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A New Roof for the Old House
By: Evangeline Selden | Feb 8 2012
I've been existing in the city where I function for 20 decades, but I was not city created and city inseminated as some individuals were. I was a nation... read more
Career adjust --from hr eyes
By: Evangeline Selden | Jan 18 2012
From your all informing about your job, my assess is yours is not the most severe job position inyour present level, just as youself's saying, your many... read more
Doing better than saying
By: Evangeline Selden | Jan 10 2012
No memory of who can say this sentence: We humans have two eyes are so we can see more, two ears to listen more, making the two hands,... read more
You present others roses, fragrance remains
By: Evangeline Selden | Oct 29 2011
These days, a little girl named Mamingyue always let me take care, my heart close to her. It is a poor little girl who comes from a town... read more
Psychic Love Readings
By: Jim Cassa | Jul 6 2011
Ah , psychics and love readings! Can a love psychic reading always be right? The problem we have is our current partner is acting a little strange. We want... read more
Are Good and Bad a Reality?
By: Vera Stark | Jan 11 2011
Beginning a New Year is always very exciting for most people.  You look forward to new adventures, new successes, and the new experiences that you will encounter.  What... read more
2012 Secrets Exposed Scam? Find Out the Truth
By: Karon15 Wang | Jan 10 2011
There is small doubt that a lot of secrets exist in the globe. I'm extremely thinking about spiritual subjects and this consists of prophecies. I've discovered these two topics to... read more
Psychic Readings Online - Psychic Readings Via E-mail - Psychic Readings For You And Me - Psychic Kuan Yin Readings!
By: Father Time | Jan 10 2011
If you have always wanted a psychic reading, maybe the New Year of 2011 is a great time to finally have one done for you! There is nothing to... read more
2012 Secrets Exposed Review - 2012 Secrets Exposed Bonus
By: Karon15 Wang | Jan 10 2011
This entire 2012 story has grown to a a lot bigger situation and has grown numerous branches of diverse opinions, conflicting theories, many explanations and past that. Little... read more
2012 Secrets Exposed Torrent Rapidshare Download
By: Karon15 Wang | Jan 10 2011
For toothaches we visit the dentist. For pregnancy, ladies visit OBGYNs. When a youngster is sick, they are taken to pediatricians. There are numerous other situations like this... read more
Soul Plan Readings - The Benefits
By: Reena Gagneja | Jan 9 2011
Soul Plan Readings - The Benefits Did you know that your life has a deep plan at soul level? And that the this soul plan can be revealed to you at... read more
Suicide: An Afterlife Perspective
By: Afterlife Phil G | Jan 8 2011
Firstly, I'm not a councilor or anything like that, so if you are feeling unstable in any way, please seek out professional people that can help you... read more
Where To Get Powerful And Effective Good Luck Charms That Really Work!
By: Father Time | Dec 23 2010
Have you been wondering where you might go online to find some good luck charms? Maybe you want to know Where To Get Powerful And Effective Good Luck Charms That... read more
The Stunning Conspiracy Concerning Tarot Cards
By: Moritz | Dec 21 2010
Does the system somehow stimulate dormant intuitive or psychic abilities in those so predisposed? Does the query process itself activate invisible outside intelligences; those passed over, arch angels,... read more
Angels Are Loved By Many! Angels Help Many! Angel Crafts Are Loved As Well... Angels For You!
By: Father Time | Dec 16 2010
There are millions of people who believe in angels, from Jewish folks to Christians, from New Agers to Pagans, from Wiccans to people who have no religion...... read more
Reputable clairvoyants
By: carmelbrulez | Dec 15 2010
When you are searching for a psychic or clairvoyant to consult the choice can be staggering.  You should know that for every genuine psychic who is good at readings there... read more
Best clairvoyant forum
By: carmelbrulez | Dec 14 2010
There are a lot of forums out there and while most of them are free to use you can end up wasting a lot of time on the wrong ones. ... read more
Phone a psychic
By: carmelbrulez | Dec 14 2010
The quickest way to have a reading with a psychic is to phone one.  It is usually the most popular way because it is instant and you hear their voice... read more
Using Your Quartz Crystal
By: TarotMeister | Dec 13 2010
By TarotMeister  There are many ways to use your crystal/s. A lot of people hold them while they meditate as a charge of Universal Energy. Others use a crystal cluster to... read more
Best psychic website
By: carmelbrulez | Dec 13 2010
People who work in the field of clairvoyance know that for every good clairvoyant there are hundreds of bad ones.  Those bad ones are sometimes scammers who are just trying... read more
The most famous Christmas Songs for now
By: Franksoho | Dec 11 2010
The most in-demand Christmas songs are significantly loved classic classics which have become component of tradition. They've got sold a lot of copies worldwide utilizing messages connected with celebration,... read more
The Need for Global Ethics: Dogmas Reduction Benefits the World Over
By: hasan A. yahya | Dec 3 2010
 Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine Decaying dogmas have passed away, as Bertrand Russell, the British American philosopher  puts it: "I do not believe that a decay... read more
How To Keep Spirituality Alive -- Keeping It Real
By: Sharyce Arciaga | Dec 2 2010
Keeping spirituality alive can sometimes be a hard thing to do. A spiritual person is supposed to think positively, be loving, caring, sharing and optimistic. How does... read more
Santa Barbara Entrepreneur Helps Homeless Animals Get Love w/ Donations
By: Troy Coulon | Dec 2 2010
Santa Barbara Entrepreneur creates a care for the homeless animals program. Homeless animals getting love with donations...genius? "That's the plan" says Coulon.  Coul Investments collaborators mentioned working with organizations and institutions although... read more
In Japan, only eight rakat Tarawih is followed. Can any one pray individually the remaining 12 rakat at the mosque or home?
By: Mohsin Ali Farhad... | Nov 30 2010
A2. Regarding the Salah, offered after the Isha Salah (i.e. Tarawih), in Ramadan, the right opinion is that one can offer as many number of rakat as... read more
Does God Exist?
By: Mohsin Ali Farhad... | Nov 30 2010
There are various demeanors to make clear with scientific reasons that God do exist. Because there are many things in the universe which were created, not existed and they... read more
Kodo, The Way of Japanese Incense
By: Joshua Smith | Nov 28 2010
Appreciating Japanese incense has become an art form in Japan. Kodo, or "The Way of Incense, " is a Japanese traditional art form that ranks among two other classical... read more
Marriage Counseling in Delhi
By: rasiasharma | Nov 26 2010
Marriage counseling is a concept, though not very popular in India, is very important in today's scenarios where marriages are falling apart everyday. In India, marriages are... read more
Jake Shannon - How To Handle Haters, Smear Campaigns, and Harassment!'
By: Jake Shannon | Nov 4 2010
"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill A friend of mine recently shared something on my Facebook page that... read more
Psychic Abilities: Psychic Fact or Science Fiction
By: Dr. Rita Louise | Oct 27 2010
  Oda May Brown isn't the only psychic on the block any more. Neither is the butcher wife or the little boy who sees dead people. Even Steven King has had... read more
Using Spirituality To Solve Foreclosure
By: Sharyce Arciaga | Oct 27 2010
Using your sense of spirituality can help you solve your foreclosure. Spirituality can help you solve many of life's problems by tapping into your inherent ability to connect with the... read more
Living Life Cheaply
By: Victtor | Oct 21 2010
Life doesn't have to be expensive. Way too often we associate spending a lot of money with being able to enjoy life. If you let TV commercial influence you,... read more
Early Morning In The UK And We Need Better Luck, Good Luck, And To Win Some Pounds Sterling!
By: Father Time | Oct 19 2010
We live in the UK (you say) and WE NEED to win some Pounds Sterling to help with this or that! Okay, so go on and order a fabulous,... read more
We Live In England And We Want To Order Some Good Luck Charms From The States!
By: Father Time | Oct 14 2010
Well, if you live in England, or even other parts of Europe, and you would like to increase your luck with a powerful and effective good luck... read more
What Is My - Birthstones
By: dandan | Oct 13 2010
Regardless if you're male or female, birthstones are often worn as jewelry even during the ancient times. However, the gemstones of today are much more colorful, beautiful,... read more
The Symbol of Personal Creation
By: Russell Symonds | Sep 28 2010
Early in the morning of July 17, 1991 in Wiltshire County, Wessex, England, near the base of a Neolithic hill fort named Barbury Castle, a... read more
Well Known Natural Magic Practitioner Dr. Evelyn Paglini Was Guest On Coast To Coast AM... What A Show! Bravo!
By: Father Time | Sep 26 2010
The awesome radio talk show, Coast To Coast AM, used to be hosted by the legendary Art Bell, and although his successor George Noory does a spectacular... read more
Is This Proof of Reincarnation?
By: Paul hussey | Sep 19 2010
As an Englishman from a country that has many stories of the supernatural I thought I would write about a story that links America with 12th Century York, England. Many... read more
Talking with the Spirit World
By: Sandra L. Lerner | Sep 13 2010
I always encourage people to communicate with their Spirit Guide and/or Guardian Angel.  Even if you spend only a couple of minutes a day doing so, you will notice... read more
Free E-Greeting Cards are Available With Numerous Benefits
By: Article Manager | Sep 1 2010
E-greeting cards or e-cards are simply greeting cards that are sent through online. There is no requirement of paper or other traditional materials in e-greeting cards. These involved digital media.... read more
Psychic Readings for your Guidance
By: Jacinthe Milton | Aug 23 2010
Whenever we are curious about our life's future and other unexplainable things, we usually consult with Psychics. A lot of circumstances happen in our life that needed guiding approach... read more
Dream Analysis
By: Jacinthe Milton | Aug 19 2010
Dream is a powerful force of energy a person has to see information about innermost desires, the future or even personality of the person. Dreams open the door on... read more
Spiritual Psychic
By: Jacinthe Milton | Aug 5 2010
Psychic reading can be defined on different things for different people. It is often believed as fortune telling or can be conceived as reading the minds of people. The essence... read more
The Dream interpretation
By: Jacinthe Milton | Jul 28 2010
Ancient civilizations continuously talk about the significance of dream visions. The mysterious interpretations of a variety of prophets saved the whole populace of a nation a lot of times over... read more
Truth about becoming immortal
By: Sanjay | Jul 22 2010
You may have noticed that many people around you are interested in topics like immortality and enlightenment. Most of them are trying to find books or materials that give definitive... read more
Are Psychics Helpful for Business Decisions?
By: Linda Duncans | Jul 15 2010
Psychics and their readings are gaining popularity by the day, in every aspect of ones life, people require psychic readings, be it your future in your career,... read more
Free Online Psychic Reading
By: Jacinthe Milton | Jul 12 2010
Free Online Psychic Reading Free online psychic reading are more or less used as a public techniques and strategies or call to action marketing campaign approach take on by more... read more
Understanding the Psychic Empath
By: Jacinthe Milton | Jul 6 2010
Psychic Empaths are gifted people who can actually sense and feel the emotions of others. They can in addition have the knowledge and the similar emotions or sensations that an... read more
By: Yuga Rishi... | Jul 4 2010
"Lord Kalki will take birth in Sambhal village in the family of Vishnu Yash Sharma.  He will worship Savitri and Lord Parshuram, an inhabitant of Mahendra Mountain will be... read more
God Is The Friend Of Silence Sounds Of Silence Deep Total
By: GS Virk | Jun 18 2010
I am looking for God - the friend of silence Sounds of Silence deep total. Sounds of Silence deep Total is my Lord, my faith. I feel the end... read more
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