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The world's top ten Deserts
By: shoppingjewelbox | Sep 21 2011
The desert is Sandy desert. One-third of Earth's land is desert. The world's land area is 1.49 million square kilometers, accounting for 29% of the total area of the... read more
What are included by extreme sports
By: Mountaineering | Sep 21 2011
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Optical Fiber LNB: Get the Full Band Satellite Signal
By: ourbagshop | Aug 17 2011
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Dr Swank MS Diet - Eating Healthy Can Reduce Your Symptoms
By: Gary P Owen | Dec 6 2010
Not surprisingly as the amount of processed foods we eat has increased so has the incidence of multiple sclerosis. Doctors have also noted that the amount of red meats and... read more
MS Diet Recommendations - Eat Your Way to Better Health
By: Gary P Owen | Dec 6 2010
One of the most important things a person with multiple sclerosis can do for themselves is keep a close eye on their overall nutritional health. Over the years there have... read more
MS Diet Pros and Cons
By: Gary P Owen | Dec 6 2010
Generally when you are looking at both the good and the bad side of any kind of diet, you would expect to find at least somewhat of an even... read more
MS Diet Book - The Swank MS Diet
By: Gary P Owen | Dec 6 2010
Roy Swank created his MS Diet Book in 1948 after observing the fact that those who ate a diet that was low in or contained no saturated fats also had... read more
MS Diet and Exercise - Can They Really Help?
By: Gary P Owen | Dec 6 2010
Over the years there has been much said about MS, diet and exercise. There are many in the medical community that still refuse to believe that anyone can find... read more
Can a Raw Food Diet Help With Multiple Sclerosis
By: Gary P Owen | Dec 5 2010
In recent years there has been a lot of talk about multiple sclerosis and raw food diets. There is still a large percentage of the medical community that refuses to... read more
Roy Swank's MS Diet - What the Studies Revealed
By: Gary P Owen | Dec 5 2010
For many living with multiple sclerosis can for most patients mean a lifetime of never knowing when the next exacerbation is going to occur, what part or area of... read more
Power Wheelchairs and MS: What You Need to Know
By: Michael J. Workman | Dec 4 2010
As a professional who evaluates people in the home, community and workplace I analyze equipment by its ability to provide meaningful function but also in its upgrade potential in... read more
Multiple Sclerosis Diet Therapy - Does Diet Really Make a Difference?
By: Gary P Owen | Dec 3 2010
Multiple Sclerosis is considered to be one of the most devastating physical diseases to affect mankind. As an autoimmune disorder the effects of this disease are different in each person... read more
MS Numbness in Your Feet
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 30 2010
There are many early symptoms of multiple sclerosis ranging from vision problems to loss of strength in the muscles. MS numbness in your feet and hands is one of the... read more
Recognizing Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms and Signs
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 30 2010
Although the first recording of multiple sclerosis symptoms and signs occurred in 1868 by Jean-Martin Charcot, the medical community still has no real idea what causes one person to... read more
Vitamins To Cure MS - Which Vitamins Are Worth Taking?
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
If you have MS you may be looking for every way you can to make your symptoms better, there is no cure for this disease yet, but there... read more
Vitamin D MS Cure - Promising News for MS Sufferers
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
In the fight for a cure for MS every little bit of help its sufferers can get is worth the time spent researching, and trying each new MS cure.... read more
Numbness in MS - One of the Most Common Symptoms
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
Numbness in MS is something that at least 75% of all people with the disease live with, in many cases the pain of this symptom can be severe enough... read more
Natural MS Cure - Understanding the Big Picture
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
If you are looking for a pill that you can swallow that will make your MS go away and allow you to live like you once did, sadly you... read more
MS Numb Arms - As An Early Symptom of MS, Numb Arms Indicate a Need for Diagnosis
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
Multiple sclerosis is a progressive degenerative disease that presents itself via a variety of different symptoms. Of the many symptoms of MS, numb arms can be one of the... read more
The Secret Behind Any Multiple Sclerosis Diet Cure
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
It has long been understood that diet can have a significant impact on MS, how much of an impact is still open for debate and the subject of many... read more
Is There an Herbal Cure for Multiple Sclerosis?
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
MS is a devastating disease that can wreak havoc on a person's ability to function and eventually in many cases leave them in a wheel chair. While there are treatments... read more
Can You Really Cure MS With Diet?
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
The race for a cure for MS has been going on for years; new research in stem cell therapies, new drugs and genetics research have all been a part... read more
MS Optic Neuritis Symptoms
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 27 2010
It is a well documented fact that with MS, optic neuritis symptoms are among the first that are likely to b be noticed. While there are several other causes... read more
MS Numbness on the Left Side - What Causes It?
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 26 2010
Of all the different symptoms of multiple sclerosis, some form of numbness or tingling sensation in at least one extremity is one of the most common. MS numbness on... read more
Different Types of MS Pain Treatment
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 24 2010
One of the biggest factors affecting finding a satisfactory form of MS pain treatment lies in the fact that since this disease affects each person in a different way,... read more
Relieving the Pain Symptoms of MS
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 24 2010
Pain as symptoms of MS has only been recognized in the last two or three decades. The average person who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is likely to have... read more
Relieving MS Pain in the Arms
By: Gary P Owen | Oct 24 2010
At one point in time the medical community thought of multiple sclerosis as a relatively painless disease. Today it is estimated that at least half of all people with this... read more
Education Is the First Step to MS Services
By: P. Turner | Sep 20 2010
If you've been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis your doctor has likely explained the science of the disease, and that you are in for a long haul of treatment plans... read more
The Best Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis
By: Simeon Knight | Sep 2 2010
Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease that currently has no cure. However, Multiple Sclerosis treatments can help control the symptoms and potentially improve quality of life for those who... read more
Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis
By: Kim Nelson | Aug 24 2010
Multiple sclerosis affects the nervous system, and inhibits the brain from communicating with other nerve cells. When someone develops MS their immune system attacks its own body. Currently,... read more
MS & Sleep Problems
By: Alex Bermudez | Aug 10 2010
If you're constantly having sleep problems, your Multiple Sclerosis (MS), could very well be causing them. Many studies have shown that sleep disturbances, in folks with MS,... read more
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons Disease
By: Laura Bramble | Jun 6 2010
Children and adults with debilitating diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS) undergo a gradual reduction in their body's ability to... read more
Multiple Sclerosis - The Causes, Who is Most at Risk and What Are the Myths?
By: | Apr 14 2010
By this stage you may have read many different theories on what causes Multiple Sclerosis and how it can be cured. Scientists have never been closer to finding out the... read more
Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Treatment - Other Things to Try Besides Medication
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 4 2010
Multiple sclerosis alternative treatment can take you to places that conventional treatments cannot.  You may be able to reduce or even reverse the disease process to some degree, allowing... read more
Multiple Sclerosis - A Look at the Incidence, Symptoms and Treatment of This Disease
By: Dick Aronson | Apr 4 2010
First recognized in 1868 by French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot (1825-1893), Multiple sclerosis or MS is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system,... read more
A Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
By: Mick Hauser | Apr 4 2010
Fancy a metallic taste and zero immunity, then this may be for you, but read further before deciding. The Beta Interferon did not seem to be working. I say... read more
Multiple Sclerosis Remedies - Looking at Supplements For MS
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 4 2010
Multiple Sclerosis remedies abound, from medications, diets, therapies, and supplements there are hundreds of different treatments claiming to treat MS. While not all of these remedies... read more
Famous People With Multiple Sclerosis
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
Recent estimates suggest that multiple sclerosis affects at least 300, 000 people in the United States and over 1 million worldwide, not surprisingly there are many famous people with... read more
Multiple Sclerosis - Learning to Live a Full and Productive Life
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
When the doctor diagnosed you with multiple sclerosis it is likely your instant reaction was one of dread and fear. While perceptions of those with this disease are different,... read more
MS Signs and Symptoms
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
There are over 50 MS signs and symptoms with more being discovered all the time. A complex disease that affects the central nervous system, there is literally no part... read more
MS Exercise - Best Exercises For Multiple Sclerosis
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
If you have MS, exercise should be an important part of your daily program and there are a number of different exercises that have been shown to be excellent... read more
New Drugs For MS on the Horizon
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the human body's autoimmune system and as such has to date been considered incurable. The only thing that the medical world has been... read more
Diagnosed With MS - Where to Go From Here
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
For the person who has just been diagnosed with MS there are usually two reactions that occur almost simultaneously. The first is relief, this comes with finally being able... read more
Multiple Sclerosis Types
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the Myelin which is the covering that surrounds the spinal cord. The myelin provides insulation for the nerves coming... read more
Curing MS - A Different Perspective
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
Over the years there have been many people and companies who have claimed to have a way of curing MS. The reality is that there is currently no known cure... read more
Multiple Sclerosis - Dealing With Stress
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
As if finding out that you have been diagnosed with MS isn't stressful enough studies now show that there is a direct correlation between stress and multiple sclerosis exacerbations. Simply... read more
Healthy Cures For MS
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
While the medical community continues its search for cures for MS perhaps they are looking in the wrong direction. Seeking to cure everything with more and stronger drugs may not... read more
Multiple Sclerosis Medication - Botox Can Help With Spasticity
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
Once considered something only for the stars to keep themselves looking young a beautiful Botox has become a medication for multiple sclerosis. Botulinum Toxin or Botox has been found to... read more
Coping With MS After You Are Diagnosed
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
Part of coping with MS is learning as much as you can about the disease and what the symptoms are as well as how they will affect the quality of... read more
Multiple Sclerosis - Eye Problems Can Be Early Symptoms
By: Gary P Owen | Apr 3 2010
While the symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of MS are varied and differ from person to person there are some that are classified under the category of early... read more
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