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The History of Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings
By: The chaplet... | Jan 17 2012
Today's necklaces are all-embracing and appear in all tastes, styles, and prices. A bond with a simple agreeableness is beat with accidental accoutrements while gemstones still beautify those... read more
Pendants For Necklaces
By: wrwerd | Dec 7 2011
Pay absorption to abundant specifics on the figure, like the teeth, chase, exfoliations and backstages.for archetype , they are achievable to actualize a dragon architecture and... read more
Jewelry boxes are women's best friends
By: omen accept been... | Dec 5 2011
The a lot of accepted blazon of adornment boxes is the agreeable box. This box plays assertive music if opened and some even appear with a ballerina that dances about... read more
Getting Custom Top Actualization Jewelry
By: Personalized Top... | Dec 2 2011
Celebrities, royalty, and added acclaimed humans accept commissioned the casework of the above designers as able-bodied and endless others to aftermath different and admirable adornment for them to... read more
Find Ways To Develop Positive Thinking
By: Feruchis Marakis | Oct 22 2011
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4... read more
Who Else Wants To Stop Complaining And Be Happier?
By: Kari Farmer | Feb 24 2011
The urge to complain is around every corner, and the urge to stop complaining is there as well! So how do we let our urge to stop complaining win... read more
Building Confidence By Stopping Thinking Its Not Fair
By: Roseanna Leaton | Feb 21 2011
Building confidence is actually an easier task than you might think. You just have to focus on how you view yourself and your life in a different way. One of... read more
Eleven Tips For Positive Thinking
By: Pamela Whitley | Feb 20 2011
1. Learn, Read, and Listen Daily - Everyday get up and read some quotes about positive thinking, listen to motivational tapes, reflect on challenges you have... read more
Essential Guide To The Incredible Power Of Positive Thinking In Life
By: Robert N Jones | Feb 19 2011
Many advocates of positive thinking claim that it is the key to living happily and successfully. Others say that through positive thinking, a person can make even his wildest... read more
Live Life With Passion- Entertaining Ways To Keep Fit
By: Angelo Everton | Feb 18 2011
We all want to live life in a positive way by maintaining a good lifestyle and staying healthy. However, many people among us do not indulge into any such... read more
Everybody's Always Afraid To Look Like A Fool On The Dance Floor. What If You Were Able To Just Go
By: SavorMyLife | Feb 14 2011
My band plays at clubs and bars all over Texas and beyond. We've been through Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, and gig up to four nights a week. We... read more
A Friendly Gesture Can Go A Long Way For Seniors In Assisted Living
By: Gloria H Schneider | Feb 10 2011
How would you feel if someone greeted you with his or her arms folded across their chest and their lips scrunched up to one side of their face when you... read more
Confidence A To B!
By: frankie9 | Feb 1 2011
We all know people who are naturally confident, they are social and extroverted and they are pretty outgoing in all areas of their life. You may be more introverted and... read more
The Benefits Of Affirmations
By: Gordy Lee | Jan 31 2011
"Psychologists tell us we think 50, 000 thoughts a day... between 1, 000 and 5, 000 thoughts in a single hour. Many of those thoughts are about ourselves and about... read more
Subliminal Messages - Boost Your Reasoning Skills And Solve Logic Problems In A Breeze
By: Nelson Berry | Jan 30 2011
Do you get easily baffled with logic problems? Do you always feel scared of diagnostic tests because of the logic exams? Theres no need to be baffled any longer. You can... read more
Beautiful Life
By: DR.KASHALIKAR | Jan 30 2011
We may call it intuition, sixth sense, divine guidance, spell of good power, divine love or anything. It is beyond our logic and sometimes even against... read more
Why Are Womens Heels More Comfortable Than The Flat Shoes
By: skywalker | Jan 26 2011
Women who wear high heels look extremely stylish and stylish. If you actually desire to wear a high heel, it is quite significant that you carry it off actually... read more
How To Get My Girlfriend Back: Our Favorite Five Simple Rules Demystified
By: Brandon Jay | Jan 20 2011
Did you suffer with a major split and need her back? These are the 5 keys to beginning the process of getting your fiance back fast. Purge After a split it is... read more
How To Build A New Relationship Without Social Networking
By: Stella | Jan 14 2011
Nowadays, many people like getting to the social networking online and meet each other there. But our human beings have to live in the real world, and build... read more
Get Him Back:don't Call Him
By: Hannnah Jay | Jan 14 2011
Everyone has the same hard information when it comes to getting your man back, but nobody explains the best way to assemble the will-power to chop off all contact... read more
Boost Your Confidence With Hypnosis Confidence Mp3s
By: Roseanna Leaton | Jan 11 2011
Boost your confidence the easy and reliable way. That's what we all want isn't it? A confidence building technique which is easy to apply yet also provides real results in... read more
Wonderful Recommendations On Developing A Positive Perspective
By: Gervais Hayes | Jan 6 2011
William James, the founding father of Yankee Psychology once said, "The most vital discovery of our time is that we tend to will alter our lives by altering... read more
Effects Of Positive Angle
By: David Daniels | Jan 4 2011
Positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. Positive perspective could be a key to measure a healthy life freed from worries and tensions. Those... read more
You Can Do It
By: Roseanna Leaton | Jan 1 2011
This is probably the most powerful affirmation you can make, the most empowering thought to hold in your mind or comment to hear from someone whom you look up... read more
Positive Daily Affirmations
By: Hayley Merrett | Dec 16 2010
Positive Daily Affirmations Everyone has things in their life that they wish they could change to make life easier. Whether you want to make more money at work or you just... read more
Do Hypnosis Downloads Work?
By: John Glanvill | Dec 12 2010
What is a hypnosis download? These are recordings that have been made by hypnotists or therapists that have usually been stored in MP3 format and can be downloaded from their... read more
Overcoming Shyness - Speak to the Crowd With Utmost Courage
By: Myron Matthews | Dec 10 2010
Confidence is something that every person must have, especially when speaking to the public.  If one is able to speak confidently to a crowd, he will become the... read more
The Universal Need to Gain Respect
By: Chris Farmer | Dec 9 2010
I have been searching for the Universal principles of human behaviour. Nature has universal principles that govern the action of everything in the universe. No matter where or when,... read more
Ways To Be More Energy
By: Amymeilee | Dec 7 2010
A low energy lifestyle let you live with low energy. A high-energy lifestyle gives lots of energy. For most people, it is easy to do. Find yourself curling up in... read more
How to Expand Your Self-Confidence
By: Charles Glenn... | Dec 4 2010
Your self-confidence level, to a large degree, determines how close you will come to achieving your life's goals. I learned a long time ago that by investing in yourself... read more
Emotional Vulnerability Is Not Life-Threatening
By: Charles L Waters Jr | Dec 4 2010
(Unprotected) Vulnerable: open to physical injury or attack; capable of being injured or wounded. How do we NOT fear exposing ourselves? Our insecurities, our shortcomings, our skeletons in the... read more
Use These High Self Esteem Tips to Live a Richer Life
By: Jonathan Kim | Dec 3 2010
High esteem among some people is one of the reasons why they are able to live a better and fuller life. If you are wondering what it takes to improve... read more
Inject Positivity Into Your Live With a Good Self Esteem Program
By: Jonathan Kim | Dec 3 2010
Self esteem programs were first introduced in the sixties, especially after it had been established that such programs could play a major role in improving a person's estimation of... read more
3 Tips on Building Self Confidence
By: Jonathan Kim | Dec 3 2010
How does one build self confidence is a question that most of us keep asking ourselves. The answers are not too hard to find which is why it is time... read more
Your Self Esteem
By: Natasha... | Dec 1 2010
"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." -- Buddha I feel a little bit 'naughty' in this article; talking about self esteem.... read more
The Truth About Self Confidence Hypnosis Sessions
By: Jonathan Kim | Nov 30 2010
Self confidence is your belief in yourself that you can do things in a desirable manner. It is also something that has already been programmed into our lives and self... read more
Why Self Discipline Breeds Higher Self Confidence
By: Jonathan Kim | Nov 30 2010
Low self confidence can lead to several common reactions including blaming others, withdrawing into a shell, getting angry and even resorting to crying. A good self confidence activity... read more
Should Able People Use Disabled Toilets?
By: Phil Smyts | Nov 29 2010
There has always been a sense of guilt whenever an able person uses the disabled toilets. The simple reason for this is because they know they are doing something which... read more
Pneumonia Helps With Self-Esteem
By: William P Webb | Nov 28 2010
It came as quite a shock to me to find that I could hardly walk because I was so breathless. Three days before I had run about seven and a... read more
Permanently Erase Emotional Baggage That's Killing Your Self Esteem
By: Nick Arrizza, M.D. | Nov 25 2010
Do you know that self esteem is primarily eroded by old emotional baggage stored in your subconscious mind in the form of negative memories? Do you know that baggage can... read more
Find Out How to Be Tall
By: Sahak Hakoyan | Nov 19 2010
Being tall is an amazing thing. Why? because you will get looked at in a different way. People will not judge you. You will be confident and have high self-esteem.... read more
Whiplash - The Causes And Effects
By: CaylaCox | Nov 15 2010
The injury which causes harm to the shoulders and neck in a car accident is known as whiplash. Now and again this entails a violent motion foward. Possibly the neck... read more
The Power Of Irish Wisdom
By: Renee' Gatz | Nov 15 2010
We all know the Irish have the gift of gab and the ability to bring light to challenging situations with their words. I wonder sometimes though if the Irish realize... read more
Self Confidence and Dimmer Switches
By: Paul B Challener | Nov 13 2010
Do you find that your self confidence fluctuates... A bit like somebody somewhere has thrown a switch and you never even realized it... something like having your very own in... read more
Self-Esteem and Self-Talk
By: Kim K Carter | Nov 11 2010
If you find yourself struggling with issues of self-esteem, you are not alone. Some statistics claim that 85% of the population struggles with low self-esteem at some point in... read more
Stop The Fear Of Flying With Self Hypnosis
By: Heretolisten | Nov 10 2010
Does the very thought of boarding an aircraft make you feel anxious, nervous, fearful, and panicky, even to the extent that you feel sick?. Do the feelings... read more
Overcome The Fear Of Driving With Self Hypnosis
By: Heretolisten | Nov 10 2010
Overcome Driving Nerves and Fears with Hypnotherapy Do you dread every car journey you have to make, even on quite roads or do you avoid driving altogether? Do you avoid certain... read more
Overcoming Fear Of Exams With Self Hypnosis
By: Heretolisten | Nov 10 2010
Does your mind go blank when you look at your exam sheets? Does the very thought of the exam make you feel sick with nerves? Does your heart race and... read more
Anxiety Disorder Symptoms in Children - Common Symptoms
By: McLean Dearth | Nov 7 2010
Children with anxiety disorder exhibit disproportionate fear, uneasiness, and discomfort over certain situations and often prevent them from functioning normally. As many as one out of eight children... read more
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