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Story of evolution of pepper spray
By: Eric Simmons | Feb 26 2013
Along with being a common household spice, pepper, can be used as a weapon for self-defense. Pepper spray in its current form is a relatively new invention,... read more
Find Out More On Comic Book Values
By: wow gold | Jan 19 2012
There are a lot of people are like comic, in the appreciation of comic bring us the artistic conception of beautiful at the same time, I should pay... read more
Selfless Self-Promotion: How to Promote Yourself Without Talking About Yourself
By: Danial Lord | Jul 27 2011
Self-promotion is one thing a freelancer requirements, to obtain a gig, land a client and to be effective. Sometimes this demands a whole lot of promotion, but... read more
A Symbol of Temptation Brought from Underwear
By: Serena | May 9 2011
A Symbol of Temptation Brought from Underwear What incredible is that none of men whom I have been associated with actually was surprised to the thing that I'm wearing black underwear. Reading... read more
Winning an Argument
By: Connie H. Deutsch | Apr 7 2011
Winning an Argument by Connie H. Deutsch   I'm an economist by nature. I don't like spending money foolishly. I don't like wasting resources. I don't like wasting time. And most especially,... read more
Kicking Off the Alcoholism Now
By: Nelson Berry | Mar 10 2011
Do you know that almost 50 percent of the population suffered or are suffering from alcoholism? Moreover, alcoholism has brought about an increase in expenditure in health care as... read more
The Divine Database By Doni Shultz
By: Ben Sanderson | Mar 9 2011
With The Divine Database, Doni Shultz has opened a door for people to explore the classic process of dowsing as a means of improving and enhancing your current lot... read more
With Your Spirit Guide's Help By Dick Sutphen
By: Ben Sanderson | Mar 9 2011
Dick Sutphen is a popular name in the world of self-help and self-improvement. His books/audio recordings have long since established his expertise on teaching people how to tap into their... read more
Mind Travel By Dick Sutphen
By: Ben Sanderson | Mar 9 2011
The concept of Mind Travel is truly a worthwhile trip. No, this concept does not refer to the process of daydreaming. Rather, it refers to the process of... read more
Pure Genius By Dan Sullivan
By: Ben Sanderson | Mar 9 2011
Success in life and business is never easy. No one should ever be under the assumption that it is. The other side of the coin would be the notion success... read more
Let Go of the Hurt by Visualization
By: Nelson Berry | Mar 8 2011
Everybody does get hurt at one point or the other. Ergo, it's just perfectly normal. Nevertheless, you need to watch out for one thing: hurt can sometimes kill.... read more
Hydrolyze: Get the Results You Want
By: Kevin T. Scott | Mar 5 2011
People all over the world have tried countless remedies for their dark under eye circles, but until Hydrolyze was released to the public none worked effectively. Now available online... read more
Effective Scripts For Hypnosis Will Make a Huge Difference
By: Amanda Cole | Mar 5 2011
Hypnosis is a process usually performed by skilled professionals; however, if you are interested in doing it by yourself, you have to make sure that every technique is... read more
How Hypnotherapy Can Help to De-Hypnotize You – and Why That's Important!
By: Margit Herburger | Mar 5 2011
Most people come to a hypnotherapist looking to be hypnotized in order to make changes in their lives. They want to convince themselves they no longer crave nicotine, or... read more
The 5 Disciplines Of Powerful People By John Powers
By: Ben Sanderson | Mar 4 2011
When it comes to making promises to others, following thorough is rather easy. However, when it comes to making and keeping promises to ourselves, carrying out our... read more
The Most Important Thing - Hard Work
By: Francis Hosein | Feb 23 2011
Do you believe in this statement “the most important thing- hard work? Because if you do what are you basing your belief on seeing your family and friends working hard... read more
Take Charge of Your Life by Jim Rohn
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 23 2011
How do you gauge personal success? Is it going as far as you wish to go, or is it taking it as far as everyone else wants you to?... read more
The Power of Chi by Robert Pino
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 23 2011
Is the life you want to live something outside of your grasp or is it something close to you that all you need to do is reach for? According to... read more
Significance of Coaching in Personality Development
By: Christina Cordle | Feb 22 2011
Having problems with your employees, sales and industrial productivity? If yes, you are one of those companies that are at risk of massive labor turnover and bankruptcy. To... read more
Correlation of Motivation and Success
By: Christina Cordle | Feb 22 2011
Motivation is the desire and willingness of a person to achieve or to do something. It is the force that drives us to action to achieve something in life,... read more
Mentally Fit Forever by Lee Pulos, Ph.D.
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 21 2011
Half of all Americans aged 60 and over have experienced some form or memory loss and with Alzheimer's cases on the rise there is genuine concern among the older population... read more
Sound Health, Sound Wealth Deluxe System by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 21 2011
There are many self-help releases out on the market today; anything from books to CDs to DVDs. What, exactly, makes Sound Health, Sound Wealth Deluxe System by... read more
Seachange by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 21 2011
Luanne Oakes, Ph.D. is definitely one of the more unique individuals in the world of self-help. While a large number of the books on the market suffer from the... read more
Leading An Inspired Life By Jim Rohn
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 17 2011
Leading an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn is a 460-page hardcover book that is packed full of inspirational information and foundational principles designed to help you change every aspect of... read more
Jim Rohn Sampler CD By Jim Rohn
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 17 2011
The Jim Rohn Sampler CD contains tons of useful information that can be applied to any aspect of your life. Those who are having relationship difficulties, trouble finding out... read more
Live With Passion! By Anthony Robbins
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 17 2011
Tony Robbins is the author of many kinds of self-help material, including Live With Passion. It is available in different formats, including CD and downloadable mp3. Tony Robbins'... read more
Your Magical Divine Experiment By Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 17 2011
Your Magical Divine Experiment by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D is designed to help you achieve more in life by exerting less effort. If you're like most people, you spend... read more
Lessons in Mastery by Anthony Robbins
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 15 2011
Anthony Robbins is the author of self-help materials, including Lessons in Mastery, an audio CD set, first marketed in 2002. The CD set seems to reflect Robbins... read more
A Course in Miracles by the Foundation For Inner Peace
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 15 2011
A Course in Miracles is a set of self-study materials published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. The book's content is metaphysical, and explains forgiveness as applied to daily... read more
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 15 2011
The War of Art, by Steven Pressman, explains how to break through creative block to start and complete artistic projects. Mr. Pressman identifies the primary stumbling block to... read more
The Way to True Success
By: Mark N. Terhune | Feb 11 2011
When you want to accomplish something, it is important that you do the act continuously until such time that it is already in your own hands. Patience, persistence,... read more
Beyond the Secret by Bob Proctor
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 10 2011
Beyond The Secret by Bob Proctor provides you with a new way of understanding in regards to the law of attraction. Unlike the original, "The Secret", Beyond The... read more
Sound Health, Sound Wealth Audio Book by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 9 2011
Sound Health, Sound Wealth Audio Book by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D works by engaging every aspect of your mind, body, and soul. It is designed to jolt... read more
The Spark of Gift Giving
By: Cori N. Baker | Feb 8 2011
Who wouldn't want to receive a gift? I believe that there's not a single person on earth who does not want to receive a gift. I can attest to that... read more
Quantum Memory Power by Dominic O'Brien
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 4 2011
If you struggle to remember names, numbers, faces, important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries? If you are tired of getting frustrated over your memory just not... read more
No Matter What by Lisa Nichols
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 4 2011
Millions have read the book No Matter What by Lisa Nichols and afterward were transformed. This book is meant to inspire you and change the way you view yourself,... read more
The 28 Laws Of Attraction By Thomas Leonard
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 2 2011
Everyone wants a solution to their problems. With an effective solution comes satisfaction. The only problem is that people have no idea what to do or what direction to go.... read more
Roger Love's Vocal Power By Roger Love
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 2 2011
When you speak, do you command authority? And by authority, no one is suggesting you need to speak in such a way you are demanding of others. Dictators... read more
One Small Step Can Change Your Life By Dr. Robert Maurer
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 2 2011
In One Small Step Can Change Your Life, Dr. Robert Maurer utilizes a series of recordings to effectively help you harness the power of a little Japanese technique known... read more
The New Psycho-Cybernetics By Dr. Maxwell Maltz And Dan Kennedy
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 2 2011
The New PsychoCybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy sounds as if it is a new science-fiction novel. Actually, it is a new work of self-help that many... read more
Harnessing Your Life Force By Barbara Mahaffey
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 2 2011
What if you could remain in a constant state of calm, even in life's most difficult circumstances? It is a well-known fact that people cannot change others, nor... read more
No Matter What Audio Book by Lisa Nichols
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 2 2011
No Matter What Audio Book by Lisa Nichols is a self-help guide that teaches you how to succeed in life when times get tough. Most of the time, when... read more
Brain Typing by Jonathan Niednagel
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 2 2011
This program was designed to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and who you were destined to become. Brain Typing by Jonathan Niednagal ultimately helps the individual who... read more
The Power of Body Language by Joe Navarro
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 2 2011
The majority - approximately 80 percent - of all language is expressed physically. Words and facial expressions are an "okay" way to know what someone is thinking. However, if... read more
Start Here by Earl Nightingale
By: Ben Sanderson | Feb 1 2011
Earl Nightingale is considered the Dean of Personal Development. His teachings have been around for the last three decades and broadcast on thousand's of radio stations across the United States... read more
Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Are Ideal For Medical Professionals
By: Singha Narakorn | Jan 27 2011
Cherokee is a brand of clothing that was founded in 1972. The firm provides readymade apparel for consumers as well as Rockers footwear that is designed keeping health care experts... read more
Fully Alive, Fully Human By Ed Foreman
By: Ben Sanderson | Jan 25 2011
Fully Alive, Fully Human by Ed Foreman is one of the best CDs available for those hoping to truly engage in the art of self-improvement. For many, self-improvement... read more
Peak Experience - Feeling Better - The Mind/Body Connection By Dr. Lloyd Glauberman
By: Ben Sanderson | Jan 25 2011
Have you ever realized that your mind and body are both “out of whack?” It is common to feel out of your element from time to time. However, most... read more
Mind Dynamics By Sidney Friedman
By: Ben Sanderson | Jan 25 2011
Each individual possesses a certain power within themselves to achieve everything they've ever hoped for. The majority of individuals hope for much more than a simple, mundane lifestyle. They... read more
Conquering Procrastination By Neil Fiore
By: Ben Sanderson | Jan 25 2011
Many people live in a state of depression and in frustration because they can't get over the hump of procrastination. It's not that they want to procrastinate or that they... read more
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