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Information about Tea in Chinese Buddhism Culture
By: Danica | Nov 18 2011
In Chinese legends, tea appeared as early as B.C. 2700. The earliest monograph on tea is the Book of Tea, which was written by Lu Yu in Tang... read more
Have You Tried Afternoon Tea in London?
By: Kuldeep | Nov 14 2011
From here, in around 1840, many as being a way of escaping afternoon hunger adopted afternoon tea. Most Brits at that issue only had two meals a day:... read more
Know the significance of the Parkour
By: Chanel Cambon | Sep 21 2011
Parkour is also known as "City Rush, " Rush City is Parkour, Parkour was born in the 80's French, Parkour a word from the French "parcourir", literal... read more
What Is the Prospect of Underwear Business
By: Dior taschen | Sep 20 2011
The major part of underwear business is bra and the business has already separated from the sales of other clothes. Based on a survey, there are more than five... read more
Are you in Cowboy Boots now?
By: Dior taschen | Aug 31 2011
Without doubt, the season of winter is the best time for all kinds of boots coming out? Once the weather turn to cold, you can see the boots... read more
Drinking Organic Tea
By: Jamesking | Jul 1 2011
The globe of tea is massive; you'll find numerous varieties of tea that could possibly be overwhelming. There is certainly normally no morning without having having tea, it not... read more
The Tea of Chinese Oolong Reduces of physiological Risks
By: Angle C Yao | May 17 2011
The tea Chinese Oolong is not quite on tijeretear inches of obstinate fat of his waist - this is more than a tea of slimming. Fermented to half of way... read more
Red Tea: Cup Supplements Advantages of Health
By: Angle C Yao | May 15 2011
While they appreciated teas for their tasty varieties, such cultivated drinks of natural spices, herbes, and petals of flowers and oil of fruit have natural ownership of... read more
Green Tea: From Drinks to Facials
By: Danial Hurley | Jan 13 2011
Tea is a drink.  That one that comes in a tiny bag with a thread on the other end.  That is what most people know.  A constant tea habit would... read more
My Cup of Tea
By: Danial Hurley | Jan 13 2011
With the modernization in the field of medicine and drugs comes the rise of certain groups who promote natural health products. Majority of these natural medicines are extracts of plants.... read more
Take Time Out for Afternoon Tea & Cake!
By: Kerry Miller | Jan 11 2011
Afternoon tea is coming back into fashion, with more and more of us keen to step off life's busy carousel for a while and leave the hustle and bustle... read more
Famous film scenes involving tea drinking
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
If a film can be said generally to be about conflict, and the plot of the film to resolve said conflict, then it falls to tea to aid... read more
The Origins of Tea
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
Today tea is widely regarded as the nation's favourite drink. After all, a nice cup of tea will fix just about anything. But just who was it that came... read more
Why is tea so popular?
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
It is almost inconceivable to imagine not starting the day with a lovely, warm refreshing 'cuppa' for most of the UK and much of the rest of the world.... read more
How is tea grown?
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
Tea (Camellia Sinensis) can be grown in many climates and at many altitudes, although the best yield will be in a tropical climate with wet summers and dry winters.... read more
All About the Ethical Tea Partnership
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
A hot steamy cup of tea:  where would we be without it? A refresher, a break, an icebreaker, a warmer, a pick-me-up and a calm-you-down. And... read more
All About Decaf
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
Caffeine is present in over sixty plants - most famously coffee beans, cocoa and tea leaves - and decaffeination is the process of removing caffeine from these products.   Decaffeinated -... read more
Top Tea-related Gadgets
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
The best tea-making rituals start with, well, tea. There is a brand for every possible taste out there: from easy-brew tea bags containing black, green, white,... read more
Essential Reading for Tea Lovers
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
Tea drinking is not just a satisfying and healthy way to quench your thirst; to some it is a serious hobby. For those who take their tea drinking more seriously... read more
5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Tea
By: Marcus | Jan 5 2011
A centuries-old herbal remedy, Camellia sinensis has been used as a beverage for a very, very long time. One of the most-consumed beverages in the world, there... read more
Risks Involved with Green Tea
By: Kacey Jone | Jan 4 2011
Green tea has been considered to be very helpful for weight loss and dieting. Many companies all across the globe have started manufacturing green tea. So what do you think... read more
Iced Green Tea
By: Kacey Jone | Jan 3 2011
There have been a lot of buzz in the market about beverage replacement lately. People have been looking for replacing high calorie drinks with low calorie drinks. There was a... read more
Electric Tea Kettle
By: zeeshan | Jan 3 2011
If you don't have an electric tea kettle then you are really missing out on piping hot teas, coffees, and soups made in minutes. Electric tea kettles heat... read more
Make the perfect cup of tea. Teapot or not?
By: zeeshan | Jan 3 2011
The perfect cup of tea is a most peculiar beast. It is different for everyone. Everybody has their own method, for some a teapot is a necessity, for... read more
Decaf: Buy Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea 71
By: zeeshan | Jan 3 2011
Earl Grey is a famous premium tea blend with a distinctive flavour and aroma, both of which can be attributed to the addition of an oil extracted from the... read more
The Tea Pot
By: zeeshan | Jan 3 2011
Brown Betty     My relationship with tea is not as intense as the one that I have withcoffee, nevertheless I still enjoy a good cup of tea almost daily. Tea time for... read more
Antique Silver Tea Set: A Piece of History in your Home
By: zeeshan | Jan 3 2011
A tea set is a piece of homeware that has been a fashionable item for many years. It includes the vessels and dishes that are typically needed when serving tea.... read more
Gods And Goddesses of Tea
By: zeeshan | Jan 3 2011
Thank God for tea. What would the world do without tea? How did it exist?" Sir Walter Scott   Tea is such a wonderful brew that many cultures and peoples have associated it... read more
Make A Great Cup of Tea with a Tea Infuser
By: zeeshan | Jan 3 2011
Make Delicious Tea with a Tea Infuser for Loose Tea What is a Tea Infuser? A tea infuser is like a little strainer and is used to brew loose tea.  Loose tea... read more
Coca Tea - Herbi Mate de Coca
By: zeeshan | Jan 3 2011
Chakana - The Inca Cross Mate de Coca, also known as Coca tea or Koka tea, is a herbal tea made from the leaves of the coca plant (Erythroxylum).... read more
Green Tea - On Your Toothbrush?
By: Danial Hurley | Dec 30 2010
Think about toothpaste and what comes to mind is fluoride.  Of course, there are the adjunct flavors that add to the palatal appeal of toothpastes - mint or berries... read more
Green Tea Has Side Effects?
By: Danial Hurley | Dec 30 2010
Many people wonder what sets green tea apart from other Chinese tea like the black tea. The difference lies in how it was processed. The black tea was produced by... read more
The Better One
By: Justin Cooper | Dec 29 2010
The title can be quite misleading, but it really is really quite simple. The good one is a better wine for it doesn't have alchohol. It appears like an... read more
Purchasing Premium Authentic Chinese White Tea Online - Tips for Buyers
By: dylanross | Dec 25 2010
White tea is the gem of all teas.  In terms of taste, aroma, and therapeutic benefits, this tea is considerably superior to some other varieties. Unfortunately,... read more
The Miracle of Green Tea
By: Danial Hurley | Dec 15 2010
Claimed to have been used for at least 4, 000 years now as an alternative for medicine in China, there seems to be no other food or drink has... read more
What Is Puerh Tea?
By: John Orton | Dec 15 2010
Green Pu-erh also known as "sheng" or "raw" Pu-erh, is without doubt one of the ancient teas in the far east it has been drunk for nearly 2000 years.... read more
What is Wuyi Cliif Oolong?
By: John Orton | Dec 15 2010
Wuyi Cliff Oolong is one of the preferred green teas to come from China. It is found to the area neighbouring Mount Wuyi. Mount Wuyi is located in the northern Fujian... read more
Tea Infusers that Suit Your Taste
By: SAPerillo | Dec 7 2010
If you want to prepare a great tasting cup of tea, a tea infuser is essential. We all know that how you prepare the tea plays a vital role... read more
History of Darjeeling Tea
By: Kaushal Dugar | Dec 3 2010
The history of Darjeeling Tea is intertwined with the history of Darjeeling built over 150 years from the time of the British Raj. Knowing a brief account of the creation... read more
All About the Benefits of Tea
By: Mike Manou | Dec 3 2010
Tea is the most typically used drink in the world after water. There are many kinds of tea, such as black, green, white, oolong, red,... read more
Tips on How Do I Buy A Teapot?
By: SAPerillo | Nov 29 2010
Teapot is an essential piece when it comes to your tea drinking. It keeps the water warm for you to pour on your tea cups and enjoy the delightful taste.... read more
Benefits of an Electric Kettle Cordless Unit
By: Stacey Kelly | Nov 28 2010
Tea is an extremely popular beverage. Many over the years have enjoyed making tea in the home. It has become exceptionally easy for tea lovers to do using an electric... read more
Weight Loss - Does Herbal Tea Help You to Lose Weight?
By: Tad Kumagai | Nov 27 2010
When it comes to weight loss, there are a wide variety of different things that you can do, and one of those things is to drink herbal tea.... read more
Sampling Loose Leaf Teas
By: Lance Peters | Nov 25 2010
World wide, tea is the most widely drunk beverage, after water. Real tea enthusiasts agree that tea bags are just not acceptable.  It is believed that the aromatic oils... read more
Tea Bags or Loose Leaf Tea?
By: SAPerillo | Nov 23 2010
Crazy over tea? If tea is your new favorite now you may be curious which tastes better, tea bags or loose leaf tea? As we have all known,... read more
Herbal Teas For Busy People
By: Nadine McBay | Nov 23 2010
Herbal Teas Made Easy From promoting relaxation to boosting the immune system and kick-starting the day, the potential benefits of herbal tea are almost as numerous as there are varieties... read more
5 Benefits of Wu Yi Oolong Tea
By: Ann Trenton | Nov 12 2010
Tea has been around for centuries but it is only recent that it has been getting attention around the world. As the people's interest in tea grow, so is... read more
Sencha Green Tea - Exciting Your Senses
By: Ann Trenton | Nov 12 2010
There is a growing list of beverages to choose from around the world. Despite this continued growth, more and more tea varieties are still being discovered and found by... read more
Lapsang Souchong Tea - Going Beyond the Limits of Tea
By: Ann Trenton | Nov 12 2010
In today's world, tea drinkers seek far more than the average tea could offer and the Lapsang Souchong tea can deliver exactly that. The Lapsang Souchong tea is black tea... read more
Dragon Well Green Tea - Unveiling the Big Secret
By: Ann Trenton | Nov 12 2010
The biggest secret to having a longer life is to be physically fit and healthy. Well, that's not much of a secret anymore, is it? The real secret... read more
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