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Make your life more vibrant
By: lizaying | Apr 19 2012
Today is a relaxed day, not only sky became clear, a real sunlight day. After two times water, air is refreshing, kind of soaked, temperature... read more
Waiting is a kind of strategy and tactics
By: lizaying | Feb 15 2012
The TV serial named ‘Show the Blade' is one of my favorite TV plays. I have seen it several periods. There is one plan of it which creates me enjoy... read more
Isn't it happy to learn something new by reciting something old?
By: lizaying | Feb 8 2012
Never discuss to the car owner when he is generating, nor the car owner discussing on cellphone while generating. You have to inscribe the above safety measures on your... read more
Leadership Development: Will Help You In Many Ways
By: Jessica Thomson | May 2 2011
It is no secret that organization expects a performance that is delivered constantly. . In many recent success and failures of top-notch companies or many other business ventures,... read more
Unchanged Moments Taken by Irina Werning
By: Louis Brown | Mar 15 2011
There are a lot of wonderful things unchanged to time flow, maybe in personalities, appearance, or neighborhood. It’s interesting to pay a visit to your relatives and... read more
Tie Dye For Kids
By: MarizT2510 | Feb 24 2011
As we all know kids love to experiment on just about anything. They are inquisitive by nature. They love to see a simple object turn into a work full of... read more
By: Ms. Poonam Sharma | Jan 15 2011
Management education has become more complex and challenging in the Post- millennium. The Global meltdown witnessed by USA and Europe in particular and South Asia in general has given a... read more
Common Types Of Natural Hair Extensions
By: Alpine Laurel | Jan 11 2011
The use of natural hair extensions is very popular. However, you want to become familiar with the different types that may be used to put them in place. There... read more
4 Practical Creative Visualization Exercises That Work
By: Harry Warman | Dec 21 2010
Creative visualization is the skill of creation, management and projection of images in the mind. The practice of creative visualization can improve mental and physical sight. Since the act of... read more
The Artist Within Each of Us
By: Krystal Kuehn | Nov 28 2010
Now that fall has arrived, I have been winding down a little and making time to watch some movies. A friend once recommended Walk the Line, based on... read more
Fisher-price Geotrax Timberland Remote Control Railway System
By: Hubert Maniscalco | Nov 16 2010
If you are looking for a present which young girls and young boys will undoubtedly like and love, then you must consider the Fisher-Price Geotrax Timberland Railway. This train... read more
Exercising Your Creativity - 10 Tips
By: Sheena Witter | Nov 16 2010
Creativity is a lot like any muscle or skill. It has to be stretched and exercised in order to grow. Here are a few simple ways of exercising your creativity... read more
What Is a 'Creative Person'? What's the Story You're Telling Yourself About Your Own Creativity?
By: Sophie Nicholls | Nov 8 2010
One of the participants in a recent writing workshop I ran asked me a very interesting question. We were talking about using writing to 'dialogue' with feelings, emotions or... read more
How To Enhance Your Creativity?
By: Jane Sheeba | Nov 6 2010
Creativity is something that everyone's brain is wired for. Every person is creative in one field or the other. But only a very few percentage of these people realize that... read more
Sewing: Where to Begin?
By: Heather Shaw | Nov 5 2010
I came dangerously close to failing home economics in junior high. Half the class was cooking, half was sewing. Thank goodness for the cooking because I couldn't sew a... read more
Components of Creativity
By: Eric Christopher | Nov 2 2010
The following components of creativity have been suggested in the literature: basic security, intelligence, flexibility, spontaneity, humor, originality, ability to perceive a variety of... read more
Art and Science of Creativity
By: Rabail Anwar | Oct 28 2010
Creativity is both an art and science. It is thinking of ideas and the way to implement them, ideas are the output of our thinking that sometimes comes within... read more
The Creative Life - No Contest!
By: Gary Hipworth | Oct 25 2010
"Start every day with a smile and get it over with". W.C. Fields In our society today, most people have been "conditioned" to believe that getting a job and working... read more
Creative Writers - Beware Of Selling Your Rights
By: Freelance Writers | Oct 25 2010
Most artistic writers are so eager to sell their work that they do not stop to contemplate what rights they're selling. "Rights" refers to how a publisher can use your... read more
How Do Messages From The Spirit Come Back? Artistic Writing Observe
By: Freelance Writers | Oct 25 2010
I slept deep last night. One of these soul-satisfying sleeps where I recognize my cells are being replenished. This morning whereas I used to be drifting between sleep and waking... read more
Creative Visualization Ways For The Beginner
By: Freelance Writers | Oct 25 2010
We tend to're all familiar with the effectiveness and therefore the powers of positive thinking. Whenever you're thinking that absolutely, a positive stream of energy is constructed and your... read more
Microsoft Zune Vs. Inventive Labs Zen Vision
By: Freelance Writers | Oct 25 2010
While there's actually little question who the big dog is at the instant when it involves the digital music players, there's no dearth of selection for those wanting for... read more
The Joys Of Creative Writing
By: Freelance Writers | Oct 25 2010
How will the old saying go? Everybody includes a novel in them! It stands true today as abundant because it did when it absolutely was initial coined a century ago,... read more
Fisher Value Baby Dolls And Other Playthings
By: BISS | Oct 23 2010
Fisher Value Baby Dolls and Other Playthings Fisher Value baby dolls are one among the foremost widespread varieties of children's dolls within the market today. Fisher Value is an business leader... read more
How Writing A Heartbroken Poem Can Help You To Heal
By: BISS | Oct 23 2010
How Writing a Heartbroken Poem Can Help You to Heal Almost everyone who has suffered from a broken heart be it because of a loved one loss or moving from a... read more
Inexperienced Innovation - Growing A Green Business - How To Realize The Money
By: BISS | Oct 23 2010
Inexperienced Innovation - Growing a Green Business - How to Realize the Money Inexperienced Innovation will be incremental, a shot to embed environmental attributes in existing products, services,... read more
Distinctive Baby Gifts To Delight The New Parents
By: BISS | Oct 23 2010
Distinctive Baby Gifts to Delight the New Parents Expecting a replacement baby is both challenging and exciting. The mom-to-be has to go through a ton of hardship to bring her kid... read more
Five Road Signs on Your Way to Create Wealth and Prosperity
By: Clement Sadjere | Oct 20 2010
The process of creating wealth and prosperity can be made a lot easier, if we are able to access the needed information and techniques. Wealth creation does not occur... read more
Identify Just What You Will Achieve To Discover More Words!
By: George Salvateus | Oct 7 2010
A while ago I decided it was time for me to start sounding smart, so I decided to increase my vocabulary! I'm guessing that you're here for the same... read more
Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas: How To Wrap Presents With Style
By: JugHead | Oct 6 2010
Holidays are fast approaching. In preparation with these upcoming festive events or any other special occasions such as birthdays, christening, showers and weddings, a neat, presentable... read more
The Secret To Manifest Your Desires
By: Abby Burgin | Oct 3 2010
The secret to manifest all of your desires is at your fingertips. You may just need to adjust your thought patterns and call on your creativity to achieve your wildest... read more
Getting Your Groove Back
By: Toni Taylor | Aug 20 2010
Everything has been cooking along nicely. You're delivering projects to your clients, your next batch of work is cued up. You've worked very hard delivering everything required to create... read more
Drown Out the Noise
By: Colette Morris | Aug 3 2010
Do you find sometimes you have too much going on in your head? The noise can get quite deafening. Many a times it leads to illness, lack of sleep,... read more
What is it That You Are Not Seeing?
By: Derek Cheshire | Jun 19 2010
Many of you will be familiar with Scott Adams' naive and downtrodden cartoon character Dilbert who sits in a small cubicle all day working for a tyrannical boss. If you... read more
Living Our Creative Vision
By: Sheri Heller | Jun 6 2010
Humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote, "The key question isn't what fosters creativity?" but it is why in God's name isn't everyone creative? Where was the human potential lost? The... read more
Tap Into Your Creativity!
By: Jenny Levina | Jun 2 2010
My profession - I am a dancer and a writer - involves being creative every day. My family, friends, and students always say that being creative must be... read more
The Joy of Writing Faces Off With the Dragon in My Basement?
By: SarahBeth White | Jun 1 2010
The house is so cold this morning. My grandfather built this house in the 30's. Saying it can be a bit drafty is a huge understatement. I have tried to... read more
Don't Tell Me You Are Not Creative!
By: Gwen Tanner | May 26 2010
If you are feeling that you have lost your creative spark or just don't have any great ideas anymore, you just probably need to be inspired a little bit.... read more
Volunteers, Bargains and Ideas Connect Random Moments of Remote Serendipity
By: | May 25 2010
Karen asked if I wanted to browse items in the Bargain Box a few minutes before our volunteer shift began. "Of course, " I replied. It had been several years... read more
Labyrinth Design As an Expressive Art
By: Gabrielle... | May 24 2010
The following is an inspiring interview with Lea Goode-Harris, PhD. of the Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation. Lea is a Labyrinth Designer and Creative Consultant based in Santa Rosa,... read more
Going Retro - The Disappearing Art of Writing Longhand
By: | May 24 2010
You know that bump on the upper inside corner of your middle finger, the one you got as a kid from all the cursive handwriting in school? Do you... read more
Eco-Psychology and Expressive Arts - Truly a Holistic Offering
By: Gabrielle... | May 24 2010
Dianne Monroe of San Antonio, TX is an Expressive Art Facilitator who combines eco-psychology in her work. She shares what she does and why she is called to this... read more
Jump Start Your Creativity - Six Ways to Inspire Your Crafting
By: | Apr 14 2010
Help! I don't feel creative! Where can I find inspiration? I have paper, scissors, glue, stamps, ink and no idea what to do with them --... read more
Stimulating Creativity With Constraints and Limits
By: Marelisa Fabrega | Apr 4 2010
While thinking "outside the box" is often used as a synonym for creativity, thinking "inside the box" with limitations of time, money and other resources often helps the... read more
Fear and Developing Creativity
By: Douglas Eby | Apr 4 2010
We may experience both limiting and positive aspects to fear and other strong emotions. Accepting and working with fear may be an essential part of the creative process. Fear can... read more
Unlock Your Imagination (Passion, Wants and Needs)
By: Lee E. Shilo | Apr 4 2010
Let me begin by asking three questions: 1. What is your Passion? 2. What do you Want? 3. What Needs to be done? What you do Want, does not necessarily translate into Passion.... read more
Cultivate Your Creativity - Connect With Your Inner Child
By: Marelisa Fabrega | Apr 4 2010
Charles Baudelaire described genius as "no more than childhood recaptured at will." Creativity is also something that you can recapture at will by getting in touch with your inner child.... read more
Everyone Can Be More Creative
By: Marelisa Fabrega | Apr 4 2010
"I am not a businessman, I am an artist." - Warren Buffett Creative ideas run the gamut from gradual improvements of existing products, services, or concepts, to... read more
Succulent Sark Shows You How to Be More Creative
By: Marelisa Fabrega | Apr 4 2010
SARK is a fabulous author who writes wonderfully creative books that will inspire you to be an artist of life. Her creativity advice includes things such as: eat mangoes naked;... read more
How to Be Creative - Why Every Day is the Only Way
By: Dan Goodwin | Apr 4 2010
When it comes to creativity, any way you can help yourself getting into a regular creative flow will go a long way towards making creating as easy and as... read more
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