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Indian Cuisine - A Glance at North Indian Cuisine
By: Sneha T | Aug 31 2011
Indian cuisine is vast and there are arrays of dishes that are prepared especially across different communities. Dishes and cuisines from neighboring countries and regions like Tibet influence Indian food... read more
Best Countries To Enjoy Delicious Foods
By: Louis Brown | Apr 4 2011
When you visit a new land, eating its traditional foods is an easy way to know a little bit about local culture and some specialities. Therefore, it is... read more
Foods Named After People
By: Louis Brown | Mar 21 2011
A variety of theorems and rules are named after the inventors, which are quite popular, but not to almost dish’s cases. There are many beguiling dishes born after... read more
Best Dishes in Different States of America
By: Louis Brown | Jan 24 2011
The tastes from dishes in the United States bear a style of food preparation from the United States of America. The great amount of states up to 50 and a... read more
Hugest Bibimbap in China's Jilin Province
By: Louis Brown | Nov 17 2010
Local people had a good chance to learn how to make the cuisine of bibimbap and enjoy it at the Wanda Plaza in Chuangchun, the capital of northeast of... read more
Top 10 typical foods in the United States
By: Louis Brown | Sep 4 2010
Fastfoods such as hamburgers, apple pie or potato chips are popular foods in the United States. In this article, you will have chances to discover top 10 typical... read more
Quality kitchen knives: A basic set
By: luka busham | Aug 20 2010
At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. This is no different when you are buying your own quality kitchen knives. With that said,... read more
Enhance Your Business With Promotional Travel Mugs
By: jessica thomson | Jul 7 2010
Taking a business to all new heights is one of the primary objectives of any business organisation. Attaining this goal requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Companies adopt... read more
South African's specialities
By: Louis Brown | Jun 12 2010
South Africa has become more and more popular especially since the country became the host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This nation is not only known for its... read more
Why Mexican Appetizers Are So Popular
By: Muna wa Wanjiru | Apr 17 2008
Mexican appetizers are natural flavored, colorful, and fresh, It is always based on seasonal produce. Once you taste one Mexican dish, you will want to keep... read more
Precautions to Take with Discount Cookware
By: Ressa Stewart | Mar 16 2008
Getting cookware at a discount may seem like a great deal especially if you are big on cooking family meals and entertaining often. However, discount cookware should be checked... read more
Austin Burger Places
By: Dane | Mar 10 2008
Though many in Austin consider themselves to be health conscious, there are still moments in each of their lives when a good hamburger sounds delicious. Austin is home to... read more
4 Types of Tea: How is Each One Made
By: Jack Reider 2 | Jan 16 2008
Tea is one of the most popular after food drinks in the world, but still very few people are aware that there are four inherently different flavours and types... read more
Rice and Spices of Indian meal- Grain Items
By: ricespice | Dec 27 2007
Rice spice india is the largest Exporters and Suppliers of Indian Rice, rice from inida, Basmati Rice, Brown Basmati Rice, Parboiled Basmati Rice, spice from india,... read more
Thai Curry Versus The Rest
By: Jules Norfolk | Oct 25 2007
Thai Curry - versus - Non Thai Curries When I was a kid growing up in the UK in the 50's I hated even the smell of curry only getting a... read more
Little Known Exotic Asian Desserts - Malay Kuih
By: Noraini Maskuri | Jul 28 2007
An American friend on a visit to Singapore some time back stumbled upon colourful and delicious gooey desserts which he had never tasted or heard before. I said to him... read more
Brownies: The Favorite Dessert Of All Time...
By: Joana M. Carlson | Jul 2 2007
Secret Restaurant Recipes . So be sure to check: Restaurant Secret Recipes">Frequently served hot with milk or ice cream, the brownie remains the most appraised dessert of all ages.... read more
Fiddleheads - Music To My Mouth
By: Denny Phillips | Jul 2 2007
When the cool breezes turn warm and the spring sunshine cheers our spirits, that is the right time for fiddlehead season. Depending on the weather, the fiddlehead fronds... read more
Chinese Tea
By: Mike Chan | Jun 21 2007
China, in addition to being the homeland to the Han people and fifty-five other ethnic groups, is also the birth place for one of the world's most consumed... read more
Artichokes, the World's Tastiest Thistle
By: Jason Dick | Jun 21 2007
History: The origins of artichokes date back to the time of the Greek philosopher and naturalist Theophrastus (371-287 B.C.), who wrote about their growth in Italy and Sicily. Ancient Greeks... read more
All About Almonds
By: Jason Dick | Jun 21 2007
History of Almonds: Domesticated almonds first appeared in about 3000-2000 BC in the Near East. A variety of almonds was even found in King Tut's tomb in Egypt. Almonds were a... read more
Tilapia, the World's Fastest Growing Fish Crop
By: Jason Dick | Jun 21 2007
Tilapia is now the fifth most popular seafood consumed in the United States according to the American Tilapia Association. It is the fastest growing aquaculture crop in the United States... read more
Come Home to a Well Thought Out Dinner Menu
By: Christine Steendahl | Jun 10 2007
The most important meal of the day for almost all families is dinner and making sure that dinner offers your family plenty of choice, variety, and flavor can... read more
Meatloaf: The Versatile Comfort Food
By: Jim Bolding | Jun 9 2007
If meatloaf is in your comfort food category then most likely you grew up with it. Comfort foods are like that. They bring back the memories of childhood and the... read more
A New Twist on Pizza - Adding Fruit
By: Christine Steendahl | Jun 6 2007
Fruits can add a fun element to child's meals. Finding fun food for kids can be as simple as taking them to the grocery store with you. Selecting fruits that... read more
Cultural food - Special Confinement food for after delivery care.
By: Soh Suad Hun | Jun 5 2007
Among the Asian, many ethnic groups have their own after birth dietary care. This is based on the belief that the health of the mother is significantly weakened during... read more
Macaroni and Cheese - From Basic to Bold
By: Christine Steendahl | Jun 3 2007
My child's favorite meal is macaroni and cheese. The cheesier it is the better. I like it myself, but the cheesier it is, the more fattening it becomes,... read more
Turning a Potato Into a Meal Your Little Ones Will Enjoy
By: Christine Steendahl | Jun 2 2007
Potatoes are a standard of the American diet. This is due to the fact they are such a handy food. Potatoes can be boiled, fried, mashed, baked,... read more
Italy: real Italian dished cooked with cherries
By: giulio gargiullo | May 29 2007
Finding the right event for tasting Italian food is not that simple. In Viterbo, lovely town one hour's drive from Rome. On June 2nd 2007 a gourmet dinner will... read more
The Importance of Good Pots & Pans
By: Christine Steendahl | May 28 2007
Just as any great carpenter requires the exact tools to get the job done, so does a chef require the right tools - in this case pots and pans.... read more
Coffee & Your Health - Welcome to the New Era of Energy!
By: Devlin Donnelly | May 23 2007
If you've been following the news on the subject, you've probably heard all sorts of conflicting reports about coffee & your health. Many claims are made about the diseases... read more
Copper River Salmon - What Makes Them So Popular?
By: Jason Dick | May 23 2007
On the morning of May 15th, 32, 000 pounds of Copper River salmon arrived at the Seattle-Tacoma airport just after sunrise. Alaska is expected to deliver over 160, 000... read more
You Can Bar-B-Que Anything On A Natural Gas Grill or A Charcoal Grill
By: Mary Hanna | May 20 2007
All Americans love a parade as the saying goes, but more than 84% of American families fire up their grills at least twice a month during summer, be... read more
How To Decide On A Natural Gas Grill Or Charcoal Grill
By: Mary Hanna | May 20 2007
The question is do you use a Natural Gas Grill or a Charcoal Grill for your next barbeque. The great American Barbecue is a wonderful way to bring family and... read more
Hao Bizarre, How Bazaar by Tom Carter
By: Tom Carter | May 19 2007
Hao Bizarre, How Bazaar by Tom Carter Perhaps the foremost reason why so few travelers make the journey to northwest China's Xinjiang province is quite simply its vastness. Aside from... read more
India - The country of yogurt and onions...
By: Jonathan Teng | May 19 2007
Back a few year ago when I was on a trip to India, I noticed that many dishes were cooked in yogurt sauce and that sautéing of onions was... read more
Insomnia Sympton
By: Philip Jubb | May 14 2007
Probably a silly thing to punch into Google, Insomnia Sympton. But you would be surprised at the number of times this very simple set of keywords, Insomnia Sympton... read more
Natural Remedy for Insomnia
By: Philip Jubb | May 14 2007
The thought of the after effects of taking medication instead of a Natural Remedy for Insomnia makes me shudder. Addiction, morning headaches, daytime fatigue, personality changes,... read more
Travel Italy: Culture, the Renaissance, and Great Italian Cuisine.
By: Sue Rauch | May 11 2007
Before the plane even lands, we know this vacation will be something special... this is Italy, after all, the country that gave us espresso, the Ferrari,... read more
Alfred Angelo Dress For Your Wedding
By: Paul Archer | May 9 2007
Getting Married? Marriage can be expensive! if you know the ropes it doesn't have to be, for the savvy smart bride like your self who knows where to shop.... read more
Making Snack Time Healthy
By: Christine Steendahl | May 6 2007
Now days, more than ever kids should be eating healthier. For millions of kids in America eating junk food and increased inactivity has led to obesity and an increasing... read more
Reduce Your Grocery Bills
By: Christine Steendahl | Apr 26 2007
Are you searching for a great way to save money on your groceries? A Menu Planning Service can come to the rescue. These clever services assist you in planning,... read more
Business Debt Management - Business Debt Management Restores Focus
By: Debbie White | Apr 21 2007
Business Debt Management - Business Debt Management Restores Focus You are a businesses person who has thought up and developed a business plan that has materialized into a quietly growing concern... read more
Roasted Turkey with Meatballs
By: Zrinka Pavic | Apr 20 2007
This wonderful stuffed and roasted turkey is flavorful due to parsley placed underneath the skin. Accompanied by mushroom meatballs - what an unusual, yet tasty combination! INGREDIENTS: 1 10 to 12... read more
Old Fashion Marble Bundt Cake Recipe
By: Zrinka Pavic | Apr 19 2007
A traditional European marble cake that has a wonderful lemon flavor, with chocolate and vanilla batters swirled together before baking to give marbled affect. This recipe belonged to my... read more
Easy Italian Amaretti Chocolate Cake
By: Zrinka Pavic | Apr 19 2007
Fragrant, easy-to-make Italian amaretti chocolate cake (torta facile amaretti e cioccolato) combines bittersweet almond and rich chocolate flavors. Great for every occasion. INGREDIENTS: 200 g (7 oz) amaretti, 50 g (1.7... read more
Khao Chae - Essential of Thai Summer Dishes
By: Vipp Rongsit | Apr 16 2007
Every April it seems as though everybody in Thailand is sweltering in the hot sun and getting ready for the Songkran water throwing festival. Gourmet Thai cooks are busy preparing... read more
Grilled Cheese Done Right
By: Christine Steendahl | Apr 15 2007
Grilled cheese sandwiches are the simplest meal to make. Children can even learn to make it themselves. The ones I used to make contained regular cheese and white bread with... read more
Why It's worth It to Spend the Extra Money for Gourmet Snacks
By: Danny Wright | Apr 13 2007
Gourmet foods can be described as high quality, luxurious and rare. These are foods that will cost you more than the store-bought cheese, but add that extra spice... read more
Sauerkraut and Baseball are a Taste of Spring
By: Femi Cole | Apr 9 2007
Bear Creek, Wis. - The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and a constant craving for a Sauerkraut-laden hot dog, sausage, or... read more
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