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A Unique Fundraising Idea
By: Adam Anderson | Feb 21 2011
If you work for or own your own non-profit organization, fundraising is the most important part of the job. Without the help of donations from various community groups,... read more
Everyday Dilemma: The Daily Shoe Crisis
By: Ava L Connor | Feb 9 2011
Every morning you wake up and do your morning rituals. Part of which istaking a shower and getting ready for your work and agenda's for the day. As you are... read more
How To Organize Your Apartment Closet
By: PMGuruJohn | Feb 8 2011
There is a big issue you'll want to deal with before beginning to arrange your closet. Go through it and get rid of all you don't utilize. Why organize stuff... read more
Organize Your Closet, Easy As 1-2-3
By: Cody Philipps | Feb 3 2011
It Doesn't matter how big of a closet you have, either a huge walk-in or a smaller regular closet, everyone wants their closet to be neat and organized.... read more
Organizing Your Office, Quick Tips To Help You Stay Productive
By: Cody Philipps | Feb 2 2011
Do you find yourself walking into your office and being greeted by stacks of unorganized papers and documents? Are there dirty coffee cups and old newspapers scattered all over your... read more
Tips For Decluttering
By: Maria | Jan 23 2011
I am going to give you some tips for decluttering your home. Very few people get up in the morning, excited with the prospect of decluttering their home. Most... read more
Decluttering Your Way To Fun
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 19 2011
How to live your life in spite of clutter. This article is about the subject of how clutter is making your life void of fun. How clutter is reducing the amount... read more
Not Clearing Clutter Is Costing You
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 18 2011
One profound aspect of clearing clutter. The reason you're here today, you're searching for declutter solutions. I'm going to tell you something about your clutter habit that it's costing you... read more
Important Reasons To Declutter Fast
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 17 2011
You're here today because you were searching for answers, for solutions on how to declutter fast. You're in pain, and rightfully, so because this clutter is costing you. It's... read more
Clearing Clutter Makes You Feel Good
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 14 2011
Dealing and cutting right to the heart of clearing clutter. I pray that you can take this in. I know that you're in a lot of pain and searching for terms like,... read more
Paper Clutter And Doubt
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 13 2011
Paper clutter is part of the reason why many are dissatisfied with their lives. Many are searching for answers for how to improve their lives. The topic of this article is doubt.... read more
Declutter - One Key Way To Clutter Control
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 10 2011
There is one key element to decluttering your life and taking clutter control back. You have to get this concept down in order to make it happen and when you get... read more
Clear Your Clutter - Eliminate Fear
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 9 2011
One of the main reasons why your house is cluttered, your life is cluttered, you're world is cluttered; one of the main drivers of that clutter, and... read more
Declutter Your House - One Project At A Time
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 8 2011
How to declutter your refrigerator? My philosophy is if you want to declutter your house, you can't do it all in one day. You have to start with small projects. We... read more
7 Clever Strategies To Improve Concentration At Work
By: Lance Ong | Jan 6 2011
You are trying to get your work done, but keeping your mind, energy, and actions focused on the task seems to be harder than you thought. What... read more
Clutter Busters - Declutter Your Way To Happiness
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 6 2011
How do you actually go about decluttering? I want to suggest that you want to start small. I want to suggest that you start with the refrigerator, or a single cupboard. Start... read more
Declutter House - Start With Paper Clutter
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 5 2011
Today I'm talking about paper clutter, decluttering your life and how to free yourself of clutter. How to declutter your house, your office, your home-office, how to... read more
Declutter Your Home Break Free Of Wasted Time
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 4 2011
This article is going to help you declutter your home and life, to stop clutter, to free yourself of clutter, to eliminate clutter, and declutter your... read more
Decluttering Home And Life
By: Katie Palmer | Jan 1 2011
You are probably reading this because you are suffering from clutter. You want to get into decluttering your home, office and life, but the clutter you have is... read more
How To Declutter Fast
By: Katie Palmer | Dec 31 2010
Opening things up in your life starts with eliminating clutter. I am so passionate about this issue of clutter and helping people unclutter their lives and to gain clutter control over... read more
Unclutter Your Life - Just Say No
By: Katie Palmer | Dec 31 2010
Today's tip on how to help you unclutter your life and gain clutter control, has to do with the issue of time management and creating more time for yourself. Part... read more
Clutterers Anonymous - Declutter Your Life
By: Katie Palmer | Dec 26 2010
My story with clutter began when I was just kid. When I was 12 years old I got my own bedroom, and that was a glorious event. And when... read more
Wonder File Portable Organizer Bringing Simplicity To Organization And Storage
By: Sheila Milan | Dec 24 2010
Wonder File is the newest innovation in portable organizers and is proving to eliminate one of the biggest setbacks in optimal efficiency- which is disorganization. Being able to easily locate... read more
The Power of Labeling
By: Sharon Lowenheim | Dec 7 2010
Two of my basic organizing principles are: (1) Every item must have a home, and (2) Keep like with like. By selecting a home for every item, you know... read more
Decluttering Tips - How to Get Rid of Sentimental Items You Don't Need
By: Cindy Gunderson | Dec 1 2010
Understanding why you struggle with letting go of sentimental items is the first step in being able to manage them. So why have you accumulated the memorabilia? · Memorabilia evokes personal... read more
An Organizational Lifesaver: The Tickler File
By: Paula Apfelbach | Nov 30 2010
So, what's a tickler file? Also called an everyday sorter or a pop-up file or other things, at heart it's a most reliable and logical place to store... read more
Get Organized - What's Your Organizing Personality?
By: Carmen Coker | Nov 27 2010
Organizing systems are not one-size-fits-all. Your organizing personality - or what I like to call your logic type - is truly the most important aspect to consider when organizing any... read more
Organizing Your Stuff For Relocation
By: Katie Hoffman | Nov 24 2010
Relocating is a daunting, time-consuming, stressful, complicated and expensive undertaking. Add to that the knowledge that your stuff is going to be traveling in all these little... read more
Tips For Staying Organized
By: Katie Hoffman | Nov 24 2010
Getting organized can sometimes be a bit like quitting smoking. As Mark Twain put it, "I've done it hundreds of times." Here's how to stay organized after you've done... read more
Declutter Your Kitchen Pantry Quickly And Easily
By: Maria | Nov 22 2010
When you decide to declutter your kitchen, you should also consider food and pantry items. For example, let us look at the spice rack. How many spices do... read more
How to Maximize Closet Space
By: Katie Hoffman | Nov 16 2010
Standard closet design wastes a lot of space. Here are a few products and a few ideas that can literally double how much you can fit - and find -... read more
Declutter Day = Storage Companies?
By: Maria | Nov 15 2010
When many people consider having a declutter day, they think that getting a storage unit will solve their clutter problems. Although, that is not usually the case. The... read more
Value Pack Your Vacation: Tips For Keeping Your Memories Clutter Free
By: Joodie Shy | Nov 15 2010
While being here in the Seattle area I've been spending a lot of time thinking about sentimentality and memories. I love to document. That is one of the few unwavering qualities... read more
Sticky Notes Can Be Your Enemy
By: Julie Riber | Nov 10 2010
I see sticky notes in many of my clients offices and homes. Sticky notes can be your enemy. Too many times, the note gets stuck on another piece of... read more
Storage Bins Can Be Stylish and Functional Home Accessories
By: Julie S. Montgomery | Nov 9 2010
Whether it's children's toys, recyclables, or office supplies there are stylish containers where they can be stored neatly and orderly and in plain sight. The "stuff" that was... read more
Storage Bins Make Life Easier - It's As Simple As That
By: Julie S. Montgomery | Nov 9 2010
Storage bins come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors. This makes it easier for you to decide which one is better for that particular need. Most,... read more
Ideas For Organizing Your Home With Plastic Containers
By: KittyGirl | Nov 8 2010
As a result of you can realize them in such a wide selection of shapes, sizes, designs, and colours, plastic containers are a number of the... read more
Home Office Organizing Tips - Set Up Your Workspace And Keep It Uncluttered
By: KittyGirl | Nov 8 2010
Hectic schedules, family meals, carpools and business deadlines all run smoother when there is a zealous area for managing the business of running a household or home-based mostly... read more
Build Your Personal Mission Statement
By: Angie Webb | Nov 8 2010
One thing to do to keep you motivated in your life is to build your own personal mission statement. It is something that you can look at as often as... read more
Home Organizing Tips - From A Well-organized Home To A Well-organized Life
By: KittyGirl | Nov 8 2010
There's nothing additional relaxing and appealing than coming back home to a well-organized and appealing home. If you've got been seeing a massive home organizing challenge sooner than you,... read more
Storage Bins - Plastic Storage Can Save You a Big Headache
By: Julie S. Montgomery | Nov 7 2010
No matter if you are in need of an industrial application, a business use, or plain old home organization, plastic storage bins can do a lot to... read more
Custom Shoe Storage - Taming the Chaos in Your Closet
By: Julie S. Montgomery | Nov 7 2010
Admit it; you probably love shoes just as much as half the world loves to make late night runs to Taco Bell for food they probably shouldn't be eating. It's... read more
Pantry Shelving - Organize Your Life
By: Scott Brunson | Nov 7 2010
Many people go for long periods of time without even thinking about their cabinet storage or pantry shelving. That is until some unforeseen thing happens and a person needs to... read more
Home Office Organizing - How To Organize An Inspired Workspace
By: Jane Alais | Nov 6 2010
Home office organizing can be designing a workspace, making a creative space or simply clutter clearing and organizing your office. Any decluttering and organizing you do will jumpstart your... read more
Declutter And Organize - Seven Rules For Decluttering Your Life
By: Maria | Nov 6 2010
Do you need to declutter and organize your life. Here are several decluttering rules that I try to live by. No, I dont always keep these myself, but... read more
The Basics Of A Fish Tank Filter
By: TwertBrown | Nov 3 2010
A fish tank filter can be one of the most important parts of your fish tank, especially when it comes to keeping the tank clean and fish healthy. You... read more
6 Ways to Stop Procrastination and Get Organized Now!
By: Leilani Miller | Nov 1 2010
If you are reading this chances are you are a procrastinator. The good news is that if you are reading this chances are you don't want to be any more.... read more
To Organize Your Office Think of Steve Jobs
By: Leilani Miller | Nov 1 2010
Are you in a slump? Is your business failing? Having a hard time getting that drive you once had back? Chances are your environment reflects your state of mind. You might say "Well... read more
Chaos in Your Home Mirrors Chaos in Your Life
By: Ardra Taylor | Oct 31 2010
The statistics don't lie -- these days most of us are stressed to within an inch of our lives between work, kids, friends, other activities, and... read more
Organize Your Holiday Supplies With Specialty Storage Bins
By: Julie S. Montgomery | Oct 30 2010
You can store your holiday decorating and wrapping supplies in specialty storage bins keeping them clean, organized and easy to find. From wreaths to wrapping paper, there are... read more
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