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Welcome to you , Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway !
By: Evangeline Selden | Jan 19 2012
As most of china people know, our nation's another major important high-speed train from the far east to shanghai is originating to us instantly. Just in our metropolis,... read more
Don't bother if no honesty
By: Evangeline Selden | Jan 17 2012
Recently, my man liked a crazy enjoyment program known as "don't trouble if no honesty" . Sometimes contaminated by him, I witnessed some piece together with him relaxing... read more
How to Perform Miracles
By: Connie H. Deutsch | Nov 14 2011
How to Perform Miracles by Connie H. Deutsch We might not be able to part the Red Sea or turn water into wine but each of us has the ability to perform... read more
Can you present for your kids at Teacher's Day?
By: Evangeline Selden | Oct 21 2011
Feast of teachers is approaching this the beginning of this autumn's golden September. Not only many new students from Ghent to a new school, but also former students express... read more
Catch cancer with a knowing hand
By: Evangeline Selden | Oct 7 2011
TORONTO (Reuters) - When it comes to cancer screening, a visit to your doctor is always the most effective solution, but a hand, knowing not hurt. Although there... read more
Love and Fairy Dust
By: Connie H. Deutsch | Sep 15 2011
Love and Fairy Dust by Connie H. Deutsch For the first several years after I got into metaphysics, it was such a heady feeling to hear myself being referred to as... read more
Free Online Horoscope, Yoga etc.
By: Mohd Zaheerul Hasan | May 6 2011
“I like to know more on my future but many a times I hesitate to go to any one who claims themselves to be the knower of stars and the... read more
Free Horoscope Online -They Foretell Your Future Online
By: Mohd Zaheer | May 4 2011
In the ancient days the mystics and the saints, those who were the real knowers of the science like Astrology, Numerology and Horoscope etc. used to tell us... read more
Does Turning the Other Cheek Make You a Victim?
By: Connie H. Deutsch | Apr 23 2011
Does Turning the Other Cheek Make You a Victim? by Connie H. Deutsch   The essence of spirituality, also known as the universal karmic eraser or the state of grace, is... read more
Your Subconscious: The Accurate Source of All Your Information
By: Christopher Montoya | Jan 12 2011
Past Life Regression is fascinating. People always tell me they want to know if they've lived, before but might be scared to find out they were someone bad. Here's... read more
The Concept of Death in Islam (6) the Death has a taste
By: Safaa Abdel-Aziz | Jan 11 2011
The Concept of Death in Islam (6) the Death has a taste This is the sixth article of the series, The Concept of Death in Islam. In this article, the... read more
Good Luck Amulets: People In England, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada And The USA All LOVE Our Good Luck Amulets!
By: Father Time | Jan 10 2011
Good Luck Amulets: People In England, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, France, Canada And, Of Course, The USA...All LOVE Our Good... read more
Imagine yourself facing God on the Day of Judgment!
By: mardini | Jan 9 2011
Imagine yourself facing God on the Day of Judgment! Vile, vile, vile! What a stand! What a zombie gaze! You break to pieces! Your out of your mind! You are... read more
In Bible Vs Quran: At the end, Satan will be Punished or Rewarded?
By: Prof.dr. Ibrahim... | Jan 1 2011
In Bible Vs Quran: At the end, Satan will be Punished or Rewarded?   In the Bible, Satan will be thrown down to the earthwith all his Angels. In the Quran,... read more
Karma and Dharma as Fierce Grace
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 30 2010
As a spiritual practictioner becomes more refined and perceptive, an interesting experience emerges.  It is not externally verifiable, but it is not an internal experience.  It requires an... read more
Wickedness and Degradation
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 30 2010
When dealing with the philosophical problem of evil, wickedness, and degradation there are two popular avenues that may be explored.  These concern themselves with the assignment of blame... read more
Ward Off Evil And Negativity WHILE Attracting Good Luck, Love And Prosperity! A Pair Of Magical Lodestones Can Help!
By: Father Time | Dec 28 2010
You Can Certainly Ward Off Evil And Negativity WHILE Attracting Good Luck, Love, Sex, Romance, Success And Prosperity! A Pair Of Magical Lodestones Can Probably Help You! Magical... read more
The Four Basic Perinatal Matrices
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 23 2010
In his book The Adventure of Self-Discovery: Dimensions of Consciousness and New Perspectives in Psychotherapy and Inner Exploration, Stanslav Grof presents his new cartography of the human psyche as developed... read more
The Amazon Rain Forest - A Cry For Help
By: Debbie Visser | Dec 22 2010
In the summer of 1994, Neale Donald Walsch wrote the third book in the Conversations with God trilogy and based this book on universal issues, and while discussing... read more
By: Yuga Rishi... | Dec 18 2010
Vital force electricity is not man's creation. Within small creatures of this world it too is manifested. In 1966 the well known biologist Gerald Durell writes about an incident in... read more
Who is Allah? (9) The Knower of the unseen and the visible
By: Safaa Abdel-Aziz | Dec 8 2010
Who is Allah? (9) The Knower of the unseen and the visible   Many People do not know their Almighty Creator, Allah. This series is aimed to help the readers which do... read more
Spiritual Martyrdom Trap: Avoid at All Costs
By: Mystic Twins | Nov 30 2010
Refusing to capitalize on your abilities (i.e., accepting money for your talents) and sacrificing yourself for nothing in return only generates negative consequences and hinders your spiritual growth. Centuries ago,... read more
Is there not a place for God in the state?
By: mardini | Nov 28 2010
Is there not a place for God in the state?   For most imbeciles the state can and must be separated from the Church, for Christ said: Render unto man what... read more
The thread separating life and death is very thin!
By: mardini | Nov 21 2010
The thread separating life and death is very thin!  We think we are immune to death. We forget it all the time yet it is very near, knocking at the... read more
Cause-Effect Argument According to Aristotle
By: hasan A. yahya | Nov 20 2010
Hasan A. Yahya, professor of philosophy  Aristotle describes four causes of being, they are: the material cause, the formal cause, the efficient cause and the purpose of... read more
Aristotle's Practical Philosophy on Ethics and Politics
By: hasan A. yahya | Nov 20 2010
Hasan A. Yahya, professor of philosophy Twenty-three hundred years after his death, Aristotle remains one of the most influential people who ever lived. He was the founder of formal... read more
A Ride in Beguilement
By: Paula Andrea... | Nov 18 2010
I didn't realize it at the time that I had been kidnapped. How can one possibly be kidnapped without realizing what is happening and most especially when the perpetrator is... read more
Techie Auto-Writing
By: Lillie Ruby | Nov 10 2010
Automatic writing has probably been around as long as scribes were putting pen to paper, but since computers have become common-place, auto-writing can be high-tech.  While many people... read more
Do I Have a Ghost Attached to Me?
By: Lillie Ruby | Oct 31 2010
Television and movies have made us more aware of ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night, so it makes people wonder, "Do I have... read more
How to Clear Your Aura
By: Lillie Ruby | Oct 27 2010
A part of the Body Energy System, Aura's are formed from the flow of chi through and around the body.  Plants, animals and objects can have auras,... read more
How to Clear Your Chakras
By: Lillie Ruby | Oct 27 2010
An ancient Sanskrit word, Chakra refers to spinning spheres of energy.  While it is generally accepted that there are seven Chakras, there are actually hundreds of them located... read more
Accessing Your Super-Conscious
By: Randy Hall | Oct 26 2010
Mankind has been on earth for a very long time. How long no one is really quite certain. Yet, through the history of man we find that there have... read more
How to Reset Your Energy For 2012
By: Lillie Ruby | Oct 25 2010
 As 2012 approaches, many of you are wondering what you can do to ease the transition for yourself and your loved ones. No one knows for certain what the frequency... read more
Akashic Records and You
By: Lillie Ruby | Oct 25 2010
The term Akasha comes from a 5000 year old Sanskrit language which means "hidden library". That does not mean there is a literal library hidden in the mountain.  It isn't... read more
The Universe's Koan
By: Jared Hobbs | Oct 13 2010
In Zen Buddhism, a meditative technique exists called the koan.  A koan is a question, dialogue, or phrase given by the teacher to the student with the... read more
Kikiyaon - The Soul Cannibal
By: Robert W. Benjamin | Oct 13 2010
There are a lot of fearsome animals in the African jungles and plains. But probably the most terrifying and also the least seen and thus, least understood creature is... read more
Transphenomenal Aspects of Existence
By: Jared Hobbs | Oct 13 2010
Mystical literature has long converged upon and catalogued a complex and multi-tiered reality that includes not only the phenomenal but the transphenomenal aspects of existence.  This hierarchical model of reality... read more
Characteristics of Transpersonal Consciousness
By: Jared Hobbs | Oct 13 2010
The transpersonal consciousness is an experience of a transbiographical domain of the psyche, or that which is beyond the individual's current physical incarnation.  This includes the collective unconscious realm... read more
Intentional Creative Mind Power
By: Randy Hall | Oct 10 2010
We all have an incredible instrument at our disposal, but we don't know how to play it. It's like any musical instrument, you need to practice to play... read more
By: Yuga Rishi... | Oct 7 2010
In a way man's body is a mobile electric power house. On its basis infinite parts/organs attached to the factory called the body function and amazing computer like parts attached... read more
What really is the Third Secret of Fatima
By: Robert W. Benjamin | Oct 5 2010
The 20th century is considered to be the most fateful of all centuries with its tragedies in two world wars, the rise of communism as well as the triumphs... read more
Number 9, Number 9, Number 9... Love Potion #911 ... PLUS 8 Other Powerful Amulets!
By: Father Time | Oct 4 2010
"Number 9, Number 9, Number 9"... Love Potion #911 ... PLUS 8 Other Powerful Amulets! Here are 9 amazingly powerful and effective Amulets & Talismans that REALLY WORK! You will LOVE these... read more
Gypsies, Psychics and Thieves
By: LadyeFalcon | Oct 3 2010
I read and hear all these negative tales about this Gypsy fortune teller or that Psychic. Just to set the record straight Gypsy is actually a derogatory term for the Romani peoples. There... read more
Jade And Sterling Silver Combined Can Greatly Enhance The Good Luck Attracting Properties Of Each Other!
By: Father Time | Sep 28 2010
Jade is both a gemstone and an ornamental stone which has spread from China to all around the world. There are several colors of Jade but the most popular is... read more
Build Your Defences against Inceptions, Black Magic and Psychic Attacks
By: Geeta Jha | Sep 23 2010
Inception, black magic, psychic attacks, curses etc are negative thought forms consciously directed towards your subconscious mind by a person, to manipulate your mind, psyche... read more
"Spirituality" for Many Is a Sickness - The Little Prince Series
By: David Robert Ord | Sep 23 2010
Ongoing Daily Insight into the Nature of Consciousness from the Story of The Little Prince The Little Prince has such a strong sense of presence that the pilot picks up his... read more
The Garden Rooms that Help Scientific Research
By: Jewel | Sep 22 2010
Richard Dawkins has a wonderful curiosity about theological questions and a characteristic drive to unravel every religious point that supports faith.  What if his constant search for cold hard proof... read more
How To Get A Great Psychic Phone Or Medium Phone Reading
By: rachel saxon | Sep 21 2010
It is my strong belief that everyone should tap into their spiritual support system. The benefits of doing this are multiple. First of all did you know that you are... read more
The Difference Between A Psychic & A Medium
By: rachel saxon | Sep 21 2010
Did you ever wonder what the difference is between a psychic and a medium? Well there is indeed a difference and it is important to distinguish between the two. A... read more
Understanding An Ascetic To Become A Neutronic Being Through Practicing The Martial Arts
By: Al Case | Sep 21 2010
There are three main paths to become enlightened, and these can be considered when becoming a Neutronic Being: warrior, priest, ascetic. There are others, but these... read more
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