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The Development of Baseball in America and Other Counties
By: discount | Jul 27 2011
Baseball is a game which use bat to beat the ball. It is a ball game that with strong collectablity, opposability. It is widely hosted all over the world,... read more
Everything Is Not Like What You Think
By: janny | Jan 24 2011
Two angels were having a travel, the day was going dark, so they wanted to lived in a rich family. However, the families were not welcome them... read more
The Gift Within Grief
By: James | Jan 21 2011
"Grief, like life, could be a journey to be traveled." I became a student of grief several years ago, particularly when the tragic deaths of my brother in... read more
Loss And Bereavement - How Can You Help Those Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One?
By: James | Jan 20 2011
Several of the items we do in life involve coaching previous to the event. We speak of potty training our kids; teaching them good manners; we have a tendency to... read more
Grief, Loss And Trauma - The Way To Realize Peace In A World Of "why?"
By: James | Jan 20 2011
Pain and suffering are a part of the human experience. No one is exempt. Tragedies occur leaving us in shock and devastation. Diseases weaken and destroy bodies. The innocent are... read more
Grief, Loss, And Brain Maintenance
By: James | Jan 20 2011
Has it been weeks since the death of your loved one and you still feel sluggish with low energy levels? Are you hesitant in making selections? Confused? Is hope draining... read more
Grief, Loss, And A Proven Set Up For Peace Of Mind
By: James | Jan 20 2011
Are you during a state of confusion? Have you created the decision that you will get through this loss? Are you confronting your loss and fears? If not, why... read more
Grief, Loss, And Religious Constipation
By: James | Jan 20 2011
Spirituality is one's personal method of regarding mystery, nonphysical reality, and that deemed greater than the self. You'll be able to be actually spiritual and not religious. And,... read more
Grief & Loss - A Lady's Changing Hats
By: James | Jan 20 2011
Grief, loss, and hats? You'll be asking yourself what within the heck do hats have to try and do with grief. After I found myself grieving from the... read more
Grief Loss - Selecting Up The Pieces
By: James | Jan 20 2011
Nearly everyone on the earth has been touched by grief-loss in some form or form. Grief is something we have a tendency to would rather not have to face however... read more
Aung San Suu Kyi - Perfect Prisoner
By: Liu Rene | Jan 11 2011
In this land, female leader, female Prime Minister, opposition leaders and other women around the sea, the land of women in Southeast Asia, South Asia,... read more
Miscarriage and Baby Loss: What Has Money and Financial Independence Got to Do With Miscarriage?
By: Deirdre Morris | Nov 28 2010
'Money talks' so the saying goes. Maybe money talks to babies too.... So what could money have to do with miscarriage? Well, we live in a world in which money is the... read more
Grief Transformation: A Widow Heals Her Heart With the Film, PS I Love You
By: Andrea Hylen | Nov 17 2010
Two years after my husband died, a film came out called, "P.S. I Love You." Several people recommended the film to me about a widow whose husband leaves... read more
Holiday Journal Therapy
By: Mari McCarthy | Nov 13 2010
The holiday season is a time of great celebration, but if you have recently lost someone who was very close to you, the holidays can be painful and... read more
How to Get Over a Broken Heart - Emotional Freedom at Last!
By: Daniella W. Rourkes | Nov 6 2010
Are you suffering from heartaches? Does it feel like you'll never heal after such a devastating blow? Well, don't worry too much, because if you read on,... read more
Growing Through Sorrow: Good Grief Helps You Heal
By: Michelle Enis... | Nov 3 2010
While there is nothing pleasant about losing someone you love, especially a spouse, once the active mourning has lessened to the point where you can think a tiny... read more Direct You Buy Goyard Bags Happy Halloween
By: Carol | Oct 28 2010
Halloween is coming what is you plan for your halloween theme bag? Just as the pick of meticulous luxury goyard bags permits the person to outline themselves, the appearance... read more
Do You Wait Or Do You Leap?
By: mind | Oct 28 2010
Recently I heard the comment made that we have a tendency to are bothered by standing still, and think that some movement or action is best than none. The following... read more
The Grieving Process and How Grief Counseling Can Help
By: Danette Ariotti | Oct 7 2010
Grief comes in many different forms and can strike at any time. It is difficult to deal with grief and there are many reasons one is stricken with grief including: Loss... read more
A Visitation From Two Deceased Loved Ones Let Us Know They Were There To Receive A Dying Pet
By: Andrea Hylen | Oct 6 2010
When my daughter, Liz, decided to move from Maryland to Arizona, she took the family dog with her. Mac had been a constant companion to Liz during... read more
One With the Universe
By: Tambre Leighn | Sep 23 2010
It was the last painting. I didn't see it until it was done. When Gary finally unveiled the long canvas, there were no words. I hoped the tears in... read more
Coping With Change, Today
By: Claire Vorster | Sep 8 2010
'God, grant me the peace of mind to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.'... read more
Subliminal Messages - The Best Ways to Cope With Grief
By: Nelson Berry | Sep 7 2010
One of the most painful episodes in your life will definitely be losing one of your loved ones. The circumstance doesn't matter. The level of pain is almost the same.... read more
Helpful Tips For The Newly Widowed
By: Amy Twain | Sep 4 2010
Losing a loved one, especially a spouse, is always painful. The heavy transition from being a husband to a widower, wife to a widow, is a... read more
Counselling Is Not Always The Best Way To Treat Grief
By: Amy Twain | Sep 4 2010
A time of grief and loss can be a very sensitive matter to tackle. Whenever people try to cheer up a loved one, sometimes they fall even deeper into... read more
Finally Letting Go
By: Ricky J K Ruto | Aug 31 2010
Just as a preface I'd like to say that I don't tend to share many personal stories as I consider it selfish to talk about Myself when the person to... read more
What to Give in Sorrow
By: Billings Farnsworth | Aug 29 2010
When my mother-in-law passed away a couple of years ago we were flooded with condolences from family and friends. We were overwhelmed by support and love which helped us get... read more
Grief and Loss - Exploring Death After Bereavement
By: Tabitha Jayne | Jul 31 2010
Loss forces us to look upon the big question of what happens after death. In our modern society, with death carefully hidden from us and the quest of eternal... read more
Grief - Help to Move Through it, Understand it and Cope
By: Wendy Kay | Jul 28 2010
Grief is yours to own, and no one will ever expect you to forget your grief. Grief cannot just be cured or dismissed, as the hurt surrounding grief... read more
Stepping Through Grief
By: Mark Mcdowell | Jul 16 2010
Death is a subject rarely raised, especially so when applied in forethought. Books on the subject may abound, but however good they may be, i feel that... read more
Visions of Importance - Part 3
By: Steve Wickham | Jun 23 2010
A vision: I lie there in a bed. I'm in a hospital. I can tell by the cadent mood set on the faces of my family and close friends around... read more
Grieving, Tears and Healing
By: | May 25 2010
Feeling sad? Grieving a loss? Anticipating a death? Sit yourself down, give yourself a hug and let the tears and healing begin. Shedding tears is a uniquely human response to... read more
The Role of CBT in Tackling Grief
By: | Apr 14 2010
There is something about life that is quite unique. Life is uncertain and that is what adds to the thrill and the challenge of facing up to it, each... read more
How to Recover From a Failed Relationship
By: Randy Hurlburt | Apr 4 2010
Here are 5 steps to recover from a failed relationship. While finishing some important work, my computer crashed, and I hadn't backed it up... Just like a lost girlfriend,... read more
Facing My Mortality at Age 15
By: Jay Koch | Apr 4 2010
When I was twelve, our swim team drove down from Wichita to a meet in Tulsa. That meet was at a pool that had slippery walls. Most pools had... read more
The Real Stages of Grief and Grieving
By: Maurice Turmel Ph.D. | Apr 4 2010
When people pose questions about the Stages of Grief Recovery they are often referred to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' Stages of Death. Her research showed what individuals would go through when receiving... read more
Using Lists to See the Secondary Losses of Multiple Losses - Reconciling Grief
By: Harriet Hodgson | Apr 4 2010
More than two years have passed since my daughter and father-in-law died the same weekend. My brother died eight weeks later. A few months later, my former son-in-law died.... read more
Spring Restores Hope
By: Mary Jane Hurley... | Apr 4 2010
Everyone loves spring. It's the season which awakens our senses with its exquisite colors, transporting fragrances, bird whistles, chirps and additional daylight. Spring's breathtaking beauty doesn't just... read more
Sympathy Words - A Guide to Writing Words of Sympathy and Comfort
By: Melanie Walters | Apr 3 2010
In tough times, the right sympathy words can go a long way to soothing the turbulent heart of the bereaved. While you are searching for the right words to... read more
Sympathy Words - How to Write Words of Sympathy in Cards and Letters
By: Melanie Walters | Apr 3 2010
Sympathy words in a letter or sympathy card can be an encouraging ray of light to someone who has recently lost a loved one. After a death, things can... read more
More Than Just a Tinge of Regret
By: Steve Wickham | Apr 3 2010
The song If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher is getting to be a bit of a golden oldie now, having been originally released by Geffen in June... read more
Bereavement Help
By: Maurice Turmel Ph.D. | Apr 3 2010
Over my 25 years of professional practice I learned that grieving individuals had the hardest time dealing with their feelings of loss and the ensuing emotions that would come rushing... read more
Helping Parents Cope With Loss
By: Patricia Nordman | Apr 3 2010
The phone rang. How glad I was to hear my oldest son's voice. "Mom, I'd like to bring Debbie home for the Christmas holidays. Will that be all right?" "Of... read more
Grief and Loss - Tips For Coping
By: Judi Cineas, Ph.D. | Apr 3 2010
Grief and loss are an inevitable part of life. In today's world it seems even more frequent then before. Can you think of the last time you went a week... read more
Supporting a Grieving Loved One
By: Ruth Purple | Apr 3 2010
Seeing a grieving loved one can be very difficult to bear. Sometimes you wish you can take away her pain and endure it for her. You sometimes feel helpless especially... read more
Journaling About Multiple Losses - Some Tips From Experience
By: Harriet Hodgson | Apr 3 2010
Seven days after my daughter and father-in-law died on the same weekend, I started my 2007 journal. Putting my thoughts into words was helpful. Eight weeks later, when... read more
Putting Grief in It's Place
By: Wanda Grindstaff | Apr 3 2010
It has been just 8 short weeks since my husband died of Kidney Cancer. Between the weeks of his advanced illness and the weeks since his death, I have... read more
How To Eliminate Unnecessary Suffering
By: Lou LaGrand | Apr 2 2010
Unnecessary suffering, when mourning the death of a loved one, can be minimized and eventually eliminated. How? By becoming aware of some of the prevailing grief myths and... read more
The Grieving Process
By: Gudrun Frerichs | Apr 2 2010
A lot has been written about the grieving process. The Kuebler-Ross model, also known as the grief cycle, is probably the best known description of the grieving process.... read more
Grief and Loss
By: Jan Barber | Apr 2 2010
If you have ever lost a mate, who you loved, then you know how difficult it is to go on with your life. It is a severe heart-wrenching... read more
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