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The Complicated but Excited Trip of Life
By: Cherry xu | Feb 27 2011
Existence is available in the package. This particular package incorporates happiness as well as sorrow, failing and success, hope as well as lose hope. Every day life is... read more
More Features Connected With Instructional English
By: cary5o9buca | Jan 30 2011
More features of academic English include using complete sentences, being explicit, using the third individual as opposed to the initial, and using verb tenses to indicate various... read more
Mastering Math With Mind Research Institute
By: Gregg | Dec 27 2010
The importance of mathematics in our lives cannot be questioned as in interwoven to our day to day activities so rigidly that many a times we completely fail to see... read more
Innovation Road Maps
By: KittyGirl | Dec 14 2010
For the manager of complicated product development, business designing and different innovation activities, it is crucial to organize info efficiently not only as a communication tool for the... read more
Learn From History - Innovation Is Essential To Success
By: KittyGirl | Dec 14 2010
War is one amongst the most tragic of all human endeavors when measured in loss of life and property, suffering of all the participants, and the cost of... read more
America Wants A Privatized Innovation Set Up For New Ideas Within The 22nd Century
By: KittyGirl | Dec 14 2010
Many countries are busy pouring money into R and D programs and nevertheless, the United States, undeniably the most innovative and entrepreneurial nation in the world during the... read more
Risk For Disruptive Innovators
By: KittyGirl | Dec 14 2010
Disruptive innovation involves changing the goal posts for existing organisations. It's the potential for comparatively small organisations to make sturdy gains even against larger players with entrenched positions. The means... read more
Five More Technological Innovations For Runners And Walkers
By: KittyGirl | Dec 14 2010
It's easy to take technological innovations as a right, particularly once these innovations become common-place. Beyond another article on the identical topic, here are five more technological innovations that... read more
Management Innovation - A Culture Of Innovation
By: KittyGirl | Dec 14 2010
Today, some businessmen see themselves as lucky persons as they're ready to create their businesses efficiently as there are innovative technologies and strategies they will have as compared to... read more
Innovate Your Business Or Expect To Fail
By: Ernie | Dec 13 2010
Most businesses that fail, are failing for one reason the: the lack to innovate. There are three types of companies: An Explosive Growth Business, A Stagnant Swamp Business,... read more
Are You Innovation Inept? Why Most Organizations Simply Are Not That Innovative
By: Ernie | Dec 13 2010
Recently Fast Company printed its 2009 list of the fifty Most Innovative Companies. Team Obama topped the list (that may, and probably will be the subject of another post).... read more
Start Your Innovation Programme By Avoiding Terrible Innovators
By: Ernie | Dec 13 2010
Once you've got set you need an innovation programme, one in every of the items you'll be spending quite a bit of your time doing is hiring the individuals... read more
Innovation Groups - Central Or Not?
By: Ernie | Dec 13 2010
Central innovation groups are a model well adopted in several industries, from Prescribed drugs, where research and development budgets tends to be held by massive business units dedicated... read more
The Paradox Of Open Innovation - Internal Or External?
By: Ernie | Dec 13 2010
What came first, the chicken or the egg? This paradox has perplexed philosophers for millennia. In the progressive workplace, the same dilemma confounds executives. Within the pursuit of open... read more
Innovation Is Free
By: Ernie | Dec 13 2010
Quality is free Having worked for the past eleven years on I.T. quality management (Implemening CMMi, People CMM, ISO, PMBok) out of the 16 years in the business,... read more
Questions On Accelerating Innovation
By: Ernie | Dec 13 2010
Some futurists claim that the "future" is approximately thirty years away (ref 1). Whatever the "average" amount of your time between conception of a "new" plan (the future), and... read more
Bringing Innovation To Your Organization
By: Ernie | Dec 13 2010
Managers often struggle with bringing innovation into their organization. Part of the struggle begins with understanding what defines innovation. Managers merely equate innovation to change. In different words, if... read more
Everything Old Is New Again
By: Richard J. Stec | Dec 3 2010
What looks new is the same. New events happen everyday. Your new days are spent with the same people. Events happen to you. What might be new to you is... read more
Necessity Is the Mother of Invention
By: Dave Tomlinson | Nov 9 2010
Since human life began, there has been an enormous process of evolution and development. This can be seen in the various historical periods such as the Stone Age,... read more
The Secret Word On Leadership
By: mind | Oct 26 2010
We have a tendency to have been created to believe that an army of generals can't win a war. We are all along trained to distance ourselves from the leader... read more
No Overture, Just Pure Action
By: Joshua Clayton | Oct 20 2010
Sometimes, you, me or anyone just needs to get into the action however we possibly can. Without preamble, without an "overture" and without hesitation. Life does not... read more
Capturing And Overviewing Great Ideas With Mind Mapping
By: Arjen Ter Hoeve | Aug 8 2010
Whenever you are looking for great ideas, new insights or you are just looking for answers, you should consider using a Mind Map for getting results. Of course... read more
Innovation and Creativity - A Journey of Discovery
By: Colin Chess | Jul 31 2010
Let me introduce you to a very flat round plateau surrounded by steep mountains where the Pipeds live. Pipeds get their name from the shape of their heads. Their heads... read more
Play With Your Creative Imagination - Become an Inventor
By: | May 25 2010
Anybody can become an inventor. So what qualifies one to become an inventor? Surprisingly, few well-known qualities demanded. Such as, curiosity, imagination, persistence, focus,... read more
New Habits Require New Thinking
By: Henrik Blunck | May 24 2010
Many people get frustrated because they can't really understand why they keep getting the same results. They dream of changing, but haven't quite found out that it is because... read more
The Future is Going to Be Fine - It's the Humans I Wonder About!
By: Lance Winslow | Apr 3 2010
Many are worried about economics, Global Warming, and maybe some even a Comet hitting the Earth. Indeed, we should not fear the future and we ought to... read more
Confidence - Push Your Go Button, and Create Confidence, Energy and Success
By: Harriet Meyerson | Apr 3 2010
Do you behave to have confidence first -- before you can become successful -- before you start working on a new project or great idea? Have you ever said to... read more
Different Kinds of Skills
By: Samuel Xander | Apr 2 2010
It's tempting to think of ourselves like characters in a video game, with a certain fixed pool of pre-programmed skills we can't ever deviate from. That's how I used... read more
Daydream Innovator
By: Matt Angello | Apr 1 2010
In a recent article, I espoused the virtue of down time as an enabler of strategic, contemplative and deep thought, the type of thinking that leads to... read more
Invention Ideas - 3 Important Items You Must Have Before Submitting Your Invention Ideas
By: Jason Gallion | Apr 1 2010
Not making the proper contacts or finding the right department within a large company before sending information about your idea can be a big mistake. The company may decide to... read more
Attention Artists and Writers - Know Your Intellectual Property Rights
By: Amy Twain | Apr 1 2010
If you're an artist, a writer, a lyricist, or anyone belonging to the artistic realm, especially if you are just new on the scene and you... read more
Finding Your Midlife Passion - Prime Time Tips For Being Refreshed by What You Love
By: Tracy Schiffmann | Mar 30 2010
You know...creaky joints, osteoporosis, the dessert I should have bypassed last night but didn't, that's why. Honestly, that's hardly why at all. The real reason I... read more
Derailing Your Train of Thought
By: H. Les Brown | Mar 29 2010
Have you ever noticed how certain patterns in your life keep re-emerging. Doesn't it sometimes feel as though you've gotten yourself locked into some kind of bizarre dance that sends... read more
Innovation - The Worst of Times, and the Best of Times
By: Joseph C. Schmieder | Mar 29 2010
It was in the middle of winter in 1930, the heart of the Great Depression, when Howard Tuthill walked through the cavernous factory thinking about what to do... read more
The Invention Process Steps
By: Mat Grell | Mar 28 2010
Do you have a new pioneering invention idea, or an improvement or solution to an existing problem? If so, you deserve to make millions from it! That means... read more
When Innovation is Not Necessary in Your Product Lines
By: Lance Winslow | Mar 28 2010
Research and development is always important in any company, no matter what size. You always have to be thinking about what comes next, and you must always be... read more
When Innovation Takes Your Mind Off Your Focus For Profits
By: Lance Winslow | Mar 28 2010
Often small startup entrepreneurs are dreamers and innovators in their own right. Thus, they will continue to try to run the company even after they set in place a... read more
You Don't Need an Engineering Degree to Create the Next Revolutionary Innovation
By: Lance Winslow | Mar 26 2010
Many innovative and inventor type individuals will go out and get an engineering degree thinking that it is a necessity to come up with the most brilliant inventions. However,... read more
You Don't Need To Wait For The Twentieth Time In Order To Start Saving BIG At The Gasoline Pump!
By: GARKO | Feb 19 2008
Quick quiz - you want to spend the maximum , what you currently spend or less at the gas pump or nada if you can still drive)? Answer has... read more
You Don't Have To Wait For The 20th Time In Order To Start Saving BIG At The Gasoline Pump!
By: GARKO | Feb 19 2008
Pop quiz - you prefer to spend more, what you currently spend or less at the gas station or nada if you can still drive)? Your response has got... read more
Do You Mind If I Punch You In The Nose? Then How Come You Let The Oil Corporations Do It?
By: GARKO | Feb 13 2008
Of course you never allow if I bopped you in the mouth, right? Or if I taped your mouth shut? Or if I cut all lines of communication to... read more
Exploring new technology - Self-Development for Education and Career
By: EURman | Nov 1 2007
There are so many new and great ideas out there that are helpful for self-development for education and career. These things are exploring new technology and they will help a... read more
What Innovation Can Do to Your Life
By: Frank Lee | Jan 31 2007
It's a talent that everyone has, yet they think they don't. The power of innovation. If you've ever marvelled at somebody's creative prowess, guess what, you can... read more
Bring Innovation Into Your Life
By: Patricia Williams | Nov 12 2006
The 'power of innovation' is a phrase that sounds like a corporate tactic or slogan, a secret talent worthy of only the rich and powerful. Actually, the power... read more
Innovation: The Life Blood Of Your Business
By: Eric Garner | Dec 14 2005
If you're running or managing a business and want it to be around for a long time, you need to spend a good part of your time innovating. That's... read more
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