it is also... read more
The Effects of Bulimia and Anorexia in Children
By: Matt Brindisi | Jun 23 2010
Eating disorder treatment centers are known to handle many cases of children who suffer from two of the major problems of eating disorders: bulimia and anorexia nervosa. It is surprising... read more
How to Identify the Symptoms of Binge Eating
By: Matt Brindisi | Jun 23 2010
Eating disorder treatment centers have many cases of people coming in to be treated for compulsive overeating or binge eating. This involves episodes of eating in excess, possibly due... read more
Top 10 Tips For Eating Disorder Recovery - Self Acceptance, Health & Well Being
By: Jacquelyn Ekern | Jun 16 2010
I. Work with a treatment team consisting of a therapist, nutritionist, physician and otherprofessionals, if at all possible. Also, seeks out some of the many wonderful... read more
Anorexia and Eating Disorders - Living With These Diseases Will Lead to Tragedy If Left Untreated
By: Daniel P Elliott | Jun 2 2010
Eating disorders have become a major health concern sharing the spotlight with heart disease and breast cancer. Anorexia Nervosa, often just referred to as anorexia, is an insidious... read more
Eating Disorder Day Treatment Program
By: Lewis Scott | May 27 2010
The growing number of eating disorder cases are a cause for alarm to many and more and more young individuals are afflicted with disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia,... read more
Anorexia and Bulimia - What Are They? Who's at Risk? The Warning Signs?
By: Francesco Zinzaro | May 25 2010
Anorexia nervosa is sometimes known as the "starvation sickness." Preoccupied of food, weight, and thinness, individuals suffering from anorexia refuse their hunger and refuse to eat-even after... read more
Battling Anorexia
By: Liam Edmenson | May 24 2010
So how would you define sexy? In the easiest term, sexy is being thin. You may agree with me or not but this is true. Nowadays, being fat... read more
Treatment Planning and Action Steps Against Eating Disorders
By: Badshah Salamat | May 24 2010
* Do not attempt to treat an individual whose symptoms are affecting her health. * A girl whose eating disorder is endangering her life or well-being should be in the hospital... read more
Tips To Build Up Your Immune System
By: Dr. Mital John | Apr 27 2010
When you feel run down and tired continually, there's a good chance you need to build up your immune system. Here are a few things that just strength helps... read more
Bulimia Eating Disorder - Treatment For Bulimia, What Worked For Me!
By: | Apr 15 2010
Once I realised that I could have Bulimia there were several steps I had to go through in order to make a full recovery, as follows: Acknowledge I had a... read more
Solutions to Eating Disorders
By: | Apr 14 2010
The most common topic of discussions within the circle of people who want to reduce weight is the eating disorder. This is something they hate to talk about! Considering the... read more
Your Unhealthy Eating Habits Could Be the Sign of an Eating Disorder
By: Patric Smith | Apr 4 2010
In everybody's life there comes a time when that individual is obsessed with his or her weight. A lot of responsibility for this unnatural and unhealthy fixation lies upon the... read more
Anorexic Behavior - What it is and How Can We Spot It
By: Damir Horvat | Apr 4 2010
Anorexia is a life threatening eating disorder and is stimulated by intense fear of gaining weight. It is defined as refusal to maintain a normal body weight through self-starvation (less... read more
Dealing With Bulimia - Suspect a Loved One Has Bulimia? Some Important Points You Should Be Aware Of
By: Samantha Adams | Apr 4 2010
Eating disorders are the most dangerous way of trying to lose weight. A common mistake among us all is that all eating disorders leave the person extremely thin which makes... read more
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