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The Anatomy of a House
By: Kartar Diamond | Dec 8 2010
Every area of a house can be viewed uniquely according to feng shui theory, with some rooms being more important than others just based on the amount of time... read more
Fountains As Furniture - Furnishings For Your Dream Home
By: Karissa Dupree | Dec 8 2010
Having your own indoor wall hanging fountains turned-furniture is like winning a trip to your dream island of pure relaxation. We are not talking about your journey to the Buddhist... read more
Five Elements of Feng Shui for Your Living Room Furniture
By: Nermin Hadzikadunic | Dec 3 2010
Home owners nowadays rely on interior designers to make their home a haven of their choice. They invest money on it because for them it will be worth it. Home... read more
Making Your Life Full Of Luck
By: Greg Pierce | Nov 17 2010
Attracting good luck is what most people want and what better way to attract good positive vibes in your life is to believe that they are true and having a... read more
There Is No Separation in ENERGY
By: Suzee Miller | Nov 15 2010
FENG SHUI TRUTH: Feng Shui is not about astrology, superstition, religion, philosophy nor is it an occult practice. Feng Shui is the study of ENERGY and how... read more
Father Time Recommends You Relax With Your Own Personal Zen Garden!
By: Father Time | Nov 12 2010
When life is difficult or your day is hectic, you can always take a few minutes to unwind and pick up the rake of your own personal Zen Garden,... read more
The Elements of Your Living Room Furniture
By: Nermin Hadzikadunic | Nov 11 2010
There are numbers of beliefs and principles that have been useful to many home owners nowadays as this provides their homes the positive energy that they need. There are many... read more
The Easiest of All Feng Shui Remedies
By: Kartar Diamond | Nov 10 2010
Feng Shui, the art and science of determining how your surroundings affect you, includes a vast body of theories and practices. But some areas include common sense and... read more
The Center of Your House
By: Kartar Diamond | Nov 10 2010
In feng shui theory, each part of the house can be ranked in order of its importance or effect on the occupants. The very center of the house can... read more
Feng Shui Tips for Bedrooms
By: Katie Hoffman | Nov 7 2010
Use the powers of feng shui to sleep better, be more energized and successful, and improve your love life. The bedroom is important because it is there that... read more
Supernatural events in our daily life
By: Sophia Brain | Nov 3 2010
In many Asian countries, there are a lot of Supernatural events existed among local people. These stories were spread in generations. I would like to share some classic stories... read more
Story of an Attempt to Improve Romance Luck Through Fengshui
By: Ken Toh J | Nov 2 2010
My inspiration to write about this comes from a chat with a friend A who shared about her and her friends' encounter with a fortune teller. She and that group... read more
Story of an attempt to improve romance luck through Feng Shui
By: Ken Toh J | Oct 29 2010
My inspiration to write about this comes from a chat with a friend A who shared about her and her friends' encounter with a fortune teller.  She and that group... read more
How to Use Feng Shui Without Oriental Decor
By: Valerie Olmsted | Oct 25 2010
Have you ever wondered how to integrate a western spiritual life into feng shui practices? Many people ask how feng shui, with all of its gods and goddesses,... read more
Feng Shui Home Energy
By: Vasile Stoica | Oct 23 2010
So how does Feng Shui affect home energy, business life and office reply time? Well, the principle of Feng Shui operates on the basic principle of Yin and Yang:... read more
Creating Balance With Feng Shui Water Fountains
By: Nicole Roberts | Oct 22 2010
The concept of feng shui water fountains has become quite popular in recent years. These fountains come in all manner of shapes and designs with further adds to their popularity.... read more
Bedroom Feng Shui Tips for Romance
By: Ken Koh | Oct 17 2010
The Bedroom is an important part of your home in which you spend a significant amount of time in everyday, and the Feng Shui of the room has a... read more
Feng Shui and the Flow of Life
By: Valerie Olmsted | Oct 13 2010
In the study of feng shui one learns to remove clutter and obstacles to chi flow; to allow the good energies to meander freely throughout. Unless one tends to be... read more
Feng Shui Mirrors And Their Influence
By: Connor R Sullivan | Sep 16 2010
Nearly everyone wishes to have a beautiful house. You want to come home from your tiring day at work, and a cozy home is there to take you in... read more
Indoor Water Fountains For Peace and Serenity
By: Michael Justice | Sep 1 2010
For those looking to spend more time relaxing at home, the beauty and serenity of an indoor water fountain is a wise investment. Many have found that selecting an... read more
Feng Shui Decorating - How to Use Plants
By: Trisha Cornelius | Aug 16 2010
Feng shui decorating often makes use of plants to increase the amount of wood chi (also spelled as qi) within a space. Wood chi is the chi that is associated... read more
Feng Shui & Energy Flow in the Home
By: Isabella Dove | Aug 14 2010
As we recently moved location, one key intention in settling in the new house would be to follow some basic principles of Feng Shui. So we did a search... read more
Feng Shui Numerology for House Numbers
By: Christine T Tran | Aug 8 2010
The real estate market has changed in recent years. For example, the old adage, "location, location, location, " has been augmented to include Feng Shui principles... read more
Five Easy Tips For Conquering Clutter, Part Two
By: Jeanine Byers Hoag | Aug 7 2010
Throw Away as Much as You Can In that room you are tackling, place a garbage bag or two and some boxes for separating out what to keep and what... read more
Feng Shui & Crystals - Perfect Together!
By: Susan Tartaglino | Aug 1 2010
Sensing energy fields is really what feng shui is all about. Crystal therapy is a tool used in feng shui to help keep chi moving throughout a space. As conduits of energy,... read more
Feng Shui House Buying Tips
By: Christine T Tran | Jul 24 2010
There is an old saying in real estate investing that goes, "You make a profit when you buy, not when you sell." This point is especially true in... read more
Improve Your Home With the Sound of Water - Feng Shui
By: Ronny Peterson | Jul 21 2010
Water fountains can be made from many different materials including metal, bamboo and ceramic. These three materials represent a certain element in the foundation of the feng shui. The... read more
How to Use One Million Dollars to Attract More Wealth Into Your Life - Feng Shui Made Easy
By: Fiona Stolze | Jul 20 2010
Come on, who would honestly say no to having more wealth in their life. I think it's a given that all of us would really welcome having much more... read more
5 Ways to Create Balance, Harmony and Order in a Child Or Teen Bedroom
By: Michele Senac | Jul 17 2010
Creating balance, harmony and order in a child or teens bedroom can sometimes be challenging since this room serves many functions. For children, the bedroom is a place... read more
Home Decorating With Feng Shui
By: Boyce Janson | Jul 11 2010
Just by reading the title of this article, you most probably want to avoid it. But do not worry for this is not bringing tons of bamboo, gongs,... read more
Feng Shui Trigrams
By: Jack Daniel Morris | Jul 8 2010
Feng shui is closely related to methods of divination followed in the country of China. There are basically 8 trigrams that represent the 8 points of something called as Bagua.... read more
Feng Shui In Today's Style & Design (Part II)
By: Sim Kiat Neo | Jun 24 2010
Feng Shui Bliss You may be wondering whether living a heartfelt belief in a Feng Shui lifestyle can really make a difference to positively affect our lives and the lives of... read more
A Feng Shui Garden Evaluation Technique
By: Ross Lamond | Jun 20 2010
A few years ago I mentioned to a Feng Shui practitioner, I saw Chi energies as a game between the goodies and the baddies. He quietly reminded me that... read more
Spring - The Season of Renewal For the Home & Spirit
By: Kamonda Phillips | Jun 2 2010
Most of us have never been exposed to the concept of our homes nourishing our soul. Yet, it is a fundamental truth that our homes not only support us... read more
What Is Feng Shui
By: bigcow | May 28 2010
Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice. It is the art of placing and arranging matter and space in the correct manner such that harmony with the environment is achieved.... read more
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By: wxg battery, Jr. | May 26 2010
Intel Nehalem technology officer tell you what If we pay attention to the words, Nehalem word appears in the frequency of IT related media more and more, Nehalem What... read more
silver, 11.1V, 7800mah, Li-Lithium - Replacement for SONY VGP-BPS8 Battery
By: wxg battery, Jr. | May 26 2010
silver, 11.1V, 7800mah, Li-Lithium - Replacement for SONY VGP-BPS8 Battery We offers high quality SONY VGP-BPS8 battery at the most preferred price. Our SONY VGP-BPS8 laptop battery are... read more
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By: wxg battery, Jr. | May 26 2010
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10 Feng Shui Tips to Improve the Energy of a Home
By: | May 25 2010
Here are 10 simple Feng Shui tips and techniques you can use to shift the energy and create a positive environment that nurtures health, improves wealth and encourages love. 1.... read more
How to Use Feng Shui to Bring the Sacred Feminine of "The Matriarch" in Your Everyday Life
By: Gloria Ng | May 24 2010
By now, you perhaps have celebrated the back-to-back dual-day celebration of Mother's Day (Sunday) and Mexican Mother's Day (Monday)! In my opinion, once a mother, always a... read more
Does the Shape of Your Remedy Matter?
By: Kartar Diamond | May 24 2010
In Five-Element Theory, shapes can represent elements. For example: METAL is defined as round or curved shapes WOOD is represented by tall, thin, column-like shapes FIRE is represented by pointy,... read more
How to Use Wind Chimes in Feng Shui For Career Advancement and More
By: | Apr 18 2010
In Black Sect Feng Shui, we use wind chimes for a number of cures. The right sounds can effectively adjust the chi of a space, promoting positive attention... read more
Seeing the World Through Feng Shui-Tinted Glasses
By: | Apr 17 2010
As human beings, we interpret our environment through our senses. It is reported that 70% of what we experience comes from our eyes. Our sight impacts our experiences more... read more
Feng Shui Garden Tips And Tricks
By: Jakob Jelling | Apr 16 2010
We hope that you find our advice useful; however, the most important tip is to listen to your intuition. A special feature of a classical feng shui garden is having... read more
Feng Shui Products For Boosting All Aspects Of Life
By: Jakob Jelling | Apr 16 2010
Moreover, you can find charms for home (bedroom, kitchen, living room, and entrance), garden, office, and car. All of the available amulets are... read more
How To Use The Power Of A Feng Shui Dragon
By: Jakob Jelling | Apr 16 2010
Many Chinese cities celebrate the New Year with these magical creatures - groups of people line up in columns wearing one large robe depicting the Dragon. Any other time of... read more
The Powerful And Versatile Feng Shui Wind Chimes
By: Jakob Jelling | Apr 16 2010
For instance, if you have a "negative" object behind your window, hanging a chime will fix the energy. If your entrance door is opposite a window, the... read more
Using Feng Shui Mirrors The Proper Way
By: Jakob Jelling | Apr 16 2010
Let's take a look at the properties of mirrors: they reflect, attract, create the illusion of an extended space, complement the space visually, and redistribute the... read more
Feng Shui Garden And Landscape Design
By: bigcow | Apr 15 2010
Chinese gardens originated from the art form called Shan Shui, meaning mountain-water.  All Feng Shui garden landscape designs therefore incorporate mountain (Shan) and water (Shui) energy.  Mountain energy symbolizes... read more
A Look at My Life Through Feng Shui
By: | Apr 14 2010
My friend Tracy is a Feng Shui expert and a healer of spaces. She's come to my apartment twice now, and through her, I actually feel like I'm... read more
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