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When "Flash Eye" Disappeared
By: sylvia | May 17 2011
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Know Your Potential and Love Compatibility by the help of 2011 Horoscopes
By: Rammanohar prasad | Mar 4 2011
The year 2011 has marked by potency and motivation, as number 11 is said to be a stimulating number. It can motivate us to move forward, to progress.... read more
The Best Skills and Secrets of being longevity
By: Cherry xu | Feb 27 2011
Contrary to popular belief, individuals who sleep 6 in order to seven hrs anight reside lengthier, and those who rest 8 hours or even more dieyounger, based... read more
The Power Of Now!
By: Piyush Bhatia | Feb 10 2011
Once two friends Dev & Ram were passing through a forest. On their way they were attacked by wild bulls. Seeing the bulls, both were frightened. Dev began thinking... read more
Quote, Unquote: Finding Journaling Opportunity In The Words Of Others
By: Mari McCarthy | Feb 8 2011
Journal writing can sometimes seem to corner you. While on most days, your pen scribbles without hesitation, sometimes you can't think of a thing to say. Or sometimes... read more
Thank You Letter - From A Teacher To Her Students
By: Raffy Chan | Feb 7 2011
As a teacher, its easy for us to extend our gratitude to our colleagues and the numerous academicians who have helped us gain the knowledge and experience to excel... read more
Thank You Letter - For My Best Friend
By: Raffy Chan | Feb 7 2011
Everybody has a best friend. Mine, happens to be the first person who actually talked to me during my seemingly lonesome university days. And ever since the first day... read more
Thank You Letter - My Gratitude To Architect Daniel Burnham
By: Raffy Chan | Feb 7 2011
The surname Burnham is very well known in the city I come from; it is associated with the main breathing space of Baguio City (Philippines)--Burnham Park. I grew up knowing... read more
Freedom From Resentment
By: ann7 | Feb 4 2011
Resentment means re-living painful experiences of the past. I learned that only too well. Several years ago when I was plagued with chronic pain in my right shoulder, I... read more
Working With Purpose -does It Matter?
By: maryspeller | Feb 2 2011
The fact that you are reading this article would suggest that it does matter to you, and that makes it important. Each of us is motivated by different needs... read more
Global Warming Problems Why Subliminal Persuasion May Be The Solution
By: Nelson Berry | Jan 30 2011
There is still no cure to the global warming problems that plague our environment these days. All over the world, drastic changes to the climate and to the environment... read more
Collection Of Public Speaking Quotations
By: rickbobbythomson | Jan 25 2011
Public Speaking Quotations & Sayings * If there's anything a public servant hates to do it's something for the public. - Kin Hubbard * The trouble with the public is that there... read more
Thank You Letter - To My Hero Of Peace, Mahatma Gandhi
By: Raffy Chan | Jan 20 2011
This is a thank you letter to one of the most honored ambassadors of peace the world has ever had the privilege to know. I now I am not alone... read more
Thank You Letter - Thank You Mark Zuckerberg
By: Raffy Chan | Jan 20 2011
Manifesting thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for creating the forum which has changed my personal life and that of several other million people is (for me) something long overdue. Allow me... read more
Thank You Letter - My Gratitude To John F. Kennedy
By: Raffy Chan | Jan 20 2011
There have been many great leaders that have positively affected their country, its development, its citizens, and even the rest of the world. One such man,... read more
Thank You Letter - My Appreciation For The Philosophy Of Seneca
By: Raffy Chan | Jan 20 2011
If one were to look closely into the values, lessons, and ideals that are presently taught by many today, one would discover that these teachings are not... read more
Thank You Letter - To An Icon Of Hope, Manny Pacquiao
By: Raffy Chan | Jan 19 2011
There is no denying that Manny Pacquiao serves as a wonderful beacon of hope and inspiration for the Filipino people. This is why I feel compelled to extend my gratitude... read more
Thank You Letter - Extending Thanks To Bill Gates
By: Raffy Chan | Jan 19 2011
This is a thank you letter to express my appreciation for Bill Gates, philanthropist, creator and chairman of Microsoft, and the picture of success through innovation and... read more
Thank You Letter - My Thanks To Steve Jobs
By: Raffy Chan | Jan 19 2011
This is a letter of appreciation to Steve Jobs, who has personally inspired me a great deal in life by being such a wonderful success in an era wherein... read more
Fat Camp
By: Talking Heads | Jan 16 2011
OK lets face it. Youre fat. Im fat. What are we going to do about it? Eat another pizza? Down another couple of chickens with a gallon of diet soda... read more
Who Are The Real Heroes Of Today?
By: Pat Esposito | Jan 13 2011
Each period in time has its heroes. In Biblical times we have had Moses, Abraham, David and Solomon, to name a few. And of course, the... read more
Natures Lessons In Tolerance
By: Roseanna Leaton | Dec 29 2010
Many of us feel that we grow in levels of intolerance to certain things as time goes by. We become fed up with things and overly sensitized to certain triggers... read more
30 Days of Gratitude: Day 5
By: Kathy Nicholls | Dec 12 2010
Today is day 5 of our 30 Days of Gratitude. It's amazing that, when we stop and think about it, we never run out of things to be... read more
30 Days of Gratitude: Day 8
By: Kathy Nicholls | Dec 11 2010
Day 8 brings us to more things about which to be grateful. I arrived home late this afternoon and am still getting through all of your comments in the last... read more
In Due Season
By: C D Johnson | Dec 11 2010
In our lives, we all have seasons. Some seasons are short and some very lengthy. Throughout the course of our lives we all have a divine purpose that God... read more
We Live or Die By The Words We Speak! We Are Held Accountable
By: C D Johnson | Dec 10 2010
Did you know every member of your body is controllable except your tongue? It's one of the smallest members on our bodies, but the most deadly. We have to power to... read more
Life Quotes About Life That Help Living Amongst Challenges
By: Belsheba Nyabwa | Dec 9 2010
Reading a life quote is not enough but doing something about it can truly change one's life. There are so many issues of life that still confounds man. In this... read more
The Fading of Sincerity in Churches
By: Nathaniel Lewis | Dec 5 2010
Religion seems to have evolved into that ritual one does to appease God. I can recall the many conversation with believers (those in the church) who attend worship services out... read more
Christian Fellowship - It Takes Just Two
By: Nathaniel Lewis | Dec 5 2010
Matthew 18:20 - For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." (NIV) I thought I would start this post off with the above... read more
Resiliency Lessons From The Chilean Mine Triumph
By: Eileen McDargh | Dec 5 2010
A worldwide web of viewers watched 33 miners being pulled to the surface following a 600, 000 ton cave-in that happened nearly one-half mile below the ground on a barren... read more
Law of Attraction at My Service: Manifestations
By: Virmared Santiago | Dec 5 2010
According to the dictionary, "to manifest" can be "to show or to demonstrate plainly" and according to me manifesting has become a place where to focus my energy and... read more
Health, Time, And Money
By: Eliel Arrey | Dec 4 2010
It's very easy with the upset or letdown of the economy for one to be very distracted from why 3 basic principles of life matter to us. You see, when... read more
Be Inspired, See Opportunities and Stay Focused
By: Patricia Konechny | Dec 3 2010
"It is all very well, when the pen flows, but then there are the dark days when imagination deserts one, and it is an effort to put... read more
30 Days of Gratitude: Day 9
By: Kathy Nicholls | Dec 1 2010
It's day 9 and so many great things have come from this challenge. I hope you continue to contribute and are enjoying it! Today's been a challenging day at my house.... read more
Give a Little of Yourself and You Can Save Lives
By: MJ Schrader | Dec 1 2010
How would you like to save lives? You may think saving lives requires scary or hard work. You can save lives easily with just a little bit of time and... read more
Unconditional Love on Conditions
By: Nathaniel Lewis | Nov 28 2010
We hear the word unconditional used in many ways, one of the most common I believe is when it is used in the church, when talking, teaching... read more
Want To Become A Millionaire? In Your Online Home Business.
By: Julianne Rowat | Nov 27 2010
Want To Become A Millionaire? 1 Out of 20 Will, Will You? Want to become a millionaire? What kind of question is that, right? Who does not want to become... read more
30 Days of Gratitude: Day 15
By: Kathy Nicholls | Nov 24 2010
It seems hard to believe that day 15 is the halfway mark of this 30 day challenge, and yet here we are. Finding something every day to be grateful... read more
Thriving in the Aquarian Age - Advice For Living in Changing Times
By: Semele Xerri | Nov 23 2010
As we move into the Age of Aquarius, I thought I'd take a look at what that might mean for each of us individually. It's become a common phrase... read more
Visitors - Why Should They Come to Your Church?
By: Nathaniel Lewis | Nov 23 2010
When someone is looking for a place to fellowship, the internal question I believe they ask is,   "Why should I come to your church?". It's nothing to get... read more
The Power and Purpose of Persistence
By: Sheldon Newton | Nov 22 2010
Persistence is the golden key, which when applied can unlock hidden things within us, which causes us to triumph in the midst of adversities and hardship. It is... read more
Reincarnation - Fact Or Fiction?
By: benj4yafgr | Nov 19 2010
THE COSMIC LOOP Modern Christianity does not teach reincarnation because this concept would extinguish the stronghold religious authorities have over the minds of the minions. If everyone were not kept in... read more
Purposeful Aging: Running Toward Not Running Away
By: Paul G Ward | Nov 18 2010
I am running away. I have always been running away. Yet I believe that running enthusiastically towards something is so much better than fearfully running away and, although still... read more
Why I Love Pema Chodron, An American Buddhist Nun
By: Mindful Baby Boomer | Nov 17 2010
If you are not familiar with Pema Chodron and her work, you are depriving yourself of benefiting from the teachings of one of the most charming and gifted living... read more
Changing Dark Days
By: Julia Griffin | Nov 17 2010
Yesterday was a dark day. And, yes, I have them from time to time. "How long is this going to last?" I thought. And the only response was... read more
Gratitude in Sobriety - 5 Easy Tips
By: Jane Derry | Nov 16 2010
Some people say the A.A. should stand for Attitude Adjustment, and that is exactly what has to happen if a person has any chance at all at staying sober... read more
30 Days of Gratitude: Day 16
By: Kathy Nicholls | Nov 14 2010
It's day 16, and we have two more weeks in our 30 days of gratitude challenge. What an amazing time of sharing those things you're grateful for can be. Today... read more
Defining Moments, Insights and Affirmations That Help Us Survive Abuse
By: Stephanie Alt | Nov 12 2010
For those who have grown up in less than ideal families subjected to one or more forms of abuse, some describe a defining moment that lifts them up and... read more
Experiencing Reality: Personal and Global
By: Heather Mendel | Nov 11 2010
Neuroscience explains that at birth, a child's brain has approximately 100 billion neurons. With maturation, the number of neurons remains constant but the synaptic connections between them develop... read more
Grounds Equipment Maintenance - A Resume
By: Robert A Jackson | Nov 11 2010
Forty four years ago, it was on my way home from school that I found myself picking through someones rubbish. I was not actually picking through it because I... read more
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