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How to Prevent from Computer Radiation
By: candy | May 24 2011
1. For those who're busy working with computer everyday , the most simple way against the computer radiation is to drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea in... read more
Drinking Water Contaminants: Lead
By: Gabrielle Dahms | Jan 12 2011
Eliminate Lead in Your Drinking Water We are water beings, so it makes sense to drink pure bio-available water to replenish our bodies and stay healthy. But the question is... read more
Acid Rain - Its Causes And Effects
By: Amy Chan | Dec 31 2010
As we all know, acid rain have harmful effects on vegetation, animals and humans. Acid rain is caused by too much pollution that contaminates the rain water. Before,... read more
Facts About Noise Pollution
By: Amy Chan | Dec 31 2010
Ever experienced hearing a sound that made you feel irritated and gave you a bad headache? Then that is what we call as noise. Any sound that is not pleasing... read more
New York City's Construction Noise Ordinance: Rules Of Compliance
By: Liz Ernst | Dec 20 2010
New York States Department of Environmental Protection has begun enforcing laws governing noise pollution levels, particularly when it comes to construction noise in Manhattan. The latest noise mitigation guidelines,... read more
Faq About Mist Humidifier
By: Michael | Dec 8 2010
What type would you recomend? This one is a bit more tricky, and more questions are necessary to establish your needs. The type of humidifier you need will be contingent... read more
Who Is Going To Use A Mist Humidifier?
By: Michael | Dec 7 2010
In many areas around the world, and especially in cold countries, where we warm our homes for long periods of time (3 -6 months to a year,... read more
Bioenergiser Detox Spa Systems For Natural Healing
By: Austinbob | Dec 5 2010
Natural Health - Herbal Medicine And Natural Healing What we do not understand we tend to reject. Herbal medicines, acupressure, acupuncture, natural medication, and healing are some... read more
The Terrible Hatred For Sky Rats!
By: sansarsnv | Dec 1 2010
Pigeons are those monsters that everyone despises. Close to every man, woman and child regularly search for novel ways of trying to get rid of pigeons. Infact these birds... read more
Going Green: Saving Mother Earth
By: smith | Nov 29 2010
Going Green: Saving Mother Earth Today more than ever before, most of us read about going green in every type of mass media, including the news, websites,... read more
Legionellen Und Pathogene Mikroorganismen In Nebelanlagen
By: Francois | Oct 23 2010
As a developer and manufacturer of mist systems fog system of the type I see with concern the risk of pathogenic microorganisms in the water. This can pose a serious... read more
A Link Between Smoking Cessation And Depression
By: mind | Oct 22 2010
Many in the medical community are currently coming to terms with the fact that there's a defining link between smoking cessation and depression. Depression is related to the increased frequency... read more
Is There A Need For Drinking Water Purification?
By: Ned Best | Oct 19 2010
While you were a young child you never thought of the idea of attempting to cleanse your standard water. You opened the spigot, filled up your glass, guzzled... read more
Discover The Best Antioxidants For Skin Care Products
By: mind | Oct 19 2010
If you are serious about keeping your skin healthy, then you may wish to form positive you're using antioxidants skin care products. Antioxidants are important substances found primarily within... read more
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint To Fight Climate Change
By: Anthony | Oct 15 2010
Global warming is a real phenomenon, it's happening all around us, and every individual is responsible for a small part. That's why it's important that we all do... read more
Air Purifiers Denver Colorado
By: Eddie Murib | Oct 13 2010
IQ Air purifiers are designed to clean the air by filtering out harmful particles and air pollutants like allergens, mold, pet dander pollution and dust. Air purifiers come... read more
World Of Warcraft Cataclysm Mt. Hyjal Preview
By: Dan Troung | Oct 9 2010
Let's check out a glimpse of World of Warcraft Cataclysm Mount Hyjal location. It is probably the location that the majority level 80s would want to head to on the... read more
How To Get Skinny Legs Fast
By: lizhe | Oct 2 2010
Are you possessing problems sorting by means of all the misinformation about figure out how to acquire skinny thighs? The internet extra fat decline marketplace has blown up in size,... read more
Geopathic Stress
By: Leon Jay | Oct 11 2007
Perhaps one for the biggest hidden dangers today is Geopathic Stress. You can't see it, taste it, smell it, feel it or hear it; yet it surrounds... read more
Burning Incense: The Risks and the Remedies
By: Mary Coyle | Oct 6 2007
Burning incense ceremonially has long been a tradition in many religious practices, including that of the Zhongyuan Ghost Festival, held annually by the people of Taiwan. During this... read more
Do Your Part - Computer Recycling Helps the Environment
By: Kausik Dutta | Oct 5 2007
With environmental issues taking center stage, more and more people are trying to do their part and be environmentally responsible. Most people know about water and energy conservation,... read more
Everything You Should Know About Electronic Recycling
By: Kausik Dutta | Oct 5 2007
E-waste has become a serious problem that's facing our world today. E-waste is defined as all outdated computers, TVs, cell phones, PDAs, printers, and all... read more
Isn't It Ionic? The Adverse Effects of Modernization on Health, Beauty, and Mood
By: Mary Coyle | Sep 17 2007
In today's world, it seems humanity should be flourishing; however, in the words of William Radley, president of Bio-Environmental Systems, it appears as if "people are... read more
Air Ionization Improves Driver Awareness
By: Mary Coyle | Sep 13 2007
"A driver is a king on a vinyl bucket seat throne, changing direction with the turn of a wheel, changing the climate with a flick of the button,... read more
Reduce E-Waste with Electronics Recycling
By: Kausik Dutta | Jul 16 2007
With new technologies emerging everyday, and more and more electronics becoming obsolete, our planet has a new challenge: what to do with electronic waste. Pollution from obsolete,... read more
UV Air Purifiers: Providing Relief to Allergy and Asthma Sufferers from Effects of Global Warming
By: Mary Coyle | May 25 2007
Global warming has been an increasingly discussed topic. Although this is a controversial issue as it relates to the extent to which global warming has really increased, one thing... read more
Dust Mites and other micro toxins in your bedroom
By: Ben Anton | May 10 2007
It is estimated that over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, and of that number approximately 30 million American suffer from asthma. While there can be many different allergic... read more
We don't like to talk about constipation, but we have toxins in our bodies, so why not
By: Ralph Morton | Nov 7 2006
Are You Clean Inside? How to beat constipation, IBS, bloating, stomach pain and skin problems while gaining more energy and a flatter stomach at the same time Yes it can... read more
What Is Light Pollution?
By: Anthony Arrigo | Jul 12 2006
Light pollution is a growing worldwide problem which affects vast areas of the earth. In a nutshell, Light Pollution is misdirected or misused light... generally resulting from an inappropriate... read more
Now Encapsulate Contaminated Materials to Remedy Pollution Problems.
By: Harvey Chichester | Feb 26 2006
Remediation of pollution can be expensive and technically difficult. Now many state and local pollution control agencies have found that encapsulating contaminated concrete is the most economical and long lasting... read more
Natural Environmentally-Friendly Household Cleaners
By: Debi Harris | Feb 23 2006
Many people use a vast array of chemical-laden household cleaners and products around the home on a daily basis. What they may not be aware of is the fact that many... read more
Water Filters and Purifiers - What are the health benefits?
By: Paul MacIver | Feb 15 2006
Water filters, purifiers and water filtration systems convert ordinary tap water into perfectly safe drinking water. They remove impurities and contaminants by means of a fine physical barrier or... read more
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